people of the internet, go to to listen to songs from our new album, exhibitionists, while watching a series of randomized GIFs pulled from our favorite tumblr blogs. things get meditative and weird and beautiful and all sorts of in-between.

for now, we have our song bad weather soundtracking the experience - we will be adding more music to the site and refining the build out over the coming months. exhibitionists comes out in less than two weeks on 8.6.13 via innovative leisure

the signs & bad weather
  • aries: what. the FUCK
  • taurus: *sleeps*
  • gemini: those rainclouds look like a fish. that's funny. bc it's rain... it's WATER
  • cancer: im not against this but i'm not with it either
  • leo: where is the sun? I NEED TO SHINE
  • virgo: this rainfall is gonna sound so good while i listen to this playlist
  • libra: my hair is not feeling this, my makeup is too on point for this
  • scorpio: its rain. WHO CARES
  • capricorn: i wish i was dead.
  • aquarius: im gonna sing NO im gonna dance NO hand me the remote
  • pisces: omg i think i see a worm out there.. no worm. worm ur gonna be okay! i believe in u!