Check out our interview with Reading the OED author Ammon Shea about his new book, Bad English: A History of Linguistic Aggravation.

My personal favorite language-police fact: people used to get really mad about the WORD “television” (instead of the programming, how novel) because it combines the Greek “tele” and the Latin “vision” – Manchester Guardian editor C.P. Scott famously harrumphed, “Television? The word is half Latin and half Greek. No good can come of it.”

– Petra


I am so scared to make this post, but here we go.

I have hated myself as long as I can remember, since I was a child I’ve always wondered why can’t I play with toycars with my brother and why should I settle for dolls and why does toys and clothes have gender.

I’ve always been so insecure with my body and hated myself for being who I am. I am suffering from depression and an eating disorder. I’ve been afraid of admitting I am trans, but in these past years I’ve gained power to admit it to myself and I think that’s a start.

Maybe someday I don’t hate myself this much and I’ll make a peace with myself and not be ashamed of myself and maybe be proud of myself.

(FTM, they/them, he/him.)

"Cry for Help" [Spoilers]

What I learn:

  1. Fusion can be adictive and can be used to cope feelings, like a drug. This is one of the reasons is frowned upon in Homeworld.
  2. Peridot is being affected by being stuck on Earth alone. I bet she really was shapeshifted in that cactus.
  3. Lapis Lazuli is in fact a informant, what means that she come to Earth working like a part of the team, not a prisoner.
  4. Amethyst is between a rock and a hard place.  
  5. Rebecca Sugar give us Sardonyx early, make all the people happy [especially Pearnet shippers] so she can crush us with feelings.
  6. Pearl need help ASAP. I can´t stand seeing her breaking every few chapters [maybe all the week this time?!].
  7. Garnet, seriously? Amethyst was scared and you just demand her to fuse? Not even give her a choice? That was… bad.
  8. Jasper is still lost [I have to mention the wife, sorry].
  9. Steven and the fandom will need therapy at the end of the week.

I dreamed of the gypsies. It’s funny, because as a child my russian grandmother often told me: “Do not eat at night, will dream gypsies!” I was in their camp through a branch for bedding in ikea corner sofa when reached there for Joseph. Gypsy camp is in the thick blue forest, there is always twilight, because the sunset sky painted on the vast sail. I was invited into the van to the Baron, who had hand-torches, sparks of whiskers and eyes halogen bulbs. I told him: “Your camp drew me”, and he answered me that my world is made of shit huge turtles, which solidified, flying ten magical hoops. And I always live the same day, which lasts for seven thousand years, and every time I forget it, and everyone I know only my own shadow. And that one hundred and twenty-seven years my world dissolve, before a huge turtle poop again. He also said that I can not go back if I can not find a way out on their own, and for that I will need to look under the skirts of every woman in the camp, which is not very easy. Then he gave me a fire whip and said that it is a very useful thing.

I found Joseph - the man on the black pond, he sat on a large rock and threw into the pond twigs. He told me: “Now that you know the truth, you’d better stay here, it is still in your world, I can not talk to you, and you and be alone among his illusions of shit, and here you are waiting for unlimited capacity and you can be the fact that you can only imagine! “I sat a little more with him on the shore, and then went to look under the skirts of women.

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Name: Scribbles Styal

Age: 17

Gender: Mare


Scribbles’ is a shy timid pony who doesn’t interact with many other ponies. She normally spends her time with her family and her best friend, Key Major (the only pony she normally talks too). Other than that, she would be drawing and doodling her heart out in her sketchbook. 

Scribbles was born in Canterlot, where her family currently still lives, but she decided to move to Ponyville in hope for a new start in her life. Although, because of her timid behavior, she hasn’t been able to communicate and approach many other ponies, making her feel as if moving to Ponyville has become a hopeless cause. No pony seemed to notice her. This pink pony with a curly mane on the otherhoof noticed her right away, greeting her with a glee and a smile. This scared Scribbles to a point where she hid as quickly as possible, disappearing right in front of Pinkie as she blinked. 

The reason Scribbles is so afraid of everypony is because she was constantly taunted and bullied in school because of her eyes and the way she dresses (and wearing clothes 24/7 in general). To not go through the constant name calling and abuse from others she tries her best to keep hidden so no one can see her. If they can’t see her, they can’t make fun of her. But even though she doesn’t want to be made fun of again, she doesn’t want to be alone either. She is slowly developing some courage to speak with ponies, but she still timidly shies away as much as she can. 

Scribbles wears clothes for a reason, but that will be explained later.