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Let’s translate it. Daron Nefcy on the Creativa Fest revealed a whole new ending. In summary this happened:

• No one could recorded it (Daron orders).

• The song is completely new. They said that is more heroic, epic, with a lot of voices and neutral. Unfortunately they weren’t able to listening well the whole song, but from what they heard on the lyrics there’s a part that says “shining star” and is more centered on Star (naming her a lot of times).

• Is more like a picture.

• Star is on Mewni, standing on one of the castle’s towers and watching the sunset (and then it becomes to night). She is on her back (actually she’s almost all covered with her hair) and wearing her main outfit (the green one).

• On the background there are Mewni’s moons, mountains, a lake and houses.

• Daron explained that she changed it because the other one is very cheerful and now Star isn’t on Earth (it have to be more a neutral thing now).

• They say (on their opinion) that is more like an anime.

• Daron is very happy with this new ending.


UnderTale with almost all joke-named characters, where one of the most popular characters (Sans) is literally font-named.

Someone: This game is so great! It even make me cry! I love all of the characters and surprised that there’s people who can’t take this game seriously!

Yandere Simulator with some joke-named characters.


Me: ???????????????


Let’s do a rough translation here, because my English skills sucks.

In summary this guys went to the Meet And Greet with Daron Nefcy (they recorded everything) and this happened:

1) She already have a final for the series.

2) Ferguson and Alfonzo were created because it was a Disney requirement (they wanted that Marco have male friends). Then she didn’t know what to do with them, so she left they apart. However they gonna be back on S3

3) Probably we gonna see more Tomco moments (yuuuus ♥).

4) She have ideas for another series.

5) In the episode “Storm In Castle”, Star did a deep down.

6) Probably all Ludo’s Monsters died, although some may have survived.

7) Eclipsa’s arm seems cut because she pulled her arm out of her glove, as Star pulled her feet out of her socks.

Long before Dawn - written by me (Deusn)

As the rays of the sun, who slowly gaved in too the presence of the heavy, grey clouds, slowly retreated from the planes of snow, it seemed clear that the gods have abbandoned those, who in theyre name, or in the name of richess and battle went out too find theyre destiny.

A dance of light and steel was performed under the skies, in a place that was forgotten by men long decades ago. And now, again after more then three hundred years, this ground was again tainted by the blood of the living. Snoflakes flew stronger in the space, that was filled by the song of clashing steel and sparks jumped from the blades into the air, burning brightly only for mere seconds, before with a powerfull battle cry they were blown away and followed shortly by a few more, when the blades clashed again.

Screams of long dead filled the valley where once a proud churche stood, but now in the unending waves of snow, the living fought the dead. Rusty, deteriorating cleavers, sabres and spears clashed with polished steel that cut deeply into the armor of the dead ones.

A quick thrust from Thane´s dagger came through the tough breastplate of the undead warrior in front of him. As the body of the dead absorbed the attack, chunks of flesh flew through the air, tainting Thane´s face. The young thief quickly dodged, half way through changing his stance, too quickly grab the spear right behind its piercing spike, before it could burrow itself in his side, with a scream of hatred, turning quickly, hitting the undead swordsman into his chin with his elbow, before leading the undead spearman next too his right side, kicking him swiftly in his knee, too make both of them fall into the snow.

His breath was heavy, he looked quickly around him, wiping away the blood coming from the small cut over his right eyebrow. He could barely recognize the small, slim figure of the groups priest Azy just a few meters away from him. He saw her rising her hands and her glowing scepter too the air, before he needed too yet again dodge, against the overwhelming storm of thrusts and slashes that the undead gifted him with.

“KERU !”, his voice called out, as he used his daggers pummel too break away the metal of the annoying spear. He wished too call something more, yet the undead proved too great too ignore, or not take seriously. Only barely did he realize, how the earth under him got hotter, and the snow itself started too melt, before jumping too the side, and rolling as far as he could.

Even after that he could feel the fire of the thrown fireball burning his long cloak, as Scar heard his plea for help and came too his rescue. The powerfull sorceress stood as a pillar of power and destruction, yelling out incantations and powerfull spells, which she used too clean large portions of the area around her and her companions. Lighting, dazzling bolts of energy bit deep into the bodies of the undead throwing them meters away, from the gesturing woman. Shortly before finishing her last fire spell, she yelled out another formula of power, and waved her hand upwards throwing the bones of the undead that were attack herself in a pair, too the air, with raging bolts of energy, making theyre parts fly towards the ruined structure.

Thane spat out snow that filled his mouth and quickly stood up. He didnt see his green haired friend nowhere, nor did he see his leader, or his heavy armoured friend, yet as he was blinded by a light stronger the the rays of sun itself, he could hear the singing, clean voice of Azy coming through the storm itself, dominating the area with her presence, making the blizzard itself avoid her figure and the powerfull aura of her scepter, before the priestess slammed its head into the ground. The hungry pack of undead that tried too get too her were eaten alive by the powerfull magic of her faith, and dissapeared in the light.

A short pause, that was so needed finally came. Thane quickly ran towards Azy, packing Scar by her hand as he ran past her bringing them together. All of them breathed heavily, and stood side by side, forming a small circle, against the rising army of the undead.

Scar was as always in the role, of the caring, overprotective sister, as her voice filled the storm of snow.

“So…anyone hurt ?”, she asked as she fought for air.

“I´m calling dibs on the first teeth i beat out of the next skeleton, sis.”, answered Thane with his voice being changed by his breathing.

“We need…too regroup. They are too many, for only the three of us.”, Azy added, keeping her scepter close too her chest, holding it with both hands its radiating light slowly extinquishing as it was overwhelmed by her magic.

“Agreed.”, Scar answered and as she gritted her teeth, the magical lightning answered covering her hands in cracking sounds and power, that belonged too every sorcerer.

“Everyone, stay behind me. If they try too use theyre numbers again i will turn them too dust. Thane please…guard my flanks.”, said Azy as her eyes shined again with pure blue magic and her back straightened, determination filling her gaze.

The young thief smiled wildly, turning his dagger between his fingers as if it was but a simple toy, before taking his stance, one hand outstretched with his weapon, the other close by, prepared for disarming and grabbing.

“Im with you, sis !”

They knew theyre chances, they knew what they were up against, but neither of them would give up. For they knew also one other thing. Once they would be again besieged by death, there was non better then the person standing by theyre side too save them from such fate. 

As they stood, waiting for another wall of rusty steel they could clearly hear the sounds of counting and yelling that came from somewhere close by. They knew very well too whom these voices belonged. And non of them could hide a smile. If “they” were alive, they just might make it out of here.


The metal gauntlet burrowed itself with loud cracking sounds in the face of the woud be undead warrior, as a long grey cloak flew in the air, followed by an warhammer that blocked the slashing, horizontal attack from another skeletal warrior, that was covered head and toe in rusty, plate armor. 

“Fifteen !”, came from the closed plate helmet, before the heavy blows of the twohanded weapons met each other over the snow of the lost valley. Blow after blow, cursed magical steel of the undead, against the unbreakable steel of dwarven forges. 

“Seventeen !”, came from somewhere left of the by plated covered warrior, and a flash of green color came through the air, before as a hailstorm of blades a dancer came through a group of undead.

Each step was calculated, each swing of one of the two swords was lead with unmatched belief in one owns strenghts and abilities, before using a balanced step too the side and attacking. Light armor, only barely protecting the warrior from incoming attacks. Yet with such speed and dexterity no one needed much cover from damage.

Two swords followed each other, letting thrusts of spears pass, before cutting theyre hilts into two, together with the hands and knees of theyre owners. Two eyes, in the color of malachite looked through the falling snow, looking and following the swings of the undead marauders, and leading effective counter attacks. 

Keru, the swordsman of the group blocked another wide swing of the undead soldier, who followed his attack with his shield held up high, performing another wide swing against the thick duelist, hoping too chop off his head. How surprised the undead was, when Keru bow under the blow, turning half-way before making a thrust with his left blae against another incoming undead, thrusting through his nose and into his helmet, while at the same time slashing against the knees of the undead sending it too the ground. Holding his position he was able too dodge another thrust of the charging spearman, only too turn again in the direction of the hour, too block three wild swings of an rusty axe, that one of the undead must have stolen from the dead woodcutters that came too this place before his group.

“Eighteen !”

Turning yet again and taking three steps back, the swordsman had a good idea where his enemies were and continued too perform his dance of death, answering the chaotic attacks of the undead, with unmatched flurries of attacks. His face was twisted in a victorious smile, and his concentration was complete, as he took his blades and with each one in hand, he stomped into the ground, making the snow fly too the air, taking in the attacks of the trio of undead warriors. Standing, keeping his ground, his swords singing theyre own song of metal and steel, letting the sparks fly and the weapons of the undead break.

Only barely did he realize as two of the undead were cut down by arrows that had the glow of sapphires. His smirk went away and he slashed down the remaining undead warrior of the undead, before waving with his sword, towards the archer that was standing atop a broken pillar, shooting magical arrows without stop.

“No fair ! That one was mine !” , he called out, before seeing as his friend in heavy armor fell next too him, a deep cutting wound in his shoulder guard. Only seconds have saved the green haired swordsman from his head being chopped off, as he turned with a quick gesture and took a parrying position. The hammering twohander that hit his guard had the power of an bear, and sended the young swordsman flying. He burrowed into the snow, gliding over it, far away from his compatriots, before doing a back roll and ending on his feet. Only too watch as all around him, the dead came back too the light, too once again conquer the ground above.

Deusn, the knight of the group took his warhammer and stoop up facing the giant in heavy armor, with a scream of revenge, he swinged his hammer, only too be again met with equal force, making his heavy weapon fly and quickly change direction, too attack his foe from another direction. But as always, his enemy managed too block his attack. Yet this time, it was a faint, too allow the knight too get closer. Following the swing of his hammer, the knight came close enough too deliver a loud headbutt into the face of the undead warrior, sending him steps back, before performing a crushing swing of his warhammer against the undeads chest. The hammer head slammed itself into the shoulder guard of the undead champion and sended him flying, ripping him too pieces and letting him in the snow.

While those two fought, Milei, the archer and leader of the group, kneeled on the pillar and sended one arrow after the other, too loosen the numbers of the incoming undead horde. She understood she needed too rally her companions and make a plan of battle…and this pillar was the key. The fallen parts of the ruins provided for well defended barricades, and they would have better chances against the undead on a higher postiion. She was just about too call out her orders, before she saw as from the clouds with screeching, more beasts of the undead army´s arsenal came. Beasts of bat wings and dead bird corpses sewn together. She didnt wait for a second. Already her body moved on her own, sending one arrow after another, ripping the flying monsters too pieces.

She knew she had only twenty more arrows left, before she would be without any ammunition, but her spirit didnt waver. Arrows or not, if those beasts make it too her friends, they will rip them apart. Another arrow flew from her majestic bow and it pierced the eye of one flying creature sending it down against the marching army of the undead, that were trying too surround Azy, Thane and Scar. With a leading voice and a waving weapon, she gaved them the signal too rally too her side. And her friends listened too her leadership.

As one they left theyre current position and ran out against the broken numbers of the undead, kicking, punching, burning, blessing and ripping the undead too pieces.


Surrounded by death, the swordsman fought for his very own life. Filthy fingers of the undead grabbed him by his throath, face, cheeks, chest, arms, legs and tried too bury him alive. Yet Keru was too experienced too loose his head in such a scenario and with calculated, short but devastating blows of his sword pummels he kept the undead away for long enough too give him the chance too swing. Yet for every undead monstrosity he cut down, two more rose up too take its place. Every step he made back too his friends was hard fought, yet he knew he could not escape this death trap.

Just as one of the undead grabbed him by the neck, a swarm of arrows flew around him pinning the undead down, yet the undead that grabbed him by his chin and tried too rip his face in half, was slammed down by an thrown warhammer, before Keru was free too react. A heavy two handed sword flew through the air and cut the two undead around him in halves, before he was grabbed by the collar of his tunic and dragged away with sounds of clancing armor.

“I wont say thank you…! Could have handled them by my own, just fine !”, he grumbled as he stumbled back towards theyre group.

“You can kill them, when they come too kill us ! Cabbage head !”, Deusn answered and showed him too the circle that was created by theyre group, around the pillar that was theyre rally point.

 A place that they would defend till theyre final moments.

Azy breathed heavily, letting Thane too offer her support. Her magic drained her strenght too much and during the running she exhausted herself even more, as she tried too keep the undead at base. Thane didnt look much better, yet his eyes spoke of a different story. With one hand he held Azy, with the other, he held his dagger, ready for his final dance.

Scar cracked her knuckles and through her fingers lighting played its own, horrible melody of destruction. She stayed by herself, towards the north, where most of the undead came. One hand covered by flame, the other by lighting.

With both of his hands, covered in plate armor, around the newest weapon, in the form of the undead zwehander, Deusn stood on the tip of the formation, aiming against the undead, quiet and concentrated.

Keru eased the pressure on his hands, slowly moving his hands in circles, too release tension in his muscles, before swinging wildly in a circle as he took his stance, staying completely stiff, not moving an inch.

Over all of them Milei overlooked the fields of snow, taking another arrow in her hands and preparing her bow. Touching her right cheek, the last rays of the sun were dissapearing as the clouds started too choke its glorious light. She smiled and pulled her hair a little bit back behind her ear. It was a silly gesture, but a neccesary one. If she was intending too kill each and every single one of these beasts…then neither the sun, fear or anything else, would stay in the way of her gaze.

They would get out of here. Dead or alive. But together.

- written by Deusn

People in the story.

Priest - @azy-arty
Swordsman - @keru-the-green
Thief - @captainthane
Knight - @deusn
Magician - @scartale-an-undertale-au
Archer/leader - @xxmileikaivanaxx

A self introduce

Thank for the 3000+ followers , @futagogo ‘s care and sweet 

….and I think it’s time to know myself better 

Call me Cini is fine , i love this little name that I call myself

Bisexual and Sagittarius ,what can I say ? It’s a big world 

Love cute things and interest in Cthulhu mythos. 

Non-linear thinking 

Not sure if i am a nerd (i think i am), but i do love to read books about history , culture , political , supernatural and art (also love Flash Fiction). 

swear a lot to the point that my friend will tell me “ hey buddy stop swearing k you are a girl “ and try to improve because there’s a little bro around me

I used to study at commercial design , but i realized that “ I love to draw , I want to see my drawing moving ..being alive .I want to draw my own characters” . After talking with my family , they decided to give me one year to learn more about how to draw( base skills /  traditional art ) so that I can get into the art college I want .

Basically I do a few things a day

Studying / Practicing drawing (at home or drawing studio)/ Taking care of my little bro (I love kids , and he is really cute but i want to kick him out of the house sometimes KIDS)

I have more free time at night , usually watching cartoons , reading books and fanfic , doodling or talking to my friends during this time

At the weekends or long vacations , hanging out with friends or being lazy at home are my fav .But during this tough time….the best option is learning / improving how to draw better at drawing studio

the compliment and encouragement always make people happy , i am happy that there are people love my doodling/arts and like me , i know i am improving and working hard , it’s what i deserve …?

I like to , i try to be optimistic as much as i want to be

but then , I have some kind of little anxiety to push myself into the darkness , not often , but i know there’s a little voice hiding and whispering in my brain 

it’s what i need to get through and conquer and i will try my best to do it 

here is a song i really love , it keeps me delight and happy :D

it’s time to study again T-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy and Virgo

Do you ever wondered why Virgo looks like this?

Virgo can change the way she’s looking, just to please her master. But why Lucy would want Virgo to look this good?

Because she wanted Virgo to be prettier than she is.

People often adore or underestimate her, just bc she’s pretty. But with Virgo, she wouldn’t look so amazing, In one of episodes, men even ignore Lucy, bc Virgo was better for them.

She just want ppl to like her for her character, not body.