I sincerely love Otayuri. It is a ship that touches me sincerely. Their relationship is so beautiful. Their second meeting, this request for friendship was magnificent. I like this ship with all my heart, I like the fact that Otabek sees Yurio as he would like it to be seen. Not like a kitten or just cute boy, but strong, a soldier. I like the fact that they got along so quickly. I like this fact that Otabek must feel lucky every minute spent with Yurio. I like this fact rather than jealous Yurio for his talent, Otabek admired him, sincerely. I like the fact that Otabek wants to be on the same level as Yurio, and show him that he can succeed even without talent.

I like the fact that Yurio is happy as soon as he is with Otabek. I like the fact that Yurio recognizes the qualities and is enthralled by Otabek. I like the fact that Yurio sincerely appreciates Otabek’s compliments. I am happy that Yurio finds someone who sees him as he wished. I like the fact that they can laugh together. I like to imagine their relationship evolving, a friendship that turns into love naturally, without any question being asked. Because they are well together. Because they are happy.

I love Otayuri with all my heart, it is a magnificent and precious relationship.

What if gray was successful using lost iced shell?

Natsu:Look! Zeref was defeated, and he is frozen with a strange ice magic …

Lucy: who did this? Do we have an ice wizard on fairy tail with that power?

Juvia: Was it Lyon-sama? but he’s not here


And… if Juvia never meet Gray, it would probably be raining…

  • Person: Urg. Yuri, why do you like Altin? He's ugly !
  • Yurio: I love him, even ugly!
  • Person: Hèè???
  • Otabek: ...
  • Yurio: Do not worry Beka, you look magnificent in my eyes! But if others say you are ugly, well I love you like that, I find you beautiful as you are!
  • Otabek: ..... *Blush* Yu ... Yuri ... *Heart Attack*
  • Yurio: Beka?!


Warren at the end joins the x-men’s side. But in the school, no one seems to forget what he has done. They forgave Ororo, because she helped them in the last minute, but Angel? he was loyal to the end to that bastard.

Xavier tries to help, but the students don’t listen and Warren only shuts everyone out. He doesn’t even let professor talk to him.

And what does he do? He starts drinking. Because he may have his wings back, he may have another opportunity, but eveything still sucks and he never felt this lonely before.

But something weird happens.

Kurt starts looking for him almost everyday. At first he did it in order to apologie because of the wings, but then Kurt only looked for him to talk about the most trivial stuff.

‘Hey, did you see the Star Wars movie?’

'Oh have you been to the mall?’

'What are you doing?’

'Do you want company?’

'I made this, hope you’re hungry’

So Warren, ends up getting so used to Kurt’s presence that he reachs the point where he feels worried for him if he doesn’t show up to their afternoon meetings.

Slowly, Kurt’s starts bringing his bew friends one by one and before Warren could realised he was surrounded by a group of annoying teens.


I regret nothing if my english is bad


Haru wo Daiteita is my favorite manga of all time. I really, really, really love all the characters and the story, I can’t even explain how perfect this manga is ♥

Anyway, here are some of my favorites characters~

( I really want to see Yoshizumi again, I think he deserves more love ; u ; )

If Yura and Beka were of French nationality, from the beginning it would be legal, it’s so normal!Of a French friend.

I just realized that every anti that says it’s disgusting, adds by the same opportunity that france is disgusting. I just realized that every anti-otayuri that does not want to “support” Otayuri, should never go to france.


So Hinata has anxiety and it was because of that that she didn’t support Naruto? Omg poor Hinata what a big trauma most she had, I mean Sasuke lost all his clan by his brother’s hand but he talked with Naruto and create the most important bond of the manga, but Hinata obviously had suffer more.

Jiraiya lost his three pupils and he fight in a war and he supported him. But he doesn’t know about pain obviously.

What a shitty excuse, like man, NH fans need a better excuse to try to explain Hinata’s non support to Naruto the 100% of the manga. Since that is one of their “proof” I had and have anxiety and is not easy but not something impossible to pass, you can live with it and win. She didn’t had anxiety she was weak and afraid, she watched how someone suffered and she did nothing. Is just offending for people who actually have anxiety to say that Hinata has it too. That is not anxiety, that is just poor development and a ridiculous crush in where she has the opportunity to help him and she didn’t.

Was that love as big as she said? Because when I love someone and I mean really, really love, I have this feelings that scream “help” help him/her if they are in pain or if they are in a hard time.

Hinata was weak and she don’t deserve Naruto. Not as a child not as an adult, they relationship in stupid af she haven’t done ANYTHING for him. (He almost died in the Pain fight because of her immature and selfish being, Naruto wasn’t weak he wouldn’t had die. Minato was the one who saved him not Hinata. )
And if we using this logic of “I almost died for you” = love relationship, then Sasuke, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sakura and even Kakashi all of them deserve Naruto too because they protected him too. :)

Please. I know that NH doesn’t have any kind of moments but there is a limit, stop trying to make Hinata an angel because she is not.