Check out our interview with Reading the OED author Ammon Shea about his new book, Bad English: A History of Linguistic Aggravation.

My personal favorite language-police fact: people used to get really mad about the WORD “television” (instead of the programming, how novel) because it combines the Greek “tele” and the Latin “vision” – Manchester Guardian editor C.P. Scott famously harrumphed, “Television? The word is half Latin and half Greek. No good can come of it.”

– Petra


Warren at the end joins the x-men’s side. But in the school, no one seems to forget what he has done. They forgave Ororo, because she helped them in the last minute, but Angel? he was loyal to the end to that bastard.

Xavier tries to help, but the students don’t listen and Warren only shuts everyone out. He doesn’t even let professor talk to him.

And what does he do? He starts drinking. Because he may have his wings back, he may have another opportunity, but eveything still sucks and he never felt this lonely before.

But something weird happens.

Kurt starts looking for him almost everyday. At first he did it in order to apologie because of the wings, but then Kurt only looked for him to talk about the most trivial stuff.

‘Hey, did you see the Star Wars movie?’

'Oh have you been to the mall?’

'What are you doing?’

'Do you want company?’

'I made this, hope you’re hungry’

So Warren, ends up getting so used to Kurt’s presence that he reachs the point where he feels worried for him if he doesn’t show up to their afternoon meetings.

Slowly, Kurt’s starts bringing his bew friends one by one and before Warren could realised he was surrounded by a group of annoying teens.


I regret nothing if my english is bad

Have you ever tough about the Malec Baby realizing that Alec is not going to live forever and he is?

I’m sorry for my bad english… I imagine something like…

*Magnus teaching a 7 year old MalecBaby about immortality*

Magnus: “And that’s what immortality means.”

MalecBaby: “So we will never die?”

Magnus: “That’s right.”

MalecBaby: “Yey!”

*Alec walks through the door*

Alec: “Are you done studying?”

BabyMalec: “Daddy! We are immortal!” *runs towards Alec and jumps to his dads arms*

Alec: “You learned about immortality today, uh?” *catching his son in the air*

BabyMalec: “Yep, and it means we will be together forever!” *hugging Alec tightly*

Alec: “Yes, you will.” *hugging him back*

BabyMalec: “We will. The three of us.” *looking confused at his dad*

Alec: “Erm… honey, I’m not a Warlock. I’m a Shadowhunter, we are not immortal”

MalecBaby: “But… then… what?”

Alec: “Well, baby, I´m mortal. You know, only Warlocks and Vampires are immortal. And also the…”

MalecBaby: “But you will die?!”

Alec: “Sweetie, there are lots and lots of years before that happen.”

MalecBaby: “No! I don’t want that!” *with tears filling his eyes*

Alec: “Baby, don’t worry about that, I’m going to sta…”

MalecBaby: “I don’t want to be immortal if you are not immortal!”

Alec: “I can’t be immortal, that’s not…”

MalecBaby: “Then I want to be mortal too! I don’t want you to die!” *starts crying loudly, hugging his dad*

Alec: “Honey, calm down, I’m telling you… Magnus…” *looks at his husband asking for help. But Magnus looks away because he knows exactly how his son feels*

~Later that night~

*Alec suddenly waking up when he feels something cold pressing his chest*

Alec: *opening his eyes to see his son, checking his heartbeat with a stethoscope* “Baby, I’m still alive.”

MalecBaby: “I wanted to make sure…”

Alec: “Come here, you.” *pulling his son onto the bed, placing him in the middle*

MalecBaby: “I love you Daddy” *hugging Alec*

Alec: *kissing his sons forehead* “I love you too. Honey, where did you get this stethoscope?”

MalecBaby: “It was under your bed.”

*flashing images of the doctor role-play Magnus and him had last week come to mind*

Alec: *blushing furiously* “Magnus Bane! Why did you leave it… I saw your eyes glowing, don’t pretend to be asleep!”


880207 ☆ The day when the most precious man was born. I really don’t have words to describe how special he is and how much I love this man. I’ve seen him grow in the kpop world, saw his effort to become the great and excellent actor that he is today. The great singer and dancer too. I also saw through all the hurdles and criticism he faced head on. I’m really not good with words, but all I can is: I wish that your day be the most full of joys. Keep being this guy of 27 years, this guy who harbors a child inside you. And of course, this guy who is loving, joyful and splendid that you are. Thanks for exist and make my life the best possible, because it only takes one smile your to cheer me up completely! Happy birthday, my love!  #생일축하2준7 #Happy2JOON7day

Update :3

So i’m back yay =w=

I’m working on a comic of the underswap bros and i was thinking to put in here
(it’s not fontcest it just bro love (?))
now the comic have 12 pages? i think?… and two little animations, i just need to finish the last animation, clean some pages,and finish the gifs  (i stoped working on it because i was really bussy the past month but now, i have time again ewe)
(a little teaser (?))

and i have some ideas for a continuation of the swapfell comic  i made time ago ewe (yeah that thing don’t have name pffff) ,who knows probably this time paps it’s going to have more luck lol (no xD)

so yeah…that it i think :3


I am so scared to make this post, but here we go.

I have hated myself as long as I can remember, since I was a child I’ve always wondered why can’t I play with toycars with my brother and why should I settle for dolls and why does toys and clothes have gender.

I’ve always been so insecure with my body and hated myself for being who I am. I am suffering from depression and an eating disorder. I’ve been afraid of admitting I am trans, but in these past years I’ve gained power to admit it to myself and I think that’s a start.

Maybe someday I don’t hate myself this much and I’ll make a peace with myself and not be ashamed of myself and maybe be proud of myself.

(FTM, they/them, he/him.)


it’s long time i don’t watching sakura takahiro no kakko warai..

yesterday i watched sakurai takahiro no kakko warai SP 2016, and lately i realized which the kameramen always zoom in sakupyon face too much..

maybe the kameramen is very understand sakupyon who always doing dork and funny face so they don’t want to miss this moment.. (where it makes me lol) xD 

can't stop thinking about sleepy Sormik and Elysians watching over them

Baby sormik finally falling asleep in Zenrus’ arms after crying for what felt like an eternity, Moymor and Myrna heaving a sigh of relief.

Tiny sormik holding hands in their sleep while Taccio, Medea and Shaun rejoice that Sorey finally grow the same size as Mikleo.

Kid sormik sleeping in their bed, Mikleo cuddling his pillow, Sorey snoring, arms and legs completly stretch out, Shiron and Kyme losing their shit at how cute they are (Shiron clunching his fist and Kyme eating some clothe, both crying)
The kids napping at each side of Lawrence, the fire seraph finally able to rest cause damn those kids are exhausting, Cynthia and Melody giggling at the sight.

Nathalie and Mason worrying about the teens after not seeing them for two days and finding them on Sorey’s bed, covered in dirt and certainly passed out after exploring ruins once again, Sorey happily drooling on Mikleo’s belly and Mikleo grimacing in his sleep because of the weight.

16 years old Mikleo and Sorey taking a nap after a meal, Sorey’s right arm around his best friend’s waist, Gramps putting a blanket on them, and Sorey feeling so comfy he throws his other arm around Mikleo and uses him as a pillow, said pillow mumbling something at him but not waking up.

Sorey and Mikleo reading against a tree, Mikleo falling asleep head resting against Sorey’s shoulder. After a while Ed and Loanna approach to go hunt prikleboar, Sorey not fond of the idea to move and risk to wake the water seraph but their talking wake him anyway, Mikleo opening his eyes to Sorey gentle gaze and warm smile, Mikleo blushing slightly and then he saw the two others, feels his cheeks burning even more at Ed teasing smile and abrutly stand and find some excuse to go away, a really confused Sorey calling to him…

Soulmates | Jily; Wolfstar; G
Soulmate AU where everyone is born with the knowledge of their soulmate’s first name. One of two things can happen: A) Person A is frustrated because their soulmate’s name is a super common one (like Jack or Jane) and they meet several people with that name through their life before finally finding Person B, or B) Person A is frustrated because their soulmate’s name is incredibly “out there” (Destiny, Petruchio, etc.) and “WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS THAT!” Of course, then they meet Person B, who has that weird name.
A/N: I had to do both A and B! (They may seem incomplete, but I wanted to catch just the moment they met.)

Lily Evans couldn’t believe how unlucky she was. She was 22 years old and she had already met 20 James at least.
When she was a little child, Lily had actually felt relieved that her soulmate’s name was something so common like James - it won’t be hard to find him, she had thought. there are so many James out there that I’ll just have to pick one! How naive of her.
Lily didn’t find her James until one night she walked into a pub and sat at the counter.
“I’d like a Martini, please,” Lily said without looking at the barman.
“I’d like your phone number if you don’t mind” was his reply.
When Lily turned to look at him ready to tell him to fuck off, her eyes caught the name written on his uniform before staring in his eyes. Then…she knew.
“Lily?” James asked sounding like they were meeting after having spent a long time apart.
“James,” Lily had said that name umpteen times before but never had it felt so right on her lips. “James.” she couldn’t say anything else.
They spent the rest of the night staring at each other and getting to know each other, even if both of them felt like they didn’t need it.

That Thursday Sirius Black felt like he was about to find him. His soulmate. His Remus
You know, when he thought about it, Sirius actually felt lucky that his soulmate was called something weird; they already had something in common this way - Sirius wasn’t the most common name out there.
“I don’t want to ruin your mood,” James began as they walked towards the library, “but I can’t bring myself to think you can actually meet someone named Remus just by pure luck.”
“Just like when you thought that your Lily couldn’t just walk in your pub and talk to you,” Sirius replied. He was actually a little jealous of that. Not everyone was lucky enough to find their soulmates as easily as James had.
“Oh, don’t sulk now,” James laughed. “You know, you could-”
“Remus!” a high-pitched voice called out behind them. “I got an A! I can’t believe this!” Someone laughed at that.
As Sirius turned his head a boy said “I knew you could do it, Pete.” and there he was; a Remus. Since he was giving him his back, Sirius couldn’t see his face - his ass, though. How could it be so perfect?
“Sirius?! Why are you-” as James was calling his name, Remus turned to him. Their eyes locked and Sirius stopped breathing. Was this what he was supposed to feel? Like he knew he could be happy just by watching him - just by knowing they had met at least once.
“Sirius,” Remus said under his breath.“Sirius. I couldn’t believe someone could name their son like that.”
Sirius wanted to laugh at that, but he just swallowed. “You’re the one to talk, Remus.”