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Let’s translate it. Daron Nefcy on the Creativa Fest revealed a whole new ending. In summary this happened:

• No one could recorded it (Daron orders).

• The song is completely new. They said that is more heroic, epic, with a lot of voices and neutral. Unfortunately they weren’t able to listening well the whole song, but from what they heard on the lyrics there’s a part that says “shining star” and is more centered on Star (naming her a lot of times).

• Is more like a picture.

• Star is on Mewni, standing on one of the castle’s towers and watching the sunset (and then it becomes to night). She is on her back (actually she’s almost all covered with her hair) and wearing her main outfit (the green one).

• On the background there are Mewni’s moons, mountains, a lake and houses.

• Daron explained that she changed it because the other one is very cheerful and now Star isn’t on Earth (it have to be more a neutral thing now).

• They say (on their opinion) that is more like an anime.

• Daron is very happy with this new ending.

A self introduce

Thank for the 3000+ followers , @futagogo ‘s care and sweet 

….and I think it’s time to know myself better 

Call me Cini is fine , i love this little name that I call myself

Bisexual and Sagittarius ,what can I say ? It’s a big world 

Love cute things and interest in Cthulhu mythos. 

Non-linear thinking 

Not sure if i am a nerd (i think i am), but i do love to read books about history , culture , political , supernatural and art (also love Flash Fiction). 

swear a lot to the point that my friend will tell me “ hey buddy stop swearing k you are a girl “ and try to improve because there’s a little bro around me

I used to study at commercial design , but i realized that “ I love to draw , I want to see my drawing moving ..being alive .I want to draw my own characters” . After talking with my family , they decided to give me one year to learn more about how to draw( base skills /  traditional art ) so that I can get into the art college I want .

Basically I do a few things a day

Studying / Practicing drawing (at home or drawing studio)/ Taking care of my little bro (I love kids , and he is really cute but i want to kick him out of the house sometimes KIDS)

I have more free time at night , usually watching cartoons , reading books and fanfic , doodling or talking to my friends during this time

At the weekends or long vacations , hanging out with friends or being lazy at home are my fav .But during this tough time….the best option is learning / improving how to draw better at drawing studio

the compliment and encouragement always make people happy , i am happy that there are people love my doodling/arts and like me , i know i am improving and working hard , it’s what i deserve …?

I like to , i try to be optimistic as much as i want to be

but then , I have some kind of little anxiety to push myself into the darkness , not often , but i know there’s a little voice hiding and whispering in my brain 

it’s what i need to get through and conquer and i will try my best to do it 

here is a song i really love , it keeps me delight and happy :D

it’s time to study again T-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s do a rough translation here, because my English skills sucks.

In summary this guys went to the Meet And Greet with Daron Nefcy (they recorded everything) and this happened:

1) She already have a final for the series.

2) Ferguson and Alfonzo were created because it was a Disney requirement (they wanted that Marco have male friends). Then she didn’t know what to do with them, so she left they apart. However they gonna be back on S3

3) Probably we gonna see more Tomco moments (yuuuus ♥).

4) She have ideas for another series.

5) In the episode “Storm In Castle”, Star did a deep down.

6) Probably all Ludo’s Monsters died, although some may have survived.

7) Eclipsa’s arm seems cut because she pulled her arm out of her glove, as Star pulled her feet out of her socks.

Lucy and Virgo

Do you ever wondered why Virgo looks like this?

Virgo can change the way she’s looking, just to please her master. But why Lucy would want Virgo to look this good?

Because she wanted Virgo to be prettier than she is.

People often adore or underestimate her, just bc she’s pretty. But with Virgo, she wouldn’t look so amazing, In one of episodes, men even ignore Lucy, bc Virgo was better for them.

She just want ppl to like her for her character, not body.


Today I saw Split and obviously I’m in the tag. I can’t believe there’s so much people throwing shit to McAvoy and the movie. THE MOVIE IS NOT JUST THE TRAILER. Please, people, stop, inform yourself first. There is no need to do such rude comments.

Split is amazing and McAvoy’s acting was fantastic. If you can’t deal with that and want to hate it then do it but after seeing the movie, not before. That’s all, yes.

Oh, and if you want to unfollow me or whatever, do it. I really don’t give a single solitary fuck. Thank you.

Ok, Okja Fandom has only a day… That means that we are going to see completely how the Fandom grows… So, if this Fandom is unpopular… Or if it is very popular a few month, and then everyone forget about it… I’ll get angry, and then be mad and cry for 84 years. Because this movie is amazing. And I think that everybody should give that movie a chance.

Translations are Sacred (but mine are awful), I’m out -drops the mic-


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So lets do this.

Name: M. del Pilar S. Delaye.
Nicknames: Pilu (for family), Pila (for friends), maybe Batery, Pila AA and Phillip.
Height: 1,54 (i’m an ant(?)
Orientation: Unknow.
Ethnicity: Italian, Frensh, i think(?)
Favourite Fruit: IDK, maybe strawberry.
Favourite Season: Winter❄
Favourite Book: “El arte de ser normal”.
Favourite Scent: idk what is this.
Favourite Color: Cian.
Coffe, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Tea.
Sleep Hour: eh… 3am?
Cat or dog: KITTIES OWO.
Favourite fictional character: I have a lot;-;
Blankets: Are Green.
Dream Trip: maybe another dimension, idk.
When i did my tumblr: two years ago.
Number of followers: 136

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not a oncer anymore

not for a couple of weeks already actually. a little bit sorry i ever was at all, but mostly happy about it. it gave me lots of great actors to follow in every sense of the word, an OTP that turned my life upside down and, if you think about it, a really great story, nothing like i’ve ever watched before in my life.

i loved ouat. i haven’t been in the fandom for a very long time, only for about two years, but it took all over my life. i gave my heart, my mind and my soul to this fandom. and it was probably the most destructive fandoms i’ve ever been a part of. like you know those relationships, when everything goes like shit, you’re in pain, you hate your partner, you hate yourself, but you’re just not able to end it. because on the other hand you love your partner and this relationship gives you something you don’t want to give up, and there are always moments that you cherish like nothing else in your life. and this constant battle between love and hate, affection and disgust destroys you. that basically was me and ouat.

the point always was that as long as i love it a tiny little bit more than i hate it, i’m in. and i suffered through every shitty plot-twist A&E gave us, through every time someone called capswan relationship healthy and through all the times the creators acted like other ships and their fans don’t matter.

one day i decided i’m done. my moment of enlightenment happened when i’ve seen what they did to Emma and Regina’s first hug. they basically spitted all the swanqueen fans in the faces with that gesture and well i thought that was unacceptable.

i was completely devastated, heartbroken even. and i changed my mind a billion times that day, told myself that i overreacted and just one hug wasn’t such a big deal to actually stop watching the show. but i didn’t and it was. and i knew that giving up on ouat was actually the best idea i’ve had since i’ve started watching it.

what i love most about not watching the show is that i can see actors apart from it now. like i don’t have to look at everything they say and do through the prism of their characters. more specifically, i don’t have to worry anymore about starting to hate Colin, because i hate Hook, stuff like that. i also don’t have to justify every shitty thing A&E do in each episode, therefore i’m more or less calm about my mental health now, because i’ve been honestly worried lately about losing it.

i miss it, though. i mean i gave my soul to this show, of course i’d miss it. i really love the cast, every single actress and actor, i adore them. Lana and Jennifer, i mean, i literally pray on these women. so it’s a bit sad to know that there’s something they are making and proud of, that i won’t watch. but it’s sometimes a part of a fan’s life, i guess.

so yeah. i’m not a oncer anymore, i’m free and trying to build myself again from the ruins ouat made of me and fill the void it left in my life.

(and yes i totally had to write all this)

p.s. if in the last episode of season 6 there will be a HUGE plot-twist and we’ll find out capswan and everything else that happened in the last two seasons was a lie, i have no idea what would i be more: happy, annoyed or amused.