Bad Teacher

Getting a job:

Day 2:

The rest of the year in regards to teaching, different days or sometimes all in one day:

Lesson planning:

Life outside of teaching:

But still:

Take care of yourselves, teachers!

One year I had an English teacher (10th grade) go on sick leave for a very long time, so we got a substitute. 
The substitute was great, everyone learned better, more kids were passing the class, everyone got better grades. (Honestly we all hoped she wouldn’t come back for the rest of the year, but of course, she did.)
When she came back she didn’t want to believe that he could have taught better than her, so she dropped everyone a letter grade.

When my sister had her in 10th grade asked the class “How many of you want to go to college?”
About half the class raised their hands.
“Alright” she said “ Only about half of you raising your hands will make it to college.”

The same teacher also then said
“I’m the only 10th grade English teacher here, so if you don’t like me that’s just too bad.
Oh, and if I get a call from your parents saying you’ve complained about me, well then we’re done. You’ll get to stay in the class and get taught, but you won’t be getting any extra help from me, you’ll just be out of luck.”

The American school system everybody.
Teachers who don’t care about the students get to stay forever.
Great teachers usually get let go before they can make a difference.