So if I were to identify spiritually as Anakin Skywalker, that would mean I’m otherkin. But since he already has ‘kin’ in his name, does that mean I’d have to call myself Anakinkin? That sounds fucking stupid. Alternatively, if I just went by Anakin, people might think I was being annoying or trying to become an otherkin of my friend Anna.

And then, alternatively, what if I’m like… someone who already has kin in their name? Let’s say my name is Kinji. For the sake of things. My name is Kinji and I end up being like… technologykin or something. If people ask for my name after finding out I’m otherkin, are they going to be like “you put the kin in the wrong place”? Like… that would make me feel bad xD

So many questions it hurts.