A year ago today - I designed Blue Screen in a stream, and @askinfresh started up the blog - @ask-bluescreen

So… today is Blue Screen’s birthday! 

I am still tied up with a lot of stuff - trying to finish my master program as well as other drawing items that I need to finish. So all I can get out today is a quick sketch of Screen with a slice of cake! 

Happy birthday Screen - I hope I can put more focus on you after college is complete. 

Blue Screen by @7goodangel and @askinfresh

There Were Others;

an @xfficchallenges submission for the dialogue-only prompt.

“He wasn’t the only one, Mulder. Just the only one where I got caught.”

“What? Who? I don’t know what you’re–”

“No, not caught — that implies I’ve done something wrong, which I have not. I mean — the only one in which my privacy was breached.”

“Which — which exit are we supposed to take —”

“Exit 42, it’s not for miles and miles. I’m not — I know this may not fit with the way you see me, but I’ve never been cut out for celibacy. I have needs, and I’m not ashamed of that.”

“So — what, you just rack up an endless list of one-night stands? Every time you get the itch, you expose yourself to all that danger —”

“Not that this should matter to you, but it’s not an ‘endless list,’ Mulder. Fewer than ten since I’ve known you. And thank you for your concern, but I am very, very careful—”

“Until last week, yeah.”

“I’m going to let that go right now, because you’re trying to distract me, and I need you to hear this.”

“Forgive me if I don’t want to hear a blow-by-blow recitation of your secret sexual escapades—”


“Neither of us need me to go into the details. But the thing is, Mulder — the energy can only build for so long before I have to do something about it —”

“So why don’t you just — get a boyfriend or something? Some nice stable asshole with a nice stable job who won’t try to KILL YOU when —”

“That’s my point. That’s exactly my point. I don’t want a nice stable asshole hanging around my apartment, or anybody else even semi-permanent, I’m already com— look, I find men, partners, for sex, when I’m sick enough of my own imagination, not to mention my own hands. And it’s fair to say I have a type, do you understand what I’m saying?”

“You — you just want sex, nothing else? No — no conversation, no watching movies on the couch, no waking up late and going to find bagels?”

“It’s EXACTLY the ‘everything else’ that I’m … goddammit, you’re dense.”

“Oh — hey, why are you crying? Here — shit, here take this —”

“Frustration! GOD. How can you not understand this? I want what I can’t have, so I take what I can get. I don’t want to tangle up my physical needs with the rest of it, not with them! Because …”

“Because what? Why not, Scully?”

“Here, let go of my hand — that’s our exit coming up.”

Jillian Michaels is leaving Ninjago???

so she said

“Lloyd will soon be a man and I unfortunately will be replaced.:( I’ve enjoyed every second from playing him as a 10 year old to a teenager but LEGO has taken the script in a different direction.”

i will be so sad…I loved her T-T I dont want this to happen. but it must…well now I am very disappointed…

squirrellygirlart  asked:

"You have three seconds to explain to me where he is before I make you regret waking up today," she whispered venomously.

Sorry for taking so long! I had a busy week beginning >_<

“You have three seconds to explain to me where he is before I make you regret waking up today,” she whispered venomously.

Nino gulped, trying to keep from shivering. Marinette was the sweetest human being in the history of ever, but frankly, she was downright terrifying when she wanted too. And now, it was one of those moments when she wanted to make everybody piss their pants out of fear.

“He is in the spare bedroom and Marinette, you hehe, shouldn’t go in there you see… “ Nino ate his words at the glare she gave him.

Marinette moved around him and went straight to the spare bedroom, slamming the door open.

“ADRIEN AGRESTE IF YOU DON’T WANT ME ANYMORE YOU COULD HAVE THE DECENCY TO BREAK UP WITH ME NOT CHEAT… on… me?” Marinette’s shouts died in her throat at the sight before her.

Adrien was in the middle of the bedroom surrounded by ballons, confetti bags and lots of other party decorations. She could basically see his not present cat ears lower and his tail drop.

“You thought I was cheating on you?” he asked in a whisper.

Marinette let her shoulders drop. “I’m sorry, but you were so secretive and acted oddly and you know me, I just assumed the worst. What are all these for?”

Adrien sighed. “Well, your birthday is coming and I just wanted to make you a surprise but… “ he shrugged.

Marinette slapped her face. “Shit, I’m an idiot sandwich, I’m so sorry, minou. I should have never thought you’d cheat on me.”

Adrien made his way between ballons and came to her and pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay, Buginette.”

Marinette sighed. “So, I guess I ruined the surprise.”

Adrien smiled mischievously against her hair. “Hm, don’t feel sad about it. I’m sure we can work something to make up for it.”

Marinette looked up at him suspiciously. “Am I going to regret this?”

Adrien shrugged. “Probably.”

but how about some casually (but not really) suicidal lance

the team arrives at the planet whose people can feel intentions. when they enter the palace, guards surround lance and say that they feel ‘his malicious intentions to kill’, presumably their emperor

and lance is like, 'nah, you just probably feeling how I want to kill myself’.

everyone’s having a hard time debating about if he is serious or not, with how casual he is, but everyone has this horrible feeling that he is not joking