My name is Sam Winchester.

I used to be a college student,


When you’re a hunter, you’ve got nothing. No home, no credit, no job history. You’re stuck in whatever motels you can find. You hunt whatever monsters you come your way.  You rely on anyone who isn’t dead yet.

A angel of the lord.

Your older brother who’s a little crazy.

A demon too…

…If you’re desperate

Bottom line, once you’re a hunter,

you’re never getting out.

[ENG] 150814 JTBC ‘Witch Hunt’ - INFINITE Sunggyu (FULL) **REUPLOAD

Hello! Thanks for your patience! Unfortunately, Youtube and Dailymotion keeps taking down the video, so we can only upload it onto our Facebook page. Again, this is a rated R show, so please watch with discretion.

translated by: togetherinspirit7


I’ll regret this later…

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Dói, mas não sei ao certo o que que está doendo. Sei apenas que sufoca … faz doer o peito, talvez seja o vazio aqui dentro misturado com tantas ausências, não tenho certeza. Mas dói e dói muito, se instala no peito faz cicatriz na alma.
—  Simone Ribeiro.