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Cassiel: "Rinna.. Silas.. What are your favorite foods?.."

Rinna: “I can’t resist things that are high in calories and salt. Deep fried mushrooms, and Mozzerella sticks are my favorite. I have a bad habit of adding butter to my meals as well..

Silas: “I won’t eat stuff from the Demon World.. It’s seriously gross.. but food in this world is amazing.. Have you tried a cheeseburger from the Human world..? It’s unreal..

Rinna: “Once I let him order loaded Bacon cheese fries at dinner.. he didn’t eat anything else for a whole year.. “

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Whats your favorite Mcdonalds Food?


ok theres this burger we get in the winter time its called Big Rösti and basically its a beef patty, a super strong cheese, a hash brown, bacon and cheese sauce!! and its YUMMY i also like a good old McChicken. i feel McDonalds is a lot nicer in Europe than it is in the US (and my US friends who have tried it agree!)

A serious self indulgent piece I drew for my birthday today (yip yip!!!)
I’ve wanted to do this for months now and I finally sat down and did it. now….Who’s the real winner here??? B)