it’s day 2 of my period so i’m extra crampy and emotional. i’m sitting on the couch staring at my phone screen when i suddenly burst into tears, and my boyfriend gets all concerned and asks if i’m okay. and i say “yeah, sorry, this picture just caught me off guard.” and so knowing that i’m on my period, he asks “did you look up pictures of cute puppies again?” and i shake my head no, so he asks “cute kittens?” and i shake my head harder, and i start crying all over again because i’m too embarrassed to tell him why i started crying in the first place. so then after running through a list of cute animals i could’ve been crying over, he finally begs to know whats wrong. and i, crying like a baby, admit that i had just seen a picture of mac and cheese and it looked so good i couldn’t help crying. 

tldr; periods suck