B. A. R. D.

Bard : So we’ve got this airship.

Gunslinger : Yup.

Bard : And I can cast Feather Fall on a small group of people.

Gunslinger : Mmhmm?

Bard : So technically, if it DOES come to war, I can drop a small task force of heavily armored troops into the enemy’s backline. Probably archers.

Gunslinger : You know… That’s a good idea.

Bard : I’m gonna call them BARD Jumps. Brilliant Aerial Reconnaissance Drops. Bard.

Gunslinger : *facepalm*


Dragon age: Overwatch 

ahhh I got lazy with the designs but thinking of their skills was so much fun, I wanted Nalia to be a support that is able to counter flankers and peel them off the backlines, and also be able to burst heal when fully charged, her ultimate will keep you alive long enough for justice/revenge Mythal would be proud! haha 

I made Solas into a defense hero, an area denial one kind of like Mei, there were so many skills I could think of but making them sound balanced was the challenge haha wolf summoning? holo-copy of himself as decoy? spawning eluvian teleports? so many!! he would have great legendary skins too, Fen’harel one in mostly black and red with his bone skull helmet, Evanuris one in gold and white, Nalia would have a Dalish Keeper skin and an Antiva inspired one 😁

Somewhere out there were multiple exy fans who watched Neil get a backliner off his ass by ducking at the last minute and forcing the kid to collide head first into plexiglass and went, “Him. He’s my favorite” 


I CANNOT be the only one who is truly in love with Andrew Joseph Minyard’s canon height. Like it really does just make everything he does that much more impressive.
Here let me give you some examples:

•During one of the games, 6'5 starting backliner Matt Boyd hid behind 5 foot even Andrew Minyard when being chased by a character only referred to as Gorilla.

•Without even pulling out his knives, all Andrew had to do was stand between Matt and Kevin to get Matt to back off.

• 5ft BABY Andrew nearly kills 4 grown men when they attacked Nicky outside of the club??? Not just A man. FOUR. MEN.

• despite his height he still manages to take his short legs clear across the field at record breaking pace to break Riko’s arm before he can decapitate Neil. A+, Minyard.

•ALSO let’s just take into account that exy racquets are customized to the height and arm length of the holder SO while Andrews net is bigger the length of the stick is short MEANING when Andrew blocked The Impossible Goal™ in the bottom corner he had to be moving quicker than a fucking bat out of hell.

•despite being called a “midget with an attitude problem” no one fucks with Neil or his hubby bc they know better…

“When I leave you wanna keep *hand motions* doin dis. But den when I come around you don’t wanna POST UP.”

•Also Andrew is canonically 3 inches shorter than Neil so Neil actually has to bend down to kiss his boyfriend OR (bear with me) Andrew has to stand on his damn tip toes

I’m done with this

here are some more trojan hcs that no one asked for

  • there are two dead ants in the corner of laila and alvarez’s dorm, which alvarez has named cabbage and theodore. laila insists they get rid of them. alvarez says she can’t just throw away her children like that
  • jeremy has a habit of walking into a room distracted by his phone (usually twitter or texts with kevin), and he’ll stop in the middle of the room and just sit on the floor, continuing to text
  • this leads jean to constantly trip over him because he’s not expecting jeremy to be sitting right inside the doorway when he comes back from class
  • laila could not for the life of her figure out how to double-knot her shoelaces until she was a junior in high school
  • jeremy has zero navigational sense. at all. jean has to do both the navigating and the driving when they’re in the car together. road trips are a nightmare
  • alvarez has a tattoo of a little astronaut on her arm, just because she thought it looked cool (it does)
  • jean and laila are always competing at something. sometimes they get identical puzzles and see who can put them together fastest, sometimes it’s shopping cart races at walmart at three in the morning.  there’s a pair of freshman backliners that somehow always end up in the baskets of these shopping carts
  • laila is Terrible at math, and is very frequently getting basic equations wrong
  • the biggest argument laila and jean have ever had is over whether fruity pebbles or fruit loops were better.  laila was all for fruit loops, and jean insisted fruity pebbles were superior.  they didn’t talk for three days after
  • jean gets rid of all the black in his wardrobe now that he’s no longer with the ravens. everything is colorful and bright, socks and shoes included
  • alvarez’s favorite nail polish color is called “hush money” purely because it’s called “hush money”
  • jeremy is really good friends with a sophomore striker, and he’ll take her out for breakfast every few weeks, and they’ll talk about new episodes of whatever anime they’re both watching, or a recipe jeremy really wants to try, or how the sophomore’s girlfriend accidentally dyed her hair orange
  • laila loves strawberries.  so much.
  • jeremy has, on several occasions, stopped the car because he saw a dog he wanted to pet
  • jean and laila have two fish that they take care of together, named butter and hargrove the eighth
  • alvarez used to figure skate. she takes laila on ice skating dates all the time partly because laila is terrible at ice skating and alvarez thinks this is adorable, but also partly because she really likes to show off
  • if she knows jean is having a hard time sleeping, alvarez will just send him a continuous stream of memes. most contain cats
  • jeremy has reading glasses
  • (jean Loves jeremy’s reading glasses)
  • laila is demiromantic
  • alvarez loves poetry, she has an entire shelf on her bookcase dedicated to her favorite collections, and has some of her favorite poems memorized. instead of singing/humming to herself when she’s spacing out, she’ll very quietly recite these poems
  • jean can do a perfect impersonation of lightning mcqueen, and very frequently uses it to make some of the freshmen laugh
  • they’re all actual rays of sunshine whom i love

make me choose: @vvhymack​ asked, that time neil came into the ravens game as a backliner or that time kevin scored in the last two seconds of the game

Neil’s fingers shook so badly it was almost impossible to get the straps of his helmet undone, but finally he managed to throw his helmet off to one side. He blinked sweat out of his eyes and looked up at the scoreboard. Ten-nine, Foxes’ favor— Kevin had scored in the last two seconds of the game.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, fUCK.”

The door to Kevin’s room bursts open, ricocheting with a bang against the wall and slamming back into place. 

“Shit, fuck, Kevin, please you have to hide me, you have to help. I just walked in on - FUCK.” 

Nicky, legs and arms flailing, throws himself onto the ground and rolls under Kevin’s bed, pulling the ruffle down to cover himself just as the knob begins to turn again. Andrew hovers in the door frame - clad only in black gym shorts, his arm bands, and socks - and aims his glower at Kevin. 

“Nicky Hemmick is a dead man.” 

Kevin tries not to flinch at Nicky’s muffled yelp. He’d been enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to classical music through his headphones and studying for an upcoming test (See: finding something to do while Exy games buffer). Typically, he’d be more than happy to ignore their foolish antics - a 6′ tall backliner cowering under his twin mattress, though? A little more demanding of his attention. 

There’s an uncomfortable amount of silent eye contact wherein Andrew knows that Nicky is under the bed, Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed, and Andrew knows that Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed. He’s not sure why - maybe sympathy from being on the receiving end of Andrew’s wrath before, maybe a subconscious feeling of debt to Nicky for keeping the Minyards alive and on the team for so long - but he turns his head back to his open text and attempts nonchalance when he replies “Haven’t seen him.” 

Andrew ‘hmms’ but doesn’t leave. He rotates slowly as if searching, and Kevin spares a second to feel bad for the poor lump trembling beneath his box spring when Andrew’s eyes light and he reaches out to Kevin’s desk. Andrew’s body blocks the object of his focus, and so Kevin has to lean back slightly to see what he’s found - the stack of school text books. 

Andrew picks up a math book, swings it up and down as if testing its weight, then sets it down and goes for a larger History book instead. He turns back to face the bed and throws it to the ground, makes a big deal of positioning it and then wrenches his leg back and kicks it as hard as he can. It careens out of Kevin’s view, disappears beneath the dust ruffle and Kevin knows by the sudden thud and yowl that it makes contact with its intended target.

Each of the boys wait for one of the others to break the tension, and when that doesn’t happen Andrew must decide that Nicky had learned his lesson, because he storms back out without another word. Nicky waits a minute and then sheepishly comes out, knocking his long legs together and muttering under his breath. 

There’s a third awkward moment of silence after Nicky has drawn to his full height, where neither boy knows exactly how to approach the situation. Kevin gives in first, pulling his headphones the rest of the way off of his head and letting them fall with a thunk onto his notebook. 

“What the hell happened?” 

Nicky rubs at his the back of his neck, looks at the ground and when his eyes meet Kevin’s again he’s wearing that trademark Palmetto State grin. 

“I walked in and he and Neil were, um… let’s just say it’s a good thing we wear knee pads.”

Headcanon that Nicky will not stop putting Kevin puns on his Snapchat story.

  • A picture of Kevin shirtless in the kitchen, making breakfast, with the caption “Kevin Bae”
  • A pic of Kevin in his uniform captioned “Kevin Play”
  • A pic of Kevin sitting on his bed with an exy game paused on his computer and his arms crossed over his chest captioned “Kevin Stay”
  • A pic of Kevin dressed to go for a run with Neil, wearing a light grey t shirt and dark grey sweats, with the caption “Kevin Grey”
  • A pic of Kevin taking a nap with the caption “Kevin Lay”
  • A pic of Kevin at Eden’s Twilight, taking the drink tray from Andrew with the caption “Kevin Tray”
  • A pic of Kevin looking really annoyed in the Fox lounge with the caption “Kevin ‘No Way’”
  • A pic of Kevin modelling in a magazine Nicky found with the caption “Kevin Slay”
  • A video of Kevin stumbling at practice with the caption “Kevin Off-Day”
  • A picture of Kevin and Jeremy grinning and talking to each other before a game with the caption “Kevin Gay”
  • The upperclassmen join in after a while and their snap stories have fewer Kevin puns, but they still make them when they can
  • After a game, Allison takes a video of a highlight reel where Kevin knocks a backliner to the ground even though they didn’t have the ball and captions it “Kevin Foul Play”
  • Dan takes a picture of Kevin’s hair looking a little too styled and captions it “Kevin Hair Spray”
  • Renee takes a picture of Kevin with Starbucks and captions it “Kevin Latte”
  • Matt takes a picture of Kevin helping Neil up at practice and captions it “Kevin Fair Play”
  • Renee waves at Kevin and takes a video of him waving back and captions it “Kevin Hey”
  • Andrew never has a snap story
  • But then one night he puts a video he takes through the car window on his snap story
  • It’s Kevin walking down the street alone, next to the car because Andrew locked the doors and won’t let him in
  • The caption says “Kevin Stray”
  • The whole team loses their shit when they see it
  • (But they also check with Kevin to see if Andrew let him back in the car or if he needs a ride)
  • (Andrew did let him in the car eventually)

One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga / Enies Lobby Arc] : Cipher Pol Number 09 (CP9) vs The Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin : “First with Aokiji..and now, I’ve involved you twice! If this is to continue forever, no matter how kind and compassionate you all are…someday, it will be too much of a burden. Someday, you’ll betray me and cast me aside! That’s my greatest fear.. That’s why I didn’t want you to come rescue me! If I’m going to die someday anyway..I want to die here! 
Chief Spandam : “I see, that makes perfect sense! Hahaha! Look at that symbol Straw Hats! It represents the unity of more than 170 nations…it represents the World! Do you realize how frivolous your resistance is?! Do you understand the sheer power of the organization that is after this one woman?!
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “I totally get who Robin’s enemy is. Sogeking. Shoot down that flag.
“Sogeking” Usopp : “Roger. Hissatsu Firebird Star!”
Chief Spandam : Are you crazy?! Do you really think you can survive now that the entire world is your enemy??
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “Bring it on!! Robin! I still haven’t heard it from your lips! Say that you want to live!!”
Nico Robin : *Live? I didn’t think I could wish for that. No one..ever allowed me to wish it. If it’s really make one little wish..I..*  “I WANT TO LIVE!!”
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : *heh* “Let’s go!”

A.U. where CP9 are secret paramilitary police like the Nazi SS & the Straw Hats are a (gang) crew in high school. My 2nd all-time favorite moment in One Piece! The Water 07 Saga was a superbly written storyline in OP. The twist of the Cipher Pol Number 09 members, the story of Cutty Flam & Shipwright Tom, and the clashes between the two groups blew me away. The Enies Lobby arc also revealed the Straw Hats in their peak conditions, very similar to the “Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc” from Naruto, these are my favorite kinds of arcs when you get to see many key characters fight to their full potential. Nico Robin was such a beautifully written character and her backstory was precious. I’m kind of sad to see her thrown on the backlines in the New World because she deserves better. Also, Sogeking was a huge development for Usopp, really pushed his character forward in the series. And of course, Blueno vs Luffy & Rob Lucci vs Luffy were some of the best fights in the series. Gear 2nd!

: Haikyuu!! - Makko Shobu

usc trojans + team snapchat
  • the trojans, inevitably, create an official team snapchat
  • it’s started with the intention that they’d post videos and pictures from practice and official team things, announcements for games and “jeremy’s doing an interview on espn at 8 check it out!!” but
  • it does not stay that way
  • it lasts maybe a couple weeks, where it’s proper and nice and being used for its original intention, but then alvarez, naturally, derails it
  • a series of videos goes up late one evening that feature jean and laila, dressed all in dark clothes, carefully sneaking into the dorm kitchen where jeremy has left a fresh batch of cookies.  alvarez is behind the camera, narrating, stopping to laugh when laila nearly drops the tray completely over the floor
  • it’s so careful and elaborate and they nearly make it safely back to laila and alvarez’s dorm with all the cookies when they run into jeremy, who’s coming back from his own room with a container to put the cookies in. there’s a short pause in the video where everyone freezes, a sudden jolt of motion, and then it cuts off
  • the story concludes with a very blurry snap of jean, laila, and alvarez running down the hall, jeremy behind them
  • it’s a couple of days later when the story is updated again, this time at two in the morning, and from the looks of it, they’re at a completely empty walmart.  there’s a freshman backliner sitting in one shopping cart with a sophomore striker behind him ready to push it, and another cart with laila in the basket and jeremy behind her
  • it’s a Classic Trojan Tradition of shopping cart races (while jean does the actual grocery shopping with a pair of dealers) that ends - always, inevitably - with someone (jeremy and laila) crashing into a shelf of pasta noodles, and someone else (the striker and backliner) nearly tipping over
  • everything derails from there.  any possibility of serious story updates is gone
  • they try, of course.  there’s a full set of pictures featuring the trojans trying on their new uniforms, making sure they all fit properly.  it starts with a few of some of the juniors laughing at a goalkeeper’s Way Too Big jersey, and one of jeremy knox looking Amazing in his uniform
  • but then it turns to alvarez helping jeremy with his jersey.  there’s a couple where she’s trying to adjust it, and he’s saying who knows what, but then there’s one of alvarez locking eyes with the camera, followed by her nudging jean and pointing over at it, and then a series of them posing for the camera, laughing and doing their best runway walks
  • it’s concluded, twenty pictures later, with the full team in their uniforms, in the most ridiculous team photo, in which everyone is laughing and making the Best poses
  • there’s one night where jean updates with a video that has the little time filter over it reading something like 3:26AM, and it’s just jean dancing to “electric love” at full volume in their dorm.  the very last two seconds consist of jeremy noticing jean’s recording him, and there’s a very brief Jean Laugh before the video cuts
  • pictures of the trojans on the bus after a game. jeremy feeding jean oreos while a backliner paints his nails, laila getting increasingly frustrated over a game of tic-tac-toe with one of the freshmen, two strikers trying to toss jelly beans into each other’s mouths (followed up with a pic of the bus floor, littered with jelly beans)
  • jeremy and alvarez performing tango: maureen in the kitchen at 5:14 in the morning while their breakfast cooks
  • the team drawing with chalk out in the court parking lot on a particularly nice day.  someone’s drawn a very shaky kevin day, distinguishable only by the chess piece on his face that doesn’t look anything like a queen, right next to a very immaculate dragon
  • it’s all just. an entire mess of things it was Not created for, and it’s beautiful

rreneewalker  asked:

in honour of how dismissed nicky hemmick is, do you have any headcanons about him?

headcanons?? about my son?? Yes :^) (sorry this took so long asdfghjkl)

- definitely locks himself in the bedroom and just calls Erik when the twins (or even the other foxes) get to be too much, like when aaron makes an unnecessarily cruel comment or when andrew gives him a certain murderous look or when kevin someone dishes out too much “constructive” criticism at practice
- will actually drink those kale smoothies with Kevin if Kevin makes him one
- we’ve heard of therapy dogs for just about everyone else, but I’m just gonna throw this out there: Nicky with a therapy dog because he gets really depressed sometimes and Bee thought it would be good for him to have someone to take care of who will love him expressively and unconditionally
- he’s seen every movie known to man and he’s that one friend that understands any reference you could possibly make,, good to have around, 10/10 quality human
- sings along at the top of his lungs to the songs he likes and he’s… Actually pretty good? very nice voice, but often sings badly on purpose just to annoy Aaron
- likes to hang out with the upperclassmen now that Andrew isn’t totally against them:
- he calls Dan “mama” and she always rolls her eyes but she kinda likes it tbh
- let’s Allison put nail polish and eye liner on him but “none of that cover up shit, I’m proud of my ONE freckle thanks”
- discusses the bible with Renee tbh, like not very often but sometimes he’ll see her reading and ask about something and they’ll end up talking for hours
- Nicky: “Matt do you think pigeons have feelings”
Matt: “Nicky it’s 3 in the- oh my god… do they??”
- got into a fist fight with an opposing backliner because he was insulting Dan
- was really drunk once and talked shit about Aaron TO Aaron because he thought he was Andrew
- is secretly trying to learn french and russian

okay so raven!neil right:

  • so after that night in millport, neil never gets on the plane that takes him to palmetto. he runs away and changes names and identities again
  • andrew waits for an hour at the airport to pick him up, but ends up shrugging and leaving, giving up on neil and only feeling the slightest twinge of disappointment because the guy looked like he could have been mildly interesting
  • before school starts again, neil gets found by the moriyamas and he’s forced to play for the ravens
    • the first time andrew sees him again it’s as a backliner for the ravens
  • after the game (which the ravens win), neil takes off his helmet and goes up to riko and bows before him because he’s not allowed to speak to him after having fought back one too many times and andrew watches the whole thing from afar
    • from the way riko’s hand curls around the back of neil’s neck to the new tattoo glistening with sweat on neil’s face and the way he flinches when riko’s hand tugs too hard on his hair
  • and andrew decides that’s enough. he’s medicated and whoopedi-do this won’t fucking do
  • he walks over to them to “””congratulate””” them and when he sees him, riko flashes him the biggest smile and lets go of neil, stepping forward to greet andrew
  • but andrew just walks past him and straight to neil, stopping before him and giving him a once-over 
    • “didn’t think the ravens signed amateurs. what’s your name? you’re that josten kid aren’t you?” 
  • neil looks at riko before answering “it’s nathaniel”
  • andrew just laughs at him because he’s drugged out of his mind and, what a fucking idiot, bending to riko’s rules, and goes to turn away
  • but before he does, neil catches his arm and whispers “don’t let kevin go”
  • riko just grabs the front of neil’s shirt and neil can’t help but yelp, which is kinda odd but not so much when you know what happens in evermore and drags neil off the court as andrew stares after them

i might do part 2 of this eventually if u guys like it but now im done hope u enjoyed (or smth like that) this

anonymous asked:

Hi there :) I love your take on andreil and I wondered if you would write something about Andrew being jealous/possessive of Neil? I always read fics where it's Neil in this situation.. thank u!! :)

i come bearing gifts, my wonderful anon. this was way too much fun to write. thank you for your request! also on AO3

send me prompts :)

“Kevin called today just to say that he’s emailing me extra drills to add to my training regimen. Because apparently I’m getting slower? Whatever. I told him to fuck off, but like that’s ever worked before,” Neil concludes. Andrew makes a vague sound of agreement, but since they’re on the phone, Neil has a hard time judging just how uninterested Andrew really is.

“Anyway,” Neil says, “I met up with Travis after practice to work on plays. He actually knows his shit, you know? He has this idea to keep Wilson back so that Singh can have better control of the line, and it’s genius. Singh is obviously superior when it comes to—”

“Travis?” Andrew interrupts him, suddenly sounding a good bit more attentive.

“Yeah, Travis Patterson. The one from the University of Texas?” Neil waits for some kind of acknowledgement but continues anyway when he gets none. “He’s easily our best backliner, aggressive as hell but knows where to draw the line. And he’s smart too, like he actually thinks before he makes a move. Which is rare.” Neil rolls his eyes at the general state of talent in the Professional Exy League, even though Andrew can’t see him. If he could, he would probably just glare and call Neil a junkie, so maybe it’s for the best. “I think we’re meeting up again on Thursday to go over specifics, make sure everything will really click before I try to implement the switch at practice,” Neil says, almost to himself. He gets up from the couch and makes his way into his bedroom, opening the top drawer on his nightstand and reaching for the stack of orange sticky notes in the back corner. He jots down “Travis - Thursday @ 7:00” and heads to the kitchen to press it to the refrigerator until it holds.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Andrew asks out of nowhere.

“I have a home game on Saturday afternoon, and then that charity event thing on Sunday…” Neil says, and it almost comes out as a question. Andrew knows this already. His team is off this weekend, but Neil’s schedule is so booked that they agreed it wasn’t worth the five hour plane ride.

“I’m coming. I can be there Saturday morning. 9:35,” Andrew states.

“Uh,” Neil blanks a bit out of shock but decides not to question it. Like he would ever complain. “Okay, yeah. I’ll be there to pick you up.”

“Okay,” Andrew says, disinterested tone back in full force.

“Hey, are you—” Neil begins, but Andrew has already hung up.

It isn’t abnormal for them to hang up without a proper goodbye, but there is usually at least a bit more ceremony to it. Neil shrugs to himself, chalking it up to Andrew being Andrew.

Andrew fucking hates flying.

This is news to no one. So this spontaneous five hour flight with only two days of mental preparation may seem ill-advised. And it is. Andrew knows that it is. But he hits “confirm” to book it anyway, cursing himself every step of the way. But he could only listen to Neil go on and on about Travis for so long before he cracked.

Andrew knows exactly who Travis is. Travis William Patterson, 27 years old, 6’3” backliner from middle of nowhere, Texas, current starter for the Boston Hurricanes, #9. As a matter of fact, Andrew is looking at him right now. ESPN is showing Exy highlights from last weekend, and Neil’s team just happens to be up at this very moment.

The Neil on screen has just performed some ridiculous move that absolutely should not have ended with a goal but somehow did, and he is immediately met with high-fives from his teammates and an affectionate-looking hug from Travis. Andrew can most certainly be objective, and this exchange looks pretty platonic. But Andrew is also a man attracted to men, and he has to admit that Travis is good looking. Really good looking. He’s got that whole good ol’ boy, yes ma’am/no sir, homegrown Southern cowboy appeal. If you’re into that. Which Andrew definitely isn’t, and he doesn’t think Neil is either.

Andrew knows that Neil isn’t the cheating type, but that doesn’t stop Andrew from feeling just a little possessive over him. He and Neil have been together for eight years now, so Andrew probably has nothing to worry about. And yet here he is, watching several hundred dollars drain from his bank account thanks to this impromptu flight.

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