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I'm sorry, but AH deserves to be nominated. When you put together her stats with the mess of a backline she had, she definitely deserves it. Without her, Orlando would be getting blown out by 5 goals per game, let's be honest. I'd like to see her with a consistent backline.

Pregnant? Need help?

Don’t call the 1-(800)-712-HELP number posted by @frfrankpavone, it is run by pro-life extremists who will lie to you and try to scare you about your pregnancy.

1-888-493-0092 - Backline - For reviewing your pregnancy options and getting unbiased information and support for parenting, adoption, or abortion.

1-888-717-5010 - Faith Aloud - For reviewing your pregnancy options with a trained religious counselor from an unbiased, faith-based perspective.

1-888-642-2725 - Action Canada - For information about pregnancy options and referrals to clinics and hospitals that provide reproductive health services, including abortion, anywhere in Canada.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and a proud, pro-choice midwifery student. I’ve also been a peer options counselor with Backline, and I’ve worked as an abortion nurse. As a future midwife, abortion and family planning care will be a central focal point of my practice.

I know there are a lot of midwives who think that midwifery should be about catching babies and supporting “life” (by which they mean the life of the fetus). I think that’s our job if that’s what the pregnant person desires. But above all, it’s our job to support each individual to make decisions about their health that work for them…sometimes that means parenting, sometimes that involves making a plan for adoption, and sometimes that means having an abortion.

Lena Wood, RN and nurse-midwifery student

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I'm having an abortion tomorrow and it's almost scary that this came up on tumblr at such a time. Is there a place a person can get support for this?

Before an abortion, you will undergo extensive counseling to obtain your medical history, determine gestational age, and review your options, including continuing a pregnancy to birth and parent, or adopt, and the pregnancy termination options. These will be reviewed without judgement to help YOU decide the right course for you. Abortion clinics have trained staff who inform you, answer your questions, and support you during the procedure, if you choose. Some facilities have dedicated ‘doulas’ trained specifically to offer support during abortion procedures.

I’m glad we can be here to offer some information! A lot of people feel alone at the time of their abortion, and if information and support can help you, I’m so glad we’re able to offer it. There are definitely resources for support during and after your abortion. Check out Backline. They offer completely a nonjudgmental talkline where you can call and discuss any questions or feelings you’re having. You can also check out this article on what to expect when having an abortion. They’re a really great group that can help you talk through any confusing stuff you’re feeling, any emotions you need to get out, and really help you feel less alone. They also have great resources to point you towards, like a community of people of faith who support your decision to have an abortion. You can also share your story at We Testify. A lot of people report feeling better once they’ve told someone else about their abortion, even anonymously. Often, it’s not the abortion that makes us feel bad, but feeling like you don’t have anyone to talk to about it. You’ll find there’s a whole bunch of great people who’ve had abortions, who love you and trust your reasons, and want to welcome you to this community.

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