hi, i’m nay. i reside in texas. i like nintendo and reading books. body modifications are my weakness. music is my passion. i like going to raves and i enjoy simple kick backs. i’m a hopeless romantic, and i really love meeting new people. go ahead and follow me and send me an ask and we can be friends. :)

today was better (BECAUSE IT WASN’T FUCKING CARDIO jESUS) but I was still slow and weak and everything hurts 

but I did 122 kicks in a row. even if they were weak and flimsy I did them. 

I miss having singulaire. 

I’m also experiencing an incredible spaghetti craving. lord. lord lord lord. 

but no today the fooding was better. I realized I could have meat a lot more than I have? so today I had well a shitty breakfast but then FETA CHEESE and then chicken salad and cucumbers and then the protein shake and now I’m gonna have fish fish fish fish 

tomorrow for breakfast I’m gonna have a goddamn egg and turkey slices 

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how can ichihime be canon when ichigo's ray of light is rukia??? :/ :/ it would be very stupid... Imagine Ichigo married to Orihime but then his ray of light is Rukia... Ichigo married to Orihime but his queen is Rukia... But his white moon is Rukia... wtf... And what is Orihime?

It obviously doesn’t make sense. If Rukia is the only one who brings light to his sorrows, cheers him up and kicks him back into shape so easily, and the only one who managed to stop his rain and give him the power to fight, then why should he be with Orihime? When she couldn’t even do that? It would be extremely awkward if your married to one woman, but another is the one who matters to you the most and is the one who you feel most comfortable with, right?

Orihime already recognizes that she can’t do what Rukia can do for Ichigo. She said so to Rangiku. And admitted how jealous she was. But despite that, she cares for her friend Rukia and knows how much she means to Ichigo. Love is sacrifice. Therefore, if ichiruki happens (which will tbh), there will be no heart break.

Discover your inner Pioneer on the sprawling Tanzanian plains. Singita Grumeti is one of #THEEDIT magazine’s #5oftheBest horseback adventures. Every horsewoman needs a rest from time to time, so kick back here in the lodge and watch the action through the floor to ceiling glass windows.

dungeontraverser asked: DK! Donkey Kong! He’s the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He’s finally back to kick some tail. His Coconut Gun can fire in spurts, if he shoots ya, it’s gonna hurt. He’s bigger, faster, and stronger too, he’s the first member of the DK crew! Huh! DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!

Being a robot two people name what would it great way. spurts?

NYC: It’s back! ‪#‎BBQBlowout kicks off on 5/12 and we’re pumped for it! For $10 you’ll get awesome food from @greenpointfish, and Gustavo’s Salsa, @brooklynbrewery beer and a shot of @jameson_us, all while Turing Machine is kicking out the jams. So come through, hangout and enjoy a new season of BBQ with us and @heritage_radio.

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What are your otps? ( ๏ผพ∇๏ผพ)

kicks back, crosses my ankles and whips out my list.

grimmnel (my otp of otps), grimmulqui, nnoigrimm, aigrimm, grimmhime, akongrimm (after reading those one doujins. you know what ones wink wonk), grimmjow x starrk, grimmjow x harribel, grimmjow x shinji, grimmjow x luppi (ONLY IF IT’S DONE RIGHT), grimmjow x szayel, grimmjow x any of his fracciones pretty much, grimmjow x gin (again, if done right), grimmjow x ggio, grimmjow x any of harribel’s fracciones, grimmjow x yoruichi, and last but not least, grimmjow x his hand.