Friday Freebies 5-27-2016
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“Three tracks (track one is more of an intro) of bluesy stoner grooves coated in a little doom and psych! A band to keep your eye on for the future! -FDJ” (more…)

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A little present I did today for a dear friend of mine! I cosplayed her OC Ricarda Rodriguez, a Spanish Lady who got involved with Uroboros when she was a little child because of her father. Ricarda was a character from an RPG we played some years ago, and it was fun to look through all those memories! <3 So I hope you like the photos, they were mostly taken by my brother, who wasn’t very motivated but to stubborn to tell me. If he had told me before, I wouldn’t have put up that make up in my face… I even have false lashes. But who cares? Ugh.

((HIIIII EVERYONE! <3333 I’m back for the weekend! <3

And in case you missed my notice, I don’t have school today since yesterday was the last day of the quarter. Law and Constitution and Government are done~ Meaning one less binder to make my bag weigh like a few bricks.

OH, I GOT MY SENIOR PICTURES~~~ <3 They look so amazing, seriously!! If I had the rights (?) I’d show them to you!! My favorite is one where I’m making a pose like a lion, and the background is red with a black lion imprint. Go Lions! <333 Then there’s a sepia tone one with an American flag in the background–An obvious shout out to my beloved grandpa. And like 30 others. The photographer got a lot. <3

Anyway, enough blabbing from me, I’ll get to all those asks right away~ I could only answer one or two before we left mom’s yesterday.))

brightlady-lise asked:

For the fic game: Boromir + "Revenant"

The news comes to them on the lips of the already-dead: the Lord Mandos has shut the great door to his halls, he will take no more into that green country.  Nienna weeps, but Mandos is implacable, he will not hear Varda’s entreaties, the wisdom of Manwë. 

So the dead return, their bodies bearing unhealing wounds from where they clawed their way up from the earth—or no bodies at all, where their ashes were scattered. Aragorn rides back from Arnor looking haunted, and so he is, dead rangers and soldiers riding behind the living. Their hands are cold, Aragorn says to Faramir, and it might almost be a jest, were it not for the hollowness of his eyes.

Still, even absent breath and blood, the dead are not so strange—Faramir somewhat enjoys sitting on the council to hear the disputes they create. (Can dead men still own land? inherit? are widowers free to wed again if their wife is still upright, and speaking? is killing a dead man murder?) They fold themselves into the fabric of Gondor, and with time, the whispers of Sauron’s evil and abomination die away.

But nothing seems to quell stories of a different nature, of a faction rising in the south—a would-be king in white, crying war and the end of Middle Earth, stirring up the dead.

They say he seeks a ring.

Send me a ship/fandom/character and title, and I’ll post a summary of the fic with that title I won’t write.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where we see any of the fae tales cast interacting with humans in "ye olden times" when belief in the fae world was still widespread. Or them making fun of all the myths about them amongst each other ^-^

I feel like they would have so much fun with this. And they’d be baffled as to why humans are so enamoured of ‘fairies’ (which in the Fae Tales verse are just one species of fae, and not even very sort of very prominent or anything), and then Gwyn will just say: ‘Titania’ and everyone else will go ‘oh yeah, Titania.’

But yeah I think this is a thing. I actually think some fae are personally concerned with having maintained a reputation by sneaking into the human world back in the day and making sure that no one ‘forgets’ them. Some really dig being a ‘celebrity’ in the human world. So some were more active than others in ‘ye olden times’ heh.

Meanwhile Augus is like ‘why the hell do they care about goblin markets so much? Why???’

So not only did Jonghyun have a comeback, Oh My Girl dropped a repackage, Aoa mini album, Amber dropping a bomb ass surprise single, Lay from exo is doing an Sm Station song, a Jessica Jung solo, but now we get a Luna solo on the 31st...may 2016 for kpop is a blessing.

Does anyone else have any other surprises for us this month?



In all honesty tho I’d probs add Tracer later today, maybe F!Corrin too, to finally start getting back into the RP world :v

Don’t think I’ll do much today besides adding characters tho because I gotta leave for work in like 20 mins xD

But srsly think about the widowtracer wink wink

                                      she’s a KILLER QUEEN ! 

         gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam;                             guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime.

                                                              ( written by ash )

                                                                    follows back from seafled

it’s so ( q u i e t ) here
                && i feel SO COLD
                                 this house no longer
                                                 feels like home.

                                                                                                                    indie rwby oc
                                                                                                                                           ( written by ash )

                                                                                                                                    follows back from seafled

((YULIA ALMIGHTY I AM FINALLY BACK (briefly). I’m here tonight and tomorrow night, and I’m getting caught up on homework quite fast. Internet is a distraction, and considering I do not have Internet over at daddy’s (yet), it kinda works out for me. Ehe. ^^;

Then I’ll also be doing a fun little thing for the lulz. “WTF moment of the day”! The name is self explanatory. Sometimes, weeeeird things happen at school (ugh I think I forgot how to type. Or maybe I’m just a little tired.), and I want to tell you all about it. xD More on things while I was gone in just a moment. But first, the weather.))