A little present I did today for a dear friend of mine! I cosplayed her OC Ricarda Rodriguez, a Spanish Lady who got involved with Uroboros when she was a little child because of her father. Ricarda was a character from an RPG we played some years ago, and it was fun to look through all those memories! <3 So I hope you like the photos, they were mostly taken by my brother, who wasn’t very motivated but to stubborn to tell me. If he had told me before, I wouldn’t have put up that make up in my face… I even have false lashes. But who cares? Ugh.

((HIIIII EVERYONE! <3333 I’m back for the weekend! <3

And in case you missed my notice, I don’t have school today since yesterday was the last day of the quarter. Law and Constitution and Government are done~ Meaning one less binder to make my bag weigh like a few bricks.

OH, I GOT MY SENIOR PICTURES~~~ <3 They look so amazing, seriously!! If I had the rights (?) I’d show them to you!! My favorite is one where I’m making a pose like a lion, and the background is red with a black lion imprint. Go Lions! <333 Then there’s a sepia tone one with an American flag in the background–An obvious shout out to my beloved grandpa. And like 30 others. The photographer got a lot. <3

Anyway, enough blabbing from me, I’ll get to all those asks right away~ I could only answer one or two before we left mom’s yesterday.))

Aries can take pleasure in the suffering of the guilty in the moment, but aren’t malicious or long lastingly cruel personalities. They react in the heat of the moment, enjoying justice being served, crudely or not, but their soul is an innocent essence of childlike freedom and spirit. Their stance is protective of the ones they care about, never to back down in a righteous confrontation, but rather unleash the dragon that is their temper. They don’t live with heaviness though, they release, they push away the dark elements of their personality and move forth with swift action, never to look back on what has already passed. They are constantly rising from the ashes, a person born from previous experience but never dwelling, always looking to the adventures of the future. They cannot be contained.


James tilted his hat up, cigar sticking out of his face. He leaned back against the wall, taking the cigar from his mouth and ashing it against the black cowboy boot he wore.

“Who are ya? Ain’t never seen ya ‘round here 'fore.”

The contract killer had successfully opened up a little honky tonk of his own with his wages over the years in Lieper’s Fork, his old hometown. He was out of the game.

AU where Ash and Sheila come back from the past and Annie survives the cabin and they all set up a deadite slaying agency
  • Ash reconciles his old engineering ambitions with his new deadite slaying duties, is a badass doof and huge fucking nerd (because let’s face it, if you’ve seen the movies you know this to be true)
  • Annie sets up the missions and does all the research behind the demonic goings on from a wheelchair a la Barbara Gordon as Oracle and is just generally a cool hardass intellectual. Ash pimps out her wheelchair so it’s got a shit tonne of weapons in it, like, say, a minigun, retractable Boudicca spikes on the wheels of the wheelchair, maybe, like, a medium-sized bladed weapon in the seatback.
  • Sheila still adjusting to culture shock and doing missions alongside Ash, turns out to be a strategic genius and develops her own combat skills. And since Medieval ladies of high status were expected to run their households like a business (accounting, public relations, human resources) Sheila ends up handling the bureaucratic side of the business and does really fucking well.
  • They run the whole show from an office that looks like something out of a 1930’s noir movie. They push the desks together in their off hours and run TRPG campaigns with Annie as the DM

Imagine, you guys


  • Team ups with the Reanimator crew who run autopsies on demonic possession victims and are generally a Quirky Lovecraftian Crime Lab

tfw you want to steal characters from old RPs because they are just SO FUCKING PERFECT.

The 100 - Jasper Jordan Smut - Help You Out

Please do one where the reader is having some ‘me time’ and Jasper walks in on her masturbating and she gets all flustered and embarrassed because she likes him and then he offers to help her out if ya get me… Thanks in advance and I love your blog!!

AN: So this one is pretty different but I’m gonna give it my best go. Hope it’s okay! :D 

Warning: Smut 


You walked into your tent after a long long day working outside. The heat and sweat had exhausted you whilst you spent the day smoking meat and hauling logs around to be built into the wall.Your back ached and your clothes were covered in soot and ash from the fire. Hot, sticky and muddy wasn’t your ideal situation to be in when you wanted to relax so you decided to change your clothes.

Taking off your top, you threw it to the side and and rummaged around in your bag for a clean one. You then proceeded to take off your trousers and throw them on the floor. Instead of putting on a new pair you felt a small breeze come through the tent and you enjoyed having the air on your legs so decided to just relax on the bed in your panties for a while. 

It wasn’t long before you realised what you really needed to help you wind down a little bit and since no one was around you didn’t hesitate to pull down your panties so they were hanging around you ankles.

Slowly, your hands made their way down between your legs and you began to massage up and down your slit feeling almost immediately relaxed. Your finger brushed across your clit sending shivers through your body. Soon you began to pick up the pace rubbing your fingers over your throbbing clit again and again. You could feel your orgasm would be approaching soon and you let out a stifled moan before hearing the flap of your tent open.

“Hey y/n -” You jolted up immediately to see a blushing Jasper stood in front of you. 

“Oh my gosh, Jasper.” you stuttered. Why me? you thought to yourself. Why Jasper? The one boy you happened to have a massive crush on.  “This isn’t… I’m not…” you didn’t know what to say to him. Nothing could help the situation you thought. Not until Jasper spoke.

“Woah y/n. It’s okay. I get it. We’re stuck down here, we’re teenagers, we’re stressed pretty much all the time.” he reassured you. 

“I didn’t mean for you to see this.” you blushed.

“I can imagine,” he chuckled “but it’s okay. I’ve had a couple near misses like that.”

“I’m so embarrassed.” you sighed hiding your face.

“Don’t be. Actually… I have an idea. I don’t know if you’ll like it.” 

“What is it?” you asked.

“Well I mean, you seemed pretty close when I walked in and I probably ruined that so how about you let me make it up to you?” he suggested.

“I’m not sure I follow…”  you said quietly. You knew exactly what he was suggesting and you were secretly thrilled.

“Just lean back.” he said.

You did as he said and closed your eyes as you felt his warm hands move down towards your heat. You felt his thumb brush across you clit and you leaned your head back in pleasure. He stroked up and down your slit several times before slowly inserting a finger into you.

You arched your back in pleasure as he slowly thrust his finger in and out of you several times. Before long, he added another finger, and you could feel the pleasure building up inside of you. He moved his fingers in and out massaging your clit the whole time. You felt the familiar sensation coursing through your body as you reached your climax. You came around his fingers as he slowed down his thrusts helping you to ride out your orgasm for longer. Removing his fingers, he sucked your juices off them looking satisfied. You sat up.

“Was that okay?” he asked tentatively.

“Yeah,” you said awkwardly feeling a rush of embarrassment come over you again. “better than I could have done by myself.”

“Well that’s good.” he chuckled. “ I guess I’ll just go…”

“No, you don’t have to.” You gestured for him to lie down next to you and he did putting his arm around you.

“Stay a while.” you said as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

“I could get used to this.” he whispered too quietly for you to hear.


“Oh nothing.” he grinned.

victoriawinchester99 asked:

Hi. I was wondering since you said to send you ideas for drabbles if you could do one where Crowley somehow visits Bobby in heaven?


Oh no, my Bobbley is showing *Sweating intensifies* (Again, this is BobbyxCrowley YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

“Really, don’t be childish,” Crowley plops down next to Bobby, smiling across the counter at Ash. “It took some searching to find you, naughty boy –”

“Shut the hell up,” Bobby downs his beer before crushing the can. “You sure know how to ruin heaven,” he adds, storming away from the bar. “I’ll be back Ash.”

“A’ight, we still on for darts?” Ash calls. Bobby puts a thumb up and pushes out of the bar. Crowley swaggers next to him, a small smile on his face.

“Oh pumpkin, I missed our little talks,” the demon sighs contently, glancing to the other man and nudging him. “I missed you in hell a bit more,” he adds.

“Oh yeah I bet you missed torturin’ me ya idjit,” he growls, quickening his pace.

“I hardly call dangling the Winchesters in your face torture,” he pauses, sliding in front of him. “Do you know the strings I had to pull to see you?”

“Do I care – why the hell are you even here?” Bobby frowns, shoving Crowley to the side. 

“Because your kiss still haunts my dreams. Fantastic lips –”

“You’re a pain in the ass y’know that?” Bobby shakes his head, slowing his pace.

“That one is too easy, really you’re just giving them to me at this point,” Crowley chuckles, offering Bobby his hand. “Care to frolic hand in hand, shnookums?” he cooes, wiggling his fingers. “Or maybe make out in a unique heaven –”

“Jesus christ,” Bobby wipes a hand over his face, squinting at Crowley’s hand. “Will it make you shut the hell up?” he growls. The demon nods, eyes lighting up when Bobby takes his hand. 

“Have I ever told you I love the beard? I think I’d have your babies,” he says. Bobby strokes his beard, nodding his head.

“I think I’d have my own damn babies,” he says with a chuckle. 

“There’s that manly little giggle I adore. Do you remember our rendezvous in hell? Magical.”

“You mean you standin’ outside of my cell inviting me to dinner every night?” he scoffs, turning towards his heaven.

“Potato tomato, as the old saying goes.”

“That’s not a sayin’ ya idjit,” he chuckles again, a small smile resting on his face. Crowley squeezes his hand, stopping outside of his heaven as Bobby enters. 

“I did miss you, love,” he says, tucking his hands into his pockets. Bobby puts his finger up, grabbing a beer and coming back. “Your scruffy manliness was much needed.”

“Keep sweet talkin’ me and you might just get a beer,” he swigs the beer, pausing when he notices the look on his face. “Oh balls, did you really miss me?” he mumbles. 

“To pieces,” Crowley says, nodding. 

“And these visits are gonna keep happening?”

“As long as they become conjugal, love,” Crowley chuckles, putting up his hands in defense. “Joking, of course, I’ll be here regardless.”

“Shame,” Bobby pauses, nodding his head to the refrigerator. “I was just gettin’ that beer for you.”


“Elena didn’t do this- I did. I thought you broke my heart so I ripped open Paul’s neck!” Damon yelled, his hands making fists as Ash shifted on his feet. “That is how much control you have over me.”

“And I’m still here. That’s how much control you have over me!” Ash retorted, pushing against Damon’s chest with a fist.

“Listen to us. This is toxic- We are in a toxic relationship, Ash. I just killed your friend and you find someone else to blame.” Damon rolled his eyes.

“You want me to blame you? Easy. Done. You screwed up, Damon. Again.

“Thank you!” Damon sneered, taking a step back from Ash as Ash looked away, scowling.

“You put me in a position where I have to defend you. Again. Where I have to bend my morals. Again.” Damon stared as Ash walked in tight circles around him, gritting his teeth as he pulled off his hat.

“Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in. Again. Because I love you!” Ash ended, huffing.

“Then stop loving me!” Damon yelled, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

“I can’t!” Ash covered his face as he looked away from Damon, who stood in shock.

Ash gasped in shock as Damon crossed the room, his unnatural speed giving him an advantage- Damon kissed him roughly, making Ash whine as he held onto him. “I don’t think I can either.”

(this is me shit posting let me live.)