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Tyler and Josh accidentally coming out live on stage -mh

Well I wrote this fic awhile ago, but I love the idea so.

They were always talking to each other during the show through Josh’s special microphone, though they didn’t come within close contact except a couple times.  And they had their routine–some parts were new elements, and others they’d been doing for years.  It was so common now that Tyler barely worried about Josh drum surfing or backflipping, that when something goes wrong, his heart stops.

And it didn’t happen during either of those tricks.  Josh joked about the other time he tripped that it was just an ego bruiser to remind him to stay behind the drums.  So Josh was just hopping back on stage after Ride when he tripped over cables (again) and went down.  The fall just looked wrong to Tyler who just happened to be looking (though in hindsight, Josh wasn’t hurt and probably would’ve stood back up immediately).  

He shouted “babe, you okay?” into the actual microphone, and then ran over before Josh could even sit himself back up.  Tyler was so panicked, that to find Josh perfectly fine, he didn’t even think–just pulled Josh’s face to his for a quick, relieved peck and –oh right they’re still on stage. The crowd was shrieking, confused between Josh falling and Tyler kissing him and calling him ‘babe’.

So Tyler just thought ‘screw it’ and dedicated the next song to ‘his boyfren, Jishwa”

Understudy [Pt. 3]

I didn’t like how Pt.2 came out so here’s a Pt.3. I didn’t like how this one ended so there’s going to be a final Understudy. And that will be pure smut. ~__________~

Jasmine returned from her vacation two weeks after your pleasurable time with Lin. But after her arrival, things became awkward.

You made it awkward. Let’s be real here.

Your feelings for Lin grew more over the eight shows you did per week and the time you shared back stage.

Even when you showed only co-worker feelings in front of others (to keep what was happening a secret until the time was right), the ensemble still poked at you. All in good fun.

But now, they all ask if seeing Lin with Jasmine makes you jealous.

“Of course not!” You always started. “Why are you even asking me? You should be asking Anthony if he’s jealous. His girlfriend is the one grinding on Lin.“

“Oh. Getting defensive are we?” They prodded. “Do you hold feelings for our Linammonroll?”

“I’m pretty sure he has a thing for Groffsauce, ” was your reply as you walked away.

But you were jealous and you wanted to kick yourself in the ass for allowing this emotion to control you. Lin was nothing like Hamilton but. Eating away at the back of the mind is always a ‘but’.

Currently, you were hugging a pink fuzzy pillow in the corner of Daveed’s couch. After tonight’s show, you had a week’s vacation. You were anticipating the second the curtains closed to race out the theater.

Yes. You were avoiding Lin. Have been doing it for the last month successfully. Exiting backdoors, through the stage area, fire escapes. Ninja should become your profession after all the sneaking you did.

“Stop being petty and talk to him.” Daveed entered the room, taking the pillow from you and whacked you with it. You slumped to the side, starting blankly at him.

“I don’t wanna.” You had told him everything including Lin being your first. When telling him, you thought you saw hurt in his eyes but he turned away before you could get a closer look. Since then, he’s been supportive enough of the confusing situation if not a bit flirtatious.

Daveed grabbed your leg and pulled you onto the floor. He sighed when you did nothing but stare up at the ceiling.

“I don’t know if you noticed but Lin’s emotions have been showing onstage.”

Everyone noticed. The sweet child-like man had turned into a raging bull once you started to steer clear of him. Lin also noticed that you spent more time around Daveed following this. And jealously was rolling off him in waves.

Daveed laid his head on your stomach. You ran your fingers through his curls without breaking your concentration on the roof.

“I swear girl. If he tries to punch me in the face again then he’s going to catch these hands.I love the guy but it’s becoming a little much.”

During the Cabinet Battles, Lin made it seem like he’ll jump on Daveed. And in ‘Yorktown’, he would smack his back a little too hard.

You blinked slowly. “He should go to anger management class.”

Daveed moved so his face was over yours, filled with astonishment. “You’re kidding right? He needs-”

You raised an eyebrow as he abruptly stopped. His eyes widened before his expression turned angry.

“Wh-” you began only to have his lips pressed to yours. Your hands flew to his chest, your own eyes wide. He moved back after a second and he smiled.

“I know just the way to get him to publicly admit his feelings.”

You looked at him confused. “What does kissing me have to do with it?”

Daveed sat on his haunches, and grabbed his phone from the rolling chair. “We’re going to act like a couple. Cute pictures on social media, PDA, all the works.”

You sat up with mouth agape. “He’ll see me as a whore! I would really then be a Maria Reynolds. And what if he does actually want to fight you? I thought that was something you wanted to avoid.”

Daveed waved you off. “If anything happens, Lin will do it behind closed doors.” He grabbed your arm, pulling you to him. “I make it fool proof. If you’re around, he won’t dare try anything. Not if it will hurt you in anyway.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “So basically I’m your body guard?”

He nodded. He held the phone out with selfie mode activated. “I’ll give him a week. Now pucker up.”


Lin clenched the phone in his hand. A Twitter update from Daveed showed him kissing [F/Name]’s cheek while she smiled at the camera, them gazing into each other’s eyes loving, and one with Pippa making funny faces while rubbed their noses together. Captioned: “Best Friends 4Ever (minus Pippa. She’s not a part of our club).

The comments underneath made his eyes twitch violently.

“Best Friends? Uh… I’m pretty sure that’s love!😍💙”

“Haha! Phillipa shouldn’t be. She ruin all that fluffiness going on 😝.”

“How dare you didn’t tell us you two were dating!”

But the last one led him to buy a new phone.

“I thought [F/Name] and Lin had a thing but this is WAY better. #Waiting4Babies”

He was livid.
Seung Ho reminisces about MBLAQ's past days + plans after the army |
In a recent interview for his current musical 'Love Rides The Rain', MBLAQ's Seung Ho reminisced abo…

“I can’t ever forget the days I promoted with MBLAQ. I realize why high-up sunbaes crave the stage. Back when we were going around doing concerts, events, broadcasts, and such, we didn’t have time to be thankful for it and have fun with it. But after resting a while, I wanted to stand on a stage so badly. I don’t feel any differently now. Even if I start a career in acting, I want to keep making music with the MBLAQ friends. It’s something we have to keep doing. Even if we lost two members, we want to continue showing fans the MBLAQ that they love.”

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Before that I saw Patrick on his solo tour I won back stage meet and greet tickets but for some reason the venues bouncer didn't believe me and wouldn't let me back stage, I had made bow ties and everything so I was super disappointed. But after the show I found him out back and he asked around til he found me and apologized for how the bouncer behaved and told me to stay and take as many pictures as I wanted. Then at the rowdy Detroit show a few years later he said he still had my ties at home!

Wow lucky you that you got to see him during his soul punk tour. And getting to meet him and give him those little bow ties, that’s cute. But also the fact the he got to tell you year later that he actually still has them, that’s so sweet aw!

160727 — MNET Hit The Stage Ep.1 Taemin’s prank cut + Picking position (via region0826)

1) Contestants watched a (dance) video and a face suddenly popped out. Taemin’s reaction was simply “what’s this?” and laughed. A female “ghost” later crept up beside Taemin and he just looked at her calmly. He had the lower decibels. (source: squishyjinki)

2) Participants had the chance to choose their order of participation. Taemin picked to perform first, but at the end Taemin and Koharu decided to perform in last place. Back to the stage, Hyoyeon asked Taemin if he chose the last, Taemin said he won’t say. Hyo then asked his partner (Koharu) “are you last” in Japanese and she said “yes” and Hyo celebrated. Taemin: “You weren’t supposed to say that!” (source: jasminelep)