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Au day 1: Exchange student au

Mondo is a half Japanese, Half American living in the united states after his family dragged him from Japan when he was 5. Parents abusive and drug addictive his older brother Daiya took care of him until he passed away in a car accident. Being alone Mondo cared less and less about being in school but he did like football. It took his mind off things but when his grades start failing he’s given an opportunity to stay on the team. House the new foreign exchange student coming in from Japan tomorrow, or be kicked out. Not really wanting to be expelled Mondo now has to take care and teach Kiyotaka, coming to america to learn for a year, how to fit in to american culture and learn the basics. Though Mondo understands basic Japanese, miscommunication is going to be a major hindrance.

Me, a yeah ago: Wow, Widomauk is totally my ride or die, I’m so happy Caleb and Molly are going to get married

Me, a year later, holding Clayleb and Shadowgast close to my chest, trying to make sure my past self doesn’t see Molly’s grave: Honey, a lot can change in a year…

what no net neutrality will probably *actually* look like

You’ve probably seen something like this before:


a graphic supposed to show “a world without net neutrality” where they make it look like a cable plan. Whether people kept pushing this because they thought it was easier to explain or this was a long-run anti-net neutrality ploy so that people won’t know what to really look for, I’m not sure, but either way it’s inaccurate.

(You might be thinking “Hey now, but I thought Portugal already had plans just like that!” because you have seen this:


These are actually slightly different than you’ve been led to believe. There was a monthly data plan that covered all web usage for a certain amount of data, BUT paying extra a month for websites and apps you use a lot means they won’t count against your data cap. We’ll get into that later.)

When I say it’s inaccurate, this doesn’t mean the companies CAN’T do this, it means they WON’T. Why not? Take a look at the sites up there. Barring outdated sites (jesus when was this made??? myspace??? msn??? who made this one???) They’re all extremely popular websites with a bunch of money. Do you really think that this whole time the plan was to kill big companies by barring them from half the population? No.

So what would be more likely?


Probably something like this, except I’m just guessing at the numbers here, and this would be paid multiple times if multiple ISPs adopt this setup. Point is, users won’t be forced to pay per website for slower speeds, but the websites will. Anyone remember Netflix in 2014?


Yeah. Comcast and Verizon said “Streaming Netflix takes up so much of our resources… we’re going to slow down their speeds until they pay us to keep their customers happy.” And it worked.

So now that Net Neutrality rules are gone again, that can start back up. And for larger websites, they can manage. They can afford to pay. But your startups and small businesses can’t, and without paying they can’t grow. They want to “fix” this loophole where the internet makes it moderately easier to start and grow your own business, find an audience, and become successful. Back to square one.

 Oh yeah, and they could block certain news stories they don’t like. So there’s that.

I end with a brief foray into zero-rating, because you might think something like this looks nice (besides the violent color scheme that probably makes you internally cringe and want to look away):


This is from T-Mobile. It’s a data plan where certain apps don’t count towards your monthly data limit.

Like the Portugal plans?

Pretty much like those, but without extra money thrown in.

Wait, that’s been an offer from T-Mobile for a while, right? So we’ve had these even when net neutrality rules were in effect?

Exactly. Zero-rating virtually does the same things the loss of net neutrality does: allows ISPs to choose what succeeds and what consumers will use. Despite this, it has never been against the law. The most it has gotten from the FCC was *vague mumbling* “we’ll look into it case-by-case.” And if we’re being honest, most of Title II for broadband providers was not as useful as it should be, since any time the FCC investigated a company possibly breaking the rules, it ended in *shrug* “Eh why not?”

Now, you might still think these deals sound nice. “So what? They’re already popular sites, they’re what I’m going to use most, it’ll be nice if they don’t count against me. It’s convenient for the customer and cheaper than unlimited plans.”

They do look pretty at first. Unlimited music and Netflix?? Hell yeah! But what these plans do is kill actual Unlimited Data plans. When’s the last time you’ve seen one for a decent price? It’s much easier for the companies to deliver just about the same amount of data while also being able to control what websites you use it on and who you give money to.

So yeah, tl;dr: a lot of posts told you this would be bad for popular social sites bc you’d have to pay extra. those guys are gonna be fine (except maybe wikipedia, they might be forced to give up their ad-free appeal) and they aren’t the victims here. it’s gonna hurt small businesses, and you might not see it if you don’t know where to look. hell, you might even think some of the plans getting offered sound nice. don’t be fooled.


Killjoys - 4x09 || 5x10

  • Qrow: Hey, YOU.
  • Jaune: Me?
  • Qrow: Yeah, you. You're the person whose girlfriend just died, right?
  • Jaune: ...Yes...
  • Qrow: Don't worry, my heart's broken beyond repair, too. I'm here to show you the ropes.
  • Jaune: ...Uh-
  • Qrow: RULE NUMBER 1. Get drunk. The drunker you are the less the pain gets to you. Just make sure you don't get too drunk, otherwise it wraps back around to being painful again.
  • Jaune: I'm underage-
  • Qrow: Rule number 2: Don't be a bitch.
  • Jaune: Okay.
  • Qrow: Rule number 3: You will never heal. Ever. Accept the fact that all the sex you have from now on will be purely physical. Forget the idea of intimacy ever having meaning again.
  • Jaune: I'm a virgin.
  • Qrow: Great, you're already half way there.
  • Jaune: uh-
  • Qrow: TO THE BAR!

starkerdaddi  asked:

Gang AU where Peter is part of Tony's rival gang and Pete is kind of like their prize twink if u know what I mean, so Tony just takes him into an alley and fucks the actual b r a i ns out of him as a symbol of his dominance over the other gang?? U can change the prompt to make it better too bc. I'm not the best at this sjdhsksjud

(Peter is exactly 19 in this, warning for slight gun play and well, exhibitionism. My work is meant for adults and its written by an adult)

Peter knew that being the youngest in the gang wasn’t good. Was he proud of himself for getting his own little ass into that situation? No. But there was nothing he could do now. 

The small, brown leather jacket adorned his back with a phrase and a symbol of a cut off head that was hard to forget. ‘Shadows’

Peter barely knew how to ride a bike, like a regular bike, and now he was riding a motorcycle, hanging onto the handles for dear life, his too-strong-for-a-teenager cologne abusing his nostrils to the point he felt sick. Sick and late. Every single gang member was ahead of him, and Peter was just trying not to break any more laws than necessary, stopping at the stop signs and trying not to look around at the people he knew were staring. 

When he finally got there, the other gang members were visibly annoyed, waiting for him with their arms crossed. Peter only walked fast, thanking whatever was in the sky not to have gotten there after the other gang. 

Before one of his camrades could say anything, the all too familiar roar of a motocycle filled the air. They were here. The Phalanx

When the oppostie gang got out of their bikes and walked towards them, Peter gulped. He knew what was happening, but not everything that awaited for him.

Tony, the gang leader, walked like he owned the place, a cigarette hanging loosely on his mouth, his entire figure looking like he just fell from heaven. He was glorious and Peter was in awe. The only reason he allowed himself to be this awestruck by that man’s power, was that nobody was paying attention to him. Steve, the leader of the Shadows was standing in front of them, smug look on his face that nobody could see but everyone knew it was there. 

“So we meet again, Tony” exclaimed Steve, something bording a laugh coming out of his mouth. Peter gulped again when Tony took one last pull from the cigarette and threw it on the floor, stepping over it and then exhaling. 

The two gangs had been fighting since Tony’s dad and Steve’s dad created them. Both too powerful to coexist in the same city. Peter knew this because it was public knowledge, because everyone was scared of them. 

“So we do” replied Tony, sending shivers down Peter’s spine. His voice was buff and exhausted, like he had been screaming for the past forty years. Peter had to physically restrain himself from walking towards the man. 

“I hear that you want peace” muttered Steve, looking back at his fellow gang members and smiling. “We’re willing to arrange something if you’re willing”. Peter’s camrades laughed, Peter knew he was suppossed to laugh as well. He didn’t. 

Tony nodded and turned around, flashing the black leather jacket with an axe and the name of the gang displayed on it. He looked at his camrades and smirked, every single one of them giving the smile back. “It’s time we collide and rule this city”. He turned around again, taking a look at Peter, who lowered his head, feeling so overpowered.

“What makes you think I didn’t already rule this town?” 

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maybe she was magic, he thought to himself when she spun around in the glow of the neon lights, her face shining brighter than the stars. he never got tired of watching her smile. maybe there was a lot more to her than she let on, more than she showed even her closest friends. more than she’d ever shown him. stories lurked in the corners of her mouth, and fire raged in her chest. but not for him. every time they talked to each other now, her guard was up and he couldn’t blame her for it. for her slow smile and her darting eyes, for her distrust and her fear. mind, she’d always been careful. hesitant. on the verge of spilling secrets, of saying too much, of making a fool of herself, but in the end she’d always taken a step back. caught herself again and returned to the game whose rules she knew by heart. looking back, he wished she’d lost control, just once. wished she’d screamed at him, shaking her fists and saying things she’d regret. but she’d always kept it in, always avoided confrontation and let him win. she was one of the people that made you realise what you’d lost only when they’d walked out of the door, leaving no trace behind but the smell of their perfume that still stuck to his sheets. suddenly every room seemed a bit darker, every conversation a little less animated, every laugh a tad forced. missing her felt like trying to fill a hole back up with water only to discover that the hole was bottomless. an abyss that refused to be closed. that couldn’t be bridged. things got infinitely worse whenever he saw her face to face, whenever he saw that she was happy without him, that she was glowing like the sun itself - and that she’d learnt how to feel this way without him. she’d lost him, but she’d found herself, and he couldn’t help thinking that he wasn’t what she wanted anymore. maybe she was magic, he thought glumly, even though she wasn’t his. he couldn’t deny it.
—  about her #7
maybe she was magic / n.j.
A War With Iran, No Matter What Reason
There is no good reason to escalate with Iran. John Bolton wants to anyway.

…no one individual has done more to draw the United States into war with Iran than John Bolton has. The same man who helped write the rules of the War on Terror is back again to tell us that we’re in danger once more, that our enemies are bloodthirsty and cannot be reasoned with, and that our victory will be as easily achieved as it will be glorious.

This is not true. Iran is not a sadistic time bomb looking for any opportunity to obliterate the West. Iran is a country of 83 million people with a complex national history that, whether Americans would like to admit or not, we have not played a good role in. In the same way that we remember the hostage crisis of 1979 and the embassy bombing of 1983, the Iranians remember having their democracy destroyed in 1953, they remember the indignities of foreign-backed dictatorship, and they remember one of the most brutal wars of the 20th century throughout the 1980’s. They look around them today, and they see the same government involved in all of that sending troops to surround their border and drones and ships to surround their waters while major officials call for their government to be overthrown once more. With a US government unwavering in its desire to provoke Iran regardless of their behavior (as signaled by the tearing up of the nuclear deal), escalation is a guarantee. And that may just be the point.

The only humane and sensible option is to attempt to salvage the JCPOA, remove our newly-deployed forces, and engage in immediate, direct diplomatic engagement with Iran to deescalate tensions and attempt to reestablish a working relationship. The alternative to this is war in which the most incompetent and sadistic administration in modern US history will burn mountains of tax dollars to lead a generation of young people into a slaughterhouse which will decimate a nation more populated than the entire American Northeast for no reason. In fact, for less than no reason, as such a war would most likely make us less safe, worsen humanitarian conditions and degrade civil liberties, and waste our economic resources to the detriment of everyone except those at the top of the military-industrial complex. When John Bolton comes to your door asking for war, there is only one answer: no!

My new long-form article on Iran, why war is unnecessary and a terrible idea, and how John Bolton is trying to start one anyway.

anonymous asked:

How are able to create such cool art? I wish there was a way to just create an idea like a plug in my head and boom it's there for others to see because I'll imagine something and go nah because it wont be good as I imagined and so my greatest ideas for art are trapped in my head.

Ahhh, this resonates with me because I always used to feel the same way, and still do pretty often. I’ve gotten much better at expressing my ideas in the past year, but I still feel so limited by my technical abilities. Most of my pieces don’t end up looking like what I imagined in my head, either. But! The thing that has helped me improve the most is to be bold, and to make a genuine effort at the ideas I want to bring to life, even when I don’t feel like I’m good enough to do them justice. Sometimes they work out, often they don’t, but I’ve never regretted trying and I always come out of it better equipped for the next time. There’s no rule that you can’t come back and re-do the concept again later if it doesn’t come out right at first ♥

Here’s hoping that we both get to a point where we can express our ideas to our satisfaction–but in the meantime, there’s a kind of beauty to be found in the compromises we make between our hearts and our hands.

  • Allura: "Vox Machina" more like "Stop Talking-a"
  • Kaylie: "Scanlan Shorthalt" more like "Man of Many Faults"
  • Cassandra: "Percival Fredrickstein von Mussel Klossowski de Rolo III" more like "Person Who Abandoned His Sister to Vampires and Left Her to Rule and Then Came Back and Left Again
  • Cassandra: ...the Third"

Random TAZ idea:

At some point Taako gets a hard reminder of the human lifespan. That most of them barely live a century. And in a few short decades he’s going to lose Magnus. He’s going to lose Angus.

And that is just not acceptable.

He’s spent too long feeling he need be be self reliant. He has people he cares about and cares for him. Kravitz, Lup, and Barry are basically immortal. Merle’s a dwarf, they live a good amount of time. But humans?

He visits Angus first. He knows he’s going to get in trouble after this. But he’d rather do it and get in trouble than ask and be told no.

Angus had fallen asleeep reading. Which was good. Harder to make a wisdom save while sleeping.

True Polymorph is a ninth level spell slot. But to give his magic boy the chance for an elven lifespan, he’d spend it every time.