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Ok, I need to know what the "miserable twat" days were all about between Zayn and Harry! You've piqued my curiosity! Thanks!

It happened during a 2010 twitcam

LOL Reasons I actually love this:

  • We can see how much Harry has evolved from his emo baby of the bunch days.
  • We can see even back in the day Zayn Malik was not the one.
  • We can see why Liam “The Show Must Go On” Payne is Daddy Direction.
  • Louis’ dramatic “Oh my Gowwhd” is just so Louis. It gives me life. 
  • Even when bickering, their chemistry as a group is a beautiful thing.
  • They set a good example for this “miserable twat for no reason” fandom. The worked it out. They love each other. It’s not that superficial I-love-you-only-when-you-please-me love. It’s that I-love-you-even-when-you-get-on-my-fucking-nerves love.

That’s good stuff.