{Imagine; Harry} Little Loves

Harry, I…We need to talk. Now. Meet me at home?

That’s never a good sign…You’ve got me worrying, angel. What’s wrong?

I’ll tell you at home.

Right…I love you, Y/N.

I love you too, H.

Within an hour, you and Harry were sat next to one another on one of the couches inside of the small apartment that you shared. You hadn’t said a word to him yet about the news you had received earlier that morning, and Harry was nervous and worried; his brain was thinking the worst until you finally found your voice. “Harry, I…I’m pregnant.” Harry turned to you with wide eyes, his frown quickly curling upwards into a wide smile. “R-Really? We’re gonna have a baby? Oh my God, we’re gonna have a baby! I’m gonna be a daddy!” You tried to correct Harry, tried to finish telling him the news, but you kept getting cut off my his lips either connecting with yours or with your barely noticeable bump. You were starting to get the slightest bit annoyed at your boyfriend of two years and husband of one year {three years together total}. “Harry!” You screamed. He looked at you, taken back. He thought you would be more excited, like he was, about the baby growing inside of you. “We’re not…there isn’t just one baby in there.” Harry beamed up at you, his hands quickly finding themselves on your belly. “T-twins? Triplets?” You let out a soft sigh and shook your head. Harry grew confused, though he was still beyond thrilled that the two of you had succeeded in getting pregnant so soon; you had only been trying for a baby for three months. “Haz…I’m really, really, really,” Harry’s eyes widened as you spoke, “really, really, really…pregnant.” Sextuplets. You and Harry were going to be mommy and daddy to not one or two, but to six babies in a matter of months. The doctor had told you that morning that you were only about three weeks along, even though you looked like you were about three months. Six babies, so six times the weight gain. But throughout the next eight months, Harry was incredible; he was more loving than ever before, insanely careful and protective of you, and very supportive. You’d decided on a home water birth, without the drugs {Harry and his mom, Anne, were so proud of your strength and bravery because they knew the birth would be nowhere near easy}. In fact, it was hell for you. By the time baby number three had entered the world, screaming and crying and kicking his little feet, you were absolutely exhausted. You desperately wanted a break, even if it was just for a few moments. You wanted to have Harry and Anne lead you over to the bed so you could just finish there, then fall asleep without the worry of drowning, but you were too far into the delivery to move without risk. You were in labor for eighteen hours by the time you screamed out for the final time, gripping Harry’s hands tightly as he sat behind you in the water. You were hurting terribly down there, you had a migraine from the pushing and the screaming…but with one last agonizing push, yours and Harry’s final baby had finally entered the world; a baby girl, joining her four big brothers and one big sister. “She’s perfect, angel. Th-They’re all perfect. We have six beautiful, healthy babies…I am so proud of you, sweetheart. You were so strong, you did so well, Y/N. I love you. Fuck, I love you so damn much! Let’s clean you off, then I’ll carry you over to the bed. You deserve a long nap, mumma…You’re a mumma now, baby. Can you believe it? A-And I’m a daddy…We’re a family; you, me, and our six perfect little loves.”

@Harry_Styles: Alec Henry, Milo James, George William, Thomas Drew, Eloisa Gem, and Darcie Annemarie…mumma and daddy love you. xx