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Hey I was wondering if you could tell me the beginnings of witch craft? Like how do you start it? Please and thankies ❤

Actually im still pretty new to it myself 0.0 i kind of just dove in head first and now im bullshitting my way though….i just followed a ton of witch blogs on here and now im slowly starting to understand things, like i would start off with a book on magic! here’s a good guide to help you pick out a book! good luck sweetums!

Rewatching X-Men: First Class.
So far:
Coin magic.
Sweet baby Charles.
Sweet baby Raven.
Erik. Just beautiful Erik.
Charles is using his cheap pick up line, I love it.
Raven step on me.
Charles chugging alcohol like the mess he’s gonna become when Erik leaves him.
Erik is being angsty, love it.
Erik is in the water, #saltierthantheocean
Charles is going after Erik in the water, because the bi is strong in this one. Bi ladies, gotta go to my man.
That’s it so far. I will keep y'all updated.

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I wonder like what it would be like if in a battle someone had magic and like turned Quinn into a child wonder how her guys would react to baby/toddler Quinn and how she would react to them

Unless the mission’s a covert one, Quinn checks in, so when it’s Natasha that calls instead and tells Steve that there’s a problem, he and Bucky can only assume the worst–especially when Steve asks to talk to Quinn and Natasha refuses.

When the two of them sprint past the front doors of the Avengers base and into the nearby conference room that Wanda’s walking out of, Vision at her side, the two of them speaking in hushed tones, Rhodey hisses, “How did you lose her?” Everyone but Tony and Rhodey glance at Steve and Bucky because Rhodey’s too busy chewing Tony out about something. “You’re a genius and you couldn’t keep track of a toddler?”

“I’m sorry that I’ve been working with Bruce and Thor on a way to reverse this! Plus, she’s tiny! Do you know how hard it is to keep track of a tiny human being in my lab? Have you seen my lab? That’s why we have an eighteen and over only rule here!”

Steve immediately starts to calm down because maybe Quinn’s preoccupied with the hunt for…whatever toddler that somehow got into and then lost in the base. “Where’s Quinn?” he questions and both bickering men freeze up and turn to glance at the two super soldiers. “What happened?”

“Asgardian magic,” Sam and Natasha explain at the same time.

Bucky squints at them. “What?”

Thor clears his throat and everyone in the room looks over at him and, to Steve, he almost looks…sheepish when he explains, “Lady Quinn has been the…unfortunate victim of one of my brother’s tricks.”

Steve and Bucky switch back to panicked in the next second and Bucky’s probably the worst between them because he’s heard plenty about what Loki did to Quinn and he’s sympathetic to being brainwashed. “Someone better start making some goddamn sense,” he snarls. “And someone better tell me where my goddamned soulmate is right fuckin’ now.”

“Loki wishes the throne of Asgard. He believed that if he could…make himself the older of us that he would automatically become entitled to the throne. So, he discovered a spell to…turn back the aging process. We, of course, were not aware of that when we went to face him in battle and Lady Quinn tried to protect me and took the blow directed at me–”

“Quinn got turned into a toddler,” Clint interrupts bluntly.

After a minute passes where the two of them process what they were just told, Steve blurts, “Get the fuck outta here.”

Steve wasn’t sure it was possible, but Bucky looks even more furious than before and glowers at Tony. “You lost her?”

Tony throws his arms up and shouts, “Oh, come on!”

“We sent Vision and Wanda out to look for her since they have their…y'know.” Clint waggles his fingers but then he suddenly stops and frowns. “Uh, were she sure that was a smart idea? Didn’t you say she doesn’t remember anything? Should you really send the android out to look for a toddler from the thirties?”

For fuck’s sake,” both Steve and Bucky groan at the same time before they’re both scrambling outside the door and headed outside.


Vision realized a lot sooner than the rest of the team that it would be best if he kept his distance from Quinn, so he’s on the outskirts of the wooded area that surrounds the base when Steve and Bucky start racing toward that. What with her growing up in the backwoods, she’d probably feel more comfortable heading toward those rather than the unfamiliar road.

“Wanda’s attempting to calm her down, but Miss Hayden isn’t making it very easy,” Vision explains as he leads them toward the cries that grow increasingly louder. “Understandable, of course,” he adds when Steve and Bucky shoot him an incredulous look. “I had no idea that Miss Hayden spoke Irish.”

Bucky apparently didn’t know either, if the shock on his face is much to go by. Steve, on the other hand, did know because he’d asked her when he found out her old man was Irish. “Her dad was pretty fluent in it, taught Quinn and Liam so he could keep using it. She doesn’t use it at all anymore, though.”

“I didn’t know that,” Bucky mutters under his breath while he pouts and Steve rolls his eyes.

The closer that the three of them get to where Wanda and Quinn must be, Steve starts to realize that either Wanda sucks with kids or Quinn just won’t deal with anyone at all because Quinn keeps crying and shouting. “Ba mhaith liom mo ma agus da!” He hears her tiny voice shout and when they see Wanda’s back, she glances over her shoulder, looking thankful as hell that Steve and Bucky are there now. “Ba mhaith liom mo ma agus da,” the same voice repeats loudly.

Wanda immediately steps out of the way as Steve starts to head toward the toddler and he tries not to groan at the sight of Quinn. Thor’s red cape is wrapped around her tiny body, but he can’t really fault the team there since the base was probably severely lacking in kid’s clothes. Quinn’s got tears running down her cheeks round with baby fat, but she’s not letting that stop her from clutching a snake close to her. The snake, thank God, isn’t too upset about being held, but it might start if Quinn keeps waving it at them all the way she is–to scare them off.

“Quinn,” Steve whispers and starts to inch toward Quinn. “Tá a fhios agam gur mhaith leat do ma agus da, ach ní bhíonn siad anseo ceart anois,” he explains gently in Irish and she immediately starts to calm down. To her, anyone that knows Irish is probably a friend of her da’s. “An féidir linn labhairt go rialta anois?

Quinn sniffles and bring the snake back toward her chest and Bucky gets twitchy when the snake starts to creep up around Quinn’s arm. “When’s Ma and Da gonna come home?”

“It’s not venemous, Sergeant Barnes,” Vision speaks up from behind a nearby tree, so quiet that Quinn won’t hear but loud enough that Steve and Bucky can. “It’s merely a garden snake.”

“Soon, sweetheart,” Bucky tries to soothe. “Your ma and pa sent us to take care of yah while they’re gone.” She still looks suspicious of them and Bucky lies with, “They had to head up and see Papaw and Mamaw Jackson.”

Quinn puffs her cheeks out. “How come I can’t go? I wanna see the horses!”

Bucky reaches out to take the snake from around her arm and puts it back on the ground so it can slither back into the bushes. “It’s not about the horses,” he replies with a chuckle. “They’re not there to see the horses, okay? You know your pa wouldn’t leave you if it was to see the horses.”

“Horses?” Wanda questions Steve quietly, corner of her mouth tilting up in an amused smile.

Steve sighs. “Her ma’s parents bred horses in Lexington.”

“We’re very fortunate you two know her so well,” Wanda laughs.


“She’s disgustingly cute,” Steve hears Tony murmur from behind the couch while she’s curled up between him and Bucky on the couch. “Rhodey, call Pep, I want fifty.” Everyone, Steve and Bucky included, turns to stare at Tony with varying expressions of not impressed and he rolls his eyes. “Wow, okay, thanks everyone for the vote of confidence.”

“He talks a lot,” Quinn pipes up quietly while she’s fiddling with Bucky’s metal hand. Bucky grins and nods at her in agreement and she smiles happily. “Do you work at the mines with Pa?” She blinks and lifts up his arm, squinting at it. “Is that how you lost yah arm? Stupid Billy Washington says rocks could fall on Pa and hurt ‘im ‘cause they done that before.”

Bucky uses his other hand to tap her on the nose and she immediately rubs at the itch thus dropping Bucky’s arm. “Somethin’ like that,” he answers.

She accepts the answer and then starts another conversation off with, “Hey, what kinda name’s Bucky?”

“You making fun?” Bucky teases.

No,” she answers. “Imma…uh…um…I’m that thing that kills the cats!”

Steve snorts. “Curious?”

“Yeah,” Quinn chirps happily, grinning at them, and, yeah, Steve can definitely agree that she’s disgustingly cute.


“Huh,” Quinn starts slowly and cocks her head to the side while she stares down at Natasha’s cell phone, at the picture Natasha somehow snuck of Quinn as a toddler when no one was looking. “How the fuck is this even my life? Do you realize the last time I saw a picture of me lookin’ this little, it was black and white?”

“Well, if you didn’t jump in front of the magic spell,” Bucky stresses and she moans in irritation, “then you wouldn’t have this problem, would you?”

“I don’t remember much, but I’m sure you weren’t this mean to me when I was a toddler,” Quinn sasses.

“You weren’t so dumb as a–” Bucky stops and amends that with, “Well, you were, but you were too cute for me to be sore at.”



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