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aw thank you so much!! :“) For my acnl pics I use the site Waifu2x to get them really clear/HD. Then I use Aillis’ ‘White Cat’ filter (adjusted usually between 35% - 50%), and I then use Baby Lips Sweet on magic hour. ^.^


[WHEN]: Friday, September 4 to Friday, September 11 (same dates in game)
[WHERE]: camp-wide
[CHATZY]: probably ;)

As a health project, every camper, age 14 and older, will be taking care of a baby for one week. The purpose of this project is to teach our young adult and teenage demigods responsibility and consequences for their actions.

Regardless of gender, every camper will be randomly paired with another camper and given a baby to feed, nuture, and love. How each pair cares for the baby is up to them. The naiads and dryads will create magical little babies for each pair, which act like a real human baby and look mostly like a human baby. After a week’s time (or if the baby is neglected or hurt), the babies will dissolve back into their element. Every baby is agender. Food and resources will be provided for the new parents. 

In addition to general traits that human infants have, these babies have their own special little quirks:

  • Water nymph infants have watery blue skin and blue eyes, but they are solid to the touch. They don’t like to be out in the sun for too long and enjoy being submerged in water. Like the waves, they are moody and unruly. Their temperatures change quickly to match their surroundings, so make sure to keep them wrapped up at night and cool in the sun.
  • Wood nymph infants have dark chestnut colored skin and leafy green eyes. Like trees, they are stubborn and more hardy than the water babies. They love being in sunlight and run generally warm to the touch. The cold doesn’t bother them very much. It will be diffucult to get these babies to do something they don’t want to do.

If the demigod parents love their baby, the baby will become attached and love them back. There will be consequences for those whose babies dissolve to water or leaves.

Pairs are listed under the cut. If there is an issue or your character is missing, please message the main. Please feel free to ask any question you might have.

((I mostly planned this event with my own ideas, but this event is for and by everyone so if you guys collectively don’t like something or want to add something, we should definitely talk about it!))

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Visualization and Spell-Casting

A Tip for Secret Witches or Witches with Minimal Supplies


When I was first starting out with witchcraft, I didn’t have that many fancy supplies or extravagant herb and crystal selections. Hell, there were times when I was lucky to just have a white candle.

So, being a baby-witch of about 14 years old, I tried to research ways that I could cast all of these cool spells I was finding on the internet without needed to spend the little money I was given from my parents on supplies. And then I was introduced to the Visualization method.

Spells and Ingredients

Now, before I go into the details of it, let’s look at why spells even have ingredients or supplies. Each ingredient or item serves a purpose. They are a catalyst for your energy. They are a way for you to focus your energy. Rosewater, for example, is often used in love spells because people associate roses with love. So, when you use it, your mind (and your intent) basically go “okay, this is going to boost the possibility of drawing in love with this spell, since this ingredient basically means love.” However, people who wash their faces with rosewater or use it as a simple perfume don’t necessarily draw love to themselves. The ingredients aren’t inherently “magical”, the witch provides the magic. The witch is the one who takes the natural power that resides in these ingredients and uses them to their potential.

So, are ingredients truly necessary for a spell? Or can you just will it to happen?

Some witches may not need ingredients at all. They may have mastered bending reality to their whim and will things into happening. And for those witches, good for you! This post probably won’t be very helpful, nor do you need it, if that’s the case.

However, if you’re like most witches who need something to cling to to help make their spell more concrete and tangible, thus making it easier to put into existence, keep reading.

What Does This Have To Do With Visualization?

If a spell calls for certain ingredients, just visualize having them. Imagine having that priceless athame you’ve been coveting. Imagine having piles of quartz, or crystals that may be dangerous to handle in real life. Imagine having any herb that you may need. Imagine any vessel that you may need.

Now, this is definitely pretty tricky to do, and may take some practice, so start out small.


Imagine a cup resting on a flat surface in front of you. Imagine a jug of water next to it. Take your time to really visualize these items however you want them to look. Then, once you feel confident in that, try picking up the cup and the jug. Physically move and try to touch them. Imagine how they feel. Are they smooth, bumpy, slippery? Does the liquid inside the jug make the outside cool or warm? Which is heavier or harder to lift: the cup or the jug?

Keep practicing this with different objects until you get to a point where you feel you could imagine anything. Now you can cast any spell with any ingredient without the need to break the bank or reveal your secret!