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okay I had a dream that I was watching gypsy and louise was played by 70s patti lupone and june was played by early 80s christine ebersole and rose was still ethel merman and it was glorious UNTIL it turned into whatever happened to baby jane and jane was june played by now christine ebersole and blanche was louise played by now patti lupone and then nina simone was elvira so i was pretty shook™

there is a lot happening in this ask


Bette Davis // Judy Garland // Joan Crawford // Marilyn Monroe // Audrey Hepburn // Barbra Streisand // Angela Lansbury // Natalie Wood // Vivien Leigh


Alright, Blanche Hudson! Miss big, fat movie star! Miss rotten, stinking actress! Press a button, ring a bell and you think the whole *damn* world comes running, don’t you? Lunch, Miss Hudson? Why, certainly, Miss Husdon! I’m sure we can find something appropriate for you, Miss Hudson!

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962, dir. Robert Aldrich)