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Hi Angela. About one of your two previous anon and the end of baby gate. I know and I hope It will happen and as you said, you don't know how far from the CO it will happen. But I have a question. After they the ending of baby gate. How a coming out (because the most of us think they will do it together) can happen? Like what can they say for Louis not being like a cheater or IDK, do you have some ideas? Thank you 😊

They’d have to expose the whole story as fake (they already teased that publicly), and not only that, but pin the blame on Simon–where it actually belongs. You can see maybe how Simon has been fighting like a cornered rat.


Okay who can honestly give a shit about hendall when Louis legit looks like he hasn’t eaten in months plus the fact that he’s drunk all the time and needed to be helped out of a club. Louis needs support and all you guys see is hendall, please. He needs our support again now more than ever. #WeLoveYouLouis

Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Hollywood Stars | Johnny Depp

Why can’t that stupid boy band you love so much do promos like a normal fucking artist!? Instead they make up Rumors about pregnancies, marriage, deaths and leak their own fucking songs! Fucking boy band! They are fucking me and my shit up. I can’t get a good nights sleep because I’m worried that One of them is going to have a sex tape leaked or something
—  My drunk boyfriend scrolling through tumblr
Til The End Larrie Trash Follow Train!!!

Since They Clearly Want us Larries Dead Lets Show Them How Connected We Are.

MBF: Me!

Hopefully you either like Larry or hate baby gate

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