This is a picture of how Caleb’s bump looked after repeatedly bashing head into the wall in a rage because I didn’t want to repeat going up and down the stairs before walking through the baby gate. There’s also another baby gate in the kitchen entrance and his anger was so great that he broke off one of the steel beams. This child turned into Hercules….people don’t believe me when I speak about Caleb’s anger…..this is what it looks like…… :-(

I’m editing because a lot of people don’t know that this is a follow up post to a previous post that I made. I spoke about how Caleb’s teacher didn’t want to to tell me anything about what goes on in the classroom and I felt disconnected from Caleb’s school experience because of it. I told the teacher and social worker that Caleb has regressed at home and has become more agresaive and his tantrums increased as well as his OCD. He makes me repeat everything I do and say over and over again. The social worker suggested I choose one thing and not “redo” that one thing. I chose the baby gate. Caleb would usually make me wall up and down the stairs over and over again before walking through the baby gate. Yesterday was the first day that I ignored his request to “redo” the stairs. The picture above was the result of that. I knew it would be a bad idea to do this but everyone keeps telling me that he’s a child and I need to set bounderies and be stricter. It’s like everyone completely forgets that he’s a baby and he’s autistic. Aside from being a baby and not comprehending a lot of what I say. He’s also non vernal so we cannot even have a conversation about what he’s feeling. He just learned what happy and sad means resxently. Although I speak to him and prepare him for any change in the routine it downs t help because he doesn’t know what I’m saying. People think I’m crazy because I “give in” to Caleb and :let him control me" but they don’t understand that I can’t just “ignore” him because think his is what happens. Some people were saying how they’re sick of hearing people talk about how it’s so difficult to live with or be around an autistic person. If you read this post and don’t read thw other one I can see how I can come off a certain way, but like I told a few people already, my son is not a burden!! Yes I know that he feels terrible and it’s very stressful for him to deal with these feelings but at the same time I’m not a bad mother for saying that it’s overwhelming for me as well to watch him be this unhappy and to watch him hurt himself. Any parent (regardless if they’re child is special needs or not) will tell you it most defiantly can be very overwhelming at times. Does that mean we don’t love our children? Absolutely not. This is why I joined Autism communities and befriended autistic adults. I messages so many autistic adults all the time adults ask for advice and I take everything in. I even made a “no hug policy” in my his because Caleb doesn’t like to be touched without consent. So before anyonenybody questions my parenting or if I love my son please feel free to read through my blog and the answer will be very clear. But thank you for the feed back and if anyone has anyonenybody not advice on what I can do with Caleb’s OCD situation, please feel free to message me.


Okay who can honestly give a shit about hendall when Louis legit looks like he hasn’t eaten in months plus the fact that he’s drunk all the time and needed to be helped out of a club. Louis needs support and all you guys see is hendall, please. He needs our support again now more than ever. #WeLoveYouLouis

Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Hollywood Stars | Johnny Depp

Why can’t that stupid boy band you love so much do promos like a normal fucking artist!? Instead they make up Rumors about pregnancies, marriage, deaths and leak their own fucking songs! Fucking boy band! They are fucking me and my shit up. I can’t get a good nights sleep because I’m worried that One of them is going to have a sex tape leaked or something
—  My drunk boyfriend scrolling through tumblr
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