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So is Liam the actual father or is it BG 2.0. Cause it seems convincing to me more than the first baby gate. But then again it doesn't make sense when Liam has been partying and clubbing past couple of weeks instead of being with Cheryl. Two months into the relationship, gets her pregnant immediately. Wasn't she fully divorced with her ex fiancé until late July last year? And the announcement of the baby being released on the same day Zayn left the band. hmm. Idk, everything seems fishy to me

You’re answering all your own questions.

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In about 2 weeks I'm moving to a new apartment (yay!) BUT it means my kitties will be in a car for 3 hours. Is there anything you reccomend to make the trip & transition to a new home as LESS stressful as possible? I know I need to have them in a crate and probably put a sheet over it (and not let them out) & they'll be confined to the bathroom until the chaos of the move is mostly over but other than that, what else can I do?

Get a baby gate to put over the door of the bathroom so that even if someone is stupid and opens the door, they’re still contained. Also put a giant sign on the door. If you only have one bathroom, don’t quarantine them in there because people will need to pee and you don’t want to stress them out or risk escapes.

I’d bring some stuff that smells like your own house and maybe even some shirts your family have slept in to put in the bathroom before you move the cats in - hopefully you can help it smell more familiar, like home, before they get in there. 

Put some calm music on in the bathroom or leave some water running while people are moving stuff in and out of the house - it won’t totally drown out the noise of the movers, but it’ll help muffle thumps and crashes. 

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Why do people think that Liam isnt the father and the relationship is fake? Like I'm not trying to start drama or anything I just genuinely don't know why. Like this relationships isnt baby gate level of fake and since the whole thing was kept very private I'm assuming that its real. Also i don't really keep up with much one direction news so maybe I just missed something big.

I really can’t explain much here apart from the fact that Chiam has never been an organic relationship, Liam has tried to stay as far away from it as possible and I definitely think Cheryl had the child through IVF because the signs were all there. Having/planning a baby in this stage of his career wasn’t a smart move at all and he hadn’t ‘dated’ cheryl for a long time either. There are lots of other things but I agree with Cris that this ‘relationship’ will not last long. I do believe that there is a child and it is Cheryl’s though.

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