New SB TIP: Lie about about your last arrangement!

When you’re talking to a POT, it’s guaranteed that he’s going to ask you “Have you had an arrangement before?” I don’t care if you have or have not, but you should answer “YES!”. If you say no, he’s going to take advantage of your inexperience and lowball you. 

What is your dream arrangement that you are trying to obtain? Is it $500 for pay-for-play? Is it a platonic relationship with shopping sprees and plenty of gifts? Or a monthly allowance? Whatever arrangement you are trying to obtain, LIE and say that your last arrangement was like that. Your imaginary “last” arrangement should be your ideal arrangement that you are trying to obtain. If you want around $500 for pay-per-meet, say that your last arrangement was set up like that. If you want a monthly allowance, say your last arrangement was set up like that. Men are competitive and will want to meet or even beat your last arrangement. And if your POT doesn’t want to meet it, he’s not worth your time. Don’t sell yourself short on what you need. 

For me, I said that my last arrangement was a $5k monthly allowance for once a week meet ups. It wasn’t until I started lying about having a prior arrangement that I got serious offers from POTs of $4-5k a month! When I was honest and told POTs that I’ve never had an arrangement before, one told me that the most I could ever get from a SD is $500-$1000 a month MAX. And if I wanted any more than that, I’d have to date incredibly old and bat shit crazy men. He told me no SD would underwrite over $1000 a month. THIS IS FALSE. He told me these things to make it appear like his $300 pay-per-play offer to me was gold. 

Lie and you’ll be able to separate the salt from the sugar. The salt won’t waste your time trying to convince you to accept their sleazy offers if they know that you have had better. 

Love you all. Stay safe and find yourself some sugar.


1. Not all arrangement has to be long term to start a fixed allowance, and of course I’m not opposed to pay per meet. But girls, you have to let them know you’re not going to settle for less! Squeeze every penny they have! 🤑

2. Do not throw sex in the equation. I always tell them I’m open for intimacy but it takes time, in other words, 🙅🏻no sex on first date!

3. You’re not providing a service, I have had POTs in the past who told me they want to do certain things in certain ways with me and I just told them no straight up. Know the difference, the things I do for my SD because I want them to be happy is different from those POTs that have not spent 💸💰on me.

4. Don’t let them find out that you’re a beginner or inexperience. They are going to take advantage of that! Tell them what you want and if they low ball you, peace out! Don’t negotiate your worth.

5. After the repetitive let downs, I have learned to bring up the allowance talk first prior to any meeting to save time, money and my expensive makeup+perfume 😂

Happy sugaring!

Originally posted by thegreatrosh