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I am too late for that crazy au night but au where Touka is a working single mom who has a baby with black reaper but broke up due to irreconcilable differences but still hook up. She hires Haise as a nanny and they start dating but reaper is like fuck no and decides to move back in to "be closer to the kids" resulting in lots of drama and funny situations

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Ya know, the idea of Reaper and Haise and all of Kaneki’s other selves being separate beings is such an awesome idea. I would live for an au of that.

Black Girls 101 🍒

I’m making this post specifically for my black babes. Repost this to uplift a black girl that may need this.

1.) Having darker skin does not make you ugly. Baby girl, you are so beautiful.

2.) Don’t have loose curly hair? that’s fine. You are still so so gorgeous with your naps and all.

3.) Don’t take “pretty for a black girl” as a compliment. You’re pretty POINT BLANK PERIOD. “For a black girl” is unnecessary.

4.) You aren’t obligated to subject to blatant racism. If someone talking shit about your people, FUCK EM UP.

5.) Dye your hair all sorts of colors. All colors work for all shades, they don’t discriminate.

6.) It’s okay to be in an interracial relationship.

7.) Your life matters.

8.) If you can’t handle having natural hair, sis that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel ashamed, because you get a perm.

9.) To my mixed girls, you’re still black. Don’t let people make you feel like you ain’t.