Baby Got Back

Further Thoughts on a Middle Aged Man's Ingestion of Popular Culture

So I’ve been seeing a lot of tumblr posts involving anacondas and puns and various wants lately.

And I figured that Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back” had experienced some kind of 21st century renaissance among all of tumblr.

But then it turns out I guess that Nicki Minaj is involved? 

Basically, I learn about new popular music via punny GIFs.

I’m not even a Miley fan, just dissapointed to see so many spoiled children on my dash


Nicki wasn’t nominated for best video. Her song is mostly using a sample of Baby Got Back, adding nothing new. Her video is mostly ass shaking. Aren’t these reasons enough not to be the best? She says no. She says it’s all about racism yet only 2 out of 5 nominated artists were white. 


She then says it’s about her not being skinny. And adds that a music video with a lot of skinny girls wasn’t better than hers. So she clearly talks about Taylor. But when Taylor stands for herself, SJW’s blame her for being racist. What the fuck racism had to do with their argument?

So Taylor decided it was better for her image to apologize in front of Nicki for nothing. And suddenly they sing together. Like it was planned in the last minute. Haha, MTV and your fav celebs just used you for the ratings.


Then Miley, who sometimes looks weird while trying to be sexy (which is a reason to laugh at her but not to be mad at her), says that Nicki was seeking for attention, she stated the rough truth. This was the PR! This was Nicki making everything about herself using racist issues as an excuse. But you people hate on Miley.


Not only you hate on her but you also enjoy all the agressive behaviour Nicki brought.  People say that Nicki slayed Miley but when it comes to someone not preaching it but critisizing, they say that calling her agressive is racist. A very comfortable position with these double standarts, I see.

You never judged her for slaming skinny girls or for the lyrics about how men find her sexy, yet you judged Meghan Trainor for saying that body positive image could be inspired by man’s aprociation.


My question is. You can still think you are right. Cause your social justice war is againts monsters. But aren’t you becoming monsters yourself while enjoying vicous look in Nicki’s eyes and cursed words by her when she’s on stage, on TV, not in a private place?