Notes from the les mis performance I saw

(I need to make a whole post on Enjolras’ death)

The actor for montparnasse is u/s for enj

Valjean and javert do this pose where Valjean is reaching up at him

In Soliloquy, Valjean starts out fast and goes slow

In At The End of The Day, a man saves Fantines letter from it being taken away before the other woman takes if

I dreamed a dream is fucking emotional

In Lovely Ladies, the women protect fantine from the man trying to attack her

Fantine puts the attacker in a choak hold

In who am I, Valjean tips off his shirt like Superman to reveal his brand

During the confrontation, one of Valjean’s hands gets handcuffed and he and Javert fight for the other cuff, with Valjean almost strangling him with it

Cosette is mocked by eponine in Castle on a Cloud

In Master of the House, mme T cuts off a tiny piece of bread off a long piece and calls it m Ts dick

In Paris, montparnasse wears greys and Enjolras is dressed in all black except for a red vest

In stars, the stars get lighter throughout the song

In ABC cafe, Grantaire uses his bottle as a dick

Enjolras leans back and crosses his legs and just waits for Marius to be done

R fans himself as Enj sings

In Do You Hear The People Sing, Enjolras holds Gavroche as he says that Lamarque is dead and let’s him cry for a moment and then tells him that now is time to rise

Enj isnt allowed to hold the fucking Flag

in In My Life, Marius climbs over the wall to get to Cosette

In a heart full of love, they do color theory

Marius has a ton of voice cracks in it

Cosette makes sure eponine is ok after she yells and scares the patron minette

Enj still isn’t allowed to use the flag

The triumvirate leads the people

Eponine sings beautifully

The amis sing the end of A Little Fall of Rain

Grantaire holds Gav as he sobs into his chest after watching Eponine die

Gav gives Marius Eponine’s hat

During drink with me, Grantaire sings at Enjolras and when he walks away, enjolras stares motionless until gav moves him

Gav sleeps on R

R screams when Gav dies

Enj catches gavs body and gives it to R, who holds him and cries

When everyone dies, Grantaire is the last to die and doesn’t die by enj but he is with him in the afterlife

Enjolras’ body is carried in a wheelbarrow and on his flag, gav is put with him

Marius sings Empty Chairs and the amis carry blown out candles while his is lit

Enjolras raises his candle to Marius before walking off

The Thenardiers teach the upper class wedding goers how to dance

Valjean has the candle sticks when he dies

Eponine joins fantine when walking out to Valjean as he dies

When everyone comes out to sing Do You Hear The People Sing In the finale, Enjolras and Grantaire are standing by each other with Gav in the middle of thcem

Prouvaire comes bounding up to Patron Minette in frankly the ugliest jumper that Guelemer has ever seen. They all turn to Parnasse, waiting for some cutting remark regarding the monstrosity before them.
To everyones surprise, Parnasse is just smiling down happily at Prouvaire, the two of them wrapped up in their own little bubble

Things keeping me away from homework:

-Short Courfeyrac and super tall Combeferre

-Grantaire is a bit shorter than Enjolras

-Montparnasse knows how to braid hair, but only does it for Jehan

-Feuilly is stronger than Bahorel, but Bahorel denies it

-Claquesous telling everyone that he’s going to marry Babet, but they’re not even together

Babet: can you stop being so overdramatic

Montparnasse, lying dramatically across a table, wearing a top hat, a rose between his teeth: lol what do you mean


(Part One)  (Epilogue)

Ok let’s break it down. Reasons I love this scene:

  • Since it’s not in the musical this part in the book was almost entirely new to me, and I was seriously on the edge of my seat the whole time (mostly going Marius nooooo!)  I think I actually cheered when Javert walked in.  You should be getting a sense by now of who the contender for my favorite character is…
  • SPEAKING OF Javert does nothing but walk in the door, doesn’t even draw a weapon, and this room full of hardened criminals who are armed to the teeth (we’ve already spent a number of paragraphs describing how dangerous and well-armed they are) take one look look at him and are like- Welp, it’s Javert. Whaddya gonna do? and give up immediately.
  • It’s one of the first times we really get to see Javert in his element, which is TAKIN’ DOWN THE BADDIES.  Up until this point we’ve mostly just seen him being frustrated by merciful bread thieves, but here he’s very comfortable interacting with criminals, knows all their names and how to reason with them, and even has a witty cop banter thing going.  He even- did I read that right?- smiles when he delivers that hat zinger?
  • The Patron-Minette gang are 100% my favorite minor characters.  The jack-of-all-trades, the thug, the impoverished teen fop who murders for fashion, and the cloaked masked night-dwelling ventriloquist (ask me about my headcanon that Claquesous is actually the Phantom of the Opera because he really really is.)
  • Also featuring some epic moments for everyone’s favorite torture-resistant wall-scaling pacifist, Jean Valjean; the only person who is possibly as badass as Javert.

Possible inaccuracies:

  • Montparnasse wasn’t in the room, but in my head he was.
  • Pretty sure everything else is exactly how it went down…
  • Babet: What would you do if you had to choose between your suits and a pot of gold?
  • Montparnasse: Suits.
  • Fauntleroy: What would you say if you gave your suits away and in return you'd never grow old?
  • Montparnasse: Suits.
  • Thenardier: What would you pick? One million chicks, or a single three-piece-suit?
  • Montparnasse: It's moot.
  • Eponine: What if world peace were within your reach-
  • Montparnasse: Alalalalalah- I'm gonna stop you right there. It's suits. Come on, 'Ponine. Get your head out of your ass.