Yung friend ko, piniem ba naman ako na pwede bako maging lead character sa short film nila. Hahahahaha. Kasi they know daw na may potential ako sa acting. Ang awkward ko kaya tignan sa acting shits na yan!!! Hahahahaha kaloka ha

Skoro, pa evo vec cetvrta godina. Jos uvek nisam nasla nacin da se oprostim od tebe. Jos uvek nisam nasla nacin da ti kazem zbogom. Kao da ne mogu to da uradim, kao da bi to znacilo da cu te zauvek zaboraviti.

Ponekad te sanjam, tako je prokleto stvarno, kao da si jos uvek tu.

Jutrom me obuzme neka jeza, kao da te jos uvek osetim tu pored sebe. Ponekad, pokusavam ponovo zaspati, samo da bih mogla da te pitam jos nekoliko pitanja. Samo da bih te jos jednom zagrlila. Samo da bih ti jos jednom rekla da te volim.

Skamenjena tako ostanem par minuta, dok me cinjenica da te vise nema ne osamari.

Dan posle tog sna je tuzan. Pokusavam se setiti sta si mi sve rekla u snu. Pokusavam, ali nikad ne mogu. Uvek nesto zaboravim.

Ponekad zamisljam da si tu, pored mene. Ponekad naglas izgovaram svoje misli, u nadi da ces ih mozda cuti.

Ponekad, tako jako zelim da cujem tvoje misljenje, da skoro mogu I zamisliti sta bi mi rekla, kako bi se smejala zbog tih smesnih stvari koje me muce.

A na kraju, uvek se zapitam da li si tamo negde ponosna na mene. Da li bi sa ponosom rekla da sam tvoja krv. Da li si ponosna na ono sto sam uradila, da li si ponosna na ono sto radim.


Ichitodoko world is mine WIP~ I hope I can finish this orz

So about two weeks back I finished watching Shirobako, of which I share one of its key visuals above. The show seemed to go under the radar in its first season which is a shame, because it’s both informative and also really fun to watch with a nifty cast.

In the very beginning of the show we see our main character, Aoi Miyamori, with a group of friends in their animation club in high school finishing up an original anime that they created. They talk about their various dreams and what they want to do in the anime industry. One of her friends wants to become a voice actress, another a key animator, etc. The story then jumps a few years to where Aoi now works as a production runner for an animation studio. This means she’s in charge of organizing and keeping track of key frames that animators work on. From there the story follows the animation studio Musashino Animation and the production of their show.

One of the best things about this show is definitely the cast. There are dozens of names given throughout the show and it does a great job of explaining a lot of the bigger staff roles and what the work of each one entails.

Another thing about the show that is really fun for those well acquainted with the anime industry and some of the bigger names within it are the references. A decent amount of characters are based on real life equivalents. Here’s a picture comparison for reference:

Anther thing to talk about is Shirobako’s animation. As far as I could tell, the characters remained on-model the entire show. That’s no small feat considering the process and deadlines for anime production. The characters move fluidly, the colors and backgrounds are vivid, and even the animation for the anime they’re creating inside the show has some impressive scenes.

In the end, I had a great time watching this anime once it really clicked with me and would heavily recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning a bit of the process behind anime production.

Rating: 8/10


the-reckless-rebel  asked:

di bako ka approach-approach? pangit ba ako kausap? masungit bako? bakit wala parin akong anon? HAHAHA sakit

Guyssss ang mag-aanon kay frey magkaka-love life, gagraduate, x10 ang sweldo next month, may libreng hug at kiss galing kay nam joo hyuk at paolo avelino/liza soberano at elen adarna