I predicted the apocalypse, and it will go like this:

I will think, “One day,
I’m going to say,
I’m going home to those arms,
and for once, I’m going to stay.”

And then there would come a pair of lips,
I fear would kiss me,
for the very last time,
and home will feel like a war zone.

—  I made the mistake of making a home in you | j r e f

Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.

as much as sasuke denies it all the time im 1000% sure he really does enjoy and appreciate naruto’s company and although he objects to everything naruto wants to do when they hang out he doesn’t actually leave the dobe alone and just kinda sits along for the ride while naruto has the time of his life singing karaoke and betting on snail races and pranking young genins

and sasuke just sighs but he doesn’t actually mind and although he’ll never admit it it’s actually kind of okay/amusing sometimes.

he does call naruto an idiot tho. often, but never truly mean.

I hate myself and can’t keep anything secret so I’m just gonna spill it the stories me and Sam ( @joycebycrs ) are writing about the dead Lakewood ghosts are gonna feature all your faves, count on some Eli, some Zoe, some Riley, some Haley, some Jake, some Nina, some Rachel, and maybe even piper….
Help Me Get To Germany!

I feel bad for this, I’m just a nervous person when it comes to asking for things and yeahhhhhh.

But hi, I’m Maliyah! And next year during Summer of 2017 I will be given the opportunity to go to Germany! My teacher allows German students this trip every other year and this is my last chance to try and go. I suffer from depression and other mental illnesses so finding a job has been hard for me at the moment and I just started school ( I also have strict parents who barely even allow me to leave the house ). This chance to leave to another country for two weeks would mean I get to finally be away from my abusive parents and see my friends; trips like this are rare for me and my family from where I come from. My mother, friends, and family is pushing me and motivating me to go but I can’t do this alone <33333 I would love if you guys could help me out ( I’m also opening art commissions soon again if you’d like to help out that way too! ). So yeah, thank you and donations would help me out so much!

 If I reach my goal I will:

- post 2-3x more art and more often 

- offer more free art commissions 

- do more giveaways including art, cosplay, video games, art supplies, and etc 

- start doing drawing, cosplay, and other types of tutorials!

- post more edits and lockscreens

I feel like people who actually log on to tumblr, go to a blog they don’t like, click on the ask button, write down angry hateful words, click anonymous, and then send it should also be required to:

1. State how old they are
2. State if they live in their parents basement
3. State the last time they had a satisfying sexual experience

Perhaps this would explain everything then.

sh*t i’ve said about mutuals

i’m a giant nerd and very extra about everything i’m sorry

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