also can we talk about the fact that when asked about other member’s habits jongin didn’t choose one of the many crazy, weird, hilarious habits that we know the exo members have he chose something as simple as kyungsoo lying in bed with his laptop because like obviously ksoo was the first thing to come to mind and can you imagine how cute and endearing he must think that habit is for it to be the first thing he thinks of before all of the weird shit exo does in their dorm


Title: Bonca

Warnings: Smut, a bit of angst, self deprecation, gross amounts of fluff/love, body worshiping, some dirty talk, I don’t edit shit so that is a warning too.

Summary: Dan was the only one surprised by Phil calling him up to share his award with him and he was the only one who didn’t think he deserved it.

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Awa: *takes deep breath* “Okay ..  I-I’m moving in with Ross” 
Oliver: “What?! Since when? Have you even told him what we did?”

Awa: “No! And he cannot find out, okay? It will ruin everything. I think .. I think we should just forget about what happened”
Oliver: “What do you mean forget? Didn’t it mean anything to you?”

Awa: “We’re friends Oliver, this was never supposed to happen! I can’t loose Ross”
Oliver: “You know what, no! I’m so sick of you taking everything I do for granted. You need to find someone else’s shoulder to cry on when Ross finds out and leaves you, because trust me he will, and I’m not gonna be the one to pick up the pieces this time!”

Awa: “Wha-what do you mean?” 
Oliver: “I’m done”