AU: Harry and Louis are finally married and publicly together. They’ve settled down, & started a family. The one thing they worried about was how everyone would react… But, the response from their fans is so overwhelmingly positive– It feels like the last piece of the puzzle. And, they couldn’t be happier.

I caught 74 Pokemon today

I always screenshot my Pokemon count before a hunt so I can see how many I got & which ones are new. I’m totaling up now and wowwwwwww today was my biggest day ever. I caught Seventy Four Pokemon today. 74!!!!!!!

(I have some awesome pictures to post. Need to decompress a bit first.)

Bad news is I am completely out of balls. So completely that I couldn’t catch at least another dozen that I saw. Need to go walk laps around the park again.

anonymous asked:

Wowwwwwww what?? GO upcoming TV show?

Yes indeed anon!!!


Apparently Neil Gaiman got a posthumous message from Terry Pratchett asking him to and he’s writing the scripts so I think this is it for real!!  We’ve been faked out a lot but I think it’s really going to happen this time.  I hope it’s good