I never thought this would happen and I’d never even considered polyamory before but here I am now and I’m so in love with two people. I’m so lucky to have them both in my life they make me so so happy and fill me with a warm glow when I think about what I have with them. I won’t get to see them Christmas day but I only have to think about them and its all okay. I really love you guys.

Whenever I’m feeling sad, I walk around Manhattan aimlessly. I don’t listen to music, I don’t look at my phone. I just walk and pass by people – people sitting on benches, people eating at restaurants, people walking their dogs.

Every single time I do this, the same phrase repeats over and over in my mind – LOVE IS EVERYWHERE. I swear, it’s the only thing I can think. You see people on first dates, you see people in long-term relationships, you see couples shooting their wedding photos, you see a mother and her children, you see a man and his dog, you see two friends laughing over a glass of wine.

There is so much love in the world. It’s everywhere you look. Nights like these make me nostalgic for the past, but also hopeful for the future. It makes me realize that love never stops happening.

it’s so easy to romanticise the past because this time last year was actually the worst of my life and i cried almost every day and yet i’m looking back at it now thinking ‘aw i miss that’. i don;t actually miss that, i miss what i’m allowing myself to remember it as