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First off -- your photography is absolutely gorgeous! On a completely unrelated note, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on photo editing. In changing contrast, blur, color levels, etc., do you think that there is a point at which the photograph becomes "less genuine" or maybe a different photo altogether?

Every single photo you see out there today is edited and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People use editing to bring back the colors they felt like they experienced when they took the shot. Some other people use editing to express themselves. Take Jude Allen for example. He’s not necessarily trying to show you what he saw. He considers himself an artists and all he’s doing is making art and expressing himself. I think editing is completely fine. everyone deserves to do with their pictres whatever the hell they want lol. I myself dabble in a smidge of editing here and there. 

Hope this answers your question
Cheers Karl


Hey guys, I need your help.
My friend, @batmanandsobbin, has had her shirt design stolen by this page. They have also stolen MULTIPLE other artists’ work and sold them through these limited-time sales, often at a higher price than the original artist’s work, as is the case here.

The page that stole her work won’t respond to takedown requests, and this is a notorious problem in the t-shirt community right now. I’m asking you to please be wary of these huge fanpages stealing from artists, and if you can, give them hell for it and make other comenters aware of what’s going on!

Here is the link to my friend’s shirt on teepublic if you’d like to buy it: https://www.teepublic.com/show/341354-arcedoge
(contrary to what that pokemon fanpage is saying, it’s actually available in more styles and color’s on the original artist’s page)

It's a terrible day for rain.

This is entirely your fault. I innocently come to deliver some free angst as an Anon, and then you do this to me. I hope you’re happy. Art may eventually accompany this hell. if my lazy hand ever wants to draw (It’s me, why-the-hell-did-i-make-this again.)


The funeral is a media circus despite everyone’s best efforts. Reporters from the world over showed up.

Why wouldn’t they?

The world lost an idol today. An inspiration. A leader. A fighter. A soldier.

But he was more than that. He was son. A brother. A companion. A friend. A lover.

The newly promoted Strike Commander Reyes is stony-faced and somber as the cemetery slowly begins to fill with people. There’s no funeral precession. No marching band, horse drawn caisson or color guard. No escort of troops. Jack didn’t want any of that. He wanted to be honored like any other man. ‘An average funeral befitting of an average soldier’ he’d say. Many would argue he was far beyond average, but it’s what Jack wanted and Gabe would be damned before he let anyone contradict Jack’s last wish.

Jack’s parents seem to think the same way, vehemently refusing to appear if things aren’t exactly as their son would have wanted. The only allowance they had made was his headstone. Not the simple white stone of all the others, but flat tablet with a metal placard attached, bearing his name, former position and the Overwatch insignia.

Gabriel sits before that headstone now, surrounded by family. Some related by blood, others not. It doesn’t matter though. They’re all here for the same reason. To seek comfort in one another and honor someone they all loved.

At the sound of approaching footsteps, they all rise. The six man procession carrying his flag draped casket walks slowly, all members faces etched with grief from the burden they carry. Reinhardt. Ana. Jesse. Genji. Angela. Lena. Not the standard fare, but Jack wouldn’t have minded. His friends had all insisted on taking on this burden.

No one had asked Gabriel to join them. They knew he wouldn’t be able to. For one reason or another.

As they carefully place the casket down, everyone sits. The appointed chaplain begins to speak as the flag is held, the fabric rippling slightly in the light breeze.

Gabe doesn’t really listen. He already knows all of what was being said. Partly because he’d helped write some of the speech, partly because he knew Jack better than anyone here ever has. Or now ever will.

His attention is directed to the weather by the breeze filtering by. Sunny. Cloudless. Mild. The perfect day.

The chaplain concludes speaking, and the three round salute is fired. Each crack of the rifles feels like a hole being torn in Gabriel’s body. He remains stoic though, barely breathing, much less emoting. The flag is folded, and then presented to Jack’s mother. She looks a good deal like her son. Sun-dappled if graying hair. Cornflower blue eyes, now dull from grief. Just a general warmth and approachability despite the situation. Like Jack.

As the funeral ends, Gabe stands, pulling on his beanie. It may clash with his suit, but he’s always loved the thing. Jack did too. Stealing it on occasion and wearing it himself.

He approaches what members of Jack’s family could bare coming, offering silent condolences. He gets a kind, if sad smile and kiss on the cheek in return from Mrs. Morrison. It’s okay. She’d silently told him. Do what you need to. He’d placed a soft kiss on one of her hands in return, thanking her for understanding.

Gabriel had walked away after that, his resolve crumbling. All he wants is to go home now. To lay in the bed he’d shared with Jack and bare his soul to the empty space. He couldn’t though. Not yet. The new Strike Commander had to deal with the horde of reporters waiting outside the gates like a pack of rabid animals.

“Commander Reyes what are your feelings on the situation?”

“Has the family of Jack Morrison said anything to you regarding your promotion?”

“Did you even want this job?”

“Did you know Morrison well?”

“How are you holding up?”

Gabe looks at them all, too tired to even feel offended by their desperate prying. He holds up a hand and the reporters fall into a sudden hush.

“I’m fine.” Is his only response. They wait for more before bursting into even more frenzied yelling.

“Is that all you have to say on the situation?”

“What do the other members of Overwatch think?”

“Did you care about Morrison at all?”

Gabriel has to restrain himself from tackling the reporter who asked that. Or breaking down crying. Or even more likely do both at the same time.

Instead, he raises a hand, pulling his beanie down low enough to mostly cover his eyes. The crowd falls into a hush again.

“Except,” he says, covered gaze turning to the sky and voice becoming imperceptibly thick, “it’s a terrible day for rain.” There are murmurs of confusion amongst the reporters, ‘Rain? There’s hardly a cloud in the sky!’ ‘What’s he talking about? It’s sunny out.’ Finally one gets the courage to call out;

“What do you mean? It’s not raining.” Gabe’s gaze stays at the sky, his eyes burn where tears threaten to spill over.

“Yes,” he quietly whispers, voice cracking as the brimming silent tears beginning to trace lines down his face, “it is.”

The crowd is silent, and after a few seconds Gabe pushes his way through the stunned reporters.

He wants to get home before it pours.

Dia Kurosawa from Episode 6.

She might not be able to sing under the sea, but she can sure as hell dance. Her colors vivid red and black, colors of passion and power.

I have to say I was moved by how they handled her part of the third years’ drama. Caught up in between, she firm but kind and considerate. Though it was obvious due to the show’s ending preview, I honestly didn’t want the drama for her. I’m looking forward to how they will all piece together and to her character development.

A special acknowledgment/thanks/shout out to those who helped me signal boost or simply checked in with me, or even just paid any attention at all to what happened down here

@honorreid @nataliiedormer
@cr3v @pterawaters

(If I forgot someone I am so sorry)

It meant the world to me! There are people in my life (IRL) who paid much less attention and were much les concerned than you lovely folks.

When I was strung out and scared and just needed a little sympathy, a little nod in my direction that hey, we see you, we care–you guys gave me that.

And a very special a shout out to @lovethesnark who is down here also, slogging through the muck of this disaster.


Greek Sculptures X Japanese Shmups

I recently stumbled upon the work of Oliver Payne. Originally hailing from London, his art has been seen all over, like in the exhibition above, which took place in Zurich not too long ago.

The show in question was Perfect Cherry Blossom and the following is an expert from its description, courtesy of Contemporary Art Daily

“… In Oliver Payne’s collages stickers of Japanese Bullet Hell Games are arranged on torn out pages of an ancient Greek sculpture catalogue. Payne transforms the violent imagery of these videogames into psychedelic explosions of color. Greek statues serve as a background and a reminder of the fantasy worlds produced in Japanese arcade games, which often picture rural Europe…”

You can find additional pieces over at his homepage

Along with other pieces that are also video game related…

Dear Theatre,

Thank you for coming into my life. You cheered me up when I had fallen down. You showed me the light in life, and now I can see that light in so many different colors (I’m trying not to make a pun about gels). You showed me how to be forgiving, and you remind me to take a step back and think about how the other person is feeling bc they might just be having their own hell week. You have given me the opportunity to learn and to be proud of something. You introduced a kind of team work that isn’t agonizing and painful, but instead you have brought people into my life that I thoroughly believe make the world a brighter place. You have given me a variety skills, including painting, focusing a light, knowing most of the gel book by heart (shade, number, and name), and the ability to stay silent with a full Blatter for hours on end.
You have given me so much, and I just can’t wait for the next show.
This was supposed to be a quick shout out to all my fellow techies, but I got a little carried away.
Thank you, Theatre.

I was tagged by @assbuttboyfriends & @dirtymish (ily<333)

Rules: answer 20 questions about yourself and tag 20 people. You don’t need to answer questions you’re not comfortable with and you can change the questions if you like.

1. Favorite color: grey

2. Favorite songs: you cant make choose i have like 30 faves

3. Favorite bands: queen, zac brown band, otown

4. Fictional place in which I would reside: townsville i want to be a powerpuff girl ok

5. Gender: female

6. Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

8. Birthday: feb 24th

9. Places I want to go: the 50 states, italy, canada… hell I just wanna go to every/any country

10. Places I’ve been to: spain, turkey and england (i hate my life ok)

11. Currently studying/working: with food

12. Shows I really like: supernatural, pretty little liars, scream, the flash, shadowhunters, gossip girl, desperate housewives

13. Current lockscreen/wallpaper: blake lively & cockles boat trip

14. Why did I choose my URL: imma love cas forever

15. Are there people from this website I’d like to meet: all of y’all <333

16. Salty or Sweet: sweet

17. Last book I read: second honeymoon by james patterson (it was months ao)

18. Favorite online shopping site: hot topic ;)))

19. Favorite movie: lion king, the winter soldier and so many more i cant think of atm

20. What did I want to be when I grew up: i never had a dream job oops

I tag: @glowingdean @prettyboydean @suliistya @beekeeper-cas @mgmasters @snvgglymisha @mishaleckiis @judecas @desthell @loveitsallineed @coffeedcas 

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Not that I'd ever want to but breaking up with Jax would include..

His first reactions being anger and bitterness

Him wanting to get rid of all of your stuff and take it back to you

You trying to explain to him why you did it and him not wanting to hear it in the beginning

Him feeling somewhat betrayed

Him wanting one of the guys to get his stuff from you because he doesn’t want to see you

Him drowning himself is booze weed and pussy

You staying away from the clubhouse to avoid him

Gemma nearly busting down the door of your house to ask you why you left him

You getting your ass chewed out if she doesn’t like your reason

Her being sarcastic and thanking you for “finally showing your true colors”, even if your reason was valid

Her trying and most likely succeeding in making your life a living hell for breaking her baby’s heart

Unless you weren’t that serious, then neither of them would give a fuck and would bid you good riddance 😂

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well idk if you have twitter or have seen the trending hashtags recently but they did this #7fav... thing where people answered who/what their 7 favorite ... are so i thought i'd send you some if that's ok. what are your 7 favorite... tv shows films ships youtubers actors singers colors (sorry i had a couple and then thougth what the hell i'll send you seven 😂)

i did actually and i was going to do it but i guess i can do it now instead!

(not all of these are in order of favourites)

7 tv shows:

  1. girl meets world
  2. the 100
  3. teen wolf
  4. pretty little liars
  5. parks and recreation
  6. game of thrones
  7. glee (or brooklyn 99)

7 films

  1. the breakfast club
  2. clueless
  3. 10 things i hate about you
  4. harry potter
  5. pitch perfect
  6. the hunger games
  7. paper towns

7 ships

  1. lucaya
  2. riarkle
  3. bellarke
  4. stydia
  5. ezria
  6. haleb
  7. allisaac

7 youtubers

  1. jack maynard
  2. joe sugg
  3. caspar lee
  4. zoella
  5. marcus butler
  6. grace helbig
  7. dan and phil (i always count them as one)

7 actors

  1. sabrina carpenter
  2. dianna agron
  3. matthew daddario
  4. marie avgeropolous
  5. lucy hale
  6. richard madden
  7. alycia debnam carey

7 singers

  1. sabrina carpenter
  2. fall out boy (i’m counting bands too) or i guess patrick stump
  3. panic! at the disco/brendon urie
  4. halsey
  5. one direction or imagine dragons
  6. bastile/dan smith
  7. coldplay

7 colours

  1. blue
  2. yellow
  3. purple
  4. green
  5. black
  6. red
  7. orange

send me seven


Where it all went south….

This man has no charisma outside of the initial charm. It’d be fine if that was the only issue–awkward guys need love too…but he really did try to woohoo with me just like that! I’m Not into it. I can’t give the juice to any ole lad. At least take me to a nice restaurant first, damn. He was just…too forward. Not feeling it. 

And that’s only one thing honey child! Then he wanna get an attitude too? Nah nah nah baby girl I’m not with the shits! 

I just wanted some conversation, some flirting, some build up or something. Damian don’t roll like that though. Even Hakeem gave me some time before showing his fuckboy colors. 

Are there any men in my league in this desert land? I sure as hell hope so. 


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Bruh I could just talk about Voltron for so long, I love this show so much

same??? I didn’t think i’d get this hooked but like, there were so many signs

like lions being one of my top favorite animals for no explainable reason

space, with interesting aliens?? A tall lanky comedic relief character associated with the color blue?? like??? welp

(not to mention the grumpXgoofball ship i’m always here for those)

and here i am

in voltron hell

and i love it