I’m not sure why Tumblr isn’t all over White Collar. Seriously, it’s an incredible show with wit, great humor, clever plots, and AMAZING character development. Not to mention:

  • Gay actor Matt Bomer is the lead
  • Neal Caffrey: super suave con-man art-thief with a heart of gold and an intense love of all things artistic (he’s an adorable puppy dog cinnamon roll)
  • Diana Barrigan: daughter of a diplomat and a badass lesbian woman of color who isn’t sexualized 
  • Clinton Jones: A black Harvard-educated Navy man turned FBI agent who is cool as hell
  • June: super awesome black woman who is so sweet but also crafty and on occasion helps the guys with cons 
  • Mozzie: conspiracy theorist comic relief with a penchant for philosophic quotes and completely random eccentricities - who has a REALLY SAD BACKSTORY WHY?! 
  • Peter and El: They have the BEST marriage ever. Both are supportive, encouraging, and SO TRUSTING. Seriously, Peter constantly gets thrown into compromising positions where he has to flirt with other women, and each time they set it up like El think he’s having an affair but she just laughs at him because he sucks at flirting - Sorry I just really love the Burkes
  • Satchmo the dog saves the day more than once 

It’s funny, light-hearted, with great writing and acting, and touches on deep themes with grace. This show is INCREDIBLE and went out with a hell of a bang. It’s all on Netflix and you should totally go watch it right now. 


au: in which you only see the world in black and white until you meet your soulmate. michael has dreamed about you often however he doesn’t know your name nor what you look like. throughout the years he’s only been adamant on the fact that you’re going to show up. Calum, Luke, and Ashton relentlessly teasing him over being so in love. then one day as he’s on stage, he finally sees you in the crowd and everythings in color.

happy 20th birthday jerika! i really hope that today is like the most wonderful day for you because you deserve it. you’re so kind, intelligent, and talented. i’m so happy that i found you on wattpad and we’ve blossomed into a couple of amazing writer best friends. you’re so easy to talk to, witty, sassy, but also cute as hell. i don’t really know what else to write here because i don’t want this to be super long but i love you and i hope you like this. i really struggled trying to come up with an idea that would woo your pants off. and at first i was going to write something but then i didn’t have any proper ideas, so i decided to make a gifset. and it incorporates a few things you like (b/w, wayf, and michael’s adam’s apple). anyways i hope you like it! 💖
-kaity, xx

so yesterday i saw a strip club offering free entry to military personnel b/c there’s an air force base nearby and me ‘n misu-chatta came up with an au where mika’s enlisted in the military and yuu’s a (crossdressing) stripper at a local strip club that lets military guys enjoy the show for free

yuu has to crossdress b/c it was the only way he could get the job and he really needs the money to support his siblings s o yah enjoy finding out you’re actually gay as all hell, mika

a+ doodle by misu-chatta
poop coloring by me



Steven Universe is probably my favorite show. And there are 3 blogs on this site thAT KIND OF ALMOST RUIN LIFE FOR ME TO BE HONEST (steven-universe-edits , stevens-alternate-universe and steven-did-nothing-wrong) THEY SPEND ACTUAL TIME WHITE WASHING, SLIMMING DOWN, AND EVEN GENDER SWAP CHARACTERS FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE AND ARTIST’S GEMSONAS AND IT MAKES ME SICK. 

Do you know how important Steven Universe can be for people? For the people ashamed of their body shape, skin color, even sexuality, this show can honestly be a self confidence boost (even a life saver) for some people, Including myself. THESE PEOPLE KIND OF THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW INTO THE FIREY PITS OF HELL AND BEYOND THAT. They edit out pictures (SOME EVEN REQUESTED) and made all of the characters white, skinny, blue eyed and most of the time blonde hair. AND DON’T GET ME WRONG, ANYONE WITH THOSE FEATURES ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO. But its an act of homophobia, racism and body shaming on their parts. It drags down the people who feel ashamed of themselves, while the artists make the COPYWRITTEN CHARACTERS more “beautiful” when they already were in the first place. And what really pisses me off is not only are they doing TV show characters. They literally take another persons art, another persons original character, and do the same exact makeover given to the TV show. IT IS NOT YOURS, YOU  DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE SOMEONES ART, POSSIBLY SOMEONES MASTERPIECE AND EDIT IT. they dont even feel ashamed. they just think “this is the right thing, its perfect! beautiful! I just made the show 90 THOUSAND TIMES BETTER..”

please block these people, do not support what they are doing, do not make them think it is correct. it is wrong. very. very. wrong.


Iwaizumi and Oikawa, Model AU. Hermès men’s summer 2016 show.

Inspired by Punziella’s SU fanart. 

My head is seriously killing me and I can barely see straight or focus rn everything is either too bright or too loud. I can’t believe I was clumsy enough to actually smack myself in the head with my flag early at practice while learning new choreography.
There’s like this giant bump and my ears keep ringing and I swear if I have a concussion I won’t be surprised tbh
I better not have a concussion because we have a show in a few days and I’m so pumped I won’t miss it for anything
Just……my head hurts so bad everything is so bright and loud….I’m gonna go take a shower and sleep

“Fear The Walking Dead”

So, I watched it last night and I’m not feeling it.  It bored the hell out of me.  I know I complain about some of the characters from “The Walking Dead,” but none of the characters on that show is likeable at all.  

Here’s what I noticed though and what bothers me as a Black Woman, on “Fear The Walking Dead” we saw all these interracial couples with no problem, but yet on “The Walking Dead” the powers that be have yet to give Michonne a love interest.  I noticed they aren’t afraid to show White Women in relationships with men of color and men of color in relations with women outside of their race, so why are we so behind on Black Women being seen as somebody’s love interest still?  Sasha doesn’t count by the way, I’m talking about beautiful Black Women who don’t fit Western standards of beauty like Danai.

So, Scott Gimple…

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Okay stop. Stop, stop, stop.

I just read the biggest bullshit post in my life. Able-bodied people are not allowed to cosplay as disabled characters? Are you like, for real? That’s like saying black people aren’t allowed to cosplay as white characters or vice versa. Or that fat people can’t cosplay as thin characters.

I think it’s great when people show their love for a character through cosplay. Whether they be able-bodied or disabled, white or of color, thin or fat, I don’t think it should matter. Cosplay is about having fun and showing appreciation for a character.

Hell, I’m disabled and I cosplay able-bodied characters. Following that logic, I would be just as wrong.

You don’t have to be or look like a character to cosplay them.

Cosplay’s for everyone and I can’t believe I’m seeing this policing bullshit on my dashboard. Get it the fuck away from me. Cosplay who you want, guys. Don’t listen to these guys.


Hi. So I’m back from work and also the new owner of another QL tie in novel and I thought, hm, I think I’m going to make a post abt the most important part of these novels: THE COVERS

i’m sorry. like i know someone had to draw these. they put work into these covers. they got paid. but jesus christ. lets hv a chat abt these.


  • the matching white outfits. tfw when u and ur boyf r that couple that color cordinates
  • sam looks like more okay than usual but like he’s still suddenly got these high ass cheekbones like what??? its wild.
  • no one rlly has come to a consensus on what al’s hair is supposed to be drawn like and it SHOWS look at how fucking high his hair line is. poor al.
  • the little peep of sam’s chest hair = me gagging every eight minutes
  • personal opinion: i don’t like how weirdly soft and shiny their lips look.
  • like just as an aside but um??? why does every cover picture of al make him look sinister???? HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S SCHEMING!!!! fucking swiper the fox over here looking over sam’s shoulder like “ooooohohoho if u only knew what i was planning” like i read the novel buddy all you do is where a zany outfit and bang several women who are described with literally the same adjectives every. fucking. time. 


  • there’s a car??? running off the rails???? all i can hear on the beginning strains of “crazy train”.
  • al looks like ur mom when she tries to peep in on you so she can yell at you to clean ur damn room
  • it is not a good look for him i tell u what
  • how come sam has like WILD eyebrows??? super ungroomed!!! were they trying to make bakula look more??? grizzled??? he looks like dany from game of thrones. get ur fuckin eyebrows threaded sam.
  • ANOTHER NOTE ON SAM: where is the white stripe?????? WHERE IS THE WHITE STRIPE????? BOTH COVERS!!! NO WHITE STRIPE!!! 
  • they made al like extra wrinkly probably to make up for his pudding face on the prelude cover
  •  i will concede this tho i am LOVING al’s cut out collar that’s a nice choice good job whom ever like put in that request

so that’s what i’m thinking abt on this sunday evening. seems about right.


Hi, I don’t usually do this sort of things but please hear me out. This is my first year in Marching Band. Let me tell you, It’s been an amzing experience. Everyone is accepting and happy to be there. This year after winning two state championships, we are attending nationals.

Now let me tell you a secret no one ever wants to hear. Our county is one of the poorest in the whole state. Our Indoor Percussion uniforms had holes everywhere. Hell, they were falling apart left and right. Our Marching Uniforms are in better shape but the truth is, they are three decades old.

30 years old.

The colorful map shows a few things. All those colors represent things. DRG A = very rich DRG B = rich

and it goes on and on with every letter, for example DRG A is much mre wealthy than DRG E, and DRG E is much more weathly than DRG I. (Which is the lowest you can go) We’re in the blue area. DRG G is the one my school district is. (The third lowest)

So, I’m not making this up. Being completley honest. In Middle School, we never had the best. Hell, they just upgraded the gym after promising to fix it for a few years. Slowly we’ve been fixing things and making things better but we still have yet to buy new uniforms.

Back before my current Band Teacher came to our district, we had 16 people in our Band. That was 6 years ago. Now we have 70. Which is a new record and every year we seem to grow. This band camp season we completed over 20 pages of drill in one week!! Which was a feat since we’ve never gotten that far. EVER.

We know this show is going to be the best one yet and hopefully win us something in Nationals

So I’m asking you to please donate anything to fund our new uniforms. The girl you see collecting money is my Drill Instructor Corrine and she raised over 600$ by just standing and asking people for any donations.

I hope to do the same thing or even more by posting this to the tumblr community. Even a single Reblog Will help tons

Thank you for reading and have a nice day



The GPS on my phone may have been what was supposed to help me through these unfamiliar streets but it was doing a terrible job of showing me in the right direction. It seemed I had been rerouted a few times now as I trotted up and down the streets that all seemed to look the same now. The buildings were the same colors and I could barely identify the numbers on them now.

Maybe it was a sign for me to turn around and return back to my dormitory or maybe it was just a sign from above that I should really consider what the hell it was I was about to do.

I stared down at my blank arm, symbolizing its inkless, tattoo-free status.

For now.

I had plans to change that and though I knew my parents would freak out as soon as they knew I planned on tattooing my ink-free skin forever, I was more than excited to see the small picture in my phone come to life on my body.

Being in London meant new adventures right? I was supposed to step out of my comfort zone and do things a bit differently than I would back home. I was studying abroad with some of my university classmates for the summer and so far, I had watched everyone trot off and do these adventurous things on their own while I stuck myself in my bedroom channel surfing.

It was time for a change. It was time for me to grow up and what better way to do that than to get a tattoo I had been marveling at for a year.

It was simple really. Just a blossoming flower with a hell of a detail to it. It was gorgeous, it was vibrant. It was exactly what I wanted to see on my body for the rest of my life and with the address to what was a highly recommended tattoo shop in the area according to the net and some locals, I was only streets away from starting the process of getting that etched into my skin.

I continued to follow the map’s directions, this time watching a bit more closely to make sure I made the right turn at the right time. After a few moments, I had arrived to my destination or at least what was the destination according to my phone but the building that was supposed to be a tattoo parlor looked nothing of the sort.

The outside of it didn’t even have a sign. There was just a dark look, the entrance not easily seen but I decided to push it open anyway. A bell chimed above my head as I called out into the open space. “Hello? Is anyone here?”

It looked like an abandoned room but it was neat. There was a large, tall desk set off in the counter like a reception area but that was all the furniture inside. The walls were painted a fresh white and straight ahead was a hallway. It may have been smart for me to just turn around but against my better judgment, I continued my journey inside and towards the hallway. The closer I got, the easier it was to hear the sounds of what resembled a hip hop song beating through the floor and a few muffled voices intertwined.

My feet carried me forward until I was rounding a corner, now staring at a room that looked much more like an entrance to a tattoo shop than the one I had just left out of. There were a few people buzzing about, some of them in the middle of laughter, one woman twisting her body in front of the mirror to stare at the fresh ink running down the side of her stomach and a dark haired woman with two long pigtails sitting behind a desk and popping her bubble gum between her lips.

I was so out of my element because while everyone else seemed relaxed, I was tense just thinking about a needle touching my skin. Realizing how awkward I looked just standing there, I began to move towards the woman sitting at the desk. “Hi.”

My sudden greeting must have went unheard because she hadn’t even looked up to greet me back, instead just staring down at her phone until I repeated myself. “Uh hello. I’m here to get a tattoo?”

“Then you’ve come to the right place. What time is your appointment?”

“I actually don’t have one. I was hoping maybe someone was free to do it?”

“So you’re just going to walk in and let any old person do your tattoo?”


The sound of a loud man seemingly addressing me from behind caused me to turn around. “Wally’s free. I can take you back there if you want?”

He was familiar and I was easily able to place his name once the woman at the desk spoke it for me. “Hector, when are you going to realize that you don’t work here? Let me do my job.”

Instead of addressing her, he smiled towards me and held out his hand for me to shake. “Hi. I’m Hector, part-time footballer, part-time tattoo parlor assistant. I can show you back if you want?” He pointed in the area behind him where I assumed the various tattoo rooms were. Suddenly trusting this man who was technically a stranger to me, I nodded and let him lead the way.

“So what are you trying to get done?” he questioned as he continued to walk infront of me.

“I just want a tattoo of this flower.”

“A flower?” he chuckled, briefly looking at me over his shoulder.

“It’s not as simple as it sounds.”

“Are you sure because it sounds pretty simple?”

I let my eyes run down his exposed arms to take in the look of his own tattoos. “Yours don’t seem all that complex.”

“I would redo some of them if I could. They’re okay though.” He took a moment to observe his arm before shrugging off my statement. I figured there may come a day where I would regret my tattoo as well but for now it was all I wanted and exactly what I wanted. Nothing could talk me out of that.

“Aye, Wally!” Hector made a turn into one of the open doors and instinctively, I followed behind. There was a man seated and hunched over a paper I figured he was drawing something on until he noticed he had company, looking up at Hector first. “What?”

“Someone wants a tattoo. Figured I’d give her to you.” He reached behind him to lace his arm behind my back and urge me forward.

“Do you know what you want?”

I gave a soft nod before pulling my phone out of my pocket to pull out a picture. “It’s simple really.”

“Too easy,” Hector added in.

“Is this your first tattoo?”

I nodded.

“Sheesh. You sure you wanna do this? I can be a bit rough with the needle,” Wally chuckled.

“I can take it.”

“Tough. I like it. Maybe Hector over here will stay and hold your hand,” he said before nodding towards Hector who simply gave me a small smile. “If you want me to stay I can. I just wanna see what this thing will look like.”

“Um…sure?” I began walking over to the chair, trying my best to relax against the cool leather and looking down at my arm which was soon to no longer look the same.

Hector took a seat on the stool next to me though he opted not to grab onto my hand. Instead he reached over and grabbed for the glasses on my face. “Relax. You’re in good hands. He did all of my tattoos.”

“I’m not sure that makes me feel any better,” I joked which got a short laugh out of them both.

“Do I make you feel any better?”

“Mmm, maybe.”

Hector’s smile grew wider. “Good. That’s what I like to hear.”


Masculine demon kin-themed items:

Sigil of Lucifer pin - $.96 (seller has other similar pins available)

”Baphomet” T-shirt - $22 (background is available in other colors, and design is available on other items)

Spiral horns keychain - $6

“Garita del Diablo“ T-shirt - $22 (background is available in other colors, and design is available on other items)

Fingerless knit gloves - $9.16 (the picture shows the beige version, but it also comes in more demony colors like red and black)

Winged skull necklace - $1.59


This shop on Storenvy has a number of demon-themed artworks, an example of which is this:

They are available on stickers and (in at least one case) a patch.

so here is one of the things ill be working on getting made into a shirt! ill also be making many many cardstocks of it ? dont like its coloring? donot worry ill be making all the morphs! no two will be the same! (cant say that if i get it made into a shirt, ill be using the best for each morph. ) want your baby? hell yeah ill do it! “ but hissy my geck is a boy!” dont worry lovely sweet peas i am working on that as we speak along with three other pieces that will be like this. not to mention the snake bubbles im also working on! i just wanted to show you a little bit of what i was working on! when i get about ten pictures i am happy with, ill put all of the things up and ill talk about prices :)

**sorry about the water mark. i just didnt want people to easily steal something that i am super excited about…

anonymous asked:

Since you're both the pokemom and the biggest amethyst fan possibly ever what pokemon do you think ame would be

oh man good question

i think the most obvious answer is zoroark. dark color scheme, fluffy, mischievous, likes to shapeshift. cool as hell. often represented as a mother in the show. nice


Theres this incredibly offensive blog. Its called www.steven-universe-edits.tumblr.com or whatever, and they make edits, recoloring the SU characters caucasian. They even stated that “society would be better if everyone were the same person”, and that there “wouldnt be any wars” if society was like this.

This is beyond fucked up.

And this is exactly what I said in their ask box:

Sure, Ill “ask you anything”.

I have a million questions but Imma sum it all up into one.

What the hell is wrong with you that you have to make every person on this show white?? Im sorry that there are different countries that make people different ethnicities and skin colors. And your “statement” about everyone being the same and there wouldnt be any wars is BEYOND IDIOTIC. Youre acting extremely nationalist and this shit needs to stop.

Oh, Im sorry. Are these words too big for you??

( Sadly, I couldnt type anymore but I definitely went off on them. )

This was too true to be left in some ask box, so Im sharing it with you guys.

Please block and report this person. This is way too offensive, and they need to be stopped.

duballthesteps asked:

How do you feel about using ouija boards and communicating with spirits? I've heard mixed answers of approval and disapproval from several witches and I wanted to know your opinion c: Thank you have a wonderful day

I think if it’s done responsibly, there’s no more danger than any method of divination or spirit communication. I’m not a fan of ouija boards myself, mostly because I think their responses can be very subjective and easily colored by the unconscious will of the participants. But I don’t believe that they are the Great Big Portals Into Hell that the over-hyped, Catholic-funded ghost shows would have you believe.

Check with theouijagirl for more information.

RG Kamen Rider Assessment:Day 27: Favourite Final Form

Oh boy its here. Some of you will fight me on this. Some of you will yell. But WHATEVS COME AT ME SCRUBLORDS IM RIPPED

(Please dont come at me, I am in fact pudgy and will be destroyed)

Originally posted by shitdisco

I know some of you are saying “WHAT UNSUBSCRIBE, PUTOTYRA IS THE FINAL FORM OF OOO NOT THIS PEACOCK NONSENSE” and I mean ok, you can feel that way leave your angry ask in the box, form a line be proper about it.

I’m not talking about Tajador in general. Im talking about the last one. The literal last form that is used in the show. Hell it even has a special transformation call.

Originally posted by kairikin

Oh wait that voice sounds familiar. OH NO

Tears fucking everywhere shit. God damn.

I love how tajador looks first off, its more unified colors the way the mask looks in comparison to the normal form (granted it took me awhile to warm up to it). The peacok lasers, the taja spinner which I love is an offensive shield. It can fucking FLY and sword claw feet YESSSSSS

Alright and all that is well and good and then you combine it with this final scene. Ankh is dying. Actually more than that he thinks he’s about to just not exist period. And this selfish bird man decides he wants to go out fighting. Not as himself. But alongside Eiji. Te person he’s been butting heads with since the beginning. His boyfriend.

The Whole last character arc for Ankh and Eiji hits me hard and the way the plot culminates to this conjoined head. Ankh and Eiji who both shunned the aid of other people now enter the final fight together as one.

This stupid pretty couple