Persephone + Lucifer drawn by Kevin Wada and Kris Anka, colored by Matt Wilson.

This commission definitely turned out to be an unexpected treasure. Upon reading WicDiv 11 and finding out that Laura/Persephone and Lucifer were, respectively, the Queen of the Underworld and the Lord of Hell, I knew I needed a Wada/Anka piece of the two of them done at Heroescon. I asked Kris and Kevin about it on day one of the show and they accepted the request. On day two Kris and I talked about details/posing and I suggested Persephone lighting Lucifer’s cigarette, which they both seemed to love. On day three I was really excited to see the finished product when Kris caught me in a queue and asked if I was okay with the piece taking a slightly different direction from their usual collaborations. He and Kevin really wanted the art to be colored by Matt Wilson, who is the colorist on WicDiv, and the two of them had done some line work already. He was very understanding that the idea was a 180 from what I was expecting and assured me that it would be okay if I said no, but after taking a couple of minutes to talk to all three parties I was on board and delivered the line work to Matt, who was able to get it done in the last half hour of the con. 

It is so flattering that Kevin and Kris liked the idea so much, and even though Matt told me he might not be able to finish it he really worked hard to squeeze it in his schedule, which is incredibly appreciated. I really try to commission things that I think artists would enjoy doing, and the fact that everyone wanted to take the piece further and give it as much life as possible was extremely gratifying. I think this is a really fun commission, and the story behind it reminds me of just how much people adore this series. I think this art is a tribute to that adoration.

Big thanks again to Kevin Kris and Matt (but most thanks goes to Matt since he remembered to sign it ;) I’ll have this scanned and uploaded all HQ-like soon, as well as the latest addition to my wicdiv jam sheet.


Ahh, done at last! I decided to include the original just to show it was a two page spread that I had to alter slightly because the halves don’t really line up exactly. This scene is really awesome though because Atem just marches right through the battlefield so he can shove Bakura the hell away from his father’s body.


This doesn’t really show off how iridescent the mohawk is, but hey!! hair!

Jurassic World Blue Raptor inspired hair!! Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise + Rockabilly Blue. The Atomic stuck a little more in the sides, but the Rockabilly really shows off what it can do with the ‘hawk. It’s literally iridescent under the right light.

>Everyday is a different level of hell. Friends hurt you and betray you. Guys who you thought liked you show their true colors. School reveals itself as being a brainwashing facility where they train kids to have no creativity, to think inside the box, and live cookie cutter lives. Parents pressure their kids to achieve the impossible. They too want them to have the cookie cutter lifestyle. But that kid. That kid that seems to do everything just right, who seems to have it all figured out. Who seems to fit be what everyone wants them to be. Is in fact the opposite. They are just waiting for the chance to get on stage and tell all of their “friends” to go fuck themselves. To tell their teachers and administration what bullshit they are hammering into kids brains, to tell their parents to live their own goddamn lives and keep their asses out of their kids’. To tell everyone how much they fucking hate them and can’t wait to get the hell out of there. To finally be who they are without everyone pointing out what’s wrong with it. That seemingly perfect kid hates labels and judgement. They hate anything relating to society. They love being different but they’ve mastered hiding their personality. They’re just waiting until they can get to that place where they can be themselves. Where they can show the scars on their legs from years of self harm and not be labeled a suicidal freak, where they can speak their mind and state their opinion and not be labeled a bitch, where they can party, and drink, and have sex without being called a slut, whore, or prostitute. Where they can finally be happy without being labeled fake, or self absorbed. These kids are grenades. When they finally explode, there will be no survivors, only casualties. They will not stop until everyone feels the pain that they have suppressed for so goddamn long. They will destroy everything and everyone. Society killed the teenager, but little does society know that karma’s a bitch and that teenager is back and out for revenge.

Don’t worry

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I am getting really fucking annoyed by how much people are talking about Gillian’s hair/wig!

Please people, Scully is way more then her fucking HAIR!

It been 13 years since the series ended, 7 years since the last film, are you telling me that Scully isn’t allowed to change what her hair looks like during that time? Hell, I change my hair color one or twice a year!

And who cares if it is a wig?? Gillian has colored her hair a million times and it’s not in the best of shape, just let her use a wig! She is trying to protect her hair and she has said before that it is a lengthy process to get red and that it’s incredibly hard to get it back to blonde afterwards. 

Seriously people, leave it alone and lets focus on more important things like the actual plot of the show and the state of the Mulder/Scully Relationship!


Okay this is something I didn’t think would ever happen but well… I was super bored and I got me Sims 4 and the first thing that bugged me was the eyes of the Sims so I pretty much jumped straight at reading eye creating tutorials so I could fix that. I took my Nemo eyes and tweaked them a little to make them work better in Sims 4 and now after about week of testing and screaming at the game for never making my black one work (it always showed up as the black alien eye in game but after I changed the swatch color into bright yellow it started working, no idea why the hell but well, it worked so I left it as yellow = yellow swatch = black eye) I’m finally pretty sure that these are safe to share. That said this is first time I’ve made anything for Sims 4 so there could be something wrong with these files that I don’t know about yet = download at your own risk. They work in my game and in my sister’s game so I don’t see reason why they wouldn’t work in someone else game but what do I know about Sims 4 files anyway? ^^; If you’re still not too worried about any of that then….

Download Nemo Eye Defaults (colors shown in second swatch)
Download Nemo Eye Custom-version (colors shown in first swatch and below is another swatch that has all colors except black ‘cause I hadn’t yet figured why it wasn’t working when I made it)

The custom version is disabled for random because I learned the hard way that removing eyes that are in use is about as bad in Sims 4 as it was in Sims 2. While it was possible to give them new eyes with cheats I still can’t get one of my Sim to stop swapping eyes every time somebody in the household uses mirror and it drives me crazy. =_= This way at least random sims shouldn’t be spawning with these eyes so you only have to edit your own Sims before removing them if you don’t like them. Oh also, custom version comes in 2 versions, all merged together as one file and pick&choose in case you don’t want all the colors, obviously only install either one. And yes, I recycled the swatch from Sims 2 version of these eyes ‘cause it was faster than making a new one. :P


  • Nemo eyes were made from a picture I grabbed from renderosity.com/
  • Colors used by Trapping, Pooklet & me
  • Sclera is just the default EA one, I don’t know about any fancy Sims 4 things yet and using that felt the safest ^^;
  • Sims 4 Studio for making eye making pretty damn easy & their tutorial about custom eye creation.

I have no idea if I’ll be making more Sims 4 stuff, at the moment I don’t have other projects but that’s subject to change as my moods come and go. I probably will at least try making makeup at some point ‘cause the ones in game are horrible. Do let me know if you run to problems with these, I have no idea if I can figure out a way to fix them but I definitely will try to if needed!

Also to check my TOU see *here* Phew, I think that was everything? *posts*

You know, outsiders listening to people talk about Red vs Blue must get so confusing at times. And I don’t mean them talking about the plot or anything like that. Just listening to the characters names.

Think about it, we have Church, Caboose, Sarge, Donut, Doc, just to name a few. They don’t even sound like names that must be so confusing. And that’s not even getting into the Freelancers!

Carolina, Washington, York, Wyoming, Maine, who the hell outside of RvB would hear names in any of those?! I mean if someone just showed a person the leaderboard without any context they wouldn’t understand shit.

Then we could get into actually showing people our fav characters (And no I’m not talking about all the beautiful art and face canons people have, I mean just what’s actually shown in the show). Besides colors they are all the same.

Outsiders must be so confused by RvB.

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arent talon and kata siblings? i dont see why other people obsess over this ship

//I’ll answerto all the silly stuff I’ve seen with your ask if you allow me to :° No, they are not siblings, they are not blood related BUT … I don’t ship them for a simple reason: they are LIKE siblings. I have a lot of sisters and brothers in law, WOULD I SLEEP WITH THEM? NO!  Because it’s just something I can’t figure. When your mother or father brings someone in the family circle, you have to greet this new one as a relative,no matter the color, blood etc…! the family sphere is the only place you can be safe from these erotical tensions the world is throwing at you: you have to get a girl/boyfriend, you have to marry just like in the TV shows, if you’re gay you have to have the gay conduct ETC… So why the hell wasting the last safe place where you can speak about this everyday struggle? I love Talon and Kat as a brotp because they ‘re perfectly illustrating this idea. They both come from a very different social environment but they kind of spent a long time together under Marcus Du Couteau’s teaching. Talon is almost a son in the family so if Katarina has trouble now that Marcus is gone, she has someone she can talk to. It’s more than friendship, it’s part of this private zone you can call “home” and where you can go back when you feel like six feet under. I have a little brother and when we’re alone, he sometimes opens his heart and reveals stuff he would not tell to anyone else, because he knows I’m not going to judge or to blame, just trying to give my support and bring my advices.




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Much as I love the Olicity sex scene, I don't think it has a snowball's chance in hell against Outlander. Their sex scenes are insane, and numerous. Even if the nom is only for one scene, the voting will be colored by the rest of the hotness as well.

I think that’s sort of the point, nonnie. One show is on Starz, with constant sex and very little restraint necessary in what they show in their scenes.

Arrow’s single sex scene in the entire season was beautiful, with a theme, romantic, and considering it’s TV-14, very sexy. We need to try.

Olicters weren’t voted the biggest comic-based live-action-show shippers for nothing!

Keep voting!

I freaking love the Brightheart skin because I love skins that have the transparent-with-bones-showing look and this does it really, really well, and it’s for female tundras, who (imo) don’t often get cool skins. 

A Brightheart chest just dropped for me, so I immediately put the skin on my blacksmith because even though I love Ember’s colors and rarely put full skins on my dragons, this skin is just too awesome:

Hell yes. She looks like fire incarnate. :D

Idea for a comedy show: my dad trying to explain sports to me
  • Dad:Nice hit! Run, run, run, run, run!
  • Me:He got a home run?
  • Dad:Shh!
  • Me:But did he?
  • Dad:No, he got a double.
  • Me:What does that mean?
  • Dad:Shhh!!
  • *later*
  • Dad:Get him out, get him out! YES!
  • Me:Did we score?
  • Dad:No, we got them out.
  • Me:What color are we?
  • Dad:What the hell are you talking about?
  • Me:What color is our team wearing?
  • Dad:Our team is Detroit!
  • Me:But what color??
  • Dad:Shut up.
  • *later*
  • Me:Oh, so we are white and blue?
  • Dad:You're kidding, right?
  • Me:We're black and yellow?
  • Dad:No!
  • Me:So we're white and blue! You should have said!
  • Dad:The D for Detroit is on the uniform.
  • Me:But the other team could be from a city that starts with D, too!
  • Dad:You're shitting me, aren't you? Are you filming me for the internet??
  • Me:No, I just don't understand sports.
  • Dad:Ok look. See that corner? See how it says PIT and DET?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Dad:That's for the city the team is from. See how it is in the team's color? Also, there is a P on the other team's uniform, so they can't be from Detroit.
  • Me:OH! What city are we playing?
  • Dad:Go to your room.
  • *later*
  • Dad:YES, YES, YES!
  • Me:Did we score?
  • Dad:No.
  • Me:So why are you cheering?
  • Dad:Because the other team didn't score.
  • Me:Well it's a bit mean to cheer at that, Dad. How do you think it would make them feel if they knew you were cheering at that?
  • Dad:That's a TV. They can't hear me.
  • Me:So? Would you want people laughing and cheering if you didn't score a point?
  • Dad:I wouldn't even care.
  • Me:Well it's still mean.
  • Dad:Sports are mean.
  • Me:You're going to hurt their feelings.
  • Dad:There's no crying in baseball!
  • Me:Huh?
  • *later*
  • Dad:Go Miggy! YES!
  • Me:Did we score?
  • Dad:I hate you.
  • Me:Why?
  • Dad:You should stop watching sports.
  • Me:Why?
  • Dad:*literally just looks at me*
  • Me:I love you, dad.
  • Dad:If you weren't my daughter I would have kicked you out of the living room by now.
  • *later*
  • Me:So who's Miggy?
  • Dad:He's on the team!
  • Me:Well how was I supposed to know? No one has Miggy written on the back of their shirt!
  • Dad:Listen, I know you don't watch sports. I get that. But how the FUCK do you live in Michigan and not know who Miguel Cabrera is?
  • Me:I know that one of them is dating that model, right?
  • Dad:Yeah, that's Justin Verlander.
  • Me:Oh yeah! I know him.
  • Dad:I'm so proud.
  • Me:Thank you!!
  • Dad:I still want you to go to your room. Just go play on the computer.

I just want to say that while I talk shit about how a lot of Korrasami shippers had a large hand in turning me off to both Korrasami and Asami…I’m still happy that the ship happened. That will never, ever change. And none of my mutuals had better bring this up when I’m talking the aforementioned shit, but sometimes I just rewatch the last 15 seconds of the finale over and over again and get excited. I ship Korvira and Makorra with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns circling in hell and I was majorly underwhelmed by Korrasami when I finally watched the show but still. There was - and still is - a sense of vindication I feel from witnessing a femslash with two women of color becoming canon. I wouldn’t change it even if I could.

Ok well. Maybe I would have made Kuvira a bigger part of Book 3 and a really close “friend” *wink* to Korra and then added that element of betrayal that they both feel about each other’s actions and amp down on the few random and uncharacteristic points of Kuvira’s dictatorship and get rid of that fucking robot and have a similar scene in the Spirit World with Korra and Kuvira arguing and breaking down and crying because they missed each other

and having Kuvira assure Korra that she never needed to suffer and giving a good and speech about how she is amazing as Korra the Person and highlighting all of the amazing things that Korra has done and the people that she’s inspired with her love and her friendship

And then having Korra’s demolished self confidence rise to the surface because yes she did do all of that and then have Kuvira saying that she knows that now she’ll have to spend the rest of her life in prison and then Korra saying that no she won’t she won’t let that happen because she understands what it’s like to go to the ends of the Earth to protect people aland that she can be held accountable for her mistakes and her actions but that includes recognizing that she united a kingdom and saved millions and when no one else would and o then have the close of Kuvira’s screen time being and they’re not going to throw her away like garbage she’s The Avatar and she won’t let them

but until then they choose to spend just a few moments more in the Spirit World together and they lay down together in the meadow and get super close and they let their foreheads rest against each other’s and they hold hands and smile and close their eyes and just rest and be in love.

But you know.

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so did you just randomly decide that you want to date girls? because that's not what you said when you broke up with mae last time.

this is the first time i have ever dated mae. get your facts straight. and it wasn’t random out of the blue for me to like girls. i don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you really need to stop making assumptions about me and my life and my relationships with the people i care about. so here’s a big fat fuck you from me to you.

and if you have any more issues about me and my life, come and talk to me off anon. i will defend my relationship and my life to the death, and if you expected anything different from me, then i swear to god i will show my true colors through and through without a single moment of hesitation. and that is not an empty promise.

what the hell is going on with clothes these days, everything either shows your entire torso or is covered in some hideous geometric pattern in ugly colors

It’s odd how my aesthetics change every time I dye my hair a different color.

Turquoise-blue? deep purple lipstick; coffee; dark tv shows; flower crowns

A minty kinda color with blonde roots? baked sweet potatos with salad, cous cous and guacamole; bees; thin eyeliner

Pinky purple? Taylor Swift; plain grey t-shirts; oreos

It’s like slightly changing into a different person every time, and it’s so interesting and exciting. 

Like who am I gonna be next time? Am I gonna paint my nails? Am I gonna kill a man? who knows? I sure as hell don’t

Get to know me meme (Tag 10 people you want to get to know)

I was tagged by Avery to do this post

Name: Jack Wingate

Nickname: Jacky, Jackypoo, Jackery

Birthday: October 8th

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5'7 (Im probably being generous with this guess)

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Gay 

Favorite Color: light blue 

Time and date: 10:02 6/25/15

Average hours of sleep: oh fuck like 4 hours a day

Lucky Number: 28

Last thing I googled: i have an obsession

One thing that makes me happy: being with friends and just having fun without worrying about having fun

How many blankets do I sleep under: none its hot as hell in florida

Favorite Fictional Character: A GIANT WOMAN (opal)

Favorite famous person: PETE BENNET (idk if this counts)

Favorite book: Alice in Wonderland

Favorite show: Steven Universe or Sense8 idk

Favorite musician/ bands: ALabama Shakes

Favorite movie I’ve seen at the cinema: tbh all my favorite movies i watch at home :/

Dream Holiday: Travel the entire world in 80 days 

Dream Job: be a movie producer/director

Last book I read: this book about the history of monsters in cinema (i only read it to get rid of my boner) 

First things that come to mind: uh wat does this mean???


Last movie I saw in the cinema: pitch perect 2 

Wearing right now: a shirt with taylor swifts face that says “shake it off” in latin and my boxers

TAG 10 PEOPLE (i tagged 12) free-ckled testicolous sochillhill phatfarms tbandzzz zorillaaa gixenciaga tortelliknee euphoricrecollections rosygardenias twinksupreme cukegirl