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ohhh how about photographer!derek and model!stiles with derek taking sneaky pictures of stiles on set laughing/eating and sitting around reading in his glasses every time they shoot together? (maybe laura steals the pictures and publishes them -maybe with quotes derek said about stiles when he thought no one was listening- and that's how stiles finds out about derek's crush on him?)

Stiles Stilinski was a beautiful man. He used to be an awkward teenager with a buzz cut that made him look younger than he was, but now he had grown his hair out and had grown into his features.

His dark brown hair was usually a pure mess, always looked like he had just rolled out of bed, but it always looked so good on him. Somehow bed hair fit him perfectly. His nose was slightly upturned, cutely so. His lips were full, always tugged back in a grin or a smile or open wide as he laughed loudly at everything.

His brown eyes were beautiful and if the light hit them right, they looked almost golden, and it was like looking into the sun. His lashes were dark and long, making his eyes pop more when they got touched up a little in the make up room. His skin was pale, covered with moles that went all over his body as well as his face.

His body was lean, muscular but lithe. He filled out plane shirts nicely, and he could make any jeans or pants look good with the way his ass was shaped. There wasn’t a single hair on his chest, but his forearms were covered with them, his happy trail thick with dark hair, and he had refused to shave either when Laura had suggested it. His hands were large, his fingers long, and he would always touch his face absently, stroking either his lips, chin or jaw.

Stiles Stilinski was a beautiful man, and he had become Derek’s favorite subject to photograph.

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