After all the Raúl Esparza drawings I’ve made so far, I can honestly say that this was one my favourites to draw. His expression touched me from the day I saw this pic for the very first time. Poor Dr. Chilton looks so defeated and hopeless here. I always feel like giving him a hug. 😢
When you ask me why I didn’t choose to draw him drenched in blood or sitting in his office chair, I can only answer: Because that’s what everyone expected my first Chilton drawing to be! I wanted to draw a pic that’s not THAT common to be drawn. It is SIMPLE and in it’s simplicity it shows more emotions than most violent scenes ever could.

Even though most Deadpool’s comics are quite problematic (they are supposed to be,tho) I appreciate that he (wade wilson) is the actual hawkeye initiative himself.

Maybe I’ll create a masterpost later, but way before the initiative, deadpool official artists have been drawing him in ridiculously sexy poses (just like all the poses female characters are drawn too), on purpose.

As far as I know it was intentional to show how ridiculous these poses are. In Deadpool we see crotchshots everytime, his booty popping in almost impossible poses, chest glistening, unecessary shirtless scenes when he’s healed and so on.

This kinda makes me happy because it’s kind of a slap in the face of sexist artists who have the audacity to say that there’s only one way to draw female superheroes/characters.

I also like the fact that Ryan followed these rules in the movie, however he went even further into positive female representation (including the de-sexualization of some of the female characters, besides Vanessa, of course, because she IS a stripper and does like to dress more ‘risque-y’, however no one in the movie obligates her to dress like that. She does it because she wants to.)

There were always eyes on her. Whether the light hit her in the right way, or the world was just drawn to those eyes of ruby. Gemstones with a perfectly tan face wound in that scowling pride he recalled within every mirror he glimpsed.

One and the same they had become, but in far different ways. His sister was a gloriously kind soul on the inside- a carved heart of stone that was only cold on the outside, and golden on the inside the way Xanxus always saw fit.

And he saw what the rest did not. There was so much more than beauty layering her- a potent fury that lie within the same shell the way it did him and his own scars littering the damaged skin he held.

“I have no interest in a dance.” She denied them all with a feverish neglect. Her eyes flaring out with that devious disposition she adored because it made her seem hard to get. It made her tougher than she already was like her brother starting over at the slow rhythm of a crowd that gathered just to be next to her.

“Xanxus,” He could hear her state with a bland tone calling him out on approach. 

“So ill-mannered still.” He spoke deeply when he smirked smugly just in reach of the only hand that could still touch hers before she rejected it. Family was better than lustful strangers. Blood was far worth her time over demeaning morons who were nothing more than powerless weaklings just begging for her attention the way they all did.

His hands were rough from the pain through all the time she was gone. Her life different from his own- less to fear, less to struggle and hate, yet somehow still a fight she waged every day and night just to keep peace.

It wasn’t blood and death, but miserable sweat and tears she found in just average days that came and went so fast- it was all gone. Family, hope, dreams, and all she had left was holding her fingers gingerly on the first turn pushing her out for what could have been the last dance with the brother she missed every single day.

Xanxus couldn’t protect her forever. Her younger brother couldn’t dote on her for life, but growing up was harder than she could have imagined. And loving anyone that wasn’t so endearingly rugged was so impossible when he kept them all at good bay.

“Thank you,” She whispered. “Xanxus.”

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so the kaidan romance is the only ~pure~ romance? the rest are just "dirty" because they have sex? you know you can reject them right? they give you the option to say no to the sex scene. please don't tell me you're one of those people who think "allosexuals" are dirty creatures who only think about sex 24/7

First off, I did NOT say that.

Look, sex aside, the Kaidan romance is my favorite for many other reasons. The others just don’t click to me the same. Sure, I don’t find myself as drawn to them, but the reason they aren’t my favorite has nothing to do with the sex aspect. They’re just not my favorite as a whole.

Same in Dragon Age. The ones without a sex scene have just so far happened to be my favorite. I’ve enjoyed others but sometimes when the romance has a sexual aspect to it, it just makes me feel a little uncomfortable personally. It’s a matter of how it’s written, and most of the time, it’s fine. It’s not bad or dirty, maybe just not the one for me. It’s all a matter of how I feel while playing it out and testing it. Sometimes the sex doesn’t bother me at all, other times, for my own sake, I just back away.

I’m a sex positive asexual, so no I don’t think of things in terms of pure and dirty. I’m fine with the idea of sex and I’m fine with doing it myself too. But since it’s not the most comfortable subject for me sometimes, I just watch it and take it in moderation. It really depends. I don’t write off content because I know it’s predominately sexual. I don’t like certain things more BECAUSE they’re not as sexual. All I do is watch myself and listen to my head when something begins to make me feel uncomfortable. It’s not a mindset solely reserved for aces. I’m angry about plenty of things in the world pertaining to my sexuality, (heteronormativity, hyper sexualization, rampant acephobia just to name a few) but I would never ever use it as a reason to slut shame or consider something dirty just because it was sexual. It would be rude and hypocritical of me, so I don’t adopt that mindset at all.

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returning the favor with ♉ to Leadfoot

“You have gone as far as a man can take you together, young brothers. A man will only take one of you onward.” That’s all he’d said. The implication was obvious. You’d drawn your weapons then and there, and your partner had taken the initiative to attack you first and you regretted letting him have the first move. You were nimble, but your “brother” was angry and fiercely strong. Always so angry… A terrible clown really. But an excellent fighter.

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Roommates|| Rome&Jasper

Roman had always been drawn to the spot where he died. It was special, it was really the only thing left that was truly his. The only connection he had to his former life. So far he was lucky, no one had claimed Room 503 yet, no one was going to disturb his peace. He was laying down on one of the beds that was in the exact same spot where he had been lying forty five years ago asleep when he had been shot in the chest.

He heard a click, the door opening and his eyes shot open. He felt a tightness in his chest, a bit of anxiety caught in his throat. For a minute he had thoughts running through his head that this was Noah back again. But he calmed down when he saw the very much alive human boy that wasn’t Noah standing in the door way.
“You should really knock. You scared the fucking shit out of me.” Roman said letting out a relived sigh. “What are you doing her-” he cut himself off when he saw Jaspers things at the door. “Oh never mind. That answers my question.”

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ohhghrugh those poor babies.. !!!! do you know what they look like? o:

aaaaa ikr ;A;

oh boy well let’s see Sabela is the only one I’ve drawn (excuse my art ahah)



the others i have sorta images of in my head but some of them are pretty vague, i want to actually sit down at some point and figure out their designs more solidly and then hopefully draw them but i think!! tomorrow i’ll try to write up what i have for each of their designs so far :0