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Oh my god, have you seen the clip of commentary from the new TFA release they showed in the Star Wars Show?!

Yes! It’s super interesting, and very exciting to hear J.J. talk about the vision so openly.

The most fascinating part, as far as I’m concerned, is that J.J. compares Rey - in the vision scene - to Cinderella: “In this scene she’s drawn to this place, almost like Cinderella.” And if Rey is Cinderella, there’s pretty much only one choice for her prince and that’s the only person who recurs in her vision - Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. You could say it’s a dark twist on Cinderella - whereas the ball is like a dream for Cinderella, the vision is a nightmare for Rey.

(It’s also worth mentioning that Rey flees the castle in much the same way that Cinderella flees from the ball - running down a flight of stairs.)


Casey McCallister
San Francisco, CA
Sony A7R |  Sony A7S

What has been your favourite adventure so far?

I’m drawn to places that look and feel more wild. There’s something really special about getting away from the crowds and experiencing a location as they were centuries before. Alaska was incredible as was Iceland - both locations still untouched by man in some places. In Iceland, the weather can change so quickly. One morning we woke to 16 inches of fresh snow only to fly out that evening into 60 degree blue skies. I love the changing of the seasons, so being able to experience an aspect of that all in one day is really incredible.

Tell us about the most challenging things you have to overcome in order to capture such beauty.

Kruzof Island in Alaska is one of the most populated bear islands in the world. Hiking through their home, it was important that we gave them the respect they deserve. Despite several close range encounters, the grizzlys were more interested in catching fresh salmon than the strange humans creeping down their beach.

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The writing for these two (FitzSimmons) continues to be one of the strongest, best-supported stories of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I continue to marvel at how mature some of their reactions tend to be. Despite knowing better, television has conditioned me to believe that emotional arcs have to be filled with drama and drawn out, but this season they’ve come so far and there’s no need to drag out parts of their story. Hopefully this new beginning will only lead to more of the same, emotional storytelling that colored the first half of Season 3.

The Flow II” film by Bose Collins and colleagues features a ferrofluid, a magnetically-sensitive liquid made up of a carrier fluid like oil and many tiny, ferrous nanoparticles. Although ferrofluids are known for many strange behaviors, their most distinctive one is the spiky appearance they take on when exposed to a constant magnetic field. This peak-and-valley structure is known as the normal-field instability. It’s the result of the fluid attempting to follow the magnetic field lines upward. Gravity and surface tension oppose this magnetic force, allowing the fluid to be drawn upward only so far until all three forces balance.  (Video credit: B. Collins et al.)

Let’s see what the candidates have to say about some of this election’s major issues… in their own words, naturally.

I’m not terribly familiar with Marlowe - the only one of his plays that I’ve seen so far is Edward II - but I just love “HOLLA, YE PAMPERED JADES OF ASIA”, which Tamburlaine declaims as he enters on a chariot drawn by captive kings. It’s so unpologetically dramatic. Plus, Pistol totally riffs off of it in 2 Henry IV.

Tune in on Thursday to see what the popular support for Shakespeare and Marlowe is like. And remember to pick up your Shakespeare election gear from the Good Tickle Shoppe! (Sorry, Marlowe supporters…)

Piss off punny bones!
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  • Toby Fox - Undertale.

There can be only ONE!

I’m still trying to work on a decent voice for Flowey, but so far it’s a work in process.

Flowey, Frisk, Sans, and Undertale belong to Toby Fox. - (@)
Comic drawn by @velocesmells

I own nothing except the use of my voice!


October 2015 Enter inktober… I started with Hange. I love Hange. Very much. We have plenty in common. So there’s Hange for day one - the one with the wings, and Hange for day two. Hange in space sits just about right. (But can you imagine how stressful that would be for the poor Moblit, can you?) The patch on her arm says Survey Corps Star Ship “ADVANCE”.

As for the last one, it’s from September, I did it around two weeks ago. Um… uhm… well… it was drawn after this thing (nsfw-ish), when I thought it would be a funny idea when I had an up phase. They only went to drink some tea, but Hange did the thing to it… Honestly, what am I even… and I’m so, so, so sorry, Moblit, I’m so sorry. (Yeah, that’s Levi’s cravat)

[ink, pencil, watercolour, white gelpen, in my small sketchbook]

Btw, I like the prompts you’ve been giving me so far, so I’m going to draw them all.

Imagine that Jim, to combat the endless hours of sitting in the Captain’s chair, doodles. He’s a terrible artist, can’t get far beyond stick figures a scribbles. But he looks so pleased with himself whenever he creates a picture, that one time Spock makes the mistake of complimenting him. Jim beams in response, with that maddeningly endearing smile of his that does strange this to Spock’s abdominal region, and they continue on as usual.

Only Jim takes that compliment as an invitation to bombard Spock with hideous handmade gifts.

The first one comes the next Valentines day. It a mug, with poorly drawn block letters that read “World’s Best Bondmate” accompanied by a crude interpretation of he and Jim holding hands. He’s about to tell Jim that it’s “interesting” when he looks up to find two very bright, and very hopeful eyes staring adoringly up at him. So he swallows back the adjective, and tells Jim it’s wonderful. The way Jim lights up, and the fallowing kiss, are well worth the exaggeration. 

By their 20th anniversary, Spock has acquired three mugs, two plates, seven tee-shirts, one blanket, and three pairs of underwear, all decorated by Jim. Every single one of them is aesthetically appalling, but Spock adores them none the less. The strange looks he gets from his students when he dutifully takes his “World’s Best Bondmate” mug to class every morning, or the confused glances of those who glimpse his “abstract sehlat” patterned boxer briefs at the gym are of no consequence. It makes Jim happy, and making Jim happy is something Spock takes very seriously.

When Jim dies, Spock clings to the gifts. He almost always has one on his person, and feels a crushing sense of loneliness when he does not. Once, almost a year after Jim’s death, Mccoy accidentally broke one of the plates. Spock refused to speak to him for a month.

But when Mccoy dies too, Spock tuggs the blanket Jim made him tight around his shoulders and tries to remember his T'hy'la’s smile and what it felt like to have a family.

I Promise

Except for the dim light coming from the lamp in the far corner of my room, the place is mostly dark. The shades are drawn to keep the sunlight from peaking in too much. My television is on, but the volume is turned down fairly low. Currently, I’m curled up into a ball, staring aimlessly at the images that color my television. My small apartment is unnaturally quiet; my only roommate is visiting family back in the States, so I’m left alone here in London. I’m quite alright with that actually. Today is not a day that I want to be bothered, and most people who know me understand that.

It’s three in the afternoon, but I haven’t so much as changed clothes. I’m still wearing Harry’s black longsleeved shirt and red plaid boxers that I wore to bed last night. Harry has been back in England for the last two weeks. When he hasn’t been in the studio, he’s been cooped up in my apartment with me. Neither of us really want to leave the apartment that often when he first returns from tours or trips with the band. We’ve gone out for lunch and dinner a handful of times; we’ve explored the London scenery a few times, but mostly we’ve kept to the confinements of my apartment.

Because we’d rather make up for lost time, we never like going out much when he first returns because of paparazzi and fans. We watch movies and television shows, cook brunch (well Harry cooks), play our favorite board games, goof around while we play FIFA, don’t leave my bed if you get my drift, and so on. It’s always incredibly nice having Harry back. He’d been gone for five months this last time, doing various things: promoting the new album, working on the new perfume, and filming commercials for it. After much reassurance from me, Harry left to visit his family in Cheshire three days ago on Wednesday.

Normally I would’ve gone with him, but there was no way I could miss classes at uni or call off work at the diner on such short notice. I’m fine with him going of course. Harry and his family deserve some much needed alone time. Plus I needed to spend today by myself. Harry is always comforting when it comes to this and what happened to make me feel like this. We’ve been dating for two years (as of next week) and we’ve been best friends for eight years, so Harry’s been around long enough to know about how to handle my feelings towards this.

Throughout the year, I’m usually fine. There may be some moments that are worse than average, but those bad moments are typically reserved for today. Today’s the anniversary of my father’s death. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer several months after Harry and I met. I was only thirteen, and it was devastating. Over the years, I’ve gotten better at dealing with it, but I’m still not close to where I’d like to be. I’m still spending the anniversary of his death locked in my bedroom not talking to anyone or doing much at all.

It’s too much to handle, even now. My dad and I were super close. He did everything for me: took me to school, watched me play football growing up, and worked overtime to give my brother and I everything. My parents divorced when I was three, and my dad had sole custody of us until he passed away. When my father died, it took everything in me to get back to normal. Well, what I could call normal. Although it’s still difficult, I’m much better now. I don’t see my psychiatrist nearly as often anymore and I no longer have nightmares.

With help from my brother and Harry, I’ve gotten a lot better at handling the pain. Suddenly, my daydreaming ends when I hear footsteps enter my apartment. I glance at the clock on my bedside table, realizing it’s just past four o’clock now. I know Natalie shouldn’t be back yet, so it must be Harry. He texted me a little while ago saying he was on his way back. The footsteps make their way to my room. There’s a knock on my door before I hear Harry’s voice.

“Hey love, it’s me,” Harry mumbles just loud enough for me to hear.

I find the effort to crawl from beneath the covers and towards the end of my bed. I get up and walk to the door. Unlocking it, I open the door to find Harry smiling softly down at me. The dimples in his cheeks pop slightly because of he smiles. I nod towards the bed, indicating for him to join me. Harry shuts and locks the door behind us before following me to the bed. He removes his shoes as he sits on the edge of the bed. Finally, he crawls under the covers as well. I immediately snuggle into his side, smiling because of how warm he is.

Tucking my head between his neck and shoulder, I can’t help but smile wider as I take in Harry’s scent. Musk, chocolate, and so much else is captured in his scent.

“I missed you,” I whisper. I lean up slightly and kiss his dimple.

Harry grins as he says, “I missed you too, Y/N. So damn much.”

I take one of his hands in mine, admiring how much bigger his hands are than mine. It’s amazing how much room he takes up on my full-sized bed. His poor feet hang off, but he never complains. I always offer to spend time at his flat here in London, but Harry loves my apartment. “It’s quaint and homey,” Harry reminds me every time I bring it up. I suppose it makes him feel normal. Harry loves my decorations and aesthetic; my roommate and small circle of friends are so lovely according to him.

“How’s your family?”

“They’re great.” Harry kisses my temple. “They miss you like crazy. Gemma wouldn’t stop talking about the plans that you two have for a couple weeks from now. Mom kept seeing things around town that she wanted to buy you. Robin would point at random things—like a bird or piece of fruit or a cloud or even a sign—saying it reminded him of you. They want to get together with the pair of us soon.”

“I’m glad. I miss them just as much. I love your family, Harry.”

Harry raises a brow questioningly, but I see the glint of humor in his eye. “Do you love them more than me?”

“I love them just as much as you,” I say with a smile, “but in different ways of course.”

Harry grins and rubs the back of my hand with his thumb. We’re silent for a few moments, simply happy to be back in each other’s arms. I stare at the television again and notice that a rerun of Parks and Rec is on. Harry chuckles at Andy’s words. Because our hands are resting on his stomach, I feel his stomach rise and fall as he laughs. As much as I love Chris Pratt and his character on the show, Harry’s laugh is enough to make me giggle as well.

“How are you doing, love?” Harry asks once we both stop chuckling.

Out of habit, I go still. I’m not as nervous as I would have been a few years ago if Harry asked me this question.

“I’m okay, I guess,” I reply. “I’m still not as great as I would like to be, but I’m so much better than I was last year. And the year before that was even worse.”

My voice trails off, but Harry doesn’t speak quite yet. I’m very appreciative of him and his support. Harry is very great at guessing what I need and when; he manages to know when conversation or silence will help when I’m in this state.

“Thank you,” I continue. “Thank you so much for everything. It doesn’t seem to be enough to convey how much I appreciate all that you do for me every single day, even when you’re not here. It’s so hard for me to express how much you mean to me and how I feel about you. I love you, Styles.”

Harry runs a hand through my short and curly chestnut hair.

“You’ve been there for me through it all in the last eight years,” Harry says. “I can’t thank you enough for sticking by me. Despite my flaws and despite the fame, you’ve never left my side. You’re the greatest person I’ve had the pleasure to know. Thanks for being my biggest fan and best friend, Y/N. I always have your back—just like you have mine. I promise.”

I smile at his words. I can’t help but bite my lip as I feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Harry’s always so sweet, and I still find myself blushing after all these years. For the rest of afternoon and into the evening, Harry and I continue watching the Parks and Rec marathon. We order take out for dinner, and then we play some more FIFA once we’ve finished eating. I’m not sure when exactly, but eventually I fall asleep.

My overthinking and crying has made me exhausted, so I can’t help but fall asleep tucked into Harry’s side. I’m not aware of it, but Harry smiles widely at me from his spot in bed. Before repositioning himself under the covers, Harry kisses my nose. It’s a silent and unnoticed reminder that he loves me and that I am his.

Here’s my grain of sand towards the Furuta=Souta theory

Uhm while I was actually contemplating that Furuta image of the TG Calendar because he looks ever so perfect, I thought it was VERY curious that Ishida drawn him with those white gloves.

see? well, so far I can only remember some character wearing white gloves, and they are the Tsukiyama family servants, Shuu himself and Souta (may be more, if I’m missing someone please correct me), all of them affiliated to the Ghoul Restaurant.

However, of them all Souta is the one who’s always wearing white gloves, and has been shown wearing them on a… like a “major illustration thing”, being that the deck card game:

Also the checkered pattern on Souta’s shirt repeats in the background of Furuta’s birthday date (& seeing he “was born” on a february 29 leads me to believe that it’s kind of a joke towards his fake identity as Furuta, to be born on a day that only takes place every four years, idk).

That’s all, and excuse my awful english please!

Day IV: Multiple Universes Monday-Your Favorite AU

“Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we’re dreaming of will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I’ll take you higher
And I’ll never let you fall” (x)

Not to start anything, but it pretty clearly shows that if it weren’t for Josh constantly mentioning that he is too old for Maya, she would be trying to be with him.

I mean, how many times did they bring that up in one episode? She literally left Lucas’ side in her own fantasy as soon as Josh showed up because she was so drawn to him and she only returned to Lucas when FantasyJosh pointed out that she was still too young for him.

Don’t you see? She’s reaching for what she thinks she can have since she keeps being told Josh is off-limits. I’m not saying she doesn’t like or care about Lucas. I’m just saying she doesn’t like or care about him as much as she does Josh.

But, if that’s what you wanna ship, far be it from me to stop you.

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I feel this huge need to gush, and I have no better place than here, so here we go (this is by no means going to be an eloquent post):

Ok, so I joined Tinder two days ago just to scope things out because I’ve heard so much about what a cesspool it is, and my interest was ultimately piqued. (So far, my experience with talking to various guys hasn’t been dismal, although many people are clearly interested in only cursory conversation.) Anyways, about a day ago, I matched with a Korean guy and we exchanged some messages; however, the conversation was too drawn out, so it didn’t feel spectacular even though we discovered we share quite a few interests.

At one point, he replied: “I actually don’t check this too often. Send me a text.” This was, of course, followed by his number. I texted him a casual “heyy” at 11:45 last night, and he responded by asking if I would be awake for a bit. The minute I said yes, my phone began buzzing. Lo and behold, he was calling me!

My friends, I talked to this guy for the next FIVE HOURS. This person who has never met me in person, has never laid eyes on me in real life, and has never even heard my voice before…he spent five hours on the phone with me. I was and still am in awe.

And god, his voice was so deep and soothing. He was so mature and seemed to have wisdom far beyond his years, and it honestly felt like meditation to just listen to him speak about his ideas, memories, principles, and experiences. What’s more, he said ridiculously sweet things throughout the conversation that completely left me speechless - I swear, nothing was rude, disrespectful, or creepy, and my cheeks genuinely hurt the whole night because I smiled for the entire course of the phone call.

He said I inspire him. He said he’s glad his voice would be the first I hear this morning. He said I’m beautiful and intelligent. He said he can’t remember the last time he enjoyed a conversation so much. He said so many things…

He even softly sang a Korean lullaby.

Oh. Right. I should mention that I’m meeting him this evening at a restaurant. Is this considered a date? What am I supposed to wear?? What if I make a complete fool of myself?? How am I supposed to properly look him in the eye after knowing he wants to kiss me (…he said so, very matter-of-factly, last night)???

I am…freaking out. I really am. The butterflies in my stomach must be mating like there’s no tomorrow.

Counting with your fingers in Chinese

Today, in my Mandarin class I learnt that people count with with their fingers differently in China than they do in North America. So here’s how to count in Chinese!

一 (one)

二 (two)

三 (three)

四 (four)

五 (five) 

So far, so good, right? But in China, people only use one hand to count, which leads to some unexpected (at least for North Americans) gestures…

六 (six)

七 (seven)

八 (eight)

九 (nine)

十 (ten)

And if you prefer a shorter version, here’s a quick, hand-drawn image with all ten gestures:

I can’t draw hands for shit lol

Hope you guys enjoyed this! :D

NOTE: I’ve noticed there are variations to these gestures, feel free to share those too! :)