…but look, look at the boy squad and the girl squad at the end credits of the last episode…even is part of the boy squad!!

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Percy Jackson may drool in his sleep, but he likes to point out that Annabeth snores

What if Aaron was just a little bit taller than Andrew? Not even a few inches, just a few centimeters. You can barely notice it but it’s there and it makes Andrew so mad. Aaron holds it over him f o r e v e r

If you ever see that the Kenyon v. Clare lawsuit is ‘just’ about ‘a group of warriors fighting demons’ please ignore it. There’s a lot more to it, and that’s a very derogatory over simplification.

First. The similarities go deeper. A divine patron and creator. Magical blades that glow. Magical tattoos that have a profound, life altering effect on the wearer. A blonde, deeply troubled, enigmatic and abused male who, is the best of his class. It is also thought that she copied and simplified a characters’ sigil in order to create the angelic power rune.

Second. Clare initially called the Shadowhunters ‘Darkhunters’ compared to Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters, which had been around for years before Clare started TMI. Fans made Kenyon aware and she politely asked for the name to be changed, and for Clare to avoid using the phrase. Clare went on to call a group ‘Dark Shadowhunters’. Kenyon’s books are also labelled as ‘A Dark-Hunter novel’, and Clare also began to use the ‘A Shadowhunter novel’ label.

Third. Thousands of Clare’s books were mistakenly printed with the Dark-Hunter brand. These were destroyed, but personally, I don’t doubt it gave Clare one hell of an opening.

Fourth. A main defense has been that Kenyon’s content is too adult to be mistaken for Clare’s. Clare has recently announced work on an adult series.

There is far more than this, but this is what I remember of the complaint. My mother got into the Dark-Hunter books around the time I first picked up City of Bones, and I can tell you now, it took a few weeks not to get tangled in the storylines and mythos. I actually do love both universes, and watch Shadowhunters enthusiastically, but I will always come up in favour of Kenyon.

I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?