As I sit in bliss , I reminisce on the times we shared our first kiss// never knew something so simple could turn out complicated like this// what in your mind made you believe it was OK to leave me behind?// sitting alone in my room candle lit// you know I’m a brat so I’ll throw more than a fit// wandering around the streets alone in the cold, wishing you were here but I’m too bold// blackness takes over the sky but I see those stars twinkling ,reminding me of how my love never dies ~ skc

i read a tip for “passing as male” once that said “dont shape your eyebrows! cis guys normally have rlly messy brows, leave them alone!”

like if u wanna let ur eyebrows be natural thats fine by me, but ill be DAMNED if i let the foolish pursuit of “passing” drive me to the sin of not keeping my eyebrows on point. let them grow out for what? so someone who determines gender by the shape of someones brows can think im a boy? no thanks pal. this boy’s brows r gonna be dark, arched, and sharp 24/7 i am NOT playing around. 

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about soulmates. do you think the lesson they could teach is how to be ok alone after they leave? or is that just survival?

It’s a lesson. It’s an important lesson. But I don’t think it’s one anyone else can take credit for. That’s all on you. I often refer to the person from my first book as the one who “taught me how to let go,” but I’m the one who did that. 

You’re the one who did that.

You can always spin it like, they’re the one who made me realize I need to learn to be okay alone with myself or whatever, but you’ve gotta give yourself some credit too.

i was 5000% stressed tf out during my pregnancy + it absolutely resulted in me having an anxious child. i am ok with that + i can say it without blaming myself. i was so young, i got assaulted by a man at work in my first trimester + was dealing with supporting my partner through court + rehab + the prospect of his incarceration and/or deportation. he had to leave me alone at the hospital six hours after our baby was born to go show up for drug court + like…none of those things were my fault. i did the best i can + i have done so much healing (still have a long way to go but i’m far along enough to honestly say that i forgive myself). i like to think that next time i’ll be in conditions where i’ll be able to take better care of myself and/or accept help from a more complete network of support. i’m still working on that part + tbh that’s probably why i’m not pregnant yet.

i have a DILEMMA

so i’m friends w this dude who i used to like but i don’t like him anymore bc he’s seeing the girl he likes so we r now just friends. i was havin a regularass convo w him and we said goodnight, then i get a text saying “what do you want” and i was like ????? and then i get a text saying (mind u she has the same name as me) “this is danielle. leave billy alone. i don’t care if you don’t want to suck his dick. just stop.” and i was like????? ok since when can u dictate who i can and can’t be friends with??? i’m so fkin angry bc now he won’t talk to me LMAO what do i do help


Sergio: You just told me how you feel, Penny.  I haven’t even had time to process it let alone consider it!

Penelope felt dejected.  She didn’t know if she could listen to anymore

Sergio: *exasperatedly* Don’t leave, ok?  Just…I mean, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it.  How could I not like you?  You’re amazing, but-

Penelope: But Siobhan…

Sergio: She’s not a bad person, Pen.  Just…give me some time to sort this out in my head.

Penelope: Well, you do that.  Until then, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to see each other anymore.

Penelope turned and walked away.  She knew she might have been a little harsh with Sergio, but her emotions were running high.  She hated the feeling of rejection and she couldn’t stand to be around him any more if he didn’t feel the same, it would hurt too much.

  • cat:*tries to bite me when i pet him*
  • me on the outside:"wow, Fucker"
  • me on the inside:i am sorry if i overstepped any boundaries and am invading your space, i understand that cats can get overstimulated and deal with overloads so it's alright if the petting was too much, i will leave you alone for now and come back later if you are okay with me petting you then

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I'm drunk too and I don't know what's wrong but if you wanna talk I'm here and idk how to cheer you up but listen I keep thinking of ASHTONS ass and his simple minded "let me be a good ball too cheer her up" and his dimples and his laugh and bad jokes and him still seeing that it isn't helping and him all "babe all jokes aside I'm here so you can talk or vent or do whatever just let me know you're ok please" and ok idk about you but Little forehead kisses the small gesture means so much to me

like ok Ashton just leaving the littlest forehead kisses and all until you’re smiling and him all “ok that’s what I like to see” and “listen when I get done the show were talking and drinking so you better spill those feelings I don’t need my girl carrying the world on her shoulders alone” ok I’m sorry I’m so bad at these


Ok so like….what do you want me to DO about it then? What can I do to get you to leave me alone and stop talking about me?

Like what do you hope to accomplish from all this? What do you hope to gain if not an apology? Are you literally that shitty of a person that you’re just pulling all this shit for no reason, just to fuck with me?

The Signs On Back To School

Aries: *looking up YouTube videos for DIY school supplies*

Taurus: *sitting in their room in the corner* this isn’t happening this isn’t true

Gemini: Mom leave me alone I don’t want you to take a picture

Cancer: *practicing selfie poses for when they see their friends on the first day*

Leo: *stays up the night before watching every movie man has made*

Virgo: *reading their summer reading an hour before school starts*

Libra: *is picking out their first day outfit alone while posing and taking selfies to post on their Instagram*

Scorpio: *plotting how they’re gonna murder their enemies by the end of the week*

Sagittarius: but guys its ok like u get to see ur friends

Capricorn: *watching movies with Leo*

Aquarius: *throwing ham at Sagittarius* WE HAVE NO FRIENDS

Pisces: *forgets there’s school at all and misses the entire week*


Sigh like you guys do realise that this is my blog, i wanna feel comfortable on my own blog so those people sending hate in my anons for me writing hehehe LEAVE ME ALONE OR UNFOLLOW ME seriously why you tryna make someone feel trapped on her own free time blog??? Geez And fine call me 5 years old or whatever i already told you the reason I do that so if you’re not ok with it then leave 😡😡😡

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