made an anti moodboard out of the last video :)

nah but seriously some of the messages are like, weird when you isolate them

like anti went back in time, but showed up way to early which was a mistake, and then Dapper!Jack looks just like the Jack Anti has tried to kill, so it’s like looking into a mirror. And then the not to worry, he’s already dead? Our Jack is, maybe Anti was playing on that. Cause Dapper!Jack was hurt but it’s like, Anti’s laughing at him and us because he’s already dead, wink wink.

I like playing with theories ok leave me alone


Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite episode
               1x07 || Walking After Midnight

Best Couple

In which a conversation with shipofthesunflowergirl turned into this.

Sam and Gabriel have been best friends since Gabriel accidentally hit Sam in the face with a flyswatter. Somehow the red square on Sam’s cheek was forgotten when they ended up playing in Sam’s cool new sandbox, pushing around their toy cars and complaining about older brothers who think they can boss them around.

Playing with toy cars turned into begging quarters off their brothers and running over the the arcade five blocks over that has all the coolest games. Sam is suspiciously good at Pacman. Gabriel kicks ass at air hockey.

Michael buys Gabriel a Gameboy as an apology for missing his birthday, and Gabriel throws a ‘thanks’ over his shoulder as he runs over to Sam’s house, because Sam’s been down with the flu for a week and they haven’t been to the arcade in forever and wow, Sam would really like Pokemon.

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What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again and only Peeta can give me that.


“What’s your url for myspace?”

anonymous asked:

link me to all the well-written long!fics about marauders pls

aw man alright i love when people ask me for fic recs it makes my heart grow 3 sizes, here are a few (and marauders is inevitably also r/s so if you didn’t want that sorry but not sorry):

  • long live living (if living can be this): i have recced this before but its my favorite i love it, modern au where mwpp pine over each other and get drunk a lot and reminisce about friendship
  • fingerholds: a 7 part lost years fic that jumps between remus at uni around 1981 and his memories of his friends during the war starting in 1978. sad as fuck. i love it. 
  • very bad things: is a silly get-together schooltime era fic that isn’t totally in character but is funny and sweet and a good read
  • bring me a boat: an alt au fic where remus doesn’t stop sirius after james and lily’s death and works to free him from azkaban. 
  • the northern line: another au where sirius and remus meet on a train, i love this one so much ahhhhh
  • a recipe in four parts: remus is an accountant, sirius works at james and lily’s bakery (i really like au’s ok leave me alone)
  • anatomy of a prank: ok this one’s a marauders gen fic, it’s good but there is some inpleasant boy jokes abt being gay that are supposed to be funny but aren’t, so there’s a warning
  • and if you really want to dive into a something very long, the rising storm series is something like 36 fics and ficlets that begin with the black family when sirius and regulus are kids and continues through hogwarts and both wars until remus dies. it’s hella. it’s also really really heartbreaking and sad. 

i’ve recced some of these before but they’re my favorite really long fics, hope that helps anon!!