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I find it kinda odd how people talk about writing “flawed” characters like the flaws are an afterthought

Like “cool cool we’ve got this perfect hero now to just sprinkle on some Irritability and Trust Issues then microwave for 6 minutes on high until Done”

But I’ve personally found it feels a lot more useful to just… think of the flaws as the Good Traits except bad this time

The protagonist is loyal? Maybe that means they have a hard time recognizing toxic relationships and are easily manipulated by those they want to trust

The hero is compassionate? Maybe they work too hard and overextend themselves trying to help people and then they refuse to ask for help when they need it themselves for fear of burdening others

They’re dedicated to their ideals? Maybe they’re also too stubborn to know when to quit and they have trouble apologizing for their mistakes

If they’re creative, they can also be flighty. If they’re confident, they can be arrogant. If they’re brave, they might be reckless. If they’re smart, they could be condescending. Protective can become controlling, and someone who’s carefree could very well also be emotionally distant

In my opinion, the best “flaws” aren’t just added on afterwards. The best flaws are baked in deep, ‘cause they’re really just virtues turned upside down

So the other day, I was thinking about the classic alignment chart, and how it doesn’t really do much for me personally since it’s more about how characters interact with systems rather than how they interact with other people

I had a minute, so I figured I’d throw something together that DID suit my needs!

(Note: This chart regards a character’s intent rather than the outcome of their actions—and for sake of clarity, here are the definitions I’m working with:

Good: concerned with the well-being the collective, often at expense of the self

Evil: concerned with the well-being of the self, often at the expense of the collective

Kind: concerned with the emotional responses of others

Cruel: unconcerned with the emotional responses of others)

I like conceptualizing things this way, cause sometimes Bad People behave with ‘good’ or ‘kind’ intentions, and sometimes Good People do things that seem ‘evil’ or ‘cruel’

Also this gives me a way to compare/contrast characters who get lumped together under the other system

something kinda annoying about the wlw community on here that i’ve noticed is when someone who is like a lesbian icon does something wrong none of y’all wanna call them on it or even discuss it just bc they’re a gay girl/are important to gay girls. like i know you guys saw me reblogging that link about hayley kiyoko being racist yet like only one or two people reblogged it. kate mckinnon is a transphobe and i’ve heard that gillian anderson is as well (if anyone has a link to this please send it to me) yet y’all still worship these individuals bc you don’t want to admit that someone you love can do something bad. like if we’re not gonna be critical of people creating content for our community then what’s the point of having a community at all??

lesbians and bi women can reblog this. terfs die

If mermaids had lethal kisses.

Also it’s that time of year again feel free to send merm suggestions (going to be doing Mermay with a friend this year too!) 


You know what i find cute?

When you save hank in that tower from the deviant, Connor will run up to Hank, push that cop next to him away, and you can actually see him IN PAIN as he gets shot

Whats also cute is that -as everyone may know alrdy- androids dont die instantly unless you shoot them in the head. Connor didn’t die instantly at this point when he was getting shot and fell on top of Hank.

I like to think that when he fell on top of him he could feel Hank’s heartbeat, and that meant to him that he lives, and that he successfully saved him. And it actually looks like Connor was smiling when Hank turned him around. Connor might’ve died with the thought that he saved Hank, which made him happy, and thats why he smiled before dying.

I mean ,,,,

I know people see Prinxiety as the meme couple but please consider Logicality-

Patton and Logan laughing their asses off because All Star came on while Roman was singing something else.

Road work ahead, ‘nuff said.

Patton looking Virgil dead in the eyes and going “and they were roommates,” in the distance you hear Logan go “oh my god they were roommates” and suddenly Patton is a pure ball of giggles.

Logan singing just because it makes Patton laugh.


Logan and Patton being dorks, please I beg of you-