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I've found all the "TS7 theories" really annoying. Ee're not even done with the tour yet. And in a few years, someone's going to start whining that we didn't appreciate reputation and then there'll be posts agreeing that it deserved better. Let's face it: people want a new album so they'll get invited to a secret session. It just feels disrespectful to be like, "Okay, we're done. *holds hand out* Give us the next one Taylor."

oh my god the tea just scalded me! it’s hot! i don’t know what the sudden RUSH is with some people in the fandom? where did it COME from? like yeah taylor is hinting and being her usual devilish self when it comes to the idea of new things coming but to like.. completely turn on rep and push it aside like “this wasn’t supposed to happen and now we’ll get the REAL music she wanted to release” just blows? my mind? i don’t like it tbh. i feel like people see only the songs about the “drama” like nice things and lwymmd and write the entire album off as nothing but a giant clapback and that’s! not! fair!

Hey everybody.

I just wanted to post this real quick before I went to bed.

I’ve been a little MIA the past few days. I had a few things come up and I just needed to step back for a little tlc. I’m okay and I’m slowly getting back to myself.

I’m hoping I’ll be okay in the next few days. I’ve been writing a little when I can but I haven’t really done much. Anyways, I just wanted to let yall know I’m okay. A little stressed, but I’ll be okay.

Thank you for being so patient! I’ll answer all the asks I got tomorrow. ❤️

fern: anyway, that’s not what i wanted to talk to you about. my best friend ashley lives in town and invited me to lunch, so do you want to come? i’m sure she’ll love you.

claire: sure! I may not stay the whole time though, i was sent some artifacts to  clean off and just identify, and i know we’re going to see your family tomorrow so i have t get it done now. 

fern: okay! that’ll leave ashley and i to gossip all about you too 

I don’t know why but like, I love the idea of Salem interacting with all of these side characters who want to take her down because of all the evil she has done and her just being like “…who are you?”

Like Sun trying to do a bit while taking shots and she is just like ‘okay so this Faunus boy without a shirt is fighting me. Neat’

LIKE sorry okay i’m not done BUT LIKE!!!!!


We give each other things we think the other person might like or want just to celebrate them being born!!!

The purpose of food is nutrition and yet we’ve made it into an art form, coming up with fun and creative things to eat, stuff that’s pretty or fun to look at, we get excited to be able to feed our friends or family members and maybe are proud to show off a new recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humanity is fucking BEAUTIFUL and special and defies all fucking logic and i LOOOOOVE it 

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Btw, i know it's been some time since it and idk if i should but i just want to apologize for the ask about Shiny i made the other month. I made it by impulse and i'm feeling like i shouldn't had done it.

oh, that’s okay. i was suspicious because of the nature of the ask but since this is an art blog where i take ‘requests’ of sorts, i kinda have to be careful about what kinds of requests i take and i have my own personal rules yknow? so don’t take it personally but if you’re looking for a very specific kind of art, then you’d be better off paying an artist who can cater directly to your interests.

Ravenclaw: So I really want to be alone.

Hufflepuff: …okay..?

Ravenclaw: But I don’t want to be lonely…

Hufflepuff: So can I help in any way?

Ravenclaw: Can you be near me in silence?

Hufflepuff: Of course.

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”


~ November 29, 2017 ~

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU Style - feat. Yuuri with Phichit & Arisa

For Best Boy’s birthday, attempting to do a countdown-like thing with Yuuri being happy with his family <3 Let’s see how many I can do orz

Other posts in this set:

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to six mates and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. More detailed rules available on my Rules & FAQ Post.

Lmao I got carried away with this one?

Don’t ask me what she’s sippin through that straw bc I don’t know either

“Jasper in a dress!” Another request from Instagram!

Attached at The Hip | Peter Kavinsky

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The music pounded loudly against my ears as I danced with Lara Jean, holding hands to stay close together while we sipped from the classic red solo cups in our opposite hands.

โ€œHey whereโ€™s Peter?โ€ Lara Jean whispered into my ear, trying to talk over the loud music.

I looked around, trying to spot my tall brown haired boyfriend in the sea full of people, but saw none of his familiar curls.

โ€œUmm Iโ€™m not sure. He was talking to his boys before but now heโ€™s not even in the same room anymore.โ€ I shrugged and pouted.

โ€œThatโ€™s surprising. Usually you guys are attached to the hip.โ€ She teased.

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Princess | Peter Kavinsky

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I sighed resting my head back against the bus seat, I hated taking the bus but Peter and I were in a weird spot right now so of course I wasn’t going to sit in awkward silence with him just to get a ride to school.

“Why so blue L/N?”

I opened my eyes to see Jake Brakowski, turned around in the seat in front of me, with a soft smile of his lips.

Any other girl’s heart would flutter at the sight but mine belonged to Peter. I didn’t answer him, just looked at him, hoping my eyes would tell him the story my brain couldn’t.

“Let me guess it’s the boyfriend?” He folded his arm over the seat and rested his chin on them.

I simply nodded and looked out the window, wondering what Peter was doing, probably focused on Lara Jean like he always was.

She was pretty, I knew she was. She had such great style, is really nice and she was so smart. I was jealous, but of course I wasn’t going to admit that, so when Peter asked me why I was always so cold around her I couldn’t simply swallow my pride. Instead I was vague with my answers, barely looking him in the eyes because I was afraid if I did he would realise how much better off he is with her and would leave me.

He stormed out of my room, after an hour of my childish act, I didn’t blame him for slamming my door shut and leaving me to my thoughts. I felt extremely guilty, sick to my stomach even, because I love Peter and I’m so afraid that he won’t want me because of how insecure I am.

“Hey,” James pulled me away from my thoughts again. “You guys are going to be okay. I mean you guys are everyone’s couple goals.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back.

The bus stopped and everyone piled out, I waited until everyone trailed out, not wanting to get trampled, and James seemed to wait with me. We walked out together and he threw his arm over my shoulder.

“Keep your head up, or you’re not going to win best smile like in the 6th grade.” He teased, brushing his fist on my chin softly. “I mean you were lucky that year because Jessica got hit in the face with a soccer ball and lost her tooth, but you’re still a knockout, you got to know that at least.”

I laughed and blushed as he continued complementing me while we walked to class, I knew it was all to make me feel better, but it was working. For a moment I forgot about my fallout with Peter, I felt okay.

That is until, said tall brown haired boy came storming around a corner towards James and I.

“What the hell is going on here? You getting cosy with my fucking girlfriend Brakowski.” He shouted, getting angry pushing against Jake’s chest, who quickly took his arm off my shoulder, backing away.

“N-No, she just looked down and I was helping her feel better.” He tried to defend himself but Peter was in a rage and just pushed him again.

I forced myself between the boys, pressing my hands on Peter’s chest, “Stop it, he really was just helping me feel better okay?”

“No. Not okay. You’ve been acting weird all month, and finally we when stop talking to each other you cozy up to this idiot. Is this why you’re also so quiet because you were planning on leaving me for this punk? Huh?!”

“Peter I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, so calm down or we’re not talking. Just find me when you’re done being an asshole.”

I shoved myself away from his chest and stormed off, not wanting to deal with him in this state, because it made me both angry and terrified. I hated when Peter yelled, it reminded me of when my parents would fight and that always scared me to the bone.

I sat at the top of the bleachers, my legs to my chest, my face hidden in my elbow as I sniffed and brushed away my tears. I was so confused and hurt, my mind felt all muddled and my heart was lost in my head.

I got so lost in myself that I didn’t even realise that someone sat beside me.

“Princess you got to tell me how you feel. I don’t understand anything anymore.”

I sniffled and chuckled, “I don’t either.”

“All I need to know is if you love me or that…” he sighed, stopping himself from getting angry, “or Brakowski?”

“You Peter, it’s always been you.” I assured him, turning to face him.

“Then why where you being so cold?”

I took a deep breathing knowing I’d have to just be honest with Peter, “because I wasn’t sure who you loved.”

“What are you talking about?”

I sobbed suddenly and held my hand over my mouth to silence my cries, Peter quickly pulled me in close to him, and I cried on his shoulder. Not being able to stop the tears anymore, just crying my eyes out until I had none left inside me.

Finally, all that escaped my body was sniffles.

“Lara Jean.” I mumbled into his jacket.


I pulled away and looked at my hands in my lap, “I said, Lara Jean, she’s the girl who made me feel this way.”

“What did she do to you?”

“Nothing… Nothing at all, well besides captivate your attention,” I chuckled coldly.

“What? She’s just my friend Y/N.”

“It doesn’t feel like that, when you cancel our plans to be with her. When you abandon me just because she calls out to you. When you don’t answer my calls or texts, but when we’re together and she happens to text or call you, you immediately stop our conversation to talk to her. I just don’t feel like I’m your number one anymore Peter. And you know me, I’m not going to fight to be important to you. Either it’s me or it’s not.”

He sighed and looked down at my broken state, my eyebrows frowned in frustration, and my lips slightly parted as I debated on whether or not I needed to say anything else. Slowly he took my hands in his and brought them to his lips before resting them in his lap.

“You are the most important person in my life, beside my mother and my brother Y/N, and you should know this, it’s my job to make sure you do, but I’ve failed you. I let you think that some girl was more important than you, but she’s not.” His voice cracked and I felt the tears prick my eyes again. “You are my sun, my moon and my stars. You’re my princess Y/N and I’m so sorry that I made you question if I loved you at all, because truly, you have my entire heart. I don’t want anyone else but you. You have to believe me.”

“I do, but why were you giving her so much attention then?” I needed to put my mind at ease.

“Because,” he sighed. “She was helping me pick out this.”

Suddenly Peter got down on one knee, and pulled out a little black box and I gasped. “No. No way, what is happening?”

“Y/N,” he softly grabbed my left hand and kissed my knuckle again, “I love you so, so, so much, and I plan on marrying you one day but for now will you accept this promise ring, and be my princess forever? Well until we have a little girl and then you become my queen.”

I chuckled and started to cry again, “Of course I will.”

Peter quickly slid the ring onto my left ring finger, knowing I would immediately jump into his arm, and wrap my arms around his neck soon after. He continuously told me he loved me over and over again, kissing my neck, making me giggle in his arms.

I pulled away for a second and admired Peter’s face, I pushed back his curls and left a kiss on the corner of his lips, making him roll his eyes.

“If you’re going to kiss me, you better kiss me properly princess.”


Hi again, wow I’m actually on a roll. I am feeling so much love from everyone and I can’t stop writing, but I also think it’s because I haven’t been to work in a few days so the life hasn’t been sucked out of me yet. But I know this isn’t as long as my other ones but I hope you still enjoy it!

Anyways thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is liking and reblogging my stuff, like it’s crazy, never felt this much love before. Especially as my followers are growing like literally two night ago I was on 839 and now I’m 87 followers away from 1k and it’s blowing my mind, I started this blog barely over two years ago and I’ve so close to 1k I feel like crying lol

Anyways again, I’m working on another Peter K smut but I want you guys to send in more requests they’re fun and I like including you guys in my work, so don’t forget to request your little hearts out 

I love you  ♡


so who else is just waiting for jasper to finally break down and cry :’’)

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