Happy belated birthday @v0idless !! :D
Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me. You are one of the best animators I’ve seen for Undertale and i could not stop looking at your mesmerizing content. You made me inspired so much and you deserve a credit of my motivation and inspiration throughout these past few months :)

Continue to inspire people and make them happy as always. You deserve happiness and love!! Love you v0id! I hope you enjoyed your birthday ^w^

PS. Here’s a comic i made for you! Remember corvus and bob from the stream last year? Sorry i had to ;w; x3 Bob crying with 8 eyes still gets me xD
EDIT: Oh shoot i forgot to put the lines in corvus face in the last panel tho xD

“Don’t wiggle around,” she said, giggling again.

“What? Like this?” He shifted purposefully around her, kicking his legs out childishly.

“I will drop you!” she threatened, stumbling to the side again.

“Well, it’s really not that far a fall I suppose,” he teased.

“Shut up.”

- from serendipitous fate, chapter 6, by @skaylanphear

toying with my surface pro, figured i’d try to draw another part i love from this damn fic… but still a struggle to draw with this thing XD; whatever tho. 

read this fic it’s great you are missing out if you aren’t readin it etc etc 

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I saw the choco strawberry vanilla manga in your collection post,I've heard mixed things about it but would you recommend it?

Okay sweety come sit on my lap and let me tell you a story about the best 3P manga out there. 

When I first read it I didn’t really get it. I was like “Why is their relationship so weird? What is going on between them??”. But it’s absolutely interesting. I’ve read it so damn many times and it still fascinates me so much. The relationship between those three… this love/hate thing between Take and Mine (those names tho, such a nice word play). It’s too complex to explain it shortly and I don’t wanna spoil you.
I love them more than I can say, is all I can say xD 

My usual advice is: Read things yourself. Form your own opinion.
In the end it’s always a matter of personal taste. 

If you decide to read it, there is more of them in the anthology “Psychedelics”!


EXO Reaction when they see their childhood (guy) friend looking good after some years

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really shocked* “Is that… really really you? when did you… what is your secret man?”


“I can’t believe this… I almost didn’t recognize you! And here I was thinking I looked handsome” *Someone wants to change his style now*


*Graphical description* “Damn….. woah”


*Someone’s a bit jealous* “I still love you tho… but how dare you? xD”


“Oh look at you! You are still as cute as you were in high school! Let me pinch those cheeks!” *A sweetheart as always*


“so… do you want to go out and tell me how you did it? Maybe share some other things with me? ;);)”


*Feeling intimidated* “Why can’t I stop staring at his flawless face… who is he and what did he do to my childhood friend….”


“Never on this Earth I thought someone would be manlier than me… you boy… just became my idol”


*Trying to show off a little* “See? I became handsome and strong too!”


*Kyungsoo approves* “I always thought you would become the most handsome one! I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken” 


“Come here… I want to see your face closer. Lay likes this!”


*Really nervous* “Oh hey there… how u doin… remember me? I’m.. Suho… you know…. hi”

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Well, hello everyone! Nice to meet you ;D I created these blog months ago, but by different reasons I couldn’t keep going on with it :’( but now that I’m a college freshman (yay!!!! <333), and I have (”have”) more time, I decided to start fresh, and make an image change and all! So, let’s begin, shall we? 7u7


  • I’m Gina, but you can also call me Ginny or Gigi.
  • I’m from Mexico.
  • I’m 18 years old (I still believe I have 5, tho).
  • INTP-T <3
  • Proud Ravenclaw <3
  • I can speak, read, and understand Spanish, English, and understand a little bit of French.
  • I’m currently studying International Business.
  • I love to use emoji, what can I say? XD


  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to law
  • Business fundamentals


  • I really like to read <3 My favourite book right now is The School for Good and Evil, the saga it’s… AWESOME!!!! <33333 I really recommend it.
  • Writing stuff. Although I usually write little paragraphs than an actual long story, I really like to investigate, and to create things. 
  • Listening to music, being my favourite genres indie, rock, kpop, and folk <3 I’m going to try to publish a song recommendation every day, because I really need to share good music with you :’3
  • Create graphics and more in Photoshop. 
  • Watch series (although I suck at finishing them xD), videos (more fandom related, and gameplays than anything else), and movies.
  • F-A-N-G-I-R-L, like, really, fangirling should be a subject, or even a job <3


  • Well, this is a community that I discovered on December 2016, and since then I’m IN LOVE with it <333 I think that it has really useful tips, and everytime I see a studyblr post I get inspired to work on my stuff xD also, although there are a lot of accounts on this community, and many incredible posts, I have notice that they’re more adressed to US students, or for other countries with similar systems, while here in Mexico we manage a different scholar system. So, with that, I decided to open my own blog, and not only post my notes or things like that, but I also want to help everyone who has an education system like mine :3


  • Well, I’m not an organized person, so I hope to fix that with this.
  • Keep learning French, and start learning Korean, Japanese, German, Thai, and Russian.
  • To have a grade higher than 95 (I think that converted to grade letters it would be an A) to enter the Talented Students Program in my college.
  • To have excellent grades, so I can apply to a Double Degree with CityU of Seattle.
  • Excellent grades = going in an academic exchange for 6 months to Canada or France.
  • Study, and prepare myself so I can win a scholarship to study my entire career in a college in Japan <3 for this point, if anyone knows or has a studyblr blog related to Physics, Math, Chemistry and/or Biology that you could recommend me, I would be very grateful <3333 I know my career doesn’t have sense with those subjects, but I may choose another career to study there, and Japan also asks me that :’v

Yes, my goals… are big XD but I think I can achieve them if I put a lot of effort to them c’:


Welp, this is a REALLY long intro XD Now you know that I love to write, write, and write! \:v/ I hope we get to meet more, and thank you for reading this <3 I love you, and please be sassy happy :*

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, since everybody else is doing it, I thought I might as well hop on the bandwagon too and give a shoutout to some pretty amazing people on this site that are very special to me and those who have made my experience on here better than I could have ever imagined! 

@purekagome (who else would be first other than my adoring wife?) WOMAN. I LOVE YOU. When we first started talking, it was all omg you’re so amazing, thank you, and aWWW YOU’RE SWEET and now you drive me fucking crazy and you make me wanna pull my hair out but you’re so freaking important to me and just I’m so glad we’re married and let’s make a baby. Right now. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and cheating ways and general bitchiness lol love you babe! 

@inunanna HEY GIRL HEEEEYYYYY Nanna! <3 I remember before we were close when we would talk for hours about Inukag and Edwin headcanons and make up fanbabies and their personalities and ahhh it was so fun and all those conversations gave me so much inspiration and it created a relationship that I will cherish for the rest of my days! I love you sweetheart! <3<3

@vividxdreaming aahhH!!! Omg I’m so glad that we’re such close friends and just just just AAHHHHH you’re so importing to me! The first time we really talked I think was after I made that chocolate oneshot that you requested and our relationship just blossomed from there and then you became a part of our group chat and it’s the best decision that has ever been made. I love you girl!! <3 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND BEING MY FRIEND!!

@grapefruitwannabe So we’re talking right now and I’m doing you in the chat and it’s so amazing BAHAHAHAH. and you liked it. and you even said it was great. SO AMAZING. But anyway Grape I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you art so well omg and you even make fanart for my trashy fics and I’m just so faltered and honored and just. I’M SO GLAD WE’RE FRIENDS <3 I remember the first time you made fanart for me I literally freaked out and just. Yeah lol. <3 Thanks for being the awesome friend you are, Grape! ^_^

@bananacreamphi AAHHHH when you first joined our group chat, I didn’t know you very well, and I only knew you from a stream we were in together, but now I know you’re the sweetest person, you’re sincere, and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend I love you!! Thank you for being my friend!

@kuddle-cakes MY KUDDLES!!! <3<3<3 To be honest, I don’t even know how our friendship started XD but I’m so grateful to know you and you’re so freakig sweet and your sMUT IS AMAZING bahahaha! Okay seriously, I love you very much and just. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for being my friend darling! <3

@mmhinman Where do I even start?! My fellow Queen of Collab! :D Omg tho but your art is just SO AMAzING and god I just love it so much and I love youuuuu aahhhh you’re so important to me!! I love our little collars we do, we make beautiful music together XD Thank you for being my friend lovely! I love you! <3

@ryupioupiou !!!!!!!!! *excited noises* CROISSANTS. XD Man that still cracks me up lol Man I don’t even know how we became friends, but I’m so glad we did and you’re just so special to me and I freaking love you and our stupid inside jokes! You’re funny and sweet and just NEVER CHANGE I love you!!!!! <3

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns Girrrrrrrllllll where do I begin? You’re just the cutest, sweetest little thing and I just wanna squeeze you and never let you go <3<3 Remember I am always here for you if you ever wanna talk and I’ll do my best to help in anyway I can! You’re so important to me and I love you so much and just. Stay strong, beautiful! You got this, and keep being amazing! <3


@meido-zangetsuha DOGYASHA IS MY SALVATION AND I LIVE FOR THAT FIC XD Okay seriously lol you’re so fun to talk to and I ADORE GNOCCHI OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ALDJFALIFJLAIDJF I want to cuddle him heheheheeh But I love you too, Happy valentines day darling! Give Gnocchi love for me! OH AND YOUR NEW PUP KURASI!!! 

@inuyashaforlife Dude. my go to person when I can’t figure that stupid game XD Hahahaa. Well I’ll be honest, I don’t know you very well, but I do know you enough to include you in my close knit group of friends and I hope it stays that way! Love you doll! Thanks for being my friend! 

@kagomeforever AHHh You tag me in so many cool memes and stuff and I absolutely love filling those out so thank you for that! Also you’re such a sweetheart and I get so happy whenever I see that you tag me in something because it’s like “OMG SHE THOUGHT OF ME YAY I FEEL SO SPECIAL” and just tHANK YOU DARLING! I love you with all my heart too! <3

@artistefish Your art brings me life. Your aus. Just. OMG. NO words. You’re an amazing artist, and one of the sweetest people I know, and I love reading your sometimes random little posts about your everyday life and how excited you get over the Inuyasha stageplay (WHICH I ALSO CANT WAIT FOR OMG) and you’re amazing and I love you <3 Thanks for putting up with my fangirlingness XD 

@gypsin I LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH AND I GET SO EXCITED WHENEVER I SEE AN UPDATE AAHHHH!! So I’m not gonna name names *coughgrapefruitcough* but I heard through the grapevine that you enjoy my fics and I know you’ve mentioned be before as a favorite author *INSERT FANGIRL SQUEALING HERE* and I just wanna say HOW FLATTERED AND JUST HAPPY I AM TO KNOW THAT AND I LOVE YOU OKAY!!! <3<3<3 THANK you for the quality fanfiction and for being so amazing and sweet! 

You are all so very, very special and dear to me and I hope you all know how much I adore each and every one of you. You’ve made my experience here on this wretched site so much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and you’ve made me feel so welcome, loved and appreciated! Honestly, I really had no idea how amazing people I would meet and how all of you would become so special to me! Every day one of you do something that just makes me wanna cry because it just makes me so happy and just. SO MANY FEELS. ALL THE TIME. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY WEIRDNESS AND  AND AND JUST. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING <3<3

I’m also gonna give a shoutout to some people who I don’t talk to as much, but I see in my notifications all the time and that I occasionally converse with and they’re people you should definitely check out! 

@coquinespike @jeanbeannie @nebula1701 @adorableears7 @kibitoshinkai @inukag-4ever @simply-zerah @inusgirl @brokenangelwings83 @rikareena @shardetector @morphinetune @lilifire @theroseangel321 @xkoiinu @blackwingguardian @dark-havoc-priestess @vixenfoxpaws @inuyashaeienni @inu-yaasss-a @sinuyasha @stoatsandweasels @wenchster @batmandy-lover @kaze-ranna @justafewsmallsteps @mustardyellowsunshine @akiza-hades-rose

I apologize if I forgot anybody, but please know that I love you all very much and I hope you have/had a great Valentine’s Day full of love, support, your favorite chocolate and wine and many many hugs and kisses from me!!! <3<3<3

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Fen! You should watch RWBY Chibi S2E10. There's a small Sun and Roman moment there.

i’m just screaming in front of screen with tears AAAAAAAAAAAAAA can’t believe this really happened!!! (btw,it’s S2E11 XD)

this can explain a lot about my headcanno. i mean, Sun chose detective for his mission, so he must have many chances to contact Roman. and here we finally got it!(i know rwbychibi is some kind of AU tho) oh yeah, they must do something after fighting :^) you know. fighting but dating. 

well, thank you told me this info. i had said i’m going to leave but call me back anytime if there were some sunwick came out. and you really did it for me! i’m happy and appreciated that someone still remember them.   

i love them forever. such a cute couple

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tbh i didn't think i'd find anyone who still ships briam but not thiam. I think it's admittedly cute, of course. but... i just can't bring myself to ship them. sceo tho. i will ship that until the end of time.

Marry me! xD (who are you? come off anon so I can love you!)

Sceo is life. I have so much love for that ship. Everything from the fact that Scott knew Theo possibly before he was corrupted by the Dread Doctors down to that Scott is the most forgiving compassionate person but also really strong and clever and wise so he wouldn’t let Theo walk all over him. I’ve shipped them since season 5 because Scott is the only person I could see ever being able to get through to Theo at that time and also wanting to. (I badwrong ship theo with a billion people but could only bring myself to end game ship him with Scott at that point).

Also I could see Scott being into Theo because Scott likes challenging people (like Allison) but also I think he’d find a relationship where he helps someone that really needs really emotionally rewarding.

But sceo is also it’s good for like a “theo seduces scott for power reasons but then they bond because they knew one another a long time ago” kind of thing.

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re both hot as fuck or that Scott makes “crush eyes” at Theo constantly:

In S6 the dynamic between them changed a lot, I think for the better. So many great scenes of Theo thinking about Scott…

Talking about Scott, working to redeem himself in Scott eyes, and also then Theo starts making the crush face at him:

How Theo chooses to use Scott’s philosophy as a road map for redemption when he was previously lost in the dark is also just so beautiful:

There’s a lot there that I think makes sense between there characters and is really interesting to explore. Deep emotional connections, complicated dark history, super steamy sex. xD

When it comes to Briam I love that fun fiery chemistry between them. It’s like scackson but without the hardness. They’re funny and cute and Liam is just so adorably awkward around him. There’s just this amazing funny youthful tension between them and even if their egos clash they’re both so good at heart:

When it comes to thiam, I don’t hate thaim in 6B, but I also don’t like how most of the thiam fandom portrays their characters. Theo is often reduced to a lovable quirky guy that’s just head over heels for Liam, and Liam never seems to care about what Theo did to Scott.

I do think there is some appeal in thiam, similar to sterek. I would be able to lowkey enjoy it more if the fans weren’t extremely aggressive and entitled, constantly hijacking threads or screaming for how it should have been canon. It really bothers me how a lot of them very seriously want Theo’s redemption to be about falling in love with Liam because that’s just so unfair to Theo’s character.

But as a purely fandom fun ship? I think it’s got some merit to it. They’ve got some really funny scenes that can easily be taken in a shippy direction. They’re two attractive boys with a lot of aggression between them:

(^^Tho tbh that’s my favorite thiam scene and I still far prefer the sceo going on in it lol)

I could get behind a fic or two about a steamy begrudging attraction on Liam’s part towards Theo that kind of spirals and grows into something. I have a few ideas for some thiam fics I’d like to write.

I don’t think it has to be an either/or with fandom ships. You can like sceo, thiam, briam, maleo, scackson, sciam, liolan, whatever, and enjoy them all for similar or different reasons. For me the most off-putting thing about the thiam fandom s how they act like their ship is somehow better or has more canon merit when it really doesn’t at all.

Personally, I really love thiam as a bromance. I’d like to see them wing-manning one anther. I also like the idea of Theo acting like an older brother to Liam because he’s in a small way redeeming himself for what he did to his sister. This is a totally reasonable thing for me to want to see, but when I post stuff like that I guarantee you there will be someone who comments “THEO IS IN LOVE WITH LIAM HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT DERRRRRRP!!”

So that’s the part I don’t like. xD

But thiam can be good for fanworks. And there are lots of nice people that ship thiam and aren’t crazy.

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*holds mic* Ok, I really love your art! Your merman au tho!! By the way... How do you feel as an artist of some hot master piece? How do you feel when someone says your art is hot? Do you feel hot as well? (☆_☆) *points the mic at you*

I-UMM..?? I don’t really think that it’s ‘hot’ xD
I was overwhelmed by the response at first but then I noticed that I’m still the person I was before xD 
It makes me feel happy :’D 

Hitorijime My Hero 1x04 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Kousuke and Asaya’s sister (already forgot her name) just go and talk about the relationship of their little brothers. Why the fuck not, right? XD
  • “Oh! Got a special someone waiting for you at home with dinner, huh?” I bet that’s Settie
  • And it really is Settie ;)
  • “Don’t you get bored just lounging around with me on your lap all day?” And suddenly, Kensuke was more of a pet than a lover ;)
  • “Not Setagawa again…He’s all you ever talk about.” Jealous Boyfriend alert!
  • “Then will you let me do whatever I want ‘til I feel better?” Freakin’ devil!
  • “Now get undressed.” *dirty thoughts*
  • “Come with me to the bathroom.” WOW ASAYA!
  • Wtf Asaya…
  • “Shh! It’s the demonic love birds.”
  • Master Chef Settie
  • “Did he just “tsk” me?“ Yes. Yes, he did.
  • "What’s the guy we rescued doing here?” Flashback? Where?
  • “I kept seeing him follow you around so I invited him over!” STALKER!
  • “Have you picked up another stray, Ken? First Sasa, then Masahiro…” Kensuke really has a knack for this kind of thing, huh
  • Asaya is making The Yandere Face™ again D;
  • Asaya. Please stop intimidating Settie!
  • “C'mon, Hasekura, don’t bully him.” LOOK! Even your boyfriend agrees!
  • “Watch your butt.” That’s the best line I’ve ever heard in an shounen ai/yaoi anime!
  • “What am I gonna do with these guys…” I’m pretty sure everyone who watches this anime wonders the same thing, Kousuke
  • "You make an exellent papa for Ken-tan and a highly efficient house wife.”
  • “Are you sure you should be letting a student pick your test questions?”
  • That look Asaya was making tho. He probably knows something’s up. 
  • Kousuke calling Asaya “pretty boy” seems just sooo wrong XD
  • “Hasekura might be a little crazy, but if he can make Ooshiba laugh like that, I guess he’s alright.” Settie is honestly best bud!
  • “Ooshiba’s kinda special to me, I guess.” BROMANCE
  • “And you too, Kousuke.” Awww
  • He loves petting his head, doesn’t he?
  • “Then I started to feel like all my fears would disappear. As long as I had you around, Kousuke. That’s why…” IS THAT A CONFESSION I SMELL?
  • Aaaaand Hasekura’s still a dick…

Asaya: I’ll stop.
Kensuke: Stop what?
Asaya: Being mad at Setagawa.
Kensuke: Wh-what? Do you mean that, Hasekura?!
Asaya: Mhm.
Kensuke: Really? Smart decision!
Asaya: I mean, even if I leave him alone, he’ll still be…
Asaya: …still be miserable.

  • “You envied them, didn’t you?” Who wouldn’t?
  • “I thought it was cute how attached you got and I kept you too close, I’m sorry.” HOE! NO! DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS!
  • “I’m saying…that even if you feel that way, I can’t return those feelings.” Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking!
  • “See, that look on your face…It’s screaming out: "I want you to break me, to screw me.”.“ LIKE YOU’RE ONE TO TALK ASSHOLE!
  • "If anybody knows the answer, I’d love to know…why it is that humans get so hung up that they want to run away and forget about everything?”
  • “Just because Ooshiba and Hasekura are like that doesn’t mean I am too!” But you are like that, my dear child.
  • “You damn old man!” LOL
  • And there is his mum with some guy, AGAIN
  • “Am I gonna lose it again? My place to belong…” Another heartbreak!
  • Purple panties?!
  • Settie is so innocent
  • Tackle out of nowhere…
  • Settie the panties stealer
  • “What’ll it be? Go home? Come to my place?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Aaaaand you fucked up Kousuke
  • “He’s crazy strong in a fight, he’s smart, people are drawn to him, he can pull through any situation with a smile…I just wanted to be like him.“
  • “He gave someone like me a place to belong.“ It always breaks my heart when people or characters think they aren’t worth anything ._. Every life has a purpose.
  • Asaya? I know you’re a sadist but please leave Settie alone…
  • And now Settie is a god damn Shōjo protagonist
  • Shiiiit. Aren’t these the fangirls?
  • Well, Satou (the blue haired girl) either has a crush on Settie or is just super nice in general. Either way, I think she’s kinda cute :3
  • Do you feel that Kousuke? The jealousy? You do? Good! You deserve it!
  • “I just need to move on.” Like that’s really gonna work…
  • Kousuke. You’re a fuckin’ prick
  • “If you can’t return the feelings then just leave me alone!” Ohh? I thought you said you were actually “normal“, Setagawa 
  • “See you later. Hurry up and find a girlfriend.” OH NO YOU DIDNT!
  • Seems like we’re getting a lot of backstory next week!
  • And is it just me or are my posts getting longer each episode? :O


I’m gonna change the title from “My Highlights” to “Jesy’s ramblings” and continue to watch and ramble ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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SO, I just finished my exams and I wanted to say that because of one of your livestreams, I discovered ORD (seeing you evolve with every page was amazing and your story made my breaks so much better, you also kind of convinced me to try out drawing this summer) and your Blood God visual novel. TBH, Blood God freaks me out xD (HE STILL CUTE THO) but damn Lucifine, damn. The humour in it is outstanding and I can't wait to buy the full version. Your art is great! You're kind and (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m glad that you enjoy all the dumb little projects I do XD
And that’s so awesome!!! O_O
Def keep drawing, I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful artist X3

Soooooooooooo happy you like the game ;A;
Sad to say, it is currently on hiatus due to the busy schedule of all the members ^^;
Hahaha, you’re too nice to me >///<
I’ve been kinda lazy lately…

Am I doing this right? 

I’ve seen everyone doing this, so I guess I’ll do the thing too. TBH I actually have like 160+ followers, but still. This is my first time doing a follow forever, so here we go.

A thank you all to everybody that follows me<3 I’m not sure where to start, but thank you all for sticking and baring with me to this day. You all have kind and beautiful souls. I don’t come on tumblr RP as much anymore for my own personal reasons, but it does make. me happy to know you’re all still with me even in spirit hahaha. There’s so many of you I wanna thank and also interact with via OOC or IC. I apologize if you haven’t been added onto the list, because like I said, there’s so many of you. That does not mean I hate you or forgot about you though.

Now where to start…?

Keep reading

  • Me: I have so many OCs, and I still need to develop a lot of them
  • My brain: *starts coming up with more OCs*
  • Me: What? No! Stop making new characters! You need to work on the ones you already have!
  • My brain: 😏
  • Me: 😑

oneofthewolfchildren  asked:

Hello yes I just read Holy Shattimony and it was so beautiful????? Jesus I cRiED bless u honestly


Oh my god thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! At least, I hope those were happy tears, not tears of pain or anything XD

Honestly I’ve been having a blast writing it. Hopefully S4 doesn’t throw me and the story off too much; while I’m super excited that we might be seeing more Matt in the future, I’m pretty sure Holy Shattrimony is going to become non-canon pretty damn quick.

…I still love it and I’ll still want to write more of it tho…

Chill Bruce, Clark can’t get drunk anyways, he just wants to spend some quality time with you.

dumbluckycharm  asked:

Oh my God! That comic with Marco reading her diary tho I can totally see it! Like the other day he casually walks to her room and lifts his hoodie like "do u still think I don't have a six pack?" And Star just faints XD BTW, love your art 💜💜


and as he walks away defeated she watches his butt and writes in her diary later on “he may not have a 6 pack but that booty was made by GODS”

One thing that kills me abt this fandom is that the boys stabbing, drugging, beating, stepping on you, killing you, and all that shit is fine but OMG??? THEM ACTUALLY LOVING A LBGT+ PERSON?? THATS WHERE PEOPLE HAVE TO DRAW A GODDAMN LINE like do y'all realize how fucking ridiculous that is

Like not only is that blatant homophobia/transphobia, but like think abt this also: you never know how much something means so somebody. This series could quite literally be keeping someone alive. Think abt how much you love the boys. Would you want someone to tell you ‘nah the boys would never love you they would kill you xD’ like…that’s just nasty. Think abt when u were going thru some bad shit and the boys/series helped you. Who are you to tell someone that the boys would not love them???

Its fucking disgusting that people think this shit is okay. If you read this post and get pissed off/feel anything bad towards me: you are the problem and you need to step back from the computer for a few moments and rethink how you treat people. Would you do this shit irl? And if not why? There is a reason you wouldn’t.

I just want acceptance. I want lbgt+ ppl in this fandom to be accepted and not shunned and treated poorly. Us being lbgt+ and shipping ourselves with the characters is not threatening you in anyway. You can still love the characters as well? They are for everyone. You don’t have to subscribe to our headcanons and whatnot, just please let us live and enjoy fandom in peace. This series is for everyone, just because 'its marketed toward girls xD’ doesn’t mean that only straight cis girls are the only ones that can like it. That’s like saying 'omg but that movie is for boys tho??? Why watch it???’ Look I love harem anime, are you gonna tell me 'omg but the girls are straight they would never love you xD’ like y'all I have literally never seen anyone say that in their respective fandoms. Ever. Doesn’t that say something? I mean

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Did you ever think about making a comic about Espilver? I would love to read it!

that sounds like a great idea~:D

but it would be better if someone can give me a prompt or a story for this (i suck at planning comics ;w;) i’d love to see people’s ideas ;)

but don’t be sad, i still have a quick drawing for you anon XD

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I got nothing against Saladad, but his voice is too close to Reaper's from OW that it makes me unable to take him seriously XD but it's nice to have a change of pace, and I don't feel so much pressure (some of the time) when he says things. Shaxx is still fav tho :3

Oh nonny if you mention Reaper from Overwatch to me you’re gonna have to give me a second to compose myself. I don’t play the game but I listened to his voice and by the Traveler could he not?? sound so sexy??? I mean I have things to do with my life and that voice makes me zone out to a really lovely place. 

OK, I’m calm. I’m calm.

Yes I totally agree with you, the change of pace is good and he’s not so SHOUTY as Shaxx. If I had to choose one of these good boys to call matches forever more I would probably choose Shaxx, but it’s lovely have the Iron Grump being flirty and delivering those ‘back in my day we had to build the arena ourselves and THEN fight in it’ speeches.