Colors (Prologue)

Summary: Yoongi’s world was always black and white. And you filled it with colors. High School AU. Bully Yoongi, too.

A/N: idk if I’ll ever finish this like lets hope so plox im literally CRAMMING rn anyway this is short bc it’s the prologue :^)

Yoongi-hyung,” he can remember you saying when you were both children. “Can we get married when we grow up? I mean, we’re best friends and all. What do you say?”


“Of course we will!” he remembered the younger him that smiled at your question. “We’ll throw a big one, too! Just so you wait, (Y/N)!”


“Oh? Yoongi-hyung, we need to practice some more for the talent show. Wouldn’t want that stupid (Y/N) stealing the spotlight that’s supposed to be ours, yeah?” Taehyung suddenly said, snapping Yoongi out of his trance. “Are you busy thinking about something? If so, tell us, so we can get rid of what’s bothering you.”

“Nothing,” he answered gruffly. “I didn’t even know I spaced out. Maybe I’m just tired? Can I retire for the night? I’ll practice for extra hours tomorrow, I swear,” he said as an excuse. Namjoon, the guy who assumed the position as a leader, shook his head.

“No. But at least after one practice, you can go home. Maybe you’ll pass out just because of your exhaustion, so after at least one practice to review your choreography, I’ll let you go for the night,” Namjoon said. Yoongi sighed

“Okay. Thanks.”


He has remembered the last time you two hung out as friends. It was when you were in 6th grade, and it was before high school when he met his friends. You had asked him if you were going to be friends forever, and naturally, he said ‘yes’. But when you both stepped into high school, his friends had influenced him into bullying you.

He could remember the first time he tripped you, and you cried about two things. One, the fact that you had hurt yourself; and two, the fact that your best friend Yoongi tripped you. You talked to him later that day, asking if the two of you were still friends. And the answer you got was a simple “No.”

Sobs racked your body that day, but you turned your back on him the moment you said that. That was it; you didn’t try to fight it. You were taught to respect others’ feelings and decisions, and you learned that no one could be swayed when they have decided on something. So you didn’t even bother saving your friendship with him.

Yoongi, of course, had also felt regret and sadness burrowing their way into his heart, piercing him with the said emotions. The sight of you crying was sad enough for him; the fact that he ended the friendship between the two of you was worse. When he relayed the scene to his friends, Namjoon just told him to “don’t cry over spilt milk.”

And that day onward, he’s learned to bully you, and you never even fought your ex-best friend back. And Yoongi’s also learned to never hurt you intentionally, but the peer pressure was real. Soon enough, you were the laughingstock of the school, but you still had a few friends, and that’s all that matters. You weren’t alone in this suffering.

But the thing was, you gave him the reason to have colors in his life. And now that you were apart, he could sense all the reasons for living falling apart. The colors were fading away. The longer you were with Jimin and Jungkook, he could see his future in neutral colors. It was the heaviest burden he could carry.

And then there came a time that you and Jungkook were apparently dating. The maknae was sent to school early, so he was in the same year, but not the same age. Yoongi was hurt so much, and the feeling in his heart told him that this was it. This was the feeling that was supposed to make his life more vibrant with the colors the special person could give.