it’s funny how a girl can complement another girl on her appearance but if a guy does that to another guy oh shitfire he’s gay oh no daaamnnn you gay son

Hook and Emma’s goodbye was a bright spot in a fairly dark episode, and I can’t help but feel that was intentional. I loved that Hook was honest with Emma when she asked him why he wasn’t able to resist the pull of darkness, and what he said was what we’ve known to be true about him for a long time: He didn’t feel like he had anything or anyone to live for except his vengeance. A lack of love can do dark things to a person’s spirit, and Hook is the prime example of that.

But Emma doesn’t have a lack of love in her life now. She has her parents and her son, as Hook stated. But Emma wasn’t about to let Hook doubt his place on that list anymore. It was such a huge sign of character growth for Emma that she was able to tell him he’s as important to her as her family is; he’s someone she wants to fight to be her best self for. And it’s important to note that Hook is the only person on that list not connected to Emma by blood. In an episode that dealt with the role fate has played in Emma’s relationships, Emma’s scene with Hook was a strong reminder that fate may have allowed them to cross paths, but they made the choice to open their hearts to each other. Hook made the choice to give up his darkness because Emma offered him hope for the first time in centuries, and now he’s choosing to offer that same hope to her.

—  Nerdy Girl Notes (X)

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Hi Cassie :-) I love your books and I can't wait to read Lady Midnight. I hope you have time to answer two of my questions. I have always been a fan of the Herondale family, but when do the blue eyes disappear in the family? and are we ever going to see Will Herondale again? I really hope so because he is one of my favorite characters.


We don’t know that the blue eyes disappeared. Stephen had blue eyes, and who knows what color Jace’s eyes would have been if Valentine hadn’t messed around with him magically.

As for Will, you will see him again in The Last Hours, as he and Tessa run the London Institute and are the parents of two main characters.

i feel u. i do not understand, because I am not u and dont know ur position, but i do know that i feel u. i do. school fukn sucks. ur family can be dicks. its hard to like yourself all the time. but i can feel some rly good vibes coming from u. maybe ur in a shitty place rn and i know i often feel hopeless enough to believe its not going to get better, but i think that we can do it together. but i urge u, do not let urself forget how it feels to be happy and laughing, and know soon youll be there!!! drink water, go for a walk, have a laugh, let people love u. i do!!

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Hello love:) i wanted to ask you if you have a list of all the twitter names (from 1d's family and crew)? if you don't that okay;) all the love xx

Here’s a list! (It’s not completely finished because I can’t remember everybody’s Twitter)


Anne Twist
Ben Selley
Dee Selley
Des Styles
Ella Selley
Gemma Styles
Larissa Selley
Matty Selley
Mike Selley
Mike Twist
Robin Twist


Nicola Payne
Ruth Payne
Sophia Smith


Caroline Flynn
Claire Flynn
Claire Storey
Denise Horan
Emma Horan
Grace Nolan
Greg Horan
Jane Nolan
Katie Donohue
Katie Horan
Patricia Flynn
Stephen “deo” Devine
Theo Horan
Willie Devine


Fizzy Tomlinson
Johannah Deakin
Keith Tomlinson
Lottie Tomlindon
Mark Tomlinson
Sally Deakin


Basil Whelan
Cal Aurand
Caroline Watson
Dan Richards
Helene Horlyck
Jon Shone
Josh  Devine
Julie Feingold
Lou Teasdale
Mark Jarvis
Patrick ‘paddy’ O’brien
Preston Mahon
Sandy Beales
Sarah’s Kitchen

Do you hurt for the poverty stricken children? Does your heart break for the fatherless and the widows? Does it kill you inside that there are people being sold to other people? Good. Do something about it.

But, before you do. Go tell your mother you love her. Go do the dishes for your family. Go be a better sibling to your brothers and sisters. Go love on your friends. Tell the ones that you are close to they are special, tell them it and mean it. We cannot call the abused victim our friend and expect it to mean something if we keep treating our friends the way we have been. For some of us, if we treated the homeless like we treat our mothers they wouldn’t feel very special at all. 


There’s more to it all than I thought…
I’ve got too much to live for.

Dedicated to the Cas and the Sam to my Dean.

Pray for Nepal

Please keep on praying for everyone affected by the 7.9 earthquake in Nepal which hit on Saturday, for those who have lost loved ones, and for families whose homes have been destroyed. It’s heartbreaking and tragic to think about all the people and the history lost in Nepal. Lots of archaeological and historical structures and monuments that told the stories of their past, their ancestors, were turned to dust. 

Death toll has risen to over 4000, and 7100 injured. I know it was not just Nepal affected. In reality Nepal’s neighbors also have lost citizens, such as China, Northern India and Bangladesh. Mount Everest is also still reporting missing climbers, there have been many avalanches in the region.

Help out in anyway by donating to multiple charities who intend to send relief such as, SAVE THE CHILDRENRed CrossUNICEFOXFAM AmericaWorld VisionMercyCorps & CARE. Every penny counts guys.

My heart goes out to everyone out there. 

Kim Talks About Bruce on The Today Show

About Bruce’s transition: “I’m really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it. And that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That’s what life is about. I don’t know what life would be like if you always felt like you weren’t yourself. As long as he is happy, and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy. And I support him 100 percent.”

About her family and how everyone is dealing with Bruce’s transition: “I love having so many siblings and such a supportive mom because, you know, each family member might be dealing with this in a different way. But we have each other to go through this experience with. And I’m really grateful for that. Bruce has always been really, really good at explaining everything to us. And these have been newer feelings — not newer feelings for him, but for us to digest… He’s done a really good job at walking us through it.”

“Until that transition is done, we’ve learned that you do refer to him as ‘him’.

"I think that he has waited almost 65 years to make this decision, whether it’s kept it to himself or not; he’s lived with it. And I think that when you are finally ready to be your true self then you’re prepared for anything.”

“I think he is ready for the challenge… and ready to help other people’s lives that might be going through the same things that he’s going through. And that’s something that he’s really proud of and something that he is really ready to take on. And I’m really proud of him for that.“

To her who has the heart of the love of my life, you’ll have to know that she doesn’t like it when you have your feet on the pillow side. She sleeps with her thumb in her mouth sometimes, and sometimes she does crazy. But when she does you can laugh with her and it means she feels comfortable with you. Don’t make her cry because it will be one of the worst sad things you’ll ever see. Seeing her crying is worse than the reason why. Her family isn’t always easy and it will get you in trouble as well, but fight for her then. There will be times in which she will tells you 10 times in 5minutes how much she loves you, and there will be times in which you only hear her breathing. Enjoy both because the sound of her voice will become your favorite music, and you will appreciate her breathing after the days and nights she don’t want to live anymore. She loves cookies and when you will be with her outside she rather anti social herself than sitting in a group of people. Appreciate every message you’ll get from her and every laugh. Don’t be the asshole like I was to her. But most important, you’ll will go through storm rain and thunder with her, but she’ll be worth the rainbow. We have fought for eachother but we lost. Now you have to fight for your future together and make sure you’ll both make it together. Because I want her to be happy. Because that’s what love is, right ?
—  R.R.

So we have this handsome little guy for a few hours today to figure out if he’s a good fit for us or not and I hope we get to keep him:):)
Any tips for someone who’s never had a cat is welcome. He’s 1 years old and his family is moving out of the area and can’t keep him. So I’m hoping to give him a good loving home.


More headcanons about that verse where Dwarves don’t quite accept the concept of being genderfluid (you’d be considered flighty and not steady enough in anything, not to be taken seriously, a little bit like the “this is important, can’t you choose?”). in this fic it was mentioned that Nori probably wouldn’t have been let through the gates of Erebor if Dwalin hadn’t been there. So my first thought was about how their relationship would be affected by prejudice? I love the idea of Dwalin crafting a courting gift for Nori once they’re in Erebor, a beautiful necklace of precious materials, in the shape of the sigil of Dwalin’s family. It’s a thing people notice more if Nori is wearing a dress, but once people know they think that Dwalin can’t be serious about courting a Dwarf as inconstant as Nori

I heard a firetruck outside my apartment. Then I saw the truck on the news.

That’s how I close I am. 

These riots are surreal. I don’t know if I have anything to fear. But I completely acknowledge that this unease I feel today is nothing in comparison to how Freddie Gray and every one of the 65% of black and mixed race Baltimore residents.

I don’t know how to feel. Baltimore is my home- that is something that the peaceful protests of late have made me realize. It is my home and I love it, and I am very sorry to see how some residents are acting.

These riots are not in line with all the peaceful protests in response to Freddie Gray’s murder. He was laid to rest today, and it was his family’s wish that there be no protests of any kind today, in remembrance.

The rioters moving through Baltimore should not be associated with the protestors. What they are doing is further discrediting and tarnishing the cause. There is no excuse for ruining the city you live in.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!! I would like to thank you guys so much for putting up with me…all 8000 of you. I don’t know how you do it but you have to teach my friends and family lol. Thanks to everyone!! Much love!



What does it mean to survive? Think blood. Think power tools. Think family gatherings. Think of the body reclaiming itself. Think eventual light. I have pulled myself through twenty three years to get here. I have pulled myself through body hate, through love gone wrong, through the eye of a needle. I have suffered to get here. I can show you the poems. I can show you my family photographs.

There is a promise that it gets better.

It, whatever it is, does not get better

We get better.

We get tougher. Stronger. Calmer. We laugh when the fire eats its way up the wall. We shrug off the old lovers’ wedding photos. We smile. We like ourselves. We hum to the radio. We remember to eat. We thicken at the hips. We soften in the eyes. We sand our edges down. We undress of our armour and we stand defenceless at the frontline. Knees already half-buckled. Pink as the inside of a cat’s ear. We ready ourselves for the battle. We do not always win, but we give a good fight. We brace ourselves for the impact, absorb it when it comes.  

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Hi this is kinda weird but I don't have a mom or sisters and I just want to look really pretty for 8th grade graduation but my dad keeps picking out ugly dresses can you suggest any websites for cute dresses or suggest some dresses for me?

Hi love! Some decently priced dresses can be found on Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe! Honestly, if you need help and want to send me your price range plus pictures of dresses that you like I can help you find something, no problem :) Here is a little collage of dresses with links that are appropriate for graduation. x x x x

Woes of an outgoing introvert

1. People think it’s weird that you go to dinner and/or movie dates deliberately on your own….and it enjoy it that way.

2. You would love to hang out with a friend/family member; but you have to have alone time for a couple hours.

3. Perfectly capable of being the life of the party….but when your social battery is dead, you must go home immediately to sit in your room.

4. You’re seem bubbly and affable at work, but once you get home you can truly relax and be yourself

5. Coming home and not speaking to any of your roommates. Not because you’re mad at them…but you’re socially drained.

6. Basically, my room is my charger…and being in my car alone is like a phone case charger. You need both to come back to life.