I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.

pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs

THEME #11 - borealis

it’s not even October yet and I’m here striving for wintery weather and cold wind and sweaters so here, borealis (latin for northern).

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onew’s toast song~ ♪

Based on this beautiful photo (x)



Coz some bonds make it special <3

sending you lots and lots of hugs @missfiirelight u3u

me reading fics at 3 am: oh man how the time flies i sure wish i could keep reading but i should probably go to sleep as i have read like. 10 fics tonight!!! ah, who cares, one more chapter!!!

me reading actual information from a textbook at 3 am: this must be the latest i have ever stayed up, i can’t function, i obviously wasn’t built to read anything after midnight, i just keep reading the same sentence over and over with no progress, this is what hell is like

  • Dan and Phil:WE'VE MADE A BOOK!!!!!
  • The Phandom:OH MY GOD!!!! *jumps up and down*!!!! YAYYY!!!
  • Dan and Phil:WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!!
  • The Phandom:*hyperventilates* OHMYGOD OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dan Howell:*releases behind-the-scenes footage of them making the book*
  • Phil Lester:*reaches 3 million subs*
  • The Phandom:WhElp *dies*
Birthdays (M)


genre: slight smut / fluff / humor (?)
characters: three words. jeon. fucking. jungkook.
word count: 6740

a very special present from a very drunk jungkook ; what else do you need in life? :)

a/n: one of my first and favorite requests!! i hope you like it anon ^^ its also 3:31 am and i should be sleeping @kenwayer27​ IM SORRY idk if the last parts made any sense i was kinda drifting off UGH ;; 

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Birthdays had never really meant much to you, to be honest. It was just another set of continuous hours, another day out of 365 days. Never once, had you silently wished yourself a happy birthday when the clock strikes midnight, the tick-tocks of the second hand echoing in your newly aged mind that never exactly felt any different; never once had you longed terribly for something significant on your “special day” – be it a gift of some sort, a nice congratulatory wish, or even that one particular person

This was probably the reason why you were so overwhelmed, because never once had you imagined your eighteenth birthday to be so disastrously yet so completely fucking incredible that you nearly prayed for your next birthday to be just around the corner.

Rather, you almost hoped that every single day was your birthday.


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anonymous asked:

Do you know what rapmon is talking about in his part in 쩔어? With the numbers? I don't get it ;__;

I’ll just translate his whole part so we’re on the same page yeah,

3포세대? 5포세대?
그럼 난 육포가 좋으니까 6포세대
언론과 어른들은 의지가 없다며 우릴 싹 주식처럼 매도해
왜 해보기도 전에 죽여 걔넨 enemy enemy enemy
왜 벌써부터 고개를 숙여 받아 energy energy energy
절대 마 포기 you know you not lonely
너와 내 새벽은 낮보다 예뻐
So can I get a little bit of hope? (yeah)
잠든 청춘을 깨워 go

Sampo generation? Opo generation? 
Well then I like beef jerky so it’s Yukpo generation?
The media and the adults all say we don’t have willpower, condemning us all like stocks
Why before we can even try we’re killed by those guys? enemy enemy enemy
Why do we bow our heads already? receive some energy energy energy
Don’t ever give up, you know you not lonely
The dawn with you is prettier than the day
So can I get a little bit of hope? (yeah)
Wake up our sleeping youth go

Gosh where should I start, okay.. so in Korea, these are cultural terms:

  • 3포세대 = Sampo (three forsakens) generation 
  • 5포세대 = Opo (five forsakens) generation  

When IMF crisis happened in the late 90s, a lot of countries suffer from economical depression, including South Korea. And because of the social pressures and economical problems such as rocketing prices, tuition, housing prices, and so on, a lot of people in this generation are said to easily give up on three things central to what is normally considered a complete life; love, marriage, and raising children. These ppl are called ‘Sampo generation’, which is similar to the ‘Satori Generation’ in Japan, and ‘700 euro generation’ in Greece. ‘Opo generation’ refers to the generation that gives up on social life and owning a house in addition to love, marriage, and raising children. However, when Namjoon says ‘Yukpo’, which also means ‘beef jerky’, he’s making a pun out of the word, like, “Well I like beef jerky..so why not Yukpo generation? cos ‘yukpo’ means both ‘beef jerky’ and ‘six forsakens’, he probably means giving up on beef jerky too as a joke lol I hope I’m making sense ^^


I created this art of Evil Space Boyfriends and their Evil Space Cat and then I thought “Hey, it looks like metal album cover”, so I decided to create my own Kalux playlist for this. Propably nobody except me will like it, but it’s ok. :D And this is my first playlist, so I have no idea what I’m doing. :c

You can listen it on Youtube, because now, I officially hate 8track. :))) Links to each track are below.

Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine (Fix) | Type O Negative - Black No 1 | Tristania - Mercyside | Theatre of Tragedy - Sweet art Thou | Tristania - Tender Trip on Earth | Theatre of Tragedy - Bring Forth Ye Shadow | Tristania - Cypher | Virgin Black - Of Your Beauty | Theatre Of Tragedy - A Rose For The Dead | Tiamat - Do You Dream Of Me | Liv Kristine - 3 AM | Tristania - Cure

Here you can find more my Kylux arts.

Have faith guys!

I know the last chapter was a shock but let me remind you all of a few things:

1) Sasuke showed he cared about Sakura from a young age

2) He didn’t reject her when she hugged him (like he did with Ino and Karin)

3) Sasuke has thanked Sakura twice 

4) Finally look at all of this do you seriously think Kishimoto added all this because he has nothing better to do. I studied media and English for a long time and if I learnt anything the one thing I’ve learnt is every scene or sentence has a purpose so don’t be fooled by the latest chapter because SasuSaku will have the last laugh as always.

Bounus present: Look at the eyesmex! Have you ever seen this guy or girl have eyesmex with anyone else.

By next week we will by feeling like this gif keep the faith guys. I’ve always wanted to use this.

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I hope I’ve cheered some of you up anyway peace out it’s 7 am here so I should probably get some sleep. So goodnight and Καληνύχτα to all of you or should I say good morning and remember keep the faith I’m actually 100% calm for once.

One final note who keeps their DNA on their own desk. I got to go check my desk now to make sure Karin isn’t my mother.