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I honestly love the stay made of lightning theme louis has going on with the t-shirts - like Jay is the ultimate Girl Almighty for him. She inspired him and his younger song writer self probably didn't even realize...

ohhh I love this 

jay is the ultimate girl almighty for louis <3

Imagine being Loki’s wife and the beloved Princess of Asgard. One day when Loki wakes up, he tells you that he has a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen. She convinced him that it was just his nerves about her going off to Vanaheim by herself to handle some royal duties. Later on that day, Frigga comes running to Loki to tell him the horrible news of her passing. An enemy of Loki decided to take away the one thing that meant the most to him and succeeded in his terrible plan. At her funeral, Loki is left alone with his wife. With tears streaming down his face, he kisses her forehead one last time and slips off her wedding ring to put on a necklace. Even though the criminal was executed the day before her funeral, no one could ever fill his empty void that she did. Loki still considers himself married to her, even though by Asgardian laws he is not, and does everything to keep her memory alive.


happy birthday!
i love you so freaking much. it seems like just yesterday i nervously sent my favorite blog a message. i’m so glad i did! you are the sweetest, loveliest person i have ever had the pleasure of talking to! we have so much in common, its crazy. i am so grateful to have a friend like you. you’ve helped keep me together when things feel like they’re falling apart. i know that i can call you anytime when i need help, and i hope you know that i’m here for you too. 

you are the tear in my heart, michelle.

i love you.

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is this how it ends?

It may have made me forget, but it was just a lie. It was a band aid covering a gash where my heart was ripped out. It was just a feel good, the whiskey, the drugs, but they lied to me. The bitter truth always made me remember. Real life hits hard, and I’ve taken every fuckin punch.