Klance Week Day 4: Free Day

(For the free day, I decided to challenge myself and do something a little different; namely write a Klance fic where Keith and Lance aren’t actually there. Dunno if it worked, but I had fun writing it! Pidge has a bit of a potty mouth in this one, but other than that this one’s pretty tame. Enjoy!)

“Do they really think we don’t know?”

Hunk looked up from the panel he had been tinkering with. It took him a second to find what Pidge was looking at, but once he spotted her target it seemed pretty obvious; Lance and Keith were standing in the middle of the room arguing again, so close together that their foreheads were brushing.

“Know what?” Hunk asked, because really, there were a lot of ways he could interpret that question.

“That they’re sleeping together,” Pidge clarified, sitting cross-legged beside him with her head propped up on one hand. “I mean, it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?”

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Look at him. Look at all the shock and fear and surprise.

Kageyama had no idea what he was doing, and now that he finally realized it he is completely horrified. It’s honestly heartbreaking. This panel shows like no other how out of control Kageyama can feel when it comes to being a rude king. It’s also heartbreaking that all the stuff that happened in middle school is still haunting him. 

But he is realizing what he is doing and he is snapping out of it. Even better, I think he will maybe even find a way too bring the  king in him and the goody two shoes in him together. I really thing the chapter was hinting at that a lot, and I think it would be an amazing improvement.

Regardless of how things work out, I am really proud of him and I can’t wait for him to grow more!