Darn it, Alvarez Arc… You were open to possibilities. Opportunities. Potential…

But then you gave way to Nalu/Jerza fanservice anyway. >.> I suppose, in the end, Natza didn’t HAVE to become canon, but the lack of fanservice up ‘til the ending stuff kinda left things open. I wouldn’t have been opposed to an ending that stayed open. Let all ships have their theories about how everyone paired off, even the overbearing Big 4. But what ya gonna do? I suppose it’s still possible to end on that note, but not very likely at this stage.

Nalu/Jerza camps have their reasons for believing in their ships, and I have mine. Even in this arc of wasted opportunities…

Is this kind of scene romantic? Not necessarily. Just goes to show the amount of faith Erza has in Natsu, when everyone else was ready to go after and support him. He was confronting the leader of Alvarez, the Black Wizard himself, and Erza took him at his word that he could handle it. Even though Zeref would likely make the Balam Alliance seem like a cakewalk, Erza put her faith in him before all others did (at least from what we were shown). Sort of reminiscent of the time when Erza took on a 100 monsters, don'tcha think?

Natsu and Erza trust one another - their character, their abilities, they’ve bared it all to each another over the years. Of course they worry about one another, too - as seen when Natsu saved Erza from falling in Chapter 459 - but it’s a healthy kind of worry. Not to the point of doubting one another’s abilities. Granted, there was a point in Tartaros where he had Happy fly him across Ishgar because he was worried about Erza (and Mira) being taken; at the time, he had little to no evidence, but he was right in the end, wasn’t he?

As much as the Nalu/Jerza camps may try to convince us there isn’t a deep connection between these two characters, there kind of is even if you decide to view it as platonic. That said, this connection goes beyond mere trust and having each other’s backs. They grew up in Fairy Tail for seven years before the canon officially started. Them and Gray bonded to the point they’d bathe together. I can see how that might be viewed as innocent sibling bonding, but all these years later, Natsu and Erza are perfectly comfortable being around one another naked. Maybe in some families, siblings are okay baring all for one another to see, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a 'normal’ sibling-type relationship. Even outside the bathing thing, though, you had the trio of Natsu, Erza, and Gray doing all sorts of things together (the flashbacks in recent chapters prove that; even if you don’t want to buy that Erza expanded on Natsu’s education where Igneel left off, there’s at least that one panel showing Erza possibly teaching them to hunt). It wasn’t just a case of Erza being the badass S-Class mage that was so far above them in skill, and therefore distant from them as friends; they really had a connection prior to Lucy joining the Guild. And that bond can be more or less demonstrated canonically when Natsu rushed off ahead of the others early in ToH, before Erza could stop him from trying to confront Jellal. Even Gray was worked up, but Erza stopped him before he could rush off, too.

It’s just one reason, but I kind of prefer a ship that is built off of years and years of bonding. The kind where a relationship would just 'happen’; no change in the dynamic, they just kinda realize that, oh, they are pretty close. It’s natural to proceed to the next stage. I won’t completely dismiss that Nalu and Jerza have some buildup, but compared to the likes of Natza, they haven’t had as long to be together. That’s just one reason I see Nalu as a BROTP. Jerza… well, as it’s written currently, I’m just plain averse to that ship. Jellal’s caused Erza much trauma, and Erza’s a little too blindly loyal to him for my tastes. Loyalty’s all well and good, but to try and convince the likes of Kagura and Milliana to forgive Jellal and move on like she had, that’s not really fair to them, now is it? Milliana was lied to and manipulated for all that time Erza was in Fairy Tail, and she lost a dear friend because of him - a dear friend that also happened to be Kagura’s brother, who she had been searching for. To top it off, they weren’t the only ones affected by Jellal running the Tower of Heaven. Lots of slaves died constructing it.  And don’t bother trying to pass off Jellal’s actions as Ultear possessing him; I never liked Ultear being made as a scapegoat, and from what we saw he still had a great amount of free will in him.

I’ve diverged off-topic a bit, but that is some of my major reasoning for being against Jerza. If you want another interesting contrast, Jerza is rooted in the dismal past (TRYING to move on, with one person doing most of the work), while Natza can be argued to be headed to a bright future (with both of them mutually supporting one another). That doesn’t mean the past is forgotten; it’s just not at the forefront of their minds. This contrast can be seen in how Erza usually interacts with Jellal and Natsu. Whenever she’s around Jellal, the mood is usually somber and heavy with regrets, and Erza is doing her utmost best to give him hope and purpose (there is maybe one exception, at the end of Tartaros; the roles are reversed, but the atmosphere is still not quite 'cheery’ - much as it tries to be). When Erza’s around Natsu, the mood varies, but it’s worthy to note that Natsu does an excellent job at cheering Erza up or putting her in a good mood. I mean, just look at these…

Canon, filler, doesn’t matter. Natsu’s like the best guy for the job at getting Erza to smile. And more than half the time, he’s smiling right beside her. There’s just so much to love about Natza. More than I could cover in just one post, but we’re quite not up to the 'end’ anyway, so I won’t get into it all yet. There’s still 2 more volumes to come out - 15 chapters, maybe. Yeah, canonically we’re probably going to wind up with most if not all the pairings that were on that color cover a couple chapters ago; some I’m aggravated with, some I’m okay with. That won’t stop me from appreciating all the Natza moments we had…. It’s just… damn it, Mashima, you just had me convinced we could’ve gone that route.

It’s a bummer we have to defend our ship so tenaciously, but what ya gonna do? We’ve got loads of stuff to shove in Nalu/Jerza’s high and mighty faces. And from our perspective, Natza is extremely healthy and well-developed…

Chapter 535 thoughts

Favourite panels: These two panels made me fangirl way too hard!!! especially how amazing it looked in cohesion.

This simply shows Gray once again being a gentleman, a great support and friend to Lucy, once again as he always been!

 Their friendship and BROTP moments are so underrated!! especially when they work together and interract as well as individuals that are natural and comfortable to be around with! I always did say they were the “normal” people of Team Natsu compared to the other strange ones haha!  

We don’t even see Lucy being surprised whatsoever at Gray coming in, because she knows that Gray will protect her and have her back, so that they can reach Natsu. Natsu similarly knows that too that Gray is protecting his girl. The beautiful heartwarming smile from Lucy captured this scene perfectly, as it was fitting when it comes to the atmosphere and context of the bonding moment.

Gray knows full well that Lucy needs to reach Natsu,  so naturally someone who is very close to them, he will do his best to make sure she reaches there in time. 

Gray has always been someone who takes extra good care of women, and make sure their treated well no matter what mostly in general. Showing how nice, genuine of a character he is, always has been, and always will be. 

Sometimes he gets unfairly mis-characterized because of poor misconceptions from some deluded edgy people,, but the truth is he’s always been someone who’s been very kind, warm, and protective of people, and shown so much to worry for them to a point of giving up his life for them  No matter what! 

He gets very flustered when a lady sheds tears, as we seen with his moments with Erza, he never wants that to happen. It makes Gray even more loveable. 

Gray is just too precious~

Granted Gray has shown to be out of character in some scenes (particular due to being corruped by the darkness of  his magic), but this is Gray at his best. It’s a good step upwards, especially with everything that went forward. 

I liked how Natsu mentioned Gray a few times, and Lucy as well, showing their bonds to be very very close. I never understood how there were actually some people that denied that… Guess they must be not be reading the manga properly or something. 


I’m well aware that Natsu will be the one to seal Zeref because of them being brothers, and foreshadowing from Tenrou Island arc, but I still want Zeref to be defeated via teamwork, since Natsu will get his time to shine against Acnologia anway, and hopefully we get that from Gray, Lucy, Happy, Natsu vs Zeref. Especially when Zeref is in another league compared to Natsu, especially when he’s powered up.

Also, in other scenes, I’m happy that Acnologia is finally doing something now, crushing Jellal like that was beautiful. Splendid. I don’t care about Jerza, so that made it even more splendid. I was like: “Yes!, finish off that fucker!” xD

On a side note:

I’m just sad that the manga is coming to an end soon, just two volumes left. Sure, this arc isn’t really that good when it comes to poor writing, rushed scenes, anticlimatic,  asspulls, pathetic villian suicides, and displaying out of characterizations, but still we’ve been accustomed to this manga for so long, that it’s only going to be expected that we will miss it when the curtains are down, and the ships sail happy.

Now with that said, I did like the chaprer overall for the most part despite  despite some glaring power inconsistency particularly from Natsu and Zeref

People who are just ok with the JerZa ending jeez fuck off already....

Are u even seriously like now? It be like oh a girl is in love with u but all she does it brushes her hair that really literally is just it. ure still 4ever alone. and it got even worse all char got at least a scene together and get to be together even as still just friends (NaLu Lax/Mira/Lis). but jerza nope there’s no seeing there partner ‘everyday’ like the others. It is the most unsatisfying ending ever. And the end seems more like the start of some movie. Which actually could be as well knowing that trough the whole serie they only have actually interacted with each other for like 10 minutes no more go count the whole anime if ya don’t believe me. (I count the scene’s where they actually talk our do something together.) Every other couple has at least 20 minutes of this.  Ending it like this is a big fuck u to all of us fans and saying that JerZa doesn’t matter..

Holiday Reunion

Title: Holiday Reunion

Pairing: Jerza

Rating: T

Note: Still on my hiatus but that recent special chapter had my mind working overtime on this idea. I wasn’t too keen on all the nudity, but that jerza moment made up for it at the end. Jellybae returned, even if it was only a special chapter. Still, at least I got to see what my bae looked like after the timeskip. IF anything, he’s gotten hotter.

Now Jellybae needs to return in the canon-verse and I’ll be happy. Anyway, enjoy this tiny little drabble. Even though Jellal is a polite gentleman, from that last chapter, we also learn what a lil’ closet perv he is- which supports evidence from the FT OVA 5. Dawww he so cute doe.

Inspiration from tumblr prompts. The final scene is a fanart I saw here on tumblr. I forgot the artist. Credits for the idea goes to them.

Please ignore my typos. It’s been a long night. I will edit later.

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