Holiday Reunion

Title: Holiday Reunion

Pairing: Jerza

Rating: T

Note: Still on my hiatus but that recent special chapter had my mind working overtime on this idea. I wasn’t too keen on all the nudity, but that jerza moment made up for it at the end. Jellybae returned, even if it was only a special chapter. Still, at least I got to see what my bae looked like after the timeskip. IF anything, he’s gotten hotter.

Now Jellybae needs to return in the canon-verse and I’ll be happy. Anyway, enjoy this tiny little drabble. Even though Jellal is a polite gentleman, from that last chapter, we also learn what a lil’ closet perv he is- which supports evidence from the FT OVA 5. Dawww he so cute doe.

Inspiration from tumblr prompts. The final scene is a fanart I saw here on tumblr. I forgot the artist. Credits for the idea goes to them.

Please ignore my typos. It’s been a long night. I will edit later.

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