*Dark* Fake AH Crew au

Jeremy who feels no empathy and laughs in the face of the child who asks him for help to find his mum.
Michael who ‘accidently’ set a fire in the burn ward of a hospital when taken in after a too big explosion that hits the wrong buildings.
Lindsay who knocks an old man down cause he was in her way and ‘he was gonna die soon anyways’.
Ryan who knows he’s a murderer and a psychopath and couldn’t care less ‘cause it’s fun and it pays’.
Jack who only pretends to care, snickering under her breath when they turn around, knowing that if she’s nice now, she’ll get what she wants later.
Gavin who pretends to flirt back to a shy girl only to crush her by ripping up the phone number she writes down for him, and grinning wickedly when she cries.
Geoff who turns a blind eye to all the disaster and mayhem and tragedy he and his crew cause because, hey, it’s a living, and it’s no different to politics when you think about it.

The Fake AH Crew that couldn’t care less about the repercussions of their actions on others, only about each other and the money they’ll make on the next heist. It’s not like anyone else ever cared about them anyways.