Ignore everything I said about chapter 17 - it didn’t feel right so I scrapped it. I will now be rewriting it into something much better. Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut and sacrifice 14k of work to make the story the best it can be.

(shuffle&write) - 02 - DiaMari

02 •• Meteor shower, Owl City

Pairing → DiaMari
Plot → Mari left during their first year, and it’d secretly destroyed Dia. Takes place right after episode 3.

[01] [03]

She came back.

Dia thought she was dreaming when she stepped in the principal’s office, ready to greet the new headmaster and introduce herself as the current Student Council President. She froze right away, not because the three annoying second years led by Takami Chika were here, but because she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for almost two years.

Her voice.

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Densi- all of them? (this is for that last ship meme you posted)

How differently do they think of each other now compared to when they first met? 

God, those foolish, clueless idiots that first met in that gym. I think there was physical attraction from the first minute, and you could almost immediately see them falling into that banter they’ve had for seasons now and I believe that Kensi probably wanted to hate him getting under her skin like he just knew how to do, but somehow found herself enjoying it more than she should and even giving it back to him and Deeks probably loved the competition, seeing those little eye rolls and frustrated smirks. 

You can see it in season two, the little lines they’d give about never being happy together or not being good partners, but honestly, that transition is my favorite part of that relationship. You see them barely tolerating each other, then trusting each other, becoming friends, then best friends, you can see them slowly falling in love with each other in all that banter and I adore it so so much. How those ignorant idiots became each other’s everything. 

What do their friends/family think of their relationship? 

Julia is probably almost overwhelmed by it, when she left her daughter was a little girl and she’s still repairing that relationship and Deeks was already so close to Kensi when she reappeared, but she’s happy, happy to see her daughter in such a good place and happy knowing that Don would be proud. 

Roberta is probably a bigger shipper than any of us, finally seeing her son so so happy and in such a good situation, with a home, a career, a family who loves him and would do anything for him. She probably has a lot of misplaced blame and regret over the past and to see her son get so much despite the shitty life he was born into has got to be tremendous for her. 

Okay but, Callen and Sam are so so so proud because this is their dysfunction little family and wow, they had to deal with those idiots every single day and now they finally get to see them together, happy and strong and finally quiting that shit and just letting themselves be in love and happy. 

How do their personalities/skills complement or contrast with each other? 

Oh my god they shouldn’t, they shouldn’t click like they do and fit together so perfectly, but somehow they do and it makes them work together in every way, partners, lovers, friends. They recognize each other’s faults, but they don’t hold grudges, they forgive because yeah, they’re damaged too. 

They have all these little quirks that really should make them hate each other, but somehow they click instead of colliding. 

What is their favorite aspect of each other? 

I think Kensi loves his goodness, his ability to make everyone laugh during a bad situation, to come out a bad situation himself and still be so sweet and strong and good to the people around him. He could have easily fallen into a hole with everything he’s been through, but he still puts a smile on his face every day and works to make others smile and laugh too and she needed that sunshine to match her gunpowder. 

Her strength, bravery. She’s insanely strong and capable, she has achieved so much and she’s experienced so much heartbreak, but every time she out herself back together and continued moving along, and working hard. She’s incredible at what she does and she still has that free, fun, and giggly side that hasn’t been broken or hidden. 

Do either of them have pet peeves about each other? 

Oh my god, the messiness, the constant talking, the taste in tv shows, the lectures on healthy foods, the music choices. Those little banter filled arguments are some of my favorite moments. 

How would each reconcile with each other after a fight? 

Probably making fun of themselves with a lighthearted comments and reaching out with clear headed communication to actually talk about whatever occurred. Or Deeks just watches hours of Survivor with her as an apology. 

What would be their ideal vacation getaway together? 

One where their phones are turned off so Hetty can’t find them. 

Think of a new way (AU, different situation, etc.) they could have met for the first time. 

Mindy meets Marty during a yoga class and sets him up on a blind date with Kensi much to poor KayKay’s despair. 

Run Barry, Run!

Rating: T

Summary: Barry has his first big growth spurt and Iris does not exactly share his enthusiasm about it… Silly little something featuring teenaged westallen and height difference :)

4 weeks! Iris had been gone for 4 weeks and Barry had just decided to shoot up like weed while she was gone visiting Grandma Esther and her best friend had stayed at home, working on a project for some upcoming science fair.

Barry seemed very happy with that. Sure, he was even more clumsy than usual, still figuring out how to coordinate his limbs properly but overall he quite enjoyed showing off his new height.

Iris hated it.

She was so used to being taller than him, protecting him from bullies. (Not that she would stop protecting him from the likes of Tony Woodward, but she was going to look a lot less threatening with Barry towering over her.)

And now she was forced to jump ridiculously in front of the kitchen cupboard, trying to reach the fresh bag of flour on the shelf, so she could proceed with the newest ‘best-brownie’ recipe she had dug up, because she was not going to ask Barry for help. Nuh-uh.

“Should I get you a stool?” her best friend’s amused voice sounded from behind her.

“No, thank you,” Iris gnarled through gritted teeth, still bouncing up and down like an idiot.

Hop. Hop. Her fingers brushed the packet. Hop.

“Come on, Iris,” Barry said, drawing closer, “this is just silly.” Now he was standing right behind her, looming over her, “I can just-”

“No, I’ve got it, Barry,” Iris hissed stubbornly, whipping around, only to bump into his chest. Barry was caught off-guard by their collision, the bag of flour he had already reached for slipping from his grasp. He barely managed to tighten his grip around the flour pack just in time to prevent it from falling down. However, the sudden movement caused the bottom of the bag to rip open – showering Iris with its 16 oz. content.

Startled, Iris first breathed in a mouthful, just to immediately cough it out again. She furiously rubbed the flour out of her eyes, fixing Barry with a menacing stare.

Bartholomew. Henry. Allen.“

Barry started running.


@thetalkingcrocus​​ replied to your photoset “Meet Max. I met Max on Wednesday, cried over him most of the day on…”

I am in love. He is beautiful. Wishing you lots of happiness together <3 <3 <3

@axcrazy​ replied

Maxie, sweet boy. Darling. I’m glad he has such a loving new owner. I have a dog too, she was running on the streets when my mom found her. No chip. No collar. No place to go, because pitbulls are liabilities. She can be a pain, but I love her very much.

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@runnerzero​ replied

:’) so beautiful

Max (who has now been christened Burger, The Burg, Burgermeister, Baron Von Burgstein, and Best Burger) thanks you all and wants you to know he is doing well. He gets three walks a day (it takes us about 30 minutes to go round the block bc there are so many Things To Smell), lots of ear scratches, and extra treats whenever we go get something from the pet store. Also, somehow, despite his wee-ness, Burger is adept at taking up about half the bed at night. 

Also, @axcrazy​, I loooooove pits, and it makes me so sad that they’re still so demonized across the country. I’m glad she has a good home :)

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Oh my god that love scene *cries* this was so tender & sweet, the complete opposite of Bea's past & how she looked at Allie, like she was most amazing being to walk the earth ohmyjebus the reverence, care, gentleness, every touch & look conveyed so much emotion. I can't stop smiling right now. Bea is finally happy. But I had to stop watching after this scene, I know that Allie gets attacked, but I don't think I can stand to watch it until the last ep. airs next week and we know what happens.

I think it’ll be okay, sweetheart.  But yes - that love scene was one of the best I’ve ever seen, I think.  The gravity of emotion both women managed to convey was really something.  I feel like, having built up a large portion of their relationship and communication through eye contact, it was really important to have them looking at one another.  It’s such a visceral sort of image to present and it really moved me.  

I’m excited to see what happens, to be honest, because I don’t think Allie’s going anywhere.

Of course, if I’m wrong then I’m an idiot who totally bought into what they’re selling but…no regrets.  This has already been a beautiful love story.  If that’s all we get, then I consider it a gift.  

i can’t believe that i didn’t know manaka ayu and nene are sisters. this explains why they take pictures together on instagram and have matching dogs. omg nene is 3 years older than ayu and she became top musumeyaku 3 years before ayu they were tops at the same time how cUTE IS THAT?!

I’m having like….the best conversation with Sica (aka the kickass @yves-saintlaurtuan) on kakaotalk right now. Like she is the best human ever. I rarely use the app but she is life so I am now. She is fierce and I am in love with her. Just like I’m in love with Mark Tuan lol. We have a pizza/wine/BBQ date planned. It’s gonna get epic.

 If anyone wants to chat outside of tumblr about anything (GOT7, kpop, food, things you hate, things that make you laugh, etc.), you can find me on kakaotalk! You can message me your username and we can chat into the wee hours of the evening lol. Oh but my username is annyeongitsMo in case you wanna find me that way too. I’ve been meeting so many people through tumblr and through my writing and it makes me a happy cupcake like the gorgeous Wonho below haha. I’m always up for chatting. 

xoxo, Mo

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I try to tip the fruit stand lady whenever I can afford to and so today when I went to pay she told me to wait one minute and she reached down and grabbed this little jar of jelly. I’m usually not big on jelly but I came home and tried it right away and it’s AMAZING!! I was having a pretty lame case of the Mondays but this totally flipped the mood.

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❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞


Angrboða shook her head, eyes shining with amusement. Her gaze watched over Hel as she mingled with those she once played with as a child, before she left to pursue her dreams and happiness after the wildfire that killed her two best friends, and nearly claimed her own life as well. It has been years since the Chief of Chiefs of the Iron Wood had seen her only daughter, rarely ever leaving her kingdom. 

But now, the scared, yet determined, little girl that once left Járnviðr was a Queen in her own right. And she looked like it, too. So regal and beautiful. Yet powerful and deadly, just as she raised her. 

“An odd thing, when one wants their daughter to grow up and be powerful and stand alone. Even more odd when that daughter returns one day as the Queen of the Dead. But,” she continued, as she watched her daughter fondly. “I suppose it is a little true.”


I’ve had the such a great weekend with my girl.
Lovely lie ins, amazing day
in bed (with the mind blowing sex), out for a nice meal, winning things in the arcades, late night drives singing in the car, trip to beamish with the dogs, picnics and ice creams now to snuggle up with some food, the dogs and Disney films.
Absolutely perfect little fam.
I’m so unbelievably happy with everything right now 😍

I really don't know what to call this...


A) To the anon who messaged me: this post doesn’t have anything to do with you. (On the chance you see this)

B) I can assure y'all that aside from this I am 1007% okay.

So… I’m just gonna be really honest here. I don’t have the best relationship with my sister. To be totally honest, you can’t even call it a relationship at all. She rejected everything about me, and just wasn’t a very fun person at all. I have next to no memories of ever being happy when she was around. Mostly, the memories end with me crying.To compare us, she was the angry kid who was constantly yelling at all the other kids to get away from the toys because they were hers and as soon as someone said “these are mine” she threw a hissy fit,and I was the kid who could be found with a sea of books in the music room, helping the teacher set up class and as soon as I finished I went to the library to help there.

That being said, I haven’t seen nor have I spoken to my sister in over 3 years.

Earlier this week, I made the mistake of going on my Facebook, something I do rarely. There I had received a message from a friend who mistook me for her. Sadly, I also made the mistake of also looking at her facebook, just kinda checking in, but well, that was a very bad call on my part.

Anywho, to get back on topic.

Anytime that something happens in relation to my sister, I get tossed into a funk. I dislike when ever I get thrown into funks, since then I don’t feel like myself. (Seriously, I feel normal in funks…. Nothing is scarier than that feeling.)The larger the thing, the bigger the funk. So, in short, I’m very super sorry if I haven’t seemed like myself over the past few days. I have a date with a cup of chocolate coffee, with psycho-pass, psycho-pass 2, the movie, to hopefully drag me out of this, and back to my weirdness.

Again, I’m sorry if I haven’t seemed like myself over the past few days, now y'all know why. 💕

Ya know technically I could reveal Lotus right now since there’s a doodle of her done ^^. But I feel like it’s best to wait for human Lila’s reveal since they’re together and she’s part of that universe. (tbh I’m really not sure to call them humans. I’m keeping the long elf esq ears inklings have so like do I call them elfs or? internal screaming!)