mikoto and yona brother and sister AU - credit to natsumerin dream lol 

i did the thing but i think the thing did me.. they are SO CUTE together help

now the whole AU is forming in my head. yona is the homra’s princess and hak is her bodyguard and the right-hand man for mikoto niisan. mikoto is shipping the yonak hard god bless him. soo won is the vice captain of the blue army. the happy bunch are homra members… perfect.

  • David Cameron:From now on, we'll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • David Cameron:Clegg, code name - Been There, Done That.
  • David Cameron:George is Currently Doing That.
  • David Cameron:Gove is It Happened Once In A Dream.
  • David Cameron:Theresa, code name - If I Had To Pick A Chick
  • David Cameron:Boris - Eagle Two
  • Boris Johnson:Oh thank God.

//Friendly Reminder: 

Please take your medicine if you have any to take. Don’t forget.
Drink some water as well. 
Shower if you haven’t in the past couple days. 
Eat something if you haven’t already. 
Sit up straight, stretch.
Go to bed at a decent time tonight.

Please take care of yourself the way you would someone you love. 


To all my heart broken women

I think you should be selfish with the solitude you have now. Use it to your advantage get away, leave your current environment and seek new getaways. You are so beautiful. Women are such treasures and not many men are blessed with knowledge of our beauty and strength or the ability to be delicate with our frailty, so they trample all over us time and time again. Thus destroying the immense love we carried in hearts, wearing it down to nothing but ice and bone.