Preview for my finished pieces I did for @hqseijouzine! I had a lot of fun participating thank you so much for this amazing project, all the art I have seen so far is so beautiful and I’m stoked to see the zine (*≧▽≦)


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Let's say I may not be head over heels for Kemme so any alternative hotties you could recommend?

Welcome to women’s soccer, where everyone is an alternative hottie™️

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and so many more!

if you’re a woso fan and your weakness is hot girls, then…

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Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what's going on with Pledis + Seventeen? :(

it isn’t really brand new info but fans are bringing up the fact that pledis hasn’t been treating seventeen right for a really long time (like, since their trainee days) 

some fansites have noticed too often that the support presents that they buy for the members end up being worn by the managers… like the fansite letters to romeo bought vernon special limited edition shoes but they found photos of svt’s manager wearing his shoes instead and was pretty pissed about that… and a DK fansite found out that their choreographer was wearing the custom-made bag that they gave him and when some fans were trying to take photos of her wearing it for evidence, she turned it around to hide it. there were a lot of other examples of managers wearing/using things that were clearly presents for the members.

the fans are also bringing up the fact that pledis didnt include the members who participated in the choreo making in the copyright list + DK & Seungkwan were apparently not paid for writing “say yes”. fans claim that they heard staff saying rude things about seungkwan and yelling at the members infront of fans for simply saying hello. they also brought to light the boys’ 17tv days and how the staff would scold & punish them (apparently they even hit seungkwan on the head once telling him to lose weight)…

yeah it’s a lot of stuff being brought back into light and i guess fans are tired of pledis ignoring their requests for feedback or some sort of comment on this issue, so they’re all boycotting by going on rest (and some fansites have even closed down). 

it really sucks though that they decided this was something they should do during the boys’ comeback……… :\