Rooftop ~Gerard Way Imagine~

Hello humans! What is this? A Gerard Way imagine? Yup! I used to be absolutely in love with him when I was 12-15 (still am, but that’s besides the point lol). Anywho, I hope you enjoy this! :)

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We sat with our backs against the brick wall on the roof of my apartment building. Almost every night we would climb up to the roof, watch the stars and discuss what had happened that day. We had always done this…even when we were dating. Gerard and I dated for about 2 years before things started escalating. Fights about nothing, long silences and nights where I would fall asleep crying. So, we decided to remain friends and things were okay again…for him at least. I, on the other hand, was still madly in love with him. No matter how much we fought or how many times we were at each other’s throats..he was still my everything. His laugh, his smile, his everything was contagious. I missed his touch and the way he would wrap his arms around me from behind and kiss my neck sweetly, but I knew our breakup was probably for the best…I guess.
I leaned my head against the wall and glanced over at him as he explained a new comic book character he was creating. The passion and creativity in his eyes caused me to smile to myself. I studied his features, from the way his black hair was always slightly messy to the way his eyes lit up when he smiled. I blinked slowly and tried to fight back any threatening tears. As he spoke, he looked over at me and slowly stopped mid sentence.
“I’m sorry…am I rambling again?” He chuckled nervously.
“I like when you ramble.” I mumbled as I laid my head on his shoulder.
He was taken back a bit, but just smiled and laid his head against mine. I placed my hand on his arm and scooted closer to him to keep warm.
“So how was your day?” He muttered.
“It was okay..I didn’t do much, honestly, this is the highlight of my day.” I chuckled.
He glanced down and smirked.
“I could say the same thing.” He spoke.
I lifted my head up and stared at Gerard in awe. He stared back with a small smile playing on his lips. I bit my lip and resisted the urge to grab his face and kiss him. I took a deep breath and looked at my phone before standing up.
“It’s getting pretty late, we better get some sleep.” I mumbled as I extended my arm out.
He hesitantly grabbed my hand and stood up next to me.
“Yeah..” He mumbled.
“Goodnight, Gerard.” I spoke as I turned away and walked towards the ladder.
He looked down at his shoes and moved his fingers slightly before hollering “Wait!”
I turned around as he walked towards me and waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. He simply grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine sweetly. I felt my stomach flip and my head go fuzzy as our lips locked together. The same butterflies from 2 years ago came back, causing me to smile into the kiss. He pulled away slowly and leaned his forehead against mine.
“I miss you.” He whispered.
“I miss you too, Gee.”
He smirked slightly and intertwined our fingers.
“I love you and I really want to work this out. No more fighting, no more ignoring each other. If we have a problem, we’ll talk about it. I don’t want to lose you again.” He stated.
I nodded and smiled lightly.
“I’d like that.” I whispered as I pressed our lips together again.

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Come Here Sleep

A/N: Still haven’t gotten any requests yet but I’m gonna still write some more. Here is another GOT7 imagine for you.

Sleep was evasive at 2 am. I swear I hate that some times. Even the person next to me is sleeping. He had fallen asleep a couple of hours ago while I’m still laying here, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts have been running through my mind since I laid down. It doesn’t matter what it was, from what I did today to what I want to do months from now. I’ve always had that problem. I can’t seem to fall asleep by myself. I have to feel tired before I can even think of sleep. When I lived by myself, I just danced, read, or did things to put me to sleep. Now I have someone to share my apartment with so I can’t do that anymore.

“Baby?” I heard from my left. I looked over and saw a very sleep Mark Tuan looking at me. “You okay?” His voice husky from sleep melted my insides I swear.

“I’m fine.” I said back. I ran my hand through his hair to help put him back to sleep. “Go back to sleep.”

He put his head back in the pillow and closed his eyes before sighing in content. I thought he went back to sleep so I went back to staring at the ceiling. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

I looked at him and saw his eyes staring at me. “I just can’t seem to fall asleep.”

He looked at me for a moment before all of a sudden I felt his arm go around my waist and he is pulling me into his body with his chest against my arm. Next thing he does is turn my body to where I’m facing him. We’re only centimeters apart and I can clearly see the multiple patterns in his eyes and the lines of his lips. I studied his face for a good minute before he said something.

“Do I need to do something to help?” He asked.

I looked at him in contemplation, thinking if there was anything that could help. “I don’t know.”

“Well, how about we just talk?” He asked.

“I guess. I don’t know what to talk about though.”

He brought up the topic of what he and the boys did the day before and what was planned to happen later that day. I brought up the topics that always seemed to pass my mind, no matter what time of day it was. I explained to him that my mind was always hyper active and never seemed to stop to going. He kept talking about his family and how they were and I smiled as I looked at the passion written on his face. He fondly gazed as I talked about all of things I wish to do before I got old before saying I will probably still be doing things when I get old cause I’m not one to stop doing things because I don’t like being bored.

Slowly, the hour passed before my eyes finally closed in sleep and he stayed up for another 5 minutes just to watch the expression of peacefulness on my face.