Conquest Club Portrayals

abhorsen-sabriel answered your post: Do you know what would be amazing?

that’s a really legitimate point - out of curiosity how do you think they should be portrayed?

Fun question! I have pretty deep meta for each of the Conquest Club members, but here’s some:

Kusatsu: I’m actually overall satisfied with his anime portrayal. He’s cold, but not unfeeling, strict, but surprisingly courteous. I think seeing more situations that allow his cold mask to crack and less him pandering to Zundar is necessary, since deep down he seems to be deeply intense. He often feels more like an extension of Zundar than his own person, which makes me wonder if he’s the real puppet in all this. I feel Kusatsu needs to eventually accept that perfection is not attainable and trying to achieve that won’t fix his past relationship issues nor find him love in the here and now. 

Chevalier Orite: Should have light based powers like Scarlet, but more pinpoint, something similar to Zundar’s needle. Since Kusatsu is an archer, I think shooting or flinging sharp light rays would be perfect. Something penetrative, intense, and powerful. That or maybe blind his enemies or something.

Arima: His personality I’m fine with, but it’s the lack of exposure that is absolutely killing me. Arima is my second favorite character, but not much of him is fleshed out in the anime. His passive aggressiveness, for one, is hardly present and it would be nice seeing his emotions for more important relationship issues, like his devotion to Kusatsu and his unique partnership with Akoya, the former still not touched upon in the anime. It would be interesting to see how his role as mediator between Kusatsu and Akoya’s stronger personalities will hold out since it backfired on him this episode. I believe Arima’s growth as a character will be when he accepts that staying quiet in the wake of adversity in favor of pandering will hurt everyone in the end and that he will never be able to please everyone. I also would like to see Arima appreciate himself as a person since he submits to Kusatsu, who doesn’t exactly treat him well. 

Chevalier Argent: Should have some kind of power that… permeates, I suppose? Something like wind that resonates or disengages the enemy. I think most of his powers would be defensive or ensnaring in nature, much like chains are, rather than offensive powers like Orite. Also, quick transport would fall in line with wind as well. 

Akoya: Akoya’s anime personality is absolute perfection. I have no criticism with it because I’m honestly just so impressed with what the writing crew has given us. He’s incredibly complex and well nuanced, his personality very gradual in its reveal. For me, it’s not a question of what, but just when. I want more Akoya, I want more of this dual nature of angelic beauty and unfeeling darkness, I want more of his gentle, refined demeanor coupled with his ruthless determination and manipulation. And I want more of his misguided self confidence and accompanying insecurities slowly peeled layer by layer. I feel Akoya will be the toughest of the three to crack because he’s the strongest character on the show bar none, and much like Kusatsu, it will be fascinating to see him torn apart. I’m hoping his end game will be the ability to truly love himself as a person and not as a doll, and being able to lower his emotional defenses enough to allow himself to love anything or anyone at all. 

Chevalier Perlite: I like to believe his power would be creating flowers out of anything and fundamentally destroying the host of whatever he creates them from. Kind of like a parasitic power. Akoya wants to recreate the world to make it beautiful, so it would be fitting of his powers were artistic, but manipulative and reconstructive of the world around him, but unforgiving. And if he left flowers in place of what he destroys, it would be absolutely beautiful, right? Beauty in the wake of destruction. 

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I'm getting rly bored so here's like a rough idea of what your makeup/skincare should be like on Holi

1) leave an overnight hydrating mask or sth if u can cause the colours are gonna dry the fuck outtake your skin
2) wear a nice moisturiser
3) u know I hate wearing foundation but I really rec wearing a heavy foundation to kind of create a layer of separation between ur skin n outside particles it works blv me
4) idk I don’t think there’s much of a point in doing like a blush contour routine cause either way u’re gn a end up looking like 50 shades of a witch same w eyeshadow I rly don’t think it’s necessary just let the rang do the fun
5) wear a proper Kajal/kohl. Not eyeliner. The traditional oily shit it’s gonna prevent colours from entering ur eyes and provide protection to the sensitive eye area
6) wear a heavy hydrating lip balm w a good amount of spf
7) over the lip balm wear a matte lipstick. Again the purpose of the lipstick is to protect ur lips n I’d personally choose a matte one cause gloss would just make the abeer stick
8) OIL YOUR HAIR!!!! Thick ass coconut oil is so so important

Ok now when u’re done harassing each other n getting high n shit here’s what to do n it’s v important
1) do the whole three step routine face wash scrub exfoliate n mask
2) exfoliate your lips well then put on a hydrating mask/balm
3) if u notice that ur skin is unbelievably dry put some sweet almond oil on ur skin (but don’t use the almond oil meant for hair that’s usually got a high amount of mineral oil as well just be careful in selecting the oil)

N ya have fun :)))

not tryna say i dont appreciate when people hold the door open for me, but if im a good distance away like it really isnt necessary bc now i gotta turn this casual walking pace into a steady trot and that aint cute for either party tbh

Just rambling

Even though we got only about three inches of snow today, it still counts as one of the bigger storms this winter. Crazy. Most years it would barely have been a blip. I felt like doing something physical so I shoveled our sidewalks, helped a neighbor shovel theirs and raked the roof. Raking probably wasn’t necessary but I was just enjoying the feeling of doing something with my upper body. As I’ve said before I hate weight training, but doing something in real life that uses my upper body feels really good. I wish it would translate to weights!

We didn’t want to go to the gym tonight but Joe and I both just forced ourselves there. I got a great run in and Joe did weights. Particularly motivating tonight was the fantastic eye candy. Not that I’m shallow or anything.

Anonymous said to askyourfavouriteotp:I’ve had is certainly since I saw the episode. So, my question is for Sam and dean (by the way, I love seeing them together and in love) Returning to the question, I will address to Sammy, I wonder how you felt when dean threw away the necklace you gave before thee? Because I felt my soul cracked open. I know Dean further explains that not necessary, but still was a symbol Wincest, so yes, I allowed myself to mourn for that.

"Yeah, it did suck a lot. I really don’t know what to say about it. I feel like it widened the divide between me and Dean, and it hurt. We were on rocky ground for some time, still trying to regain our relationship after I freed Lucifer, and it felt like that was Dean’s way of saying ‘I give up’."

"I didn’t mean to make you feel that way, Sam. I’d never give up on you."

"Yeah, I know that now. I didn’t know it then. Dean always had it on. It was years, seemed like forever, and then he dropped in the trash. I still remember the sound.”

"Geez, Sam, I didn’t know i made you feel like that. I’m so sorry. I wish I hadn’t thrown it away. I wish I’d kept it." 

"I know. It felt really crappy, to answer your question, but Dean has made up for it. There are other ways he shows his love for me."

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I'm just going to disagree here. It's not about pitting the women against each other, it's basic observation. If CR made it all about himself, I'd get that. He's a kid. EK is a 30 year old woman who has repeatedly handled herself incredibly poorly in the public eye, especislly her lack of support for her costars, who were always supportive towards her. She acts like the baby in the family we're just supposed shrug off bc she acts young & cute. I'm sorry, but the resentment has been earned.

Taking those tweets and putting them side by side isn’t comparing them and pitting them against each other?  Really?  It’s not necessary, why do we have to be so negative in this fandom?  What’s wrong with just being excited that MMB was nominated or that your favorite was nominated?

Can you honestly tell me that if you got a nomination for an award that you wouldn’t be excited?  You wouldn’t express that excitement on your Twiiter/blog/Facebook?  Her being excited over her nomination isn’t wrong.  Is Melissa extremely gracious and classy?  Yes, she is, she’s amazing.  Let’s emulate her and be classy as well.  Let’s just celebrate the fact that so many people on TWD were nominated.  Be happy, be positive, have fun.  

Who Knows How Long I've Loved You? (Paul McCartney)

Imagine sitting on a park bench with your childhood and best friend, Paul McCartney. The two of you were eating ice cream while talking about your personal lives and laughing at the most embarrassing ones. The moment you finished your ice cream all the way to the cone, Paul looked at you as if finishing an ice cream was a rare event for him. You grinned, shaking your head.
"You’re too fast," he whined. "I haven’t even finished half of mine!"
You laughed. “Oh, come on. I was hungry!”
You nudged his arm. He smiled.
"Hey, thanks for treating me today," you said. "I’ll treat you tomorrow."
"No, that isn’t necessary," he said, waving his hand. "I’ll treat you anytime you like. Maybe I’ll treat you again tomorrow."
You stared at him. “No way—really?”
He nodded, taking a lick on his ice cream. “Yes way and yes; I’m treating you tomorrow or maybe until the day I die.”
You chuckled. “That’s a little too much. Come on, that doesn’t seem fair. You’re always so nice to me.”
"Maybe I just am," he said, shrugging modestly.
"Maybe you should treat the rest of the lads tomorrow," you suggested.
"No way," he said, chuckling. "I’m only treating you, not them."
"That’s plain mean," you said, crossing your arms. "They’re your mates and you’re treating them unfairly!"
He grinned. “I always do.”
The two of you laughed until your sides ached. Soon enough, the two of you noticed that the sun was already setting. You stood up, stretching, and waited for Paul to finish his ice cream. His ice cream was already melting, due to him not even giving it a single lick. You pointed to his ice cream, making Paul look at his own cone. He looked a little alarmed, licking as fast as he could until he finished. He sighed in content, standing up beside you. The two of you walked back to your home, but he stopped midway to your front porch. You went on ahead of him, about to grab the doorknob. You noticed that Paul wasn’t beside you, making you look at him, confused. Paul was looking downwards, obviously thinking about something. You smiled, walking up to him and patting his shoulder. He looked at you, a hint of sadness in his eyes. His eyes always looked somewhat dull and sad, but this one was different. The way his hazel eyes glowed underneath the sunset; it was aesthetic.
"I’ve been meaning to tell you something," he said, barely above a whisper.
"What is it?" you asked.
He turned from me, looking over to the horizon. He sighed.
"I always kept it as a secret," he said. "I didn’t want to tell anyone but you."
"Alright… then?" you said, a little confused.
"What would you say if I told you I like some… girl?" he asked.
You stared at him. After all this time, you never thought he would actually bring a certain topic such as love and affection. The two of you were always goofing off, not giving a care to anyone or anything around you. Whenever he had a break from recording or touring, he would run straight to you and ask you if you wanted to hang out. Or maybe the moment he held your hand when you two were young and innocent… Or maybe when he told you he liked you when you two were six. You didn’t really give him a response, and now look at him. He likes another girl. You let him go just like that. You didn’t even give him a single chance. You thought everything would be okay as long as the two of you were friends. You were wrong all along. You loved him. You were hiding it from him for a very long time. From his childhood days to being a Beatle. Now look at him. You find every single inch of him a work of art. He was still staring at you, waiting for your final answer. You felt a lump inside your throat as you spoke.
"I mean, go for it," you said nonchalantly, a little heartbroken. "I mean, who wouldn’t like you? You’re Paul McCartney! A heartthrob and a gentleman. I’d punch that girl if she wouldn’t be able to see that."
You were awaiting for his reply. He just stared at you, speechless.
"What if I… what if I told you it was… you?" he asked in a shaky voice.
At that moment, everything stopped. The wind seemed to pick up. The sun seemed to stop setting. He kept his stare, waiting for your answer. You could tell from his stiff posture that he was nervous and uncomfortable. You clenched your first out of nervousness. What are you going to say?
"Paul, I…" you managed. "Paul, you… you like me?"
He pursed his lips. “I don’t think I like you, (Y/n).”
"What’s with the sudden change of answer?" you asked jokingly, but deep inside, you were hurt.
He grinned. “Oh, silly. I meant, I think I love you, (Y/n).”
You felt your heart skip a beat. You could feel butterflies in your stomach as you thought of an answer yourself. You swallowed.
"I… I think I love you too, Paul," you said, averting your gaze shyly.
You felt arms wrap around you. You hugged back, smiling in content. He began caressing your hair.
"I’ve… I’ve been waiting for this," he said. "I… I didn’t know how to say it directly. I—I thought today was a good day for it."
You laughed. “It was. I love you, Paul.”
"I love you, too."
And at that moment, sparks were everywhere, and here you are, in the arms of the man you love.
Who knows how long he loved you?



That’s the link to our kickstarter. I’m in Voicebox at UCF (which you probs know), and this semester, we want to make an EP, which has literally been a dream of mine to be a recording artist since I can remember. Now, I can do it with all of my friends.

I know that this isn’t really a goal that is very pressing, or even something that seems necessary at all, but if any of you would like to donate to help us reach our goal, it would be SO absolutely appreciated. We all desperately want this EP. It would mean so much to us, and to our family and friends, and to our school’s a cappella community.

Even if you can’t donate, can you maybe spread this post around? Our goal has to be met within the month or we get NO money (as per usual kickstarter rules)

Thank you so much ;u;

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I couldn't agree more with you. I didn't wanna say anything but the "documentary" thing or whatever it is does NOT sound like a good idea. Honestly, I know they have the same management team as 1D but is it really necessary for them to do the exact same things? They get tired of saying they're not a boyband yet they keep 'selling' themselves as one. I really hope we're wrong about these speculations because I really don't know how they'll ever be taken seriously with these sorts of moves.

I know they try SO hard to appeal to a bigger audience and get annoyed when people call them a “boyband” yet they have no problem taking my money for their stupid sell out moves. If you’re gonna pump out books and unnecessary amounts of cds and movies, that’s cool but don’t be surprised when some people don’t take you seriously. At least 1D is open about them being overproduced like it’s no secret. 5sos likes to act as if they’re nothing like that when the only difference is that they play their own instruments and don’t make as much $$$. Im sorry if this is a tough pill to swallow for some of you but that’s just how I see it.

I really hope ship wars does not start with all of these talk about Klamille and Klayley, because seriously it is not necessary for that to happen, not when we have interacted peacefully in the last year. The Originals fandom is the only fandom I am part of where there are not ship wars, really. This is my safe place. It is fine as it is and I think, nope I believe, is on us to keep it this way.

Sure ppl will ship what they ship, some of them would have a list about the reasons for shipping them, some of them would shipped them because they like the two characters and some of them wouldn’t even had a list. So there is no right and wrong about shipping. If you want to share why you dont ship a certain couple share it whit the ppl who dont ship them as well, to make sure they and only they can read it. This is how you avoid to start hate between fandoms. 

Personally I would prefer to act like that never happened in order to not make it bigger, lets move on and forget about the matter. For all I know, it was the first time it happend so I hope there isn’t a second one, what we can learn about what happened is that everyone has their point of views, period, thats it, it wont change. Not acussing anyone, just an advice if we want to keep this place the way it has always being.

Lets agree to disagree. Good night.

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Hey! :) what's your opinion on milk? I don't use it for my oatmeal or muesli, but now and then I like making milkshakes/smoothies (e.g. putting some fruits with milk in the mixer, no extra sugar etc) but i often read milk is actually not THAT good .. is it really necessary to use almond, soy or cocos milk instead or can i keep drinking the normal milk?

Dairy can be bloating as obviously humans weren’t build to drink cows milk. 

But it;s fine, if you like it then go for it. I have it sometimes instead of my usual soya milk. In fact, I had some in a hot chocolate just now! No big deal :)

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You have way too much money. ;)

I certainly have more than the average homeless and destitute person, and since I rent an apartment and pay all of my own bills, I definitely have more than anybody still in school.

But would I say I have too much, when my rent ALONE constitutes about 66% of my monthly income, plus necessary bills like electricity and internet and phone, plus unpaid student loans and weekly food and other household necessities, with only a tiny slice of pie left over to either put away into rainy day savings or to spend on a slick new blu-ray set of a cartoon I love to death?


Ranting as usual.

I miss the world where men were actually masculine and women were feminine and no one criticized you for being who you are. Everybody is talking about real men and real women but we are too lost in our own misconceptions to understand what that really means. Feminism was/is great and at the time was really, REALLY necessary (I can’t stress that enough), and I wanna vote and get well-payed as much as the next person but now you should stop complaining for not being treated “like a woman”. What does that even mean? You wanna real man but when he cries you call him a sissy. You don’t even know what a real man is. You wanna be taken care of but you don’t actually let him take care of you because it makes you look weak and incapable. You wanna have the power and dominance men (usually) have because nature made them that way but when you get it you whine about it. You wanna be a real women, then be a real woman. Treat him like a man and treat yourself like a woman. Equality is a fucking rule but that doesn’t mean you should not respect goddamn biological laws. 

suckitdomitian replied to your post:i’m not going to go into how jemma’s reaction is…

i feel like the writers keep doing this to build on the idea that fitz and simmons, as close as they are, really don’t understand each other -at all- but the way that the frame things doesn’t really make that the central issue of the situation when things like this come up.

yeah, and that’s a completely necessary and valid thing for them to pursue. the fitzsimmons relationship functioned for about a decade with NO SELF-EXAMINATION WHATSOEVER. neither of them ever reassessed their feelings until recently. and now, they need to reassess just how often they’ve misunderstood each other. it’s a good thing, a necessary thing.

however, as you say, it’s been framed poorly both times. because, both times, it’s been written and framed as though there’s a good side and a bad side, a right side and a wrong side. and both times, they’ve positioned it so that it’s jemma who’s in the wrong. who’s ‘bad.’ and as long as they continue to frame it so that jemma is villainised and fitz is elevated, they can’t truly sort anything out. only when they’re presented purely as misunderstandings, when these misunderstandings are seen to be the problem (rather than JEMMA), can they start to acknowledge it and work through it.

tbh the posts that are like “male rape and assault victims won’t get attention from feminists” really piss me tf off because it should be fairly obvious that you’re not a feminist if you don’t empathize with them and offer your support. it just further contributes to the idea that feminism needs to benefit men directly and constantly for it to be necessary and it’s so ridiculous to say things like that bc any decent human being will give a shit about male victims of those things

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So can you do Jace Beleren and Ashiok. Their arts a little dull and tiny leaders can use all the badass art you can make

Here you go!

I was [figuratively] pulling my hair out figuring out a way to adequately do Planeswalkers; they demand full art and I couldn’t think of a good way to fit their really wordy text boxes into my usual frame in a way that leaves any art space left over.

Then, I realized I could do this.

The idea is, the beautiful full-art semi-abstract cards are in your deck, and the rules-text cards are off to the side and only brought in when necessary.

Do people like this idea for representing Planeswalkers?

Kpop Be Da Bomb- Amber's Shake that Brass

I’m not a fan of many acts from SM entertainment, however, I tend to like specific people from different groups. Amber is one of those people from SM that I just like for no particular reason. Because of this I was looking forward to this debut. Amber’s Shake that Brass managed to be a musical disappointment but a visual perfection.

The song itself was a disappointment, the pre-chorus was just a repetition of hey hos and shake that brass and the chorus was just a bunch of nahs and another round of ‘shake that brass’. Both of these kill the song for me as the vocals refuse to let the song build up into a nice climax and instead forces it to kind of stagnate, finishing, without that necessary high point, on a flat line. I actually liked the ‘dum dum de de dum dum dum’ parts because they prevented this song from being complete waste. I really love Taeyeon’s voice, it’s very clear and sweet. Additionally, after a few listens I managed to condition my mind that ‘shake that brass’ simply meant ‘shake that ass’ and so at the beginning where she says ‘get that brass ready’ I had not to pleasant imagery. Can I just… The song definitely sounds good after a few listens but it’s just a continuous build-up of momentum with no release, leaving the song underwhelming.

The video is a celebrity cameo fest. My question is ‘Were any of these people paid by SM?’ because if they were that’s a lot of celebrities. I get that they’re all friends but still. And also how often is there a non SM cameo in an SM music video? The video seemed, to me, to be more colourful than the usual f(x) music video. As for the plot, the video tried I guess but there still isn’t a solid enough plot. It is basically that Amber is the music conductor of the worst brass band in the world, then Amber somehow wakes up at a laundromat where she finds a pair of sunglasses that make the other people at the laundromat seem to be dancing when she looks through them; everyone somehow ends up on a basketball court where the last of the song takes place.

The dance was legitimately more enjoyable than the song. It was energetic and fun to watch and was more engaging than the song.

I was looking forward to this debut because I have grown to like Amber over the years and I literally fangirl over her the same way I fangirl over the other groups I liked. When I heard she was debuting I danced around my dorm room with my teddy bears. I was that serious. After hearing the song, however, it was underwhelming in a way that a perky video and dance could not help. The music video paired with any other song that matched it’s energy would have been perfect (as I haven’t listened to the rest if the album yet I can’t make specific suggestions) but in the current state the song managed to be over powered by the music video which for me is a bad thing as I’m more aurally inclined than visually. I personally give this debut a 4 out of 10. I hope that her next song is better.

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jack zimmermann is so so so affectionate to bitty, but like in very subtle ways. whenever they're just laying down he'll run his hands through eric's hair and just stare at his eyes and lips and touch his sides and he's so touchy-feely

Y ’ A L L

okay but also jack does this in a really absentminded way too, half the time not even realizing he’s doing it