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Could we get the gang finding and helping an abused child? I want more Mom!Kara and Mom!Simon

I really want to make this a longer story later but here’s the gist!

Simon would not leave the child’s side. He would be ordering his friends around like crazy, sending them to buy necessary items and to call local authorities to see if anyone had reported anything. He would immediately take charge in figuring out what to do.

Kara, who is notorious for being nurturing, would simply comfort the child. She would make sure that they were now in a safe environment, would give them anything they asked for, and would constantly reassure them that they would be safe with her and her friends.

Alice would sit by Kara and try to help comfort the child in any way she could. Being a child from a similar background, she would be able to be trusted by the child and would be able to sympathize.

Connor would be the one to dig into the legality of the situation, trying to find the child’s parents and report them to the police for child abuse. He’d go through the police database searching for any type of evidence or leads.

Josh and Luther would be on necessity collection duty, making sure that they were able to keep the child healthy and comfortable. They would provide food, water, blankets, any other comfort items that the child needed.

North and Markus would be causing a bit of an uproar, asking people around them if they knew anything about the situation and confronting them when they rudely turned the other cheek. They’d do whatever they could to get justice for the child.

So here’s the last letter from this weird metamoro canon I’ve been making.

Part 1

Part 2

*This one is Fabrì’s response to Ermal’s first letter*

Caro Ermal, mio Ermal,

È una giornata bellissima. Here in Lisbon feels a different environment. Something like freedom and expectations at the same time. A sensation of comfort would be more accurate. Like if I was at home. I really should buy a house here even if I don’t understand a fuck of the language. Maybe we can go and search for the right house while we’re here, obviously you being with me for language purposes. Not because I would like your opinion about if the house has to have a balcony so we could sit there till midnight talking about everything and nothing while we share a cigarette and write one or a thousand songs. Neither if it’s necessary for you to have a big closet (to put yourself in it, you stubborn man) and your exotic clothes because I wouldn’t need that much space, just you. Always you.

I know I should be focused on the contest. But I just can’t. As you said you didn’t know what was happening to you every time I’m with you, I do know what happens to me and I would love to take you into my arms and never let you go as I enjoy how happiness feels.

Meeting you has been the most chaotic event in my life. How can it be possible that from all the people in the world I had to make a duet with the most foolish, sarcastic, generous and caring one? I don’t know what I’ve done to meet you. To have the opportunity to call you mine.

Because the amount of cleverness you have inside you is the same amount of how clueless you are when it’s about me, my young boy. I’ve already deciphered you. Showing off yourself as a hardcore man but inside you are so pure and innocent that I want to protect you from everything and pass through every single hard moment with you, not for you because you wouldn’t let me, you asshole, but together.

Since I received your letter I read it. I just wanted to make you suffer for the ten days we would be here but I just couldn’t make it, so I’m writing this at day three so I can forget about acting and tell you that the reason why you see and find me everywhere it’s the same reason as mine. Because you’re not the only ruined one here huh! I’m with you on this trip.

And I wouldn’t change it for anything. Every time you stood up for me when I felt anxious or when we wrote our song together as the birth of something I wouldn’t know would change my life to something beautiful. Even at this very week, you’ve been my savior in many, many, many ways and I can’t be more amazed at the great man you are. You are my half. My perfect half.

I haven’t said anything in the paragraphs above, I know. But is because I’m not telling you how’s called what you feel. I prefer that you find that out for yourself. For me, I can’t stop thinking about you or needing you. You have given me inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for that. I guess you can brag about being my muse, you bastard, I’ll accept that. And why do you wonder I stand all your public teasing huh? Because I care about you and I know your weird ways of showing you care for me. I should ask myself why I fell for such a strange man. And I am not going to deny it, if someone asks I’ll talk loud and clear because I want to tell the world that the reason I feel like home here it’s because home isn’t a place, it’s you.

So, after all this long letter, after whatever the result we could have, I want to tell you that I may be falling in love with you.

Ps. More like I already am.

Pps. I’m not giving you this letter until we get to Rome. I’ll make you suffer a little ;)

Sincerely, always your Bizio.

okay but sometimes I think about the exam arc and it makes me so angry every time. Because like, everyone in the show seems to treat the issue between Midoriya and Bakugou like it is a mutual problem. But it’s not a mutual problem. “They need to learn to work together-” No, Bakugou needs to learn to work with other people. We can see Midoriya trying desperately to just work with Bakugou for the exam because it’s necessary, and what does Bakugou do? He swings around and hits him in the face. But nooooooooo. Them not working together is a ~mutual problem~ that they need to ~overcome together~. Bullshit. Bull-fucking-shit. I’m so angry. I’m just so angry. Midoriya deserved better than that.

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do garen's emotions or personal ties effect his training or motivation? or how he acts in battle?

                to some extent, yes.

                garen tries very, very hard to be a practical and lawful man. he is a person of absolutes, after all. there is no room for doubt or ‘gray’ within his conscious and his world. garen operates with this mentality as a means of survival; it is necessary for the position of power and leadership that he holds. demacia cannot afford hesitation, doubt, or fault; therefore, as their might, he cannot either. garen believes himself to be a person ruled by what he considers to be morally right ( his sense of morality is damn near unshakable ). however, despite how much he considers himself to be logical and just, that does not change the fact that in truth he very much is influenced by his emotions and personal ties. 

                his motivation is rooted in his sense of devotion, which is in measures of absolutes as well ( there are no half measures from garen crownguard; he is either nothingness or totality ). garen is devoted to his nation, and most importantly, to his people. he adores them, he serves them, and he will die defending them from the evils that threaten them. this sense of loyalty to his nation fuels him to continue to strive to be a symbol of perfection, the embodiment of their ideals, and their greatest defender. while garen does not consider his adoration and devotion to be emotional motivations, they very much are emotional in nature ( in truth, garen considers his loyalty to his nation and people to be akin to lawful fact; it is a necessary motivation to have in order to continue to serve with as much fervor as he does )

                while garen is incredibly formal and reserved, what few personal ties he does hold are incredibly intense. he is not the most socially apt man, and even with those he does develop a personal connection with, he is still rather guarded. he can be quite impersonal in how he interacts with people, but in truth, once his loyalty is won it is a very deep sense of devotion. with this in mind, he expresses this sense of love and loyalty through action— by doing things for them, serving them, or try to be the best possible version of himself he can be for them. these people typically include lovers, his sister, people he manages to build a friendship with, and his two childhood friends, taric and jarvan iv.

                these things very much influence how garen fights, both in training and on the battlefield. he is determined, he is unshakable, and all things considered, he is a rather level headed leader. garen believes very adamantly in leading by example, which is another reason why he holds himself to such a high moral standard. his sense of devotion to his nation, people, and his loved ones motivates him to keep fighting, to keep improving, to never stop ( garen will never waver; only in death will the might finally fall ). garen feels as if his nation and his people have continued to hold him up at his lowest points, and so he feels he owes them everything he can possibly give to protect them, so that they may live out their lives peaceful and happily. garen knows war and battle are part of life, but he will shoulder as much burden as he possibly can; demacia is a nation who gives and protects one another, so he will protect it until his dying breath. 

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Dose Anti know about Damien and Celine?

No, he doesn’t; Dark doesn’t really give out that information to many people because of how personal it is, and while he does love and trust Anti, he feels like it isn’t necessary for Anti to know that part of his past unless he asks about it. He might tell him someday, but for now, he just wants to keep Anti ignorant about that.

Dimple’s in Mommy Space


Laid back


Probably watching little


Most likely really protective

Nagging (depends on the activity)




When little draws and shows their drawing

Sad cuddling

Happy cuddling


Playing with little

A little who demands attention

Bratty? I’ll play along but I’ll punish if necessary

Rules for all littles:

1. Honesty. Don’t lie.

(if a little doesn’t feel comfortable with something, please just express your disconfert. There is no need to explain yourself if you don’t want to.)

2. If you want attention, tell me. (I can’t read minds.)

3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

4. Be nice.

5. No cussing.

6. No unnecessary yelling.

7. No hitting.

8. Vent on me when you need it.

9. No hurting anyone.

10. When your too busy, notify me.


No cuddling.

No pecks.

Time out.

Spanking (for littles who aren’t platonic and have a more intament relationship with me)

Stuffies will be taken away

Limited hugs







Dimples loves cuddles.

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could I hear some headcanons with either Tyler or Neha wink wonk 👀

Neha answered here

-Tyler is a tickler but is also incredibly ticklish, so he’ll tickle his s/o and immediately run away

-His s/o is the first person he shows his art to, both finished and unfinished. He really values their opinion

-Always trying to pass his s/o notes or hide them places (lockers, desks, notebooks, etc.). Sometimes they’re sweet messages, sometimes they’re goofy (like “hey, you’re cute. Call me ;)” ), sometimes they’re just little doodles

-Saves everything his s/o gives him. If Scholar gives him a piece of garbage he will even save that, but mostly as a joke

-Will always brag to people about how he scored a total cutie and an absolute babe

-Constantly has a supply of funny memes, videos, and jokes on hand to send to his s/o whenever appropriate or necessary. He really appreciates if his s/o sends him some back

-The king of cute nicknames. His s/o will never have the same one and they are increasingly ridiculous with every iteration

-Every time he hugs his so he makes sure to really give them a good squeeze

-Will always make time to talk to his s/o, no matter what’s going on in his life. 3 am? He’ll probably pick up his phone. 

Jimin as Tailor

Jungkook: Is it really necessary to be like this?

Jimin: Huh? Ofcourse it is!

Jungkook: Really? You being too close and hands somewhere too private? Yeah really necessary.

Jimin: It is for more precise measures. We need to avoid accidents like Namjoon ripping your shirt.

Namjoon: Jimin please don’t include me in this. I don’t want something to do with you two flirting. Okay?

Jimin: I’m measuring him not flirting!

Jungkook: Really with your hands in my inner thigh?

Jimin: I-uhm-

Namjoon: Just get a room please. *been stress all day*

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(i apologize for the spam you can block me if it's annoying im sorry asdfghjkl) -pillow fights? tony accidentally hits peter too hard so they start wrestling -peter picks up a pillow and smacks tony w/ it as revenge. -he plays it off as in accident but we all know he's not. look at that s m i r k. -dUdE piggy back rides?? hell yeah !!

(i fully encourage ur spamming no apology necessary!! ur not bothering me at all dw : D !! )

i am so here for tony and peter doing really cute stuff like this?? a lot of people would think them childish for the way they act but to them it’s just good ol fun. you’d expect peter to be the one to start the pillow fights, but no 90% of the time it’s tony. a lot of times when peter is upset/annoyed by something, tony will just pick up a pillow and give peter and little whack with it and pretend to look all innocent when peter gives him a Look. then he does it again.and again. until peter cracks a little grin and grabs his own pillow and from there it descends into a Pillow War. aaand as always, it ends with them falling into a giggling pile, all cuddled up with each other with some soft kisses here and there. it’s tooth rottingly sweet tbh. 

and piggy back rides!!! yes!!! at first peter probably worries a little whether or not tony can carry him (their size diff isn’t THAT big after all and tony’s not exactly ripped like some other avengers) but tony has absolutely no problem carrying peter around. tony carries him around and peter’s more than happy to lean down and cover tony’s cheek in kisses in between his laughs. 

ugh why are these two so cute

Sean (the one with the E tatooed on the chest) and Saen (the one with a red bandana) are twins and are both 20 years old. 

Even if they have the same age Sean is considered as the oldest, since he’s the most mature. He’s quite sassy, sometimes grumpy  but really relaxed, almost lazy unless it’s to workout, he likes to stay in shape, and is pretty agile. He rely on that to fight.

He is a gabier: he’s specialized in the sails, he visits the rigging, mends it if necessary, he deals with the mast, the stays and ropes.He has an anchor tattoed with the E on his chest.

His brother Saen, is a gunner. Unlike his brother he’s dynamic a little brat who claims to “have no fears”.
Once he tried to take the role of captain instead of Akanee but she reminded him of his place by correcting him. Since this incident he respect her in a high level.

He has an A with a canon tatooed on his chest (in the same place as his brother).
Since he has to handle heavy canons he has really strong arms and uses boxing to fight. He too is really loyal to Akanee.

//I present to you Sean and Saen !  They’ll be on the blog to respond to your askes if ou want to ask them something !

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Calling him a rat really wasn’t necessary though, like it’s an insult. You can say your opinion without bringing someone’s looks into it lol. That’s kinda low ngl.



Inuyasha + Clawed Cheek 


#actual puppy waverly earp 

[[Image description: over a grey background, the post reads in large black text: “MY DOCTOR RECENTLY ASKED ME HOW MANY “USABLE HOURS” I HAVE IN A DAY.” Below that, in smaller text,

“She told me that a healthy person has, on average, around 10 “usable hours” a day. These hours can be spent going to work, getting errands done, and fulfilling other responsibilities. We realized that, on a good day, I have around 4 “usable hours” with lots of rest in between.

This really hit home for me because, despite knowing better, I still try to keep up with healthy people. I try to squeeze their 10 hours of socially-acceptable responsibilities into my 4 hours each day. The equivalent would be if a healthy person tried to fit 25 hours of responsibilities into their 10 usable hours a day. It also made me understand why I felt like time was slipping me by so quickly; because a healthy person has approximately 6 more usable hours a day than me, 42 more a week, and 186 more a month.”

Below this in the lefthand corner is a black box captioned with @strongerthanpots.]]

I saw this on Facebook and I LOVE it. I think I’m going to start using this, because telling my doctors how many hours I manage to be awake (6-8 hours usually but sometimes less) is not really getting across to them how incredibly fatigued I really am.

They hear I can live alone and manage school part-time (even if it is all online,) so they assume I’m doing okay. It doesn’t matter that sure, I SURVIVE living alone, but some days it’s borderline dangerous, like when I can’t eat or get to my meds, aside from the fact that living alone and being this fatigued means that I never eat meals that take more that 5 minutes to make, my floors haven’t been vacuumed in a month, and my clothes do get cleaned, but then live in the dryer or the laundry basket until I wear them and throw them back in the washer, and they never make it to the drawers because that’s too much energy on a task that’s technically not necessary.

But my usable hours per day are like, maybe 5 on a really good day, and school takes ALL OF THEM. Some days I only manage to feed myself and my pets, which is about 2 usable hours. No wonder I’m always behind.

I just think sometimes the fandom focuses too much on what’s fair/unfair instead of what’s logical, ie: how Ladynoir operates as a partnership, and the different roles they play.

This new episode highlighted it better than anything. Chat Noir and Ladybug have a partnership, but if push came to shove, Chat Noir’s the one who might have to occasionally put himself in the line of fire to protect Ladybug, in order to give Ladybug the opportunity to save everyone else, including him. It doesn’t matter if it seems unfair, it’s how it has to be unless the story sets up another way to purify akuma. 

But all this isn’t to say Ladybug doesn’t go out of her way to save Chat Noir either, and why people think this confuses me. Her moments where she saves him aren’t these epic moments of sacrifice, but they can’t be. Again, this episode highlighted that the burden of saving everyone, of being the last line of defense, falls on her. She purifies the akuma, and she usually is the problem solver too; she’s too vital for her to be throwing herself in the line of fire willy nilly, and both her AND Chat Noir know that. It’s something that clearly bothers Ladybug (see all the gifs her of looking like she wants to cry seeing Chat sacrifice himself in Zombizou), but they both accept it as a necessary part of the job. Saving Paris is more important to them than, I don’t know, equal amount of fighting time? 

Though I do have to say, this formula isn’t standard in the show at all. Most of the time they’re simply working together as a unit. Chat Noir does a lot of the muscle work and heavy hitting, Ladybug thinks of the plan as she observes the situation. They both execute said plan and save the day. Addressing Ladybug being the one that has to save the day so heavy handedly is a new thing in the show, so maybe this will continue to play out and something will be introduced that changes the status quo, but it is the way it is now because it works for both of them. 

A headcanon: Hanzo is far-sighted. He wasn’t always far-sighted and had normal 20/20 vision when he was younger, but over the last few years he’s found it difficult to focus on objects close to him, especially within a foot of his eyes. He can still shoot a man, no scope, ggez, from 100 yards away, but he can’t read the morning news on his tablet without enlarging the text. He’s only recently admitted that he needs reading glasses and carries a pair with him wherever he goes, but only wears them when absolutely necessary and frequently only around people he trusts, not wanting an enemy to exploit his self-perceived weakness. 

McCree thinks they make him look very distinguished and handsome.