BTS reaction: you running errands for them publicly, even tho their fans hate you

This time I made the reaction a bit less specific, and changed medicine to just errands in general. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

he wouldn’t want you to do it. He can do it himself, or make the other members do it for him. There’s no need for you putting yourself out there more than necessary. He would appreciate the thought behind it and everything, he really would. But him getting some painkillers for his headache is not worth it.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He wouldn’t really know what to think, really. On one hand, it’s all very sweet and brave of you. Going out there to help him even though something bad might happen. But also, he’s trying his best to protect you. Like always making sure that someone either walks or drives you home. Preferably him, but he will get someone else to do it if he’s unable to. And you just going out like that doesn’t exactly make it easier for him. He won’t bring it up tho, because he reasons that if you do this, it can’t be too bad.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He’s not having it, let me tell you. It’s ridiculous that you do this, when you don’t have to. He hates when people shout at you and hate on you, and he will do whatever he can to keep that from happening to whatever extent he can. If that means telling you to stay home because he’s already sent a member to get that package, then so be it. It’s all very sweet of you, but there’s no way he’s letting you out just for something small like that.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He won’t stop you. Like Yoongi, he’ll reason that if you do this willingly, then he doesn’t need to worry too much, because it’s not more than you can handle. He won’t ever ask you to get something for him, but he won’t stop you when you do anyways. And he will always ask if you’re alright when you get back home. But if something bad ever happens and he finds out, he won’t let you do this for him anymore.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He will try to convince you that you don’t have to do it. He’ll tell you that he knows that you love him and want to care for him, but that this is unnecessary. He’d rather have you cuddle him than go out on errands for him. That’s what he’s got Tae and Kookie for. But, if you really insist, he won’t stop you. He’d always make sure you were okay afterwards tho.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He wouldn’t try to stop you. He appreciates that you care so much for him, and he knows that you like knowing that you’re needed and appreciated. Instead, he’ll try to do something about the fans. Like, every once in a while (like once every week) he will post something on twitter. And every time something worse than usual happens, he will post a rant about it on the fancafé. He’ll try to change their minds, rather than forcing you to hide.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He won’t let you, and there’s no way to convince him to change his mind. He is a very headstrong individual, and if he wants to protect you from the haters he will do so in any way he can. And that definitely includes stopping you from going out alone if it’s not absolutely necessary. If you really insist on doing something for him, he will make you bring someone along, so at least you won’t be alone. But most of the time he’ll probably just hug you and not let go until he’s convinced someone else to run the errands for him.

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Can all we mileven shippers just collectively agree to not interact with the naysayers and those who are "uncomfortable with this ship" (even though mileven is basically already canon). Some dingdong is already calling mileven shippers pedophiles and I'd really appreciate if we didn't add notes to ridiculous posts like that. We'll only bring more attention to ourselves than necessary. I'm sorry for the negative news but I just feel this needs to be said to the fandom before anything bad happens.

No yeah I agree
I get really peeved when people come and say mileven is bad and gross

Mileven is 100% canon! And the most precious innocent ship.

I understand why someone would say this to someone who sexualizes the kids or ship because that is gross, but flat out stating it to every mileven shipper is not right.
All of us ship it for the hand holding and flushed cheeks and the innocence.

Mileven is not a gross ship.


I don’t normally do stuff like this, and I’m having to swallow my pride to even post here. After being ridiculed earlier when I posted it on WoW, I feel it’s necessary to say that I don’t spend actual money on WoW. I use gold to pay my subs. I also feel it’s necessary to say that if you have nothing nice to say, please just don’t say anything at all. 

That aside, that IS my roomie’s account, and you can ask her through it if you’re worried, but we’re SERIOUSLY short this month on bills due to a series of unfortunate things, mainly that my hours got cut and my fiance was out very sick from work for a week. We’re struggling badly recently, and it’s very hard to deal with. Anything helps. If you can’t or won’t donate, sharing also helps. 

A hug would be cool, too, tbh.

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Hello! How is that curly hair you were working on coming along?

Hi Anon. 😊

I ran into some issues with UV mapping when I converted the spirals to meshes in blender. When I reduced the amount of vertices (absolutely necessary so that the hair isn’t so high poly that it’d crash the game!) it led to issues with the UV mapping. I can’t get the UV map to unwrap in a way that I can map it properly, so now I’m kinda researching ways I can create a Maxis-match hair without using so many individual spirals!

The way I’m planning on doing a curly hair is drawing a really detailed texture that I can map onto a solid mesh. Something like this (but Maxis match):

Most of the mesh will be one solid mesh to reduce the polycount, (and also make it more Maxis match) but I’m going to try and make it in such a way that it will still look like curly hair. I’ll also add details like bits of the mesh that poke out from the main part to make it look better.

So while the main part of the mesh may look like this:

The texture and the extra details on the mesh will make it look like this (hopefully):

Sorry this is long and rambly, I guess what it comes down to is that I’m looking at how Maxis do their hairs, and rather than coming at the hair by creating individual spirals like I was before, I’m thinking about how I create it as a whole.

At the moment I’m experimenting with meshes to see what works. It may take a while, but I’m confident that I’ll get this hair to work, and once I have one finished and I know what I need to do, I really want to create other Maxis match curly hairs as well, like decent afros and shoulder-length curly hair and curly hair in ponytails! I have so many ideas and I really want to make this work! 😄

I’ll keep posting updates on my blog, hopefully I’ll be able to have something in Blender that I can show soon!  😊

I’m glad that thus far the reviews (and Conrad’s interviews) have been really highlighting why the break up was necessary, warranted, and the (what feels like obvious but apparently not) reasons behind their reactions.

Lots of muddled emotions, the head & the brain being at odds with each other…but then you gotta stop scrolling before you hit a comment section, because that’s when we derail off the logic-train.

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What do you think happened to Bloom after the end of the series?

That’s a great question. I think John definitely returns to the Identity unit and continues his work there solving crimes together with his team. Martha wants him back that’s for sure. And she will pull all the strings to get him back and she’ll do whatever necessary to cover up the truth of what really happened concerning her kidnapping and John’s role in it. As for John he wants to be back on the team himself. Towards the end of the final episode when they successfully rescued Martha and the entire team was there together and they were all relieved and happy and even managed to laugh and joke around one could sense that they’ve actually grown together and are even a bit like a family. A family with problems and secrets and that doesn’t always get along no doubt, especially when egos and hurt feelings are getting in the way (just like it’s with every other average family), but still they do care about each other and have each other’s backs when it gets tough. Even Anthony who can be such a twat eventually wants the best for the team and although he and John won’t be the best of mates anytime soon, I’m sure they can manage to work things out for the sake of the team and their work.

The look on John’s face when he saw the team united joking and laughing together, showed that he really wants to be a part of this team/family. He wants someone in his life who he can trust and who is there for him, he wants a place and people he belongs to. I do believe he’s tired of his undercover life, of all the lies, the betrayal and the secrets, tired of not being able to be himself. Being undercover is a lonely and restless life. And if you’ve been undercover for too long you start losing yourself, losing your true identity. So Martha was right about John being the victim of an identity thief.
I think it’s important for John to find his way back to his true self and to free himself from Brendan Shea once and for all. And his decision to stay in London and not to run away/elope with Adile was the first step in that direction. It certainly will take its time cause he can’t shake off his past just like that and go on like none of it ever happened, especially considering that Adile at least for now is still a part of his life. And I think she can become very dangerous for him in the future cause now she knows for sure that something is wrong with Brendan and she realises that she doesn’t even know who the man she loves really is.

The question is also will John be able to stay away from Adile or not. I do believe he loves her or at least did love her, but I wonder how deep that love is. He’s already moving away from her, he doesn’t love her enough to leave it all behind and run away with her. So there’s definitely a break in their relationship. Personally, I see no “happily-ever-after” future for them anyway cause their entire relationship is based upon a lie. Adile loves Brendan, a man who doesn’t really exist. She doesn’t even know John Bloom and if she’s ever to find out who he is and even more so what he did, which I think she eventually will cause she’s not stupid, I doubt she’ll be able to forgive him all that easily. He lied to her and he betrayed her and her family. Her brother is in jail because of him and her father most likely won’t survive cause Martha wounded him and John is part of it all. She might be so hurt, upset and disappointed that she’s seeking for vengeance and will try to hurt John and the ones close to him, his team.

Also let’s not forget that there’s definitely some romantic sparks and sexual tensions between John and Martha, although so far it’s rather one-sided with John being very much oblivious to Martha’s feelings for him, but by now he can no longer turn a blind eye towards it cause it’s more than obvious that Martha is in love with him and I can totally relate to her feelings and entirely sympathise with her, that’s why I’m hoping they will eventually get together. They’d be so good for each other and I believe they could make each other happy when they both, especially John will only open up and when they are being totally honest with each other, no more secrets, no more lies, no more undercover girlfriends and no more dead bodies in the boot of the car. Martha and John deserve a chance. They should be together, I want them together. ~ So go and get your (our) MAN, Martha. Do it for all of us.
Sorry, that was a rather lengthy reply. Hope you don’t already regret asking me. 😝

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So the thing is , I'm not quite sure if I am aromantic sonce I don't really know what it is but I don't understand love and I actually really enjoy sex but for me there is no romantic attraction. For me being friends with someone is what matter , dating is not necessary and I kinda have a boyfriend but He is more like a friend I can do stuff eith. I feel strong friendship toward him and all my other partners but no love ...

“No romantic attraction” equates to aromantic, at least in my mind. Romantic attraction is hard to understand sometimes; this post talks about it, as does this one. As for feeling love, try to remember that love is not purely a romantic thing. There is platonic love as well, and that’s typically what is felt for friends. I always enjoyed reading about the ways that love was broken down into types by the Ancient Greeks–perhaps that conceptualization might be useful for you as well.

I hope this helps!


Tbh something that has made me weirdly depressed is the thought of how quickly other trans feminine people get on hormones by any means necessary while I’m over here, with every opportunity to get on them safely and legally asap, and I’m waiting because I want to freeze my sperm. And this leads to the classic Fran two way reinforcing judgmental streak, where I start to feel like I’m less trans or I’m not really trans because I’m making what seems to be the totally unconventional decision to wait, and that deep slef hating anxiety leads me to cope by lashing out and mentally castigating my fellow trans people for “being irresponsible” or “rushing into things” (thoughts that I know are baseless and stupid so I don’t vent them). That’s not even the problematic peak; the worst of it is look at nonbinary people who are comfortable embracing those changes as quick as possible regardless of consequence without even having the mental certainty of a binary identity. Which taps back into an older, almost perennial issue of mine which is the weird confusion and frustration I feel when looking at people who make decisions based on emotion, based on what they are feeling and what feels right at the time. Like, you mean you aren’t paralyzed with fear when confronted with any kind of unknown situation? There are people out there who just exist and do things without spending every waking moment thinking and rethinking every little minute choice? Sounds fake but ok. This is why I’m such a perfectionist. Certainty and the ideal of perfection are security blankets, or anchors - they keep me tethered and safe when otherwise I would easily float away. I can’t just do things because I want to do them, I must set goals, construct parameters. And the idea that other people don’t live their life this way scares me. I don’t know if I’m envious of their freedom or afraid of the chaos and anarchy implicit in all that.


heyyyyyy my lil munchkins,

basically - i’m back :D

now i could lie and say that I was gone because Suga’s new black hair killed me or something like that, and while it did kill me out of joy, i would rather be honest with you guys and i know it’s not necessary to let you guys know this but yeah. pretty much i’ve had a really bad week with my anxiety, and doing anything at all was such a task in itself i couldn’t handle anything, and i didn’t want to just half ass posts for you guys, because i’d rather make something that i can be proud of and that you guys will hopefully like.

anyway i’m still not feeling great but i’m okay enough to do this now, and i’m gonna try my hardest to make a lot of posts to make up for the fact that i have a toooooon of requests sitting in my ask box that just need to be made :’)

i hope you guys understand, and if you do, i thank you from the bottom of my heart<3

i love you guys<3

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in the ya section like
  • books with straight protags:shelves upon shelves. you want them to fall in love? you got it, even in books where it really isn't necessary. you want them to fight crime? sure! you want them to have magical powers? take your pick! no one could possibly read them all.
  • books with gay, male protags:a handful, nowhere NEAR as much as books with straight protags, with an annoying large amount of "Gay Suffering" books, but the number of books where the protag DOESN'T suffer is growing. you may find a couple you haven't read yet.
  • books with lesbian protags:harder to find than the above, but the number is slowly but surely growing. unfortunately, you've already read them all, and why are so many of them sad????
  • books with trans protags:there are maybe three in the whole ya section and 2 of them are sad. you've also read all three of them.
  • books with biseuxal protags:there is one. you own it and have read it 1000000 times. it's not even very good but it's the best option there is. you settle for headcanoning some (all) of the straight protags as bi. (the subtext is there... because you inserted it but you can still see it... if you squint...)
  • books with asexual protags:ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha