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Hi! About the song Jensen played at the end of the second J2 panel that made Jared so emotional, some people say on the youtube comments that it could be the intro to Sweet Home Alabama. I'm not sure, I don't recognize it but it's maybe a version I don't know. What do you think?

Anon:  Hi. I think Jensen was playing intro to sweet home Alabama to Jared…

In response to this ask. Sorry, for taking more time then necessary to answer. Ok, so I think you are right. Just listen to Jensen and an original acoustic version.  Sure seems pretty similar to me.

I wonder if Jared saw Jensen “Sweet Home Alabama” performance from Jib6 in 2015. In my headcanon he did see it, and I don’t know if it was important to them earlier or it became after that, but Jared’s face when he realizes what Jensen’s playing it, is well, take a look yourself:

[Can I just take a second to appreciate the way Jared looks right here. *ARMS* *SINGLE LAYER* *HAIR IN HIS FACE* *TOO MUCH SEXY CUTENESS*]

Cute little smile, biting his lower lip, dimples on display (am I seeing things or did his dimples actually deepened there at one point), his whole demeanor right then was so shy. *sigh* 

 And then look at Jensen:

Look at this fucker. He’s so pleased with himself (he should be, tbh), and that little satisfied smile right at the end. Yeah, make no mistake, that song must be important to them. 

THANK YOU ANON AND @random-fireworks for your answers so much!

I liked this song just fine, and then JIB6 happened and it gave me a new meaning and I’m sure you have some songs with the great meaning to you, so you know how it is. I’ll listen to it now even more fondly then after JIB6. 

You know, I think Jensen likes Lynyrd Skynyrd (”well, DUH”, said the voices in my head), he sang “Sweet Home Alabama” to Jared when Jared wasn’t there, and he played it now, and he sang “Simple Man” to Jared at the concert at Orion yesterday (c’mon, his eyes were on Jared every couple seconds, of course he sang it to him). 

Tbh, Jensen serenading Jared is one of my favorites. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍


So I was sharing some Malec headcanons with @f-f-f-fight and I mentioned an idea I had with regards Magnus’ magic. He loved it. I wrote it. And he did these beautiful art for it. They’re stunning aren’t they? Thank you Seph!!!! I still have every intention of framing them. Just so you know ;).


“Alec! Duck!”

He heard the shout and dropped low, body acting without conscious thought, his mind narrowed on the urgent call in Jace’s voice. The air above his head sang with the glide of the Seraph blade flying through the air and then he heard a thud.

The circle member’s body had barely dropped before Alec was yanking out the blade from the gaping hole the blade had made in the middle of the man’s forehead.

He nodded at Jace who nodded back at him and went back to hacking away at circle members and demons alike, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight in a way that made Alec spin on his feet, heart suddenly beating hard, eyes searching for the glint of silver necklaces which he hadn’t seen since… The breath whooshed out of him and he sighed in relief.

He’s okay. He’s fine.

Magnus’ fingers shot out in a graceful arc and with a blast of his power he decapitated the demon he’d been fighting, watching unimpressed as the demon dissolved into ash.

He lifted his head, as if he could sense Alec’s eyes on him, dark strands falling over his eyes, glowing golden with the slits that entranced and drew you in with the force and power they held.  His eyes held Alec’s for a brief moment and then he gave Alec a cocky grin and dove back into the fight, mind now focused on the circle member that had tried creeping up on him. A driving punch to the solar plexus, an upwards thrust with the heel of his palm that connected with the man’s nose and a direct punch to the face, and the circle member landed with a thud.

Without breaking a sweat, he glided onto the next circle member just as Alec caught running footsteps and raised his blade at the exact same moment a circle member came swinging at him.

His arms shook with the force of the hit and the circle member grinned.


Alec shot his foot out, slamming hard against the circle member’s kneecap, hearing the satisfying crunch of shattering bone that had the man drop with a pained howl. A quick swipe and he took off the man’s head and using the same momentum cleaved the demon that was coming at him from the side.

And then it was a blur of noise and blood and sweat, losing himself to the battle, catching brief glimpses of his lover, his family, his friends, all focused on their fights.

A circle member clipped him and he turned around, grabbed the man’s face, yanked him close and gutted him.

He caught Magnus’ smile just as he dropped the man’s body and smiled back, shaking his head at the wink Magnus tossed at him.

He was just about to turn around when he caught it, the split second when Magnus was distracted looking at him and a circle member swung at him, the edge of the Seraph blade hitting him from behind.


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Headcanon: Bruce’s children have different “subtle” ways of getting his attention during gala events.

When Dick was little, he did the “psst!” and little finger thing. Bruce would come closer, kneel down so Dick could whisper in his ear. Everyone pretended that they didn’t see it.

Jason liked to put post-it notes in his pocket. The kid would brush past him and Bruce would have several neon green post-its spilling out of his pocket.

“Jason, what’s all this?”

“Did you read my notes?”

“No, I’m asking you–”

“Read my notes and you’ll know.”

Tim was big on throwing spitballs, rocks, cellphones–whatever was on hand really–right at Bruce’s head.

“I really needed to talk to you, B.”

“Timothy my ear is bleeding.”

“Just for a quick sec.”

Cassandra…liked to hide under tables and pinch at his ankles as he walked past. Brucie Wayne was very proficient at “dropping” his things under a table and kneeling down to retrieve them.

Face to face with Cassandra.


“Cheese nibs.”

Cassandra also liked codes.

Sigh. “Oxi-clean.”

“No I want cheese nibs please go get some.”

Damian doesn’t like to look like he’s messaging Bruce at all. He prefers methods that exemplify his “finesse.”

“Son, why is my jacket wrist stapled to the door.”

“I just needed a moment of your time, Father. Lean against the frame so that you look at ease.”

“I would be at ease if you had just asked to speak with me.”

“I couldn’t take any risks. Also, please know that this is not a regular occurance. I have no intention of keeping you captive.”

“Damian, unstaple my wrist.”

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Can you,,,,give me some more,,, autistic! Nico headcannons?? I just,,,I NEED them ~Local autistic boi

>:3c little did u know, local autistic boi, that I am Always Here To Dispense My Autistic Nico Headcanons

• he CANT eat warm food cold like. pizza is supposta be WARM and here u are tryna convince me its fine cold??? fuck no the feeling is WRONG

•sometimes there is a smell so Bad™ that he kinda gag-chokes w/out thinking and he feels Really Bad about it cause he feels like hes bein ungrateful (he still lowkey blames himself whenever he exhibits symptoms like this my poor child …….)

•nico: *blames himself for exhibiting symptoms*

reyna: *nico senses Tingling*


•(real talk,,,,,,,,,,,,, Autistic Reyna tho 👀👀👀)

((i am here to rub my filthy gay autistic hands on everythinf in reach))

•nico hears the words “Autism Speaks” and loses 10 years off his life span, also kills all the flowers within a five foot radius

•sometimes words jus. dont Happen for him and he is left gesturing in frustration


•ALSO CONSIDER AUTISTIC ANNABETH honestly im lowkey projecting on all my faves rn i just want them to be Relatable™ to my worn and broken autistic sou l 

•he has a Very Difficult Time speaking to and even, like, looking at people in the mornings so he gets he breakfast an hour early 

•srsly tho some other demigods eatin their frosted flakes at 5 am? Bad Time™™™ they r like “hi nico” and hes like “mhmrdfmkmd mmhrfUCK You,,, FUCK!!!! “ and then he snatches he coffee and a pastry and Absconds To His Cabin

•he feels kinda guilty later but in his defense no other words were poppin into his brain at the time and apparently saying nothing is Bad™ (@neurotypicals why u got so many Rules im an old man who cant keep up)

• sometimes he doesnt get jokes or sarcasm, he doesnt know when ppl are being serious or not BUT! he has Quality Friends Who Inform Him

anyway that is all for now love u local autistic anon,,,,,, -gem, ur local autistic Gay

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I would //love// to hear any of your trans Robin headcanons! (or if you've already shared them, point me to the post?)

i think i might have shared some before but i cant remember so ill say em all anyway. they might be under my headcanons tag, but idk. in the future ill tag em trans!robin for accessibility 

- Dick was out before being orphaned ((did i pharse it like that just so i could say “Dick was out" you ask? the answer: yes. okay now its out of my system))

- He knew at a young age, and his parents loved and supported him ((i cant write supportive families but i love to hc them))

- His name and gender are legally changed, but he doesn’t know if he wants surgery

- He’s been on Lupron (puberty blocker)

- He identifies as a boy, but he doesn’t care about being masculine. He loves sparkly stuff and painting his nails

- Alfred also loves his trans grandson

- When Bruce finds out Dick is trans (after like a week of the kid living in the mansion alone) he is extremely supportive

- Bruce realizes that Dick’s school doesn’t have an LGBT group, so he gives them money to start one

- For some meetings Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychologist from a local clinic, teaches them important stuff about gender and sexuality, but most of the time they just hang out and talk

- Dick is the unofficial leader of the group. They all love him, and think his dad is awesome for giving them a place to be themselves

- Some kids cautiously approach Dick in the hallways. They say that they want to join the club, but they’re closeted and don’t know what to tell their parents. Dick thinks about it, and tells them to call it the Batman Club. 

- Now all the kids call it the Batman Club (and sometimes they do actually talk about batman)

- Because of this, it becomes a running joke in the club that “the B in LGBT stands for Batman”

and thats the story of how Bruce Wayne accidentally started the Batman Club

ok i love R calling Enj “Apollo”

so what if Enjolras’ first name was literally Apollo and he thought it sounded too arrogant and stupid and hated he it, so Grantaire comes out of nowhere and, without knowing that, starts calling him Apollo because of the god and Enj was really mad and also thinking “yo wtf how does he know my name” and R keeps calling him Apollo and Ferre and Courf think the whole thing is so funny cause they know R has no idea Enj’s name is actually Apollo

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Letterman jacket headcanon/au flashbacks

Like I know what you’re asking but I don’t at the same time? So I’ma take a crack at it

Thomas Jefferson Letterman jacket headcanons (Modern au?? IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY FLASHBACKS AMIGO)

  • Thomas probably plays basketball or tennis but that’s not why he wears it, its purely a fashion statement that he paid FAR too much for
  • To be honest Thomas is probably not a jock at all he just looks it and wears the jacket 
  • Its pink(magenta) with a gold T because hello gaudy motherfuker
  • There is totally A HUGE gold embroidered fleur-de-lis that Laf looks at and shakes his head because shit Thomas you’re not even French you dolt
  • His jacket constantly smells like Jasmine and Vanilla, he wears lush products he always smells faintly sweet and floral but not overpowering
  • His jacket is WARM
  • What’s in this pockets? His phone, his keys, a wallet, a coupon to mix-n-mac, and his bookmark because he’s a tol nerd and old people candy like coffee flavored suckers, teeth breaking toffee or caramel or just a really strong ass mint
  • The jacket is lined with a velvet so its really not practical during the summer
  • During the summer he ties it around his waist or shoulders, because preppy looking boy 
  • He doesn’t let ANYONE borrow this jacket, its his favorite statement piece so its really big when he lets someone uses it 
  • The T wasn’t always there, it was sown on by his grandmama

me: I’m not going to write bedsharing fic, I’ve done it once and so far everyone else’s has been utterly beautiful so I don’t want to mess it up

also me:

(for @rebelcaptainprompts Prompt #4: One Bed. Not really a fic but my brain went wild reading all the lovely fics for this prompt so…. here you go. Word Count: 383)

Jyn learns a lot about Cassian, in their bed. 

She can list them off, one by one. 

His hands are perpetually freezing. They’re always intertwined with hers when they’re not pressed against her for warmth. He has the callused hands of a sniper, and she knows the lines of his palm by heart.

He hates the cold. Ironic, yes, but the way he amasses a mountain of blankets is endearing. Many a day Jyn has mistaken Cassian for a pile of blankets, only given away by his hair sticking up from under the hem.

He can fall asleep anywhere, and sleeps lightly. Just like her. But he prefers to lie on his back, allowing her to curl up and press her face to his chest. He sleeps deeply on nights like these.

He pulls her in closer while he’s sleeping. He has no recollection of doing so, but Jyn knows. She doesn’t mind. 

Some nights, he doesn’t sleep. Jyn falls asleep to the sensation of Cassian toying with her hair, and wakes up finding herself held tightly to his chest, his face buried in her neck, the distinct air of someone who had been kept awake clinging like dampness to her skin. But those nights become rare. If they stay up, they stay up together. 

She learns a lot about herself, too.

She likes to burrow into things, for warmth, she assumes. Snug against his side, face against his chest, taking up his pillow space.

She takes up a lot of space. She’s used to sleeping in cramped quarters, but once she tasted the luxury of sprawling across a bed, she never willingly went back. Cassian often woke up to find a leg sprawled across him or a hand in his face. 

She hates it when she wakes up to find Cassian had rolled away from her. But that doesn’t happen very often.

She’s memorized the intricacies of his body, knows where every unhealed blaster wound has left its mark, where a lifetime of servitude to a greater cause has broken him. He knows hers. 

The sound of his breathing lulls her to sleep. When her mind is wandering, mulling over the day’s events, or reliving long-dead terrors, the rhythm of his heartbeat against hers quiets her mind.

And so, she falls asleep.

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Official Otayuri is actually getting closer to your version of otayuri omg!!!! Like yuri actually sneaking in a club to watch otabek dj when otabek did not allow him to cause he is still minor !!!! Your otayuri is becoming headcanon through "welcome to the madness" 👌🏼👌🏼💯💯💯

I haven’t been able to get a full night sleep lately with all this hot Otayuri dropping every night and blowing up my phone but I aint even mad because its SO GOOD

I cannot believe?? this is real?? this is happening?? all my dreams are becoming reality???

Sayo and Kubo really won’t let me live a peaceful life anymore I think

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FRENDO! I have been thinking and I confused myself. I've been seeing a lot of Klance birthday theories but When did Keith officially become a orphan? Because if it was when he was really young don't you think he wouldn't know when his birthday is? Like what if he never had one because he didn't know when it was? Imagine Lance asking when his birthday is and Keith saying "um...I...I don't know"

my dear friend!!! I didn’t read a lot of theories, tbh, but I scoured the net and the official voltron site says Keith became an orphan “at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison”. Do they mean he enlisted right after or…? For how long has he lived alone in that shack? Or did someone find him and drag him to the Garrison a la Anakin Skywalker? Oooh, I like this one (even though it’s unlikely, but let me dream).
Imagine a random officer finding by chance a kid, Commander, in a shack in the middle of the desert, all alone!, and subsequently dragging him back to the only civilized place in the entire goddamned desert: luxury school for marvelous minds, the one and only Galaxy Garrison. Imagine the kid being confusedly adopted by the whole team, professors and students alike, coddled and looked after by everyone because the poor thing has big, serious eyes and he never talks much, but he’s bright and asks just the right questions, paddling in between their feet in the simulation room, peeking at screens and stats, unrelentlessly curious about what’s this and that and how does this work? Imagine everyone humoring him, why not, it’s harmless fun, and it’s cute, but then - years later, the kid grows into a stubborn young man, who refuses to hear reasons about required classes and official bullshit. “I learned everything I need to, let me pilot the thing already,” he states plainly, for the hundredth time, until someone finally says what the hell, let him do it - and he’s good, a natural pilot, graceful and in control even without training.
So Commander Iverson lets him enroll officially, he has no reason not to, and the kid starts to train for real, climbing the ranks like it’s nothing - and everyone knows him, it’s Keith, he practically always lived here.

Fast forward to drama, pain, and finding himself with the universe’s destiny on the shoulders, piloting a giant robot lion, Keith has never really thought about his birthday. He simply never had the time or will to, because what’s a date to all the numbers he’s had to drill into his head to become what he is right know?

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Here's a HC for ya. Did you know that william poindexter babysits for his uncles and he has like 15 boy cousins and 1 little girl cousin and he always carries her around and helps her paint her fingernails. She calls him Uncle Billy even tho he's a cousin and she always shows him her pretty dresses at Easter and he helps her keep her socks on when she runs around on the carpet without shoes and tickles her belly. Billy loves his baby girl cousin so much it's incredible. Wow.


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give me that sweet sweet john silver headcanons i want to know how far do you think his terribleness goes because like i know he was so cute in the beginning he was so cute that for a while i forgot that the first thing he did was literally murder a man

oh boy anon i’m not sure you’re gonna like my answer. 

because i don’t have one.

i have several.

you see, i’m in what may be a small camp of people who LOVED the non-reveal of silver’s backstory. because i’ve written a ton of fics by this point, and each silver i’ve given a different backstory. sometimes i’m more explicit about it, sometimes i’ll allude with one line or two, but i have so many and i love them all. my headcanons for john silver are many, and they are all true, and also, none of them are true. john silver contains multitudes. 

this is some of who john silver is:

– Johnny was eleven when he decided he didn’t like the water, a fact which upset the mistresses of the Totttenham Home for Orphan Children something awful. They’d whip him whenever they found him hiding in a closet, avoiding his weekly bath, but he preferred the slice of a switch on his skin over running water over his face. The orphanage ran right beside the River Lea, a wide ugly stream. Sometimes they’d hang criminals over it from the willow trees, let them sway there until their bloated bodies dropped from the branches like fruit and were swept away by the current. He’d lay awake at night, hearing the brush of bodies, the rustle of their clothes against the leaves, and the babbling of the water over rocks, and then suddenly, he’d hear – the splash.

– Anthony is in Seminary School when he falls in love with Marcus, another student with thoughtful gray eyes and freckles all over his hands and nose. It’s Hell, until he learns Marcus loves him too, or at least wants him the same way, and then, oh, then it is Heaven. Father Grey walks in on them together, and they insist they were just scraping. They can’t tell if Father Grey believes them, but any touch, any act not in the service of the Lord must be punished. Father Grey sticks Anthony under the floorboards, below the pulpit’s crucifix. He is still small for his age, but the wood touches the tip of his nose. He feels spiders and beetles crawling in his clothes, but he can’t see them because it is so, so dark under the floor. It isn’t long before he’s screaming, but that’s not what Father Grey wants to hear. It’s only when he begins to pray does Father Grey let him out.

– Philip was closing down his practice for the night when a man stumbled through the doors, bleeding from the neck. Philip’s expertise was in childbirth and women’s health, but he helped the man as best he could. The man survived the night, but died the next morning, when the Royal Guards found him in Philip’s parlor and shot him in the head. No one listened when Philip said he was just doing his job, and it didn’t make him a traitor to the crown because he saved the life of a traitor to the crown. They still slapped the shackles on and sent him south. Hell, he knew, was truly in the Caribbean. No where else could be this hot, no where else could his hands – hands that had brought life into this world – be beaten by rock, by sun, but work. But Philip was a good man, and felt no qualms with escaping before his sentence was up, after being so wrongfully imprisoned. And when he killed the guard standing between him and his freedom, he felt so guilty – for a little bit. He felt the guilt slip from him as swiftly as he slipped into the night. God didn’t care if he saved anyone’s life or took it, so why should he?

– Jonathan’s father is an accountant in Philadelphia. His mother loves to knit. He is unremarkable in school, and has no friends. He graduates college with no prospects for the future, no goals, no dreams. No anything. One day he goes down to the docks. He likes to skip rocks. A man mistakes him for someone else and offers him a job on a merchant ship. He leaves without saying goodbye to his parents, and never thinks about them again.

– The Prince stood beside his father, the King, once a year since he was old enough to stand, and watched while his father executed prisoners. At first, they were clean deaths – hangings or beheadings with little ceremony. But the King’s mind was not what it used to be. It was going, and all that was left behind was madness, and cruelty, and loathing for all his subjects. The Prince is twenty when the courtyard was awashed with blood, the torsos of his country’s enemies fitting onto spikes throughout the Square, and that’s when the Prince realizes he needs to go. He tells his mother, the Queen, that he wants to take a pilgrimage for a year and see the world before taking over for his father. Like Jesus, he says, he wants to walk among them and understand them, so he might lead them. The Queen is tight-lipped, but agreeing, as long as he promises not to walk among them here, in his own land. His face is too well-known. He has the same eyes as a Mad King. The Prince says he’s always wanted to try sailing on a ship.

– Gregor’s brother Theophilus is much more handsome than Gregor, even though they are twins. All the girls in Naxos only ever want to go with him, even though Theo is a brute and a drunk. But it just the two of them left of their family, and Gregor is helpless without his brother. Theo is the smart one, the gifted one, the strong one. Theo gets him jobs because he can’t find his own. Theo is Loved by God. Theo reminds Gregor of this when he hurts him, and then he reminds Gregor again when he touches him afterwards, too soft to ever be soothing. Gregor likes to look out on the sea when he gets to be alone. The Aegean is a different kind of blue from his eyes, from Theo’s eyes, and it calms him to see how dark it can be. He often thinks one day about jumping in and seeing how far he could go until he got tired, and could finally rest. He’s there, one evening, when Theo arrives, drunk and angry. Gregor lost another job, a job he couldn’t do because Gregor had trouble walking that day. Because Theo. His brother had stormed up the empty beach in a rage, the sky pink, the water dark, and Gregor had bashed his brother’s head in with a stone, and pushed his body out into the sea.

– José enlisted in the Army once Charles II was dead and his wife had died in childbirth, along with his newborn daughter, and he had no desire to live anymore. Or so he thought. But as soon as he’d been handed a musket, taught to clean it, taught to load it, taught to aim it, taught to fire it — and he thought that maybe just because he didn’t want to live anymore didn’t mean he wanted to fucking die either. His superior officers told him never aim for the legs because a man survive that, could still hold and aim and fire their own weapon. You want to stop them, not slow them down. José deserted his infantry two months into his service, with nothing but the remains of his lousy pay, his shitty uniform, his musket, and no clear idea where he was. Somewhere in Gibraltar. He left in the night and he was spotted by another soldier, a friend of his. But his friend ran to alert an officer, and without thinking too hard about it, José aimed his gun, and he did not aim for the legs.

– Silver is a ship’s cook, and a bad one, but the men he serves are pirates, and so he tries his best to keep them fed. Silver is a cook on a pirate ship, when he finally finds a God worth loving.

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Any Fafiya HeadCanons?

Oh ho ho, what do my elf eyes hear? Did you say… HEADCANONS? You asked, I shall deliver~ And here I was already wondering when to share them… X’D Here goes!

  • Basically, the first time Takiya hugs Fafnir, the latter is super confused. As in, totally caught off guard. He just goes all stiff and asks, “Why are you caging me with your body?” and Takiya laughs and replies, “It’s a hug, Faf-kun! It’s a human way of showing affection.” “Hmph, don’t lump me in with you lowly humans.” “I can stop if you don’t–” “…I never said that.” So from then on Takiya will just sometimes hug Fafnir and Fafnir never reciprocates but never complains either, until one day Takiya comes home from a really bad day at work and looks really down and Fafnir just goes up to him and awkwardly wraps his arms around him and Takiya gets so happy he basically tackles him on the spot.
  • Takiya is often tired when he comes home from work, so every once in a while he’ll fall asleep while gaming on the couch with Fafnir. Fafnir is completely put off, especially when Takiya falls asleep leaning against him, and at first he always wakes him up on the spot (earning himself a laugh and an apology, with the remark that he should probably go to bed) but eventually he just starts picking up his sleeping roommate and tucking him into bed and grumbling about foolish humans needing so much sleep and how inefficient that is. And then, finally, he starts leaving Takiya where he is because it’s nice and warm and kind of comfortable to have him snoring there while he continues gaming… and don’t tell Takiya, but sometimes Fafnir even puts down the console and closes his eyes too, just for a few minutes.
  • Takiya has the secret mission of finding out what can make Fafnir smile. He hasn’t told his dragon, but he’d really like to see him smiling or even laughing for once because he’s sure it’d make a wonderful sight, and it leads to him trying out all kinds of tricks that would normally make people smile and see if they work. Neither gifts nor food nor compliments, displays of affection or lame jokes have had any effects so far, and the one time Takiya tried to tickle Fafnir he nearly got launched across the room (although the various other cute faces Fafnir made at all these attempts were definitely still worth it), but he still won’t give up. What he doesn’t know is that when he’s not looking, Fafnir will sometimes look at him with the tiniest little fond smile on his face.

Have these three for now! I still got more up my sleeve of course, but I’ll wait with these… First time writing (imagining?) these cuties, hope I did them justice!


I did it. I finally did it. I wrote fluff!

With enormous difficulty and perseverance, and no small amount of pig-headedness, and eight tonnes of encouragement from the wonderful @yavemiel, I actually wrote fluff.

Thanks to @rxbxlcaptain for the Jyn-and-word-scrambles headcanon that set this off!


“This one’s for you,” came Jyn’s muffled voice. “I’m done with it.”

He looked around from the desk to his bed, where Jyn lay on her front with her face buried in the pillow dejectedly. One arm stuck out straight toward him, waving a data pad. He raised an eyebrow and leant over to take it from her. “What’s up?”

“Three across,” was the fuzzy response. “It doesn’t make sense.” Jyn flung herself round onto her back with a sigh and folded her arms. “I’ve done all the ones that look like anagrams. I think that one’s one of the fudgy ones you’re good at.” She rolled her head to stare at him. “Also, it’s about prison.”

Cassian nodded at her in mock sobriety and looked down. “‘Imply –’ this one?” She nodded, and he went on. “‘Imply convict gets half time inside’. Eight letters.” He frowned and chewed the stylus.

Jyn flipped onto her side, propping herself up on an elbow. “I thought it could be “intimate” and it fits but it doesn’t make sense.”

Read the rest on AO3 (2,607 words, Rating: T)

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Hi I'm the anon who asked for the hc with crush, not s/o, liking a fictional character (with Dazai, Chuuya, and Aku). I actually meant crush as in, they're not romantically involved yet, aka it's just someone the guys really like but aren't dating ^^' Although your ocs were really good too, so I'll wait to ask this again when the inbox is opened. Thank you for your hard work ^o^!! Sorry if I wasn't clear before.



• Tbqh he’d probably still do more of the latter things I stated before like attempting to act like that character for a little bit just to get his crushes attention.

• Would also trick Atsushi into investigating this character and write a detailed report so Dazai could point out personality flaws and insert why-that-character-sucks, while talking about he’d be much better at all those things.

• Still very dramatic about you liking a personality that’s different from his. He’d flop on the couch at the ADA, drape his arms over his eyes, and sigh really loudly until you asked what was wrong with him.

• He’d use this little ploy to actually be serious for once, and then ask you out for lunch or something. All the information Atsushi gathered for him would be used again, but in a different way. He’d talk about the story line and the plot, skimming over the actual character a bit, and let you gush about the series. Dazai finds it really cute how you can just go on and on about something so passionately, but if you mentions the character-love he pretends to be shot in the heart by your words of ‘betrayl.’


• Gets a bit jealous and the ends up feeling like an idiot for being jealous but this doesn’t stop him from secret research on this fictional-dude because damn it you should like him.

• If you have merchandise on you constantly like a keychain or a phone charm he ends up playing with it and asking what you like so much about the character. He’s digging himself into a hole because he ends up getting annoyed that you like things about this person that are not even remotely close to his personality. He pretends not to be bothered by it but he ends up drinking a little too much wine later that night.

• Drunk Confession Chuuya is mobile and he ends up stumbling his way to your house and tells you in very slurred words that you would have a better time with him than ‘whatstheirfuck’ and he would be honored if you would let him take you out on a proper date.


• Frowns a lot when you mention this fictional character of yours but he keeps silent and just lets you ramble on while he inwardly dies a little.

• Point blank asks why you’re investing your time in something that isn’t tangible, and then is really surprised when you get a bit upset and explain that fictional characters are supposed to be relatable even if they’re just made up people.

• A few days after this conversation a little light bulb goes off in his head. He’d never thought about why he liked reading certain books but he can kind of understand your thought behind the feelings, and he knows he’s a bit obsessive about calligraphy and its literally some damn ink. He won’t admit he did something wrong but if you openly let him know you’re upset he buys you a rare collectible of that character and leaves it on your desk.

• He gets a bit disgruntled that you seemed to be attracted to that type of a person, but he never had his hopes high to begin with. However, his feelings don’t seem to go away so he keeps being by your side and hoping you’ll be attracted to him.

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ok but what if,, genderfluid mc+seven dressed as each other???? "woah, seven i thought u were taller!" "haha, no, its just;; uh,, camera angles,,," and "wow, mc did u get a growth spurt?" "yeah definitely;; haha... u got me,,,"

-you guys probably dress as each other ALL THE TIME

-cue zens confused screaming, he doesnt know how to feel about this

-seven really loves wearing your clothes because you have more than three outfits (he only has three outfits help him)

-you both have some pretty gender neutral clothes, so you guys pretty much came to an agreement one day to just share all your clothes 

-so really you guys dress up as “each other” quite often

-sometimes it’s sad because he’ll see a really cute shirt but IT DOESNT FIT!!!!! 

-why is this his fate

-he’ll wear it anyway

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Elise, do you have any headcanons about Bahorel right after he left law school? I've just left it too to fulfill my real dream I realized recently, but even my best friend says it's not possible to come true. I know they don't want to hurt me, but still I feel really lonely now with almost no support and it kinda sucks.. Sorry for bothering you, but I look up to you, you're such a lovely person deserving the best in life. I hope everything goes well for you

Bahorel does law school the way I did maths for the first 18 years of my life: poorly and with a distinct lack of motivation to get better at it.

Law just seemed like the thing to do at the time, you know? Law makes you look employable. But Bahorel just isn’t a white collar kind a guy. And that’s coming from a guy who loves collars.

Bahorel is social! Bahorel was born to go from place to place, make friend with everybody he meets and fill up a whole bar with his roaring voice. He wasn’t made for Law.

When he ditches law school, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Sure, he wasn’t going to lectures that often to begin with, but it was still a relief. He does a couple of side jobs here and there, helping people move out, playing the bartender for a couple of nights a week, coaching some people at the gym. He likes that, tending the bar. He gets to meet people.

That’s how he meets Feuilly and Grantaire, rolling up their sleeves as their about to start a brawl. Bahorel joins because a) brawl and b) the other guys were looking for it. It gets him fired, but at least he’s made two new friends.

A week later, Bahorel attends his first ABC meeting.

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Heya! Do you think it's okay for me to ask for some Hinata platonic headcanons please?

• his your go-to-friend! would also help u hide a body i mean he always ready to help

Hinata: “Hey I need your advice on something”

*while u r typing*

Hinata: “never mind i already did the thing”

• is the innocent looking friend who actually gets all the dirty jokes smth how abt that

• he just knows when somethings bothering or upsetting you, doesn’t matter if you’re like in your house and he’s not

“my friend-sense is tingling”

• will not pry in your business and let’s you chill out at his place if you wishes for it

• he is your lifelong and loyal bro birb

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Hi! Since u don't have requests rn, I figured i'd send u a few (all involving Oikawa, Sugawara, Tendou and Tanaka. 1.what they'd do when they learned their s/os are having awful menstrual cramps 2.what they'd do during their "first time" with their s/os 3.what they'd do/say to their s/os when they're down or feeling bad about life at all. I'm sorry if theyre not specific enough, also i know its too many so u dont have to do them all at once. No pressure. Good luck, btw i love ur writing!!!!! :)

I actually have 50+ messages in my ask box I just haven’t updated my header in a while but I appreciate you sending these in! ^^ I’m only going to do one though since I don’t think it would be fair if I did 3 things in one ask.

What they would do when their s/o has bad cramps


  • I headcanon Oikawa having a sister so he’s had to deal with this before. He knows what to do in this kind of situation.
  • He either lays on the couch with you or in your bed just watching a movie and doesn’t mind if you don’t want to talk, he understands that you’re in pain and may not want to be as talkative as usual.
  • If you called him over, he asks if you need him to get anything and if you say no, he’ll still drop by the store to get your favorite ice cream or anything you enjoy.
  • Oikawa gives you back massages if you get lower back pain and his fingers work like magic to relieve it. 


  • He’s very attentive to you and gets you anything and everything you need. 
  • Need some pain medication? Don’t worry he’s on it in a flash. 
  • Doesn’t mind the mood swings and he knows that you don’t mean some of the things you may say while on your period because he understands that you aren’t having the best of times for the next 3-7 days.
  • Suga will be more than happy to you grab tampons, pads, medication, your favorite snacks- anything. He doesn’t get embarrassed buying these things for you because he loves you and hates seeing you in pain. 
  • Definitely rubs your stomach because he hopes that it will distract you from the pain.


  • He has no idea what to do and is clueless about the whole period thing, which does cause an argument or two. 
  • “You’re just on your period, why are you complaining? Aren’t you just bleeding right?” 
  • “Tendou I’m going to kill you.” 
  • After explaining to him it’s not just bleeding, he’s more sympathetic. 
  • He doesn’t love getting tampons and pads because he thinks it’s embarrassing. But after a female cashier tells him that he’s a good boyfriend for getting a few extra things he doesn’t mind as much. 
  • Definitely tries to make you laugh by doing stupid things.  


  • He has a sister so she’s told him about all the things that happen when you get your period. He’ll ask her for some advice on what to do, too if he panics. 
  • Just like Tendou, he tries to make you laugh because he wants to see you smile.
  • He’ll recommend going on a walk since his sister has told him that exercise can help sometimes. 
  • He’ll understand if you don’t want him around and you want your space. 
  • Plays with your hair and lets you lay in his lap while you two watch movies. 

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Do RFA+Saeran reacting to catching their MC dancing by themselves in the mirror while MC thought they were home alone

this would happen to me…guilty. im listening to a early 2000s music playlist right now so all the songs are from that except yoosungs


-the moment he sees you omg

-you thought he had a two hour class at college today

-but no it was only one hour

-”MC, what is this?”

-a FNAF song plays in the background as you drop the hair curler

-”yoosung wyd home”

-he just stands there for a moment slightly confused as he listens to the song


-he questions you for a moment but can’t judge you…you deal with him yelling at LOLOL daily.


-he was supposed to be at a rehearsal


-”If I could escape & recreate a place that’s my own world
& I could be your favourite girl, Perfectly together
Tell me boy now wouldn’t that be sweet?
If I could be sweet, I know I’ve been a real bad girl
I didn’t mean for you to get hurt
We can make it better, Tell me boy wouldn’t that be swee- HEY ZEN!!! DID REHEARSAL END EARLY?? ”

-he had been standing there since the Chorus started

-he looks at you for a moment before smiling

-”you’re so adorable wtf??”

-you just drop to the floor blushing



-”You still listen to that song also?”

-shes been standing there not that long she had just walked in the house and heard music BLASTING from a speaker

-she just tells you to continue and leaves to put away groceries


-pays no attention to it

-walks in the bathroom

-slightly scaring you

-”hey, did you run into my dad today?”

-you stand there staring at him



-literally just joins you

-thats it

-he knows the song


-i hate to say this

-but he can’t really see you

-so like he just asks you if you are okay and why your music is so loud


-”what the hell are you doing?”

-questions your sanity

-”are you drunk? its only 11 am?”