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Ok so without getting all angry ,can I ask why you hate Riley & Rucas

im not gonna be mad if you just ask me a question lol i ain’t crazy i don’t like riley for a lot of reasons but the main ones are
-she is really rude lately like the whole “do you like me better than maya?” thing in jexica & her celebration in triangle like… ok buddy take it down a few notches
-she convinced maya she was becoming her??? rather than just supporting her getting an a because god forbid anyone do better than her????
-she then continued to accuse maya of not even liking lucas, but actually like absorbing rileys feelings for him like bitch,,
-then she convinced maya to sell the clothes shawn bought her all im gonna say about this is that quote from the ep farkle goes broke in when she says that she cares abt the clothes shawn bought her & appreciates them
-she’s overall just been v shitty and like she doesn’t ever really learn from her mistakes

im gonna make a separate post for rucas they are too much for this ask


bunny smile!!!

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prompt: getting together au - dex takes the hardest hit of the year and is unconscious for days, cue smh trying to calm him down (maybe chowder) lots of angst but dexy gets better and bam nursey taking care of dex in his dorm = lots of feelings come out

i know i didn’t ask for writing prompts but im gonna write anyway tbh :) i’m distilling this to just the last bit because im really in the mood for some hurt/comfort (also i kind of illustrated this hah)

“Why are you even here?”

“Dude,” Nursey presses the ice pack gently against Dex’s forehead. Dex doesn’t know why he won’t just let him do it himself honestly. “This is my fault.”

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hi, this is kinda stupid but it annoys me sm so im gonna ask. is it wrong that im a bit late by being a potterhead? i just started to get into it and everyone treats me as i wasnt a part of the fandom cuz im 5 years late.

That’s dumb! It’s awesome people are still getting into Harry Potter even though the last book came out nearly a decade ago. Its never too late to get into Harry Potter. :)

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what are your fav blogs? im lookin a lot for asian / poc bloggers bc 👏 representation 👏 i lov your blog

this is gonna be a long list get ready i’m gonna tag all my favorite ppl….. these r my fav poc n i enjoy seeing them on my dash.. even if i dont talk to some of them.. ^_____^ follow them all

@buttonnoses @zyg0te @dimsumcart @ao3 @bethnya @boyphobic @calpiso @decalf @dailyjackiechan @ehries @fraxure @hwun @ilovtofu @jukkes @keoytic @mareya @nonmutuals @overblush @overtimidly @play-ai @elovers @hongkonghunty @loverintheparkinglot @meditite @strawberrycreampuff @vonossa @wreckurs @yeork @tachola @taipao @vnyo @vietgirl @grassjellyho @peachtimes @furven

i feel like i left some ppl out feel free 2 add ppl idk omg

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Oh yeah i got my saitama yesterday and. Yeah the body cape and head are separate pieces, and the cape is hard af to fit on, i had to get my dad to help me bend the plastic lmao

,,,,,,,,,,,,im gonna die i cant ask my dad……………. i,,, i cant ask my mom either…. she even watched opm with me i cANT PASS IT AS A DRAWING MANNEQUIN IM;;;; 

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ok I'm still worried about bellamy's future bc no one talked about him at the con???? he's literally the main male character why tf no one talked about him??.... and even with Aaron confirming that he's coming back for s4 I still have this horrible feeling that he's gonna die I'm already sobbing hELP IM--

bellamy and clarke are the 2 leads if one dies they both die and we all know clarke won’t die so therefore bellamy is safe

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idk if i've asked you this before but why is kim seokjin so big???? WHY? why is he destroying every fiber of my soul by being so fucking HUGE????? i'm just. he's so big. and to think that he might get even bIGGER? the mansize you're talking about is Too Real™ and im not sure if i can survive this. the bounce house is gonna get bouncier, the brick house is gonna get brickier and im gonna get to digging my own grave right now as preparation

Jade, I cannot tell you why he is so big, my only thought is the universe knew he was going to be something extra special so gave us all a tiny bit more of him just because we are the luckiest fuckers in the universe.  

 But forreal, the amount of pain we have in store from Jin, I can’t even think about really because it’s just too much for my poor brain to handle.  He’s finally put on the last bit of height really that I think he’ll get, but now from here he’ll just fill out, pack on that Mansize.  Already his neck and shoulders just - unfff…

And lets not forget his glorious thighs and hips oh that would be tragic because

Glorious glorious Jin still has quite a ways to go until he reaches 30…but still look at him right now, look at him so much goodnesss

And finally just to add insult to injury because ughghgh we all so need it

BIG GETTING BIGGER - what are we to do?!?!

Requests and questions

Sorry about this but it’s starting to get stressful for me to do requests and questions atm , I’ve been pretty busy lately with my personal life and trying to do all the requests and questions for people is starting to get too much :(

I can probably still do small oc requests but that’s it… anything else request wise some people need to start being a bit more nice to me or im gonna start charging if they keep asking for free stuff and dont even bother to thank me… it’s really annoying and insulting :(

also I want to do my own pictures of Ruby for a while she’s not everyones fuck toy she has standards and likes to get to know the pony before anything nsfw happens, Some people really stop with that shit too :(

Commission’s will still be open ~♡ :)

I hope this makes sense to people I’m not good at wording stuff and writing this is making worried about backlash… sorry I’ll shut up now >~

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I feel like im gonna explode or combust with how hilarious these posts are like they are 1000/10 I want to MARRY YOU YOU DONT EVEN KNOW if I knew u irl ud be fucked bc id follow u around 24/7 doing aegyo. If u ever wanna fake date or sth pls hmu


omg im so honoured. thank you for your heartfelt confession, i am blown away. ilu 2 :’) 

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do you think sarah ever gets annoyed or scared (is that the right word) whenever we screenshot her snaps. I bet a bunch of people do it but I ALWAYS feel like I'm the only one screenshotting it😁 i feel bad but am I gonna stop?? ha nope

noooo omg i think she expects it, with the amount of people who follow her on there im willing to bet a good chunk of them screenshot, even if they dont post :) 

I don’t want to get in too deep in this situation about Sehun “liking men” but this is my opinion and it’s the only time I’m gonna say anything about it.
IM OKAY WITH THAT. If he mean it in that way, I’m gonna support him, if he was just joking, I’m not gonna judge him.
It’s HIS LIFE. I don’t have the right to judge him or even say anything to him.
So I’m asking to the fans sending him things on IG to please stop.
Stop sending him “I knew hunhan was real” stop sending him “I’m proud of you coming out” JUST STOP.
We’ll probably never know about his true feelings so stop assuming things we don’t know if are real or not.
I support him and love him no matter what, but you guys need to leave him alone.

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so like,, i've been thnking about starting to write original songs (for utau cause i'm too poor for vocaloid) but i'm worried about people judging me for being yet another edgy mentally ill/trauma survivor (i'm both) vocautau artist ?? i feel like even if i avoid like murder songs i'd still get judged hkadsksdhl i don't really have many song ideas anyway,, i dunno what the point of this ask is sorry

once again if someone judges you for the content you write, as long as its not offensive of course, im gonna kick them in the dick

“You leave me hanging on the line
Every time you change your mind”

-Jenny, by Click Five

nonononononononono im not gonna kill myself just so y'all would know
thats part of the lyrics

just a little vent art. dats all.
ANYWAY i censored out the name of the person im talking about (it’s not jenny, the name thats originally in the song. it’s another guy) because if i released it i would get buttstabbed and killed by that person. pls dont even think of asking me who that guy is ;w;

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I hoped that I could see Bakugou' room but what I got were many painels of Todoroki begging to sleep and we saw even his room, it's funny because Bakugou just "fuck this shit Im gonna sleep" while Todoroki patiently waited everybody finished their competition. These two are so different yet so similar~

Yes! I wanted to see his room so bad, but we hopefully get to see it sometime! i mean … yeah, it was kinda funny to see Todoroki beg for sleep (he worked the hardest with his room after all), but it would’ve been way more interesting, if Mina would’ve just said ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna take a look at his room, if he wants it or not’ and they would all have been very quiet, so he wouldn’t wake up. 

And yeah, Todori and Bakugou are so similar and different at the same time, that it’s actually scary. I guess and HOPE that it will be a thing in the story some time. I don’t think that’s a coincidence and I want them to fight for real. They should fight without quirks ‘til one of them lays passed out on the floor so they can settle this thing from the sports festival. 

Oh god, what did I wrote here?

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Ani what are your fave overwatch ships????

oMG okay so bye i was just about to go to bed but, this is such a good ask and i really wanna answer it before i do so im just gonna do my top three:

  1. widowtracer… the Best, the Ultimate, the ow ship to end all ow ships honestly (widowmaker and tracer are in LOVE okay leave me alone!!)
  2. BOOMBOX (lucio/junkrat) because !!! cute trans bfs, i love them to death
  3. phamercy!! theyre lesbians and in love and they make a great team!! 

also reaper76 gets an honourable mention bc even tho i havent blogged about it, its Good and Gay with angst potential and thats all i could ever ask for or need from an ow ship tbh

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I thought I was the only person to get braces at 16 lol don't you worry sis, I get your pain. I'm gonna be the only one of my friends with braces in their 20's and it sucks :-(

lol im actually 17 so you’re even better off than me lmao!! but at least you’re gonna have pretty healthy teeth for the rest of your life love!