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What SKAM means to me

hi all. it’s h. i’m very sappy and i love really long over dramatic essays, so here’s my thank you to everyone in the skam universe. i’m sorry i’m such an emotional mess.

skam season 1 is important to me personally. i don’t have annoying straight people problems and trust issues with my boyfriend. i don’t have a group of old mean friends who glare at me for existing. i didn’t kiss someone else when i was still in a relationship. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt alone like eva. i’ve struggled with forming new friendships and reconciling old ones. i’ve done the ‘you did it, so i’ll do it’. i’ve felt the pain when someone you trust lets you down. i’ve struggled with determining what my own opinion is vs. what my opinion was formed to be because of how i was raised. when i first saw season 1, it hit close to home because i’ve been there. i saw it a year a half after i had found my true opinions and started to find myself. i saw myself in eva. eva’s story is important to me because it shows her journey from feeling alone to being surrounded by people that love her.

skam season 2 is important to me personally. i’m not a rape / sexual assault victim. i’m not a huge die - hard feminist type. i didn’t fall in love with a fuck boy. i didn’t date my friend’s crush behind her back. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt guilty like noora. i’ve felt the frustration of having to deal with others. i’ve felt the annoyance of not knowing what others are thinking. i’ve felt the guilt of lying to a friend. i’ve felt the anguish of feeling like the entire world has stopped and feeling like i can never move on. i’ve felt the guilt of feeling like a burden to others. when i first saw season 2, it hit close to home because i’ve been there. i saw it two years after i had the worst year of my life, and had finally gotten back on track. two years after i had fallen in with the wrong people, had let people dictate my opinions, and got into drugs and alcohol, so much so that i couldn’t go an entire day without getting high. it wasn’t even a physical dependence. it was just me looking for an escape as i slipped further and further into my depression, and retreated into myself, a psychological dependence. i eventually reached out and got help, i stood up to my personal version of nico, and i got my shit together. i saw myself in noora. noora’s story is important to me because it showed me to always be conscious of the fact that everyone is different, has different opinions, but more importantly, has had different experiences. 

skam season 3 is important to me personally. i’m not gay. i don’t have a mentally ill mother. i don’t have a suave, james-dean-esque mentally ill love interest. i don’t have an estranged father. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt hatred in many forms like isak. i’ve struggled with finding and accepting my sexuality. i’ve felt the annoyance of people trying to stereotype my personality because of my label. i’ve gone through all the stages of self hatred to self acceptance to self love. i’ve gone through the ‘i’ll break up with my girlfriend for you’ only to see them back together two days later. i’ve felt heartbreak. i’ve felt the inevitable best friend crush. i’ve learned to let go of some of my prejudices. when i first saw season 3, it was when it came out, like eight / nine months ago, at the same time i had my first relationship with another girl, was discovering my sexuality, was figuring out how to tell my mom and my friends, and was learning to let go of prejudice. my story of me and this other girl scarily matches up with isak and even’s story. we were friends, and then a line was crossed, and then we were more than friends. and then she got a girlfriend, and ‘broke up with her for me’. we went on a date and then she got another girlfriend a week later, a different girl this time. but not everything was the same. i hadn’t already figured out my sexuality like isak had. so the first time i kissed her, i flipped out like ‘holy shit there is another vagina in this situation’ and we didn’t speak for a month because i hated myself so much. we got back together after i had time to cool off and figure things out. then she broke it off again because she ‘wasn’t ready for a relationship’ and then two days later i found out from a mutual friend she was crushing on some other girl. so we just weren’t meant to be, and didn’t get our happy ending like evak. but it’s okay. i saw myself in isak. isak’s story is important to me because it gave me the final push to tell my friends, and it prompted me to try to not hold prejudices against certain things, like mental illness, or certain people for doing shitty things, like emma or sonja.

skam season 4 is important to me personally. i’m not a muslim. i’m not a christian or catholic or jew or atheist or buddhist or monk or pastafarian or anything, really. i’m not a person of color in a white country. i’m not super bada$$ on the outside. i’m not a confrontational person. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt shame like sana. i’ve felt outcast for not fitting in. i’ve felt shame for hurting my friends. i’ve felt misunderstood. i’ve crossed a line and hurt people with good intentions to protect my friends and family. i’ve felt like no one pays attention to me. i’ve made assumptions of people based off of religion before. i’ve felt like my friends aren’t there for me. i’ve accidentally and intentionally fucked over my friends. i’ve felt like i had to prove something to someone, or to society in general. i’ve struggled with losing faith in my faith. i didn’t get my happy ending like sana did with her balancing religion, culture, and personality either. i lost faith in my religion, and i don’t think i’ll ever gain it back, but i just have to accept it and move on. but it’s okay. sana’s story is important to me because it showed me how strong friendship really is, it showed me that ultimatley, it’s up to me to reach out to others, it taught me that questioning things is important, but most importantly, that hate isn’t the opposite of love; fear is.


takk, -h


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dccomicnerd-world  asked:

How would the Lords react to learning that MC has been poisoned when they (the lords) were away at battle?

It broke my heart to imagine the lords reaction to this SOBS but I LOVE ANGST SO THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST! ಥ◡ಥ

And a thank you to @thedaydreamingotaku for helping me write this *clings and bOWS* you helped me a lot bb ;n;

Nobunaga would be mad, furious when he learns about MC’s condition. Who hurt his Lady Oda? And why didn’t anyone deliver these news to him? Was her health not as important as the other news delivered to him during war? He wouldn’t stay still and would promise to punish whoever it is that decided to hurt MC. His concern was hidden behind a raging mask, but that mask wasn’t good enough to hide them. His voice rattles through castle walls and shakes his retainers to their core. No one is to touch his lady. And no one is to hurt her. He walked to MC’s room with a fire blazing from each step, his expression didn’t look good. And in that moment, everyone in the castle knew that hell was starting to break loose. He walked to MC’s room and cupped her cheek, she was sleeping. He pulled away after making sure that she was still breathing, but his resolve didn’t shake. He promises to catch the person that hurt her, and have him rot in hell for the rest of his life.

Mitsuhide’s face remained shocked for a few seconds after learning the news, why would anyone want to hurt MC? She is one of the most innocent people in this castle. He rushes straight to MC’s side and checks her for any injuries, he sighs and buries his face in her neck when he sees that she’s safe. He breathes in her scent for a few seconds before he feels an arm wrapping around his back. He pulls away slowly and is met with MC’s weak eyes. He stares at her with his wide shocked ones and stays still. He stays still till MC’s fingers press gently to his cheek. “Its ok Mitsuhide,” MC smiles weakly “I’m fine now.” She whispers softly as she notices his trembling hands moving to wrap around hers.

Yukimura wouldn’t wait an extra second after learning the news. He’d be in MC’s room in five seconds, don’t ask how but he’ll do it. He’d straight away check on her and her body, and a sigh would leave his lips when he sees that she got a slight effect from the poison. He wasn’t happy about her being poisoned, but he was relieved to know that she’s feeling better now. “I’m sorry for being away MC,” he grasps her hand, “but next time…” he slowly looks up to her,  “next time I swear to be here with you.” Yukimura wouldn’t leave her side even when she wakes up, and will be extra careful with her, in fear of hurting her any further.

Saizo went straight to MC’s room after his long mission. He thought that she was sleeping soundly till he sensed something wrong. She was breathing weakly, and her hands were barely able to hold the letters he wrote her to her in her hand. He walked to her side and brushed her hair away, “Little lady?” He whispered softly as he watched her face contort slightly. It took a few seconds for the realization to hit him. She wasn’t sleeping soundly. He gently pressed his fingers to the letters in her hand and pulled them away, keeping them in a safe place. MC stirred slightly and he stroked her hair to calm her down. She falls back asleep but Saizo has a plan to take revenge, on whoever it is that hurt his little lady.

Masamune’s eyes widened, when did it happen? and why does he only know about it now? His eyes drooping low as he rushed towards MC’s room, he could hear the retainers whispers but they were jumbled together, getting into one ear before exiting the other. He was far too concerned about his lady than to stop and listen to them. Masamune opens the door to her room and stops. He doesn’t know what to expect. His eyes slowly fell to her face. He knew what it felt like to be poisoned, but he never knew what it felt like to be in this position. He felt helpless. He learned a few minutes ago that Kojuro caught the culprit. He wasn’t going to punish him now, but later he’ll experience the wrath of the one-eyed dragon. Moving to MC’s side, he held her hand between his, they were cold. He kept on drawing irregular patterns on them to warm her up, slowly trying to warm her body with his warmth, while being careful not to disturb or make her uncomfortable. He knew that his lady was strong, but he also knew that she needed him. She needed him now, more than ever.

Everyone could sense how shaken Kojuro was. It wasn’t the first time that someone close to him got poisoned. However, this time it happened to MC, his precious girl. He was furious to hear the news, but he was more furious about not being there to ease her pain. Masamune asked him to take the rest of the day off and stay by her side. Kojuro was afraid to see her, to see her face. He slowly walked into the room, being careful not to make any sound as he sat down next to her. MC’s face was pale, her hands cold and her fingertips white. He took her hand in his as he brushed her hair away. “My precious girl… I’m sorry for not being here to protect you when I promised that I would.” His eyes looked at her with so much warmth, but at the same time so much pain that it could break her heart apart.