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[hi me again sorry if this is spamming let me know I'm new at this] I loved the reactions to the pet giant snake and I am really curious about them reacting to Dadsona with a pet Parakeet that can talk and literally just snuggles with you at any time it can (apparently they're huge snuggly birds)

((ur fine bby don’t worry about it))


-teaches it curse words
-teaches it to say “Fuck you Joseph” whenever it sees Joseph
-likes to bring it out at parties to try and convince people it’s a demon bird
-is half successful because it snuggles into people’s necks but also whispers “fuck you”


-whenever Craig comes over the bird says “Bro!” and then Craig says “Bro!” and then they say “BRO!” back and forth for like five minutes until you have to beg Craig to stop
-he likes to hold it on his shoulder when he’s cooking. It’s very well behaved
-They both have the same amount of energy


-he teaches it to sing worship songs. They sing worship songs together at youth bible study
-in FACT kids start showing up a lot more because he brings the bird every week
-if he’s counseling someone that has it particularly rough he’ll ask you if they can snuggle with the bird afterwards


-he thinks this is the coolest thing
-the bird starts to mimic his laugh. It sounds hilarious when they laugh at the same time
-the bird sits between you two when you watch tv together


-Ernest teaches it bad words
-Ernest teaches it to say “Fuck you Hugo”
-Ernest gets grounded for a week
-Hugo actually really likes it and likes to scratch it’s little head while he’s working


-he builds a little outdoor shed thing in his garden where it can have a lot of space to fly around and sit in the sun
-when Lucien’s in a bad mood Damien releases it into his room to cheer him up

-he thinks the little thing is so dang funny
-it learns to mimic Mat’s perfect, perfect laugh
-whenever YOU’RE sad the bird with sit on your shoulder and repeat Mat’s laugh
-which Mat thinks is really cute

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Hiiii mom!! Today I told the boy I'm dating about my panic attacks and I was worried he would think I was weird or something but his immediate response was "What should I do if you have one when you're with me?" And my heart melted because no one has ever asked me that and he really cares and I'm just really happy. Sorry, I just had to tell someone

that’s adorable I’m so happy for you bby :-) I hope I can get a person that pleasant one day :’)