Feet together,
thighs apart.
This is what’s considered art.

Stand up straight,
suck it in.
Maybe now you’ll be a ten.

Wear some makeup,
but not too much.
Do you want to be a slut?

Stomach flat,
breasts pushed up.
You’re cuter with a bigger cup.

Come on now,
show some skin.
But not too much, you’re not that thin.

Perfect teeth,
perfect skin.
Without these, you just can’t win.

“You’re beautiful the way you are!” they say.
Then they ask how much you weigh.

Society can be okay,
but hopefully there’ll be a better day.

A day where our appearance
will not define our worth.

—  society’s definition of beauty.

anonymous asked:

Describe Ravenclaw women and what they are like.

Ravenclaw women dream of star spangled skies and an unexplored wilderness. They find beauty in the simplest things and never cease to be amazed by the mundane miracles that surround them. Everything they touch is made of vivid space dust and they want to see it all.

Ravenclaw women have a softly glowing fire in their eyes. They were born to fly and as their feathered wings stretch from their arched backs they soar and close their eyes as the wind rushes through their hair. As they look down on the world they have left behind there’s a strange sorrow for all the things they’ve lost and they wonder what might have been.

Ravenclaw women have a timeless beauty, yet somehow their aged souls have not withered. They yearn to recall all the things they once knew and are forever searching for answers to questions they cannot word. Freedom is calling yet they are inexplicably trapped.