A R I Z O N A - I Was Wrong
These guys are definitely my new favourite band. I can't wait to hear more from them! Download... http://apple.co/1IGsrqE Listen on Spotify... http://spoti.f...

It… is done. A huge thanks to @kiki-kit for being an inspiration for this project.

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Pharmercy- Angel With a Shotgun

So…. this is a bit different haha. But! I couldnt help it, the song fits so well. Its also a bit rushed towards the end but oh well :D

Happy Valentines Day my dudes <3

Favorite moments of ACoTaR-trilogy (6/∞) ⇛ The Note Sending

Rhys had already been gone by breakfast, though one of his notes had been on a bedside table. Thank you for last night, was all it said. No pen to write a response. But I had hunted one down anyway, and had written back, What do the tattooed stars and mountain on your knees mean?
The paper had vanished a heartbeat later. When it hadn’t returned, I’d dressed and gone to breakfast. I was halfway through my eggs and toast when the paper appeared beside my plate, neatly folded.
That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown.
This time, a pen had appeared. I’d merely written back, So dramatic. And through the bond, on the other side of my mental shields, I could have sworn I heard his laugh.


“I’m Zimbabwean American. For me, I grew up knowing the special power of the African. And their powerful expression of self, and how that is not backward. It’s just different from what mainstream shows us. So to see it on this sort of scale, to me, it’s just so ready and so overdue to me. Because that, to me, is what the African is - we’re very underestimated and we’re also underrepresented.”

[Danai Gurira on “How Black Panther is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen”]

Pete Wentz

Pete leaves a place
Pete Wentz

Pete helps a beggar
Pete Cents

Pete opens up to a friend
Pete Vents

Pete designs a cologne
Pete Scents

Pete needs a house
Pete Rents

Pete does gymnastics
Pete Bents

Pete goes to a Christmas party
Pete Presents

Pete makes something new
Pete Invents