The circus arrives without a warning..

No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

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We always see the swords being shipped with one another or the Saniwa. How about 3 swords (Mikazuki, Ichigo and a sword boy of your choice) shipping their master with another?? Who would they ship their master with?? Do they tease the Saniwa subtly or place them in certain situations that the two are left alone in hopes of a confession occurring?? (The other person could be a fellow comrade or another person from the Government that their master works with).

To make it feel easier for me to answer, I’m gonna write it along with the theme inspired by earlier asks of Husband! Blacksmith. So basically the sword boys are going to like the idea of the Saniwa being with the Blacksmith and I’ll be answering with the meddling they do to try get them together, hope that’s okay.

• I don’t think he’d be very subtle making comments of “you two make a good couple” whenever he can. He’s pretty clear in his encouragement.

• He doesn’t feel it right to meddle to much so the most he does is probably pull aside the Saniwa one day and have an overly serious talk about how he encourages them to follow their heart and that they don’t have to look to far. He doesn’t quite point out the Blacksmith but his intention is clear.

• He probably sets up the most lazy schemes for getting the two alone together or at least in the same room. He relies on Hotaru and Aizen a lot to pull them off, partly because he’s too lazy to always go to the effort himself but also because it makes his complaints of needing the Saniwa to accompany him a little more believable when the two are backing him up.


Pharmercy- Angel With a Shotgun

So…. this is a bit different haha. But! I couldnt help it, the song fits so well. Its also a bit rushed towards the end but oh well :D

Happy Valentines Day my dudes <3

Favorite moments of ACoTaR-trilogy (6/∞) ⇛ The Note Sending

Rhys had already been gone by breakfast, though one of his notes had been on a bedside table. Thank you for last night, was all it said. No pen to write a response. But I had hunted one down anyway, and had written back, What do the tattooed stars and mountain on your knees mean?
The paper had vanished a heartbeat later. When it hadn’t returned, I’d dressed and gone to breakfast. I was halfway through my eggs and toast when the paper appeared beside my plate, neatly folded.
That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown.
This time, a pen had appeared. I’d merely written back, So dramatic. And through the bond, on the other side of my mental shields, I could have sworn I heard his laugh.

Pete Wentz

Pete leaves a place
Pete Wentz

Pete helps a beggar
Pete Cents

Pete opens up to a friend
Pete Vents

Pete designs a cologne
Pete Scents

Pete needs a house
Pete Rents

Pete does gymnastics
Pete Bents

Pete goes to a Christmas party
Pete Presents

Pete makes something new
Pete Invents


waiting here, for evermore. (x)

Sometimes I have a reoccurring dream where i’m standing on a lake full of frozen flowers at night.

Also today I was surprised that this blog has suddenly gotten a lot of attention because one of my illustrations was placed under staff picks (0_0), so thank you so much for your support! it’s really appreciated! (i’ll try to post more from now on).


omgcpwomenfest femlash/wlw day

Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU