Pharmercy- Angel With a Shotgun

So…. this is a bit different haha. But! I couldnt help it, the song fits so well. Its also a bit rushed towards the end but oh well :D

Happy Valentines Day my dudes <3

  • Lysandra as Aelin: So, Chaol, welcome back glad to see your legs are back in working order. So want me to fill you in on my plans?
  • Chaol: You're offering to fill me in?
  • Lysandra as Aelin: yes.
  • Chaol: on the actual, real, plans. Like not fake plans.
  • Lysandra as Aelin: yes?
  • Chaol: ...
  • Lysandra as Aelin: ...
  • Chaol: where the fuck is Aelin and who the hell are you? Lysandra? What are you doing? Where's Aelin?!?!?

eliza in historical dress?? sign me up

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