Why’s There A Stocking On the Door?

@lynnialljohnson asked: Can we please have J/C on the ridge being constantly interrupted durring steamy make out sessions until they finally just lock everyone out of the house for a bit? Maybe Ian explains to an embarrassed Bree why they’re locked out? At Christmas?

I don’t have the words for how much I love this!!! Also when I finished writing it, I realized I forgot about the Christmas aspect of the act. So, I’ll do another one, because I have a really really fun modern plan for it. Hope you like that one too!


I whirled around, alarmed by the tone of Jamie’s voice.

“What is it? Who’s bleeding?”

“No one!”

I frowned up at him.

“Then why are you yelling for me?”

His eyes glittered.

“The house is empty.”


“So our house has been overrun wi’ people for two bloody weeks and I havena had ye properly in all that time.”

“So your daughter and her children are ‘overrunning’ our house?”

“Aye. When she and her husband and bairns sleep so close to our room, I canna take ye the way I want.”

“And how do you want to take me?”

Those full lips pulled into a mischievous smile.


Gathering me into his arms, he sat me on the table in my surgery and kissed me hard. I heard a rustling of fabric as he fumbled with my skirts.

“The first time in two weeks and you want to make me scream, so you decide make love to me on the table in my surgery?”

He shrugged and nipped at my ear.

“Weel, if ye’d been in the kitchen, I’d take ye in the kitchen. Ye just happened to be here.”

I moaned softly as his teeth moved to the side of my neck. His hand snaked between my legs, making me gasp.


Jamie puled back and glared down at me, silently commanding me to keep my mouth shut.

“I have to,” I whispered.

“It canna be life or death,” he muttered, gently probing my hot flesh.

“I’m the doctor here, Jamie. There isn’t another healer about for miles.”

“Aye, I ken that.”

We heard the boards creak as Ian came closer to the surgery. Jamie muttered a few choice curses in Gaelic and stepped away from me. I’d just gotten off the table and righted my skirts when Ian came in.

“There ye are, Auntie.”

“What can I do for you, Ian?”

“I was wondering if ye had some o’ that tea to help wi’ a woman’s monthly? Poor Rachel canna hardly stand.”

“Of course.”

Jamie was glaring darkly at his nephew as I pulled bottles and jars from various cupboards.

“Brew as much of it as you can, you can always warm it later.”

“Thanks, Auntie. Sorry for, ah… Interrupting.”

Jamie’s ears burned pink. 

“It’s alright.”

Ian’s request for tea reminded me that I had something of my own brewing in the kitchen.

“Where are ye going!?” Jamie demanded as I followed Ian out.

“I have to check on my pot in the kitchen.”

“Damn it Claire!”

I had to admit I was having a little fun teasing him like this. His angry footsteps stomped along behind me, though he didn’t try to stop whatever I was doing. He knew better.

After checking that my latest experiment was progressing well, I turned to him.

“You said you’d take me in the kitchen?”

He didn’t answer, just pushed me onto the heavy wooden table he’d built me. His mouth found mine, eager and demanding and tasting faintly of whiskey.

“Christ ye taste good, Sassenach.”

“I was just thinking the same of you.”

While he kissed me again, I felt him tugging at the ties of my bodice.


Jamie let out an audible growl.

“What do ye want, Jeremiah?”

Jem stopped short and stared at the two of us, eyes wide.

“Mam sent me to ask if ye-”

“I dinna care what yer mam asked. I’m having a conversation wi’ your granny just now. Come back in an hour.”

“But mam said she needed Granny to look at Mandy’s rash. Da thinks it’s no’ a bad one, but-”

Jamie’s mood was getting worse.

“Jemmy, darling,” I said before Jamie did something Bree would scold him for later. “If Mandy hasn’t got a fever, she’ll be alright. I’ll be down in an hour when I’ve finished with your grandda, alright?”

“Mam’s no’ gonna be happy about that.”

“I dinna care a bloody bit if she’s no’ happy,” Jamie grumbled in my ear.

“Tell her you tried, but your grandfather is a very stubborn Scot. I’ll be by as soon as I can.”

“Aye, Granny.”

Jemmy scampered away and Jamie got up, slamming the door closed behind him.

“Come wi’ me. Now.”

“I thought you were fine taking me anywhere?”

“Aye, I am. But I dinna want to wake up in an hour on the ground. My back canna handle that, aye?”

“So are we going to our room, then?”

“Aye. And bolting the bloody door. I’ll no’ be interrupted again.”

I followed him up the stairs to our room but paused at the door. I kicked my shoes off and pulled one stocking down.

“What the devil are ye doing, woman?”

“Making sure Bree doesn’t come barging in on us in the middle of our love-making.”

Jamie barked a laugh, puling at the ties of his shirt.

“She wouldna!”

“Oh if she’s angry enough, she might…”

“So why do ye put the stocking on the door?”

I smiled.

“It’s something Bree learned when she went to university. It’s just a signal. Never you mind.”

I closed the door and bolted it shut. That made Jamie smile even more.

“Come here,” he said, hooking his finger at me.

Walking slowly, I pulled loose the laces of my bodice, sighing in relief when it came free.


I froze, hands on the back of my skirts ready to let them go. He was glaring at me.


“That’s my job, Sassenach!”

“Undressing me?”

“Aye! Like unwrappin’ a present.”

Hands on my hips, I grinned at him.

“I didn’t know you were quite so fond of that. But you know that means you can’t take off your kilt. That is strictly my job.”

“Aye, and so it is, my own.”

His arms slid around my waist while he lowered his mouth to mine. Hands moved down and gripped my buttocks hard. I waited for the exclamation that would come as it always did.

“Christ, ye’ve the fattest arse.”

“Like clockwork,” I muttered, tangling my fingers in his hair.

He had me out of my gown and standing in only my shift in rather short order. While he might enjoy unwrapping the gift that was me, but he was clearly not ready to wait longer than he had to. I felt him begin to pull the hem of my shift up, but I stepped back.

“My turn,” I panted.

He muttered darkly and stood waiting, hands balled into fists.

I walked around him, much like I had on our wedding night all those years ago. When I was back in front of him, I pulled at the belt holding his kilt on.

“I know how much you love my fat ass,” I said slowly. “But I adore your kilt.”

“Oh aye. Easy access. Dinna have to fiddle wi’ laces and whatnot.”

“That’s part of it. But I get to see your legs more. And sometimes I can catch a peek beneath it.”

“Ye naughty thing!” he said sharply. “Trying to see beneath a man’s kilt. And a marriet man, no less.”

“A married man with a very nice bottom.”

He pulled off his shirt and grinned at me.

“A nice bottom and a verra stiff cock,” he said.

“How would you like me, darling?”

His eyes moved up and down my body, assessing.

“The bed. Wi’ yer arse in the air.”


“Leave it.”

Grinning, I crawled onto our bed and tucked my knees beneath myself, sitting up like a stinkbug.

“Holy God…”

I felt two large hands squeeze my taught backside before the bed creaked as he knelt behind me.

“I dinna like servicing ye so quiet. I like to hear ye scream.”

“So you’ve said. Think you’re up for the task?”

He grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me. I snorted when he pressed it against himself.

“What say ye?”

“Definitely up for the task.”

“Oh aye. But are you?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

He teased me for a moment, making me grip the quilts with white knuckles. Then he pushed slowly home, my body trembling as he did.

“Oh God…”

“Oh Jamie.”

“I mean to hear ye screaming for me, Claire.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Apparently he was waiting for my permission. As soon as I gave it, he let loose. My whole body jerked when he slammed against me. I was screaming like mad, giving myself fully over to the sensation he awoke within me. I felt bruises forming beneath his fingers where he gripped my hips.

We fell over the precipice together, crying out for each other. Jamie caught himself just before he collapsed on top of me. He lay down on his back, broad chest heaving. I scooted over to him and rested my head where I always fit.

“Ye ken I’ve only ever loved you, right?”

“Yes, I know. And you know that you’re the true love of my life?”

“Aye, Sassenach. I ken it verra well.”


Ian saw a flash of red hair and kent it wasna his uncle.

“Bree! Ye canna go in the house!”

“And why not?! I sent Jem to get Mama and she said she’d come when she could?!”

“Ah… The shutters are closed in the surgery.”

Bree fixed him with a glare that rivaled both her mam and her da.


“And I reckon the door to the kitchen’s bolted too.”


“So I think they forgot to bolt the main door. Ye dinna want to go in there just now.”

Her eyes flashed dangerously. It was a look he’d seen often enough on his own mam that he took a step back.

“I don’t care what she’s doing. I need her!”

She started for the house and he grabbed her arm.

“No, cousin! Ye canna! If the doors are bolted it’s because Auntie’s, er… Busy.”

“With what!”

“Uncle Jamie!”

“What does-”

Bree stopped suddenly before her eyes widened. He watched the red creep up her neck just like it did wi’ Uncle Jamie.

“Oh God! They’re…”


“How do you know they’re…”

Ian’s brows went up and he tried hard not to laugh at her.

“Uncle Jamie loves Auntie Claire a great deal, aye? He canna help himself. And I’ve lived around them a while. I ken how they get.”

“Well, in that case… I suppose I’ll just go wait for Mama to… ah… finish.” 

Bree cringed at her choice of words and left quickly. At least he’d stopped her from seeing, or hearing, too much.

fractaumbra  asked:

Hello! Your art is amazing and I love all the expressiveness in them! I have a small question that is bugging me. Wouldn't sf! Sans be irate and jealous about his brother getting involved with Berry in some way? (...)

Hi cookiiiie~ *waves*

Thank you very much. I am focusing hard on the expressiveness and emotions in this comic. I am totally loving going deep into the mind of the displayed figures… so I want you to see and feel, what I can inside of them.

Soo… I’ve waited to answer you your questions, since they are kind of answered in the last two pages.

His brother is not amused by the fact that Puppy used a very dangerous, special magic to help Blue. But he seems more troubled by this fakt than simply being jealous over some “copy”.

So yeah. The Swapfells are in a romantic relationship, it’s not only their… uh.. usual kink that is most of the time displayed by the others. Their motivation and behaviour will tell a lot about their usual life and such. You see, I’m going a step further and show what does lay behind the mask. (And it includes that something might disrupt their usual peace.) But you will see that later.

Sf!Sans is obivously mad about the actions Puppy took. He doesn’t like the fact that his brother actually risked his life for some other Sans. He even dared to disobey him. So your theory might be right.

Puppy is totally aware of what he did. After all he was very close to the magic ‘Soul Sex’ that would’ve prob make Blue stop struggelig. But why he risked his life, going so far to risk to see his lord’s wrath… alone moving his ass to do something about it… and more… this will come at some later point. I don’t want to spoiler too much :)
Well… if you look closer at that ‘unfaithful’ dog… doesn’t he seem enjoying himself a lil’ too much?

Imagine Negan getting you a cute puppy knowing how much you love dogs

(So i had two similar requests in which Negan finds a puppy for you so i decided to combined them (cause really it was only the breed that was diffrent XD) and in the end not specify the breed XD It’s super fluffy guys! So hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

It was an early morning and Negan and his other men were out making some rounds.

You had wanted to go along with him, as it was your one year anniversary of being together as his only wife, but he had objected to it saying it wasn’t safe.

You thought he might’ve forgotten or something but before you could say anything else, he had left it at that and you were now in the kitchen eating angrily.


As he was out, Negan hadn’t forgotten about the anniversary one bit. He was nervous and kept thinking of how he should celebrate it with you. He knew he was going to give an unforgettable night but it wasn’t going to be enough compare to anything you ever gave him up until now.

He knew why you wanted to come out with him but he just wanted to prepare you a little something special and desperately needed to come up with something.

As he visited one of the other communities, he looked at some of the items they gave, thinking he can make a gift out of any of them but it just made him exasperated.

He kept cursing his frustration out and later just walked away to take a few deep breath. It surprised everyone and they just didn’t know what was going on.

Being curious and brave, Simon followed him and approached him and looking over at his face, said “Boss? Is something wrong? You’ve been acting pretty down since this morning…”

Negan didn’t want to admit anything yet and just brushed him off.

“Down? What am I a kid? There’s nothing wrong with me! There just ain’t shit in this place and we’re leaving! Tell everyone to get ready!”

He then stayed in deep thought for a little while and later crossed his arms like an angry child to walk away to get in the car.


They got to another places and just as the first one, there was nothing worth making a gift for you.

Eventually, he just wanted to beat someone to let his pent up anger out but ultimately just went to sit by some stairs to let out some steam.

Simon still a little worried walked over and sat next to him.

“Negan be honest…What’s wrong? It’s not like you to be this angry and depressed at the same time…It’s really off of you…”

Feeling like he should tell him, he exhaled and said “Listen closely cause I ain’t repeating shit…It’s my first year anniversary with Y/N…and I ain’t got shit to give her…I know she ain’t materialistic but I have to give something special to her so she could remember….You don’t just stay with one woman for a whole year only to offer her a night of intense fucking as a gift…That’s not enough! I have to give something else!”

Simon was taken aback and his expression didn’t hide it at all.

“Oh…a gift…”

He started to stammer and feel somehow as nervous as him. “Well, what does she likes? What has she always wanted?”

Negan shook his head, thinking about everything you ever told him about your past and just couldn’t seem to get a hang of it.


They then drove to another place and as Simon drove, Negan had his head propped on his hand while staring out the window.

He kept thinking about it and suddenly something outside caught his eye. He instantly sat up straight and in a loud voice ordered Simon to stop.

“Step on the break, Simon! Stop the car!”

Simon did as he was asked and was just in disbelief.


Before he could even get an answer, Negan had left the car and walked over to what he had spotted.

As he approached, he wasn’t deceived and crouched down. It was a little injured puppy, looking at it and hearing it whimper, made him weak and he just had to pick it up.

Carefully, approached his hand to it and was cooing at it to convince it he wasn’t going to hurt it.

“Come on, buddy…I’m not gonna hurt you…”

He finally picked it up and inspected it closely. It was a simple scratch on it’s paw and luckily it was something easy to treat.

He smiled of relief and as he pet it, it started to make lick his cheek, making him chuckle.

He then got up and was going back to the car but instead as he turned, he was met with the eyes of almost all his men.

They were all smirking and chuckling among themselves and obviously wanted to make fun of him.

He just stood there looking at them and for once felt a little embarrassed and it only got worst when someone passed a comment on him.

“So like that Negan is actually a softie who loves dogs!”

They laughed even harder and Negan decided to just play along. He laughed mockingly and said “Yeah! And what?! I have a soft spot for dogs! That bothers? Don’t act like this fucking cute ass puppy doesn’t make you just want to hold it!”

They all got silent for a moment and resumed laughing. He snickered at them and looking at the dog, he finally realized the perfect gift for you.

He remembered how much you talked about wanting a dog and how you missed the one you had before all this and knew that the instant he’d give it to you, you’d be more than happy.

He smiled and it made them laugh even more. He then scolded them and said “Yeah! Laugh all you want, at least I know someone at home will be more than happy to see me with this little guy in my hands!”

He put the puppy next to his face and smiled at them, only to than walk back to the cars and making everyone follow along.


It was late at night and after a long day of doing chores, you decided to take a break in your room and waited to give Negan his one-year anniversary gift.

You took a nap and suddenly heard a knock on the door. You sat up and heard it again. As you got up to open, you saw to your surprise Negan facing his back at you.

It was uncommon for him to knock as he’d usually just barge in, so you had a feeling he was up to something.

As he heard the door opening, he chuckled and said your name sweetly.

“Y/N…I’m sorry for being a dick this morning and not letting you go along…”

You chuckled back at him and leaning in the door frame, replied “Negan, you know I love sincere apologies where I can see your face…please turn around…”

He exhaled and still not facing you, continued “Wait you didn’t let me finish! What I was saying was i’m sorry…but I only said that because I didn’t want you to see the surprise I got you…”

It surprised you to hear him saying he remembered your anniversary and you had to let it out.

“Really? You remembered our anniversary?”

He was taken back and replied “Of course I did! How can I forget!

You chuckled hearing his resigned tone and how serious he seemed.

You suddenly got a little more intrigued and stood up straight trying to peak at him.

"Alright…What did you get me? What is it? Show me!”

He kept turning away from you and you both couldn’t help laughing.

“Wait babe not yet! Try guessing what I got you!”

As he said that, you then heard a faint little bark and instantly, you got excited and started to giggle.

“Negan! Did you get me a dog?! Oh my god! Show it to me!”

You made a quick move to catch a glance at him and the dog and finally saw it.

Your expression was priceless and it made his heart melt to see you so happy and excited.

He let you pet the dog and eventually just had to hand it to you. The puppy got all excited as well and was squirming to lick your face.

You both laughed and walked into your room to continue giving affection to the cute little puppy. You talked and talked to one another about the future with the little dog and it made you both smiled.


As you both sat playing with it, you noticed how  happy he was as well and you just couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was.

You looked him in the eyes and in a hush tone, you said “Thank you, Negan…You remembered how much I love dogs and made a memorable gift for our one year anniversary….This is the best…”

He shyly smiled back at you and just nodded feeling so proud of himself. He then pulled you closer to him and kissed you.

He then pulled back and looked at you lustfully and grabbing your waist to pull onto his lap.

“You’re welcome babe…but there’s more than just that…I’m gonna give something else…”

You chuckled knowing what he meant and as you kissed him back, you then told him, “Don’t you want to know what gift I got you?”

He smirked and raising an eyebrow, said “And what special gift do I get for being with you and…only you for a whole year…”

He started to trail kisses along your neck and as it tickled you, you chuckled.

“Negan…The gift I got you…Is…That i’m pregnant…”

He stopped and looked at you in the eyes. You were smiling at him and got a little teary eyed.

His expression soften and smiling back at you, he hugged you tightly and started to thank you.

“Really…You are? This is amazing! It’s the fucking best gift I could ask for!”

As he said that, you hugged him tightly and the puppy barked at the two of you, making you both chuckle.

He looked back at you and said, “Looks like you’re going to have a lot of company, Y/N!”

As much as I love Garnet, I think these two should have a designated time where they are unfused. Like… one day per month maybe?

That way you can still be Garnet but also try to avoid situations like this.

Ruby that was so fucking smooth.

You can only be smooth when flirting with your girlfriend don’t you.



I love Sapphire’s shonen scream here.

Shit is about to go down.

Okay so essentially 3 weeks since starting this blog in an attempt to come back to Tumblr has come by (about to be a full month), 60+ pages of content & a lot of friends made later, and hOLY SHIT THERE’S AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED OF YOU. First off I want to say thank you all, and second off  after I get done with special mentions (people who have really helped me/people who I have close ties with) I’m listing all of your asses under the readmore. So let’s get this started


@gxrdenkxxper : I’m not sure where this person has gone, but they deserve a spot on this list because they were one of the first friends I made & one of the first people to follow me. I love them a lot, and I really hope wherever they may be that they’re alright and having life treat them well.

@noelspraesieo // nolenspraesieo : Okay so Riley is fantastic?? They’re one of the first people to have ever followed me on here. They’re amazing at playing Tom and even starting to get me into Designated Survivor despite me not being able to keep up with episodes as much as I could be ( in fact I kind of keep up with the episodes by looking at their blog so I know what kind of is going down ). I also love our Vampire AU with these two; seriously, it’s great and I love it a lot. They’re a really chill person and I really love how patient they are with me because I’m very forgetful.

@ignatiius // @vicemirrored // @ogilmartin : Kyra is a precious human being. I really applaud her for being able to roleplay the muses she does & sticking to their personalities. She’s a great person to have on my dash and she hasn’t been feeling well lately, but she really is somebody I’m glad I became friends with. We toss back & forth headcanons about Frankenstein characters a lot and I’m always excited to hear the differences/similarities between her headcanons and mine. She needs all the love she can get too okay like seriously?? 

@utorid : KRIS IS SUCH AN ASS but no we met each other in a group chat like what?? A few months ago?? I don’t even remember but they’re a part of my family and I love them; I love their muse(s), and holy hell do I love their taste in video games. They’re such a fun person to talk to, really, and they’re pretty helpful in making sure you’re taking care of yourself and giving advice. I don’t know I love them a lot okay

@sakediet : A mention here because while I know we haven’t interacted on this blog much yet, Nox is basically my second parental figure. They’ve helped me a lot in the two years+ I’ve known them and we’ve interacted so much. I love their portrayals; their characters; everything and I love them as a human being. They’re one of the friends who has really stuck with me and I couldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

@obsccurial : Charlie’s awesome!! I love how he portrays Credence, and I love the cute son & mother relationship Victoria and Credence have developed/are developing. We haven’t talked a whole lot OOC but from what we have he’s a super sweet person and I’d be happily willing to talk to him more.

@bleedsroses : Casper’s great!! He’s the one who inspired me to make my Justine blog and he plays an amazing Daniel! Plus his FC help is amazing, and he’s just really nice as a whole. I can’t really say much else which makes me kind of sad because he’s a great person and I really hope we can talk/interact more in the future!!

@criticalevil : Isabelle is great and I’m pretty sure she’s got mad scientist in her and I think that’s fucking amazing because I do too. Her muse is super cute and also potentially super deadly, and I love how she plays them. I can’t wait for when Victoria and Maddie schemes start popping up either because these two could get into such deep shit and I’m loving it. Plus that zombie AU we talked about A+ good shit.

@avidskiier : Keets gets a mention too because I love them and their Holtzmann. I love when they come on my dash & I love how they kick ass at their education because I’d probably die if I tried double majoring anything. They’re super nice OOC too and I can’t wait to seen Teen!Holtz and Teen!Vic’s relationship develop more because crazy scientists are the best scientists and even more so when there’s two in the room who get along pretty damn well. 

I could add more but this list is already getting pretty long so I’m sorry if I didn’t give you a special mention!! Everyone who follows me is underneath the cut <3

There’s a LOT OF people under this cut, and if you’d like to be unmentioned because it’s cluttering your activity please let me know and I will follow through with doing so. I re-read everyone’s rules to make sure it was a-okay to @ them in something like this, but that was a lot of rules pages, so I’m EXTREMELY sorry if I forgot anyone’s particular rules!!

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[ARTICLE] 161203 K-Pop Star CL Receives Super Chic Personal Gift From Rihanna

It’s not every day Rihanna personally sends you a gift in the mail—then again, not everyone is CL, one of the most iconic Korean pop stars in the music industry and a fashion darling in her own right. (Just ask Jeremy Scott!)

It makes perfect sense that the former 2NE1 superstar and the pop star-turned-shoe designer would trade fashion tips—both women are arguably two of the biggest style icons on the planet, depending on the hemisphere—but sending one another expensive designer shoes is another, much more luxurious matter. Thankfully, we can live vicariously thanks to social media.

‪”Big [love] to the ultimate Unnie @badgalriri thank you always for spoiling me with all the amazing gifts this one is [fire],” CL wrote in the caption of her photo of the sleek brown suede Manolo booties Rihanna sent her.

The stylish boots were also sent with a handwritten note that read, “I’m so excited about my new collaboration with The Godfather of Shoes, Mr. Manolo Blahnik! I wanted to gift them to the flyest women I know. Love, RiRi”

We’re not screaming, you’re screaming. (Actually, CL is probably screaming. Let’s all scream together?)

See her chic gift below:

A photo posted by CL (@chaelincl) on Dec 2, 2016 at 4:59am PST

(Source: Popcrush)

6 Days (pt. 2/2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Zombie  Apocalypse AU

Word Count: 1656

A/N: Yay!! This is part two and honestly I loved writing this story so much! I’m really proud of it and I really hope you all enjoyed it!! <3  I also loved playing more with Clint’s character and him be super supportive!! Would love to know what you think :)

[part 1]

Originally posted by enochianess

It was strange moving backwards, you hadn’t done it in who knows how long. You noticed passing a familiar crumbling white southern farm house in middle of the field with vines wrapping its way around it elegantly while moss filled one side, and it was comforting. No matter how haunting it was something recognizable was a sight for sore eyes. Plus it marked that you were on the way to them.

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Don’t call me a shipper.

I’m not.

I read all the fic, and cry over gorgie fan art, and constantly die because of them in my tags.

I’m not doing it because I think they’re hot together. I mean, obviously they are, but that’s not what it’s about.

It’s about one of the most epic love stories I ever had the chance of witnessing. It’s about cleaning up all the fan related bullshit, all the PR, all the charade and the oh-so-amazing bromance and friendship goals and dudebro demenure and seeing it for what it is- two people who love each other. So fucking much.

Two people who love their fans so fucking much.

Two people who sacrifice a whole lot of things to be who they are, to be with each other. Whatever means necessary.

No, it’s not a new thing. I’ve been sitting in this suffocating tin made sweat tent for the past eight years or so, and let me tell you, it’s not always the good king of hot in here.

So I’ve decided to let it all out. I’m done hiding. And I’m well aware that my follower count is going to drop, and my ask box is going to be a target for angry fans. Here’s to hoping I’m going to brave through it.

Because I’m done being a hypocrite.

So yes, I’m a tin hat.

Yes, I think Jensen and Jared are in a committed relationship with each other, and has been for a long time.

Yes, I think their wives are what the HW industry likes to call ‘beards’.

No, I’m not a wife hater.

No, I’ll never ever ever ever confront them, or try to out them, or even hint anything about that to anyone whom they may know.

No, I won’t try to convince anyone to think like me. To each their own, and that’s totally okay. I’m not into missionary (*cough*, like, at all ;)).

And no, my blog is not going to change. It’s not turning into ‘hat-exclusive’ blog from now on. I’m going to keep posting my weird amount of wincest, J2 and random music and ‘90s heartthrobs I always have. It’s safe here, for everyone. No matter if your foil shines bright or not.


No getting back from this.

I’m not sorry.

Respect each other. Be good to each other. Spread love.

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Okay but what if Tom had to take care of baby Marco instead of the other way around and he actually treats Marco like a kitten and Tom's the momma cat???

Omg you are the cutest with thee ideas! I literally love you dude!

——————————————————————————————- “Yeah so… sorry.” Was all Star said about the two-year-old Marco sitting on the bed. She expected Tom to be angry but he had a big smiled.

“He’s so CUTE!” Tom exclaimed. He sat down next to him on the couch. “Hi baby Marco! I’m Tom! You’ll meet me later on in your life.” Tom explained. Star smiled.

“I’m glad you like him so much, because I need you to babysit while I go get the potion to change him back.” Star told him. Tom looked down at the baby.

“I think I can do that. Just keep him safe?” Tom asked. Star was a little taken back by this.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well that’s what you do to little demons, when you’re bigger than them… you keep them safe.” Tom told her. It was a demon’s instinct to protect, especially when the person seemed or looked weaker than them.

“Sure.” Star shrugged. “Just keep an eye on him, I’ll be back soon.” Star instructed. She hopped through a portal.

Tom wrapped the two-year-old up in a hug. “I’ll keep you safe baby Marco.” Baby-Marco sputtered and looked at Tom.

“You Tom.” Baby-Marco blubbered. Tom’s face lit up.

“I AM Tom! You’re right!” He cheered. He stopped his celebration short, Tom’s ears twitched when he heard a crash come from downstairs. Tom growled and enveloped Baby-Marco in a hug, protecting him from whatever sound was there. He watched the door with his ears down and a fearsome look for a few minutes, until he dismissed it as nothing. “Sorry baby.” Tom said. “I get a little paranoid when I’m watching others.” Tom explained. Baby-Marco started whining a little. “What’s the matter?” Tom asked.

“I want blub.” Baby-Marco told him. Tom looked confused.

“What’s a blub?” Tom asked. Baby-Marco started clapping his hands and repeating the word ‘Blub’ over and over. Tom shrugged. Blub had to mean something! Tom looked around and picked up the baby, bringing it downstairs. “Is blub food?” Tom asked. Baby-Marco clapped and repeated ‘blub’. Tom set him down and went to find food suitable for a baby. He dropped the container of applesauce when there was a knock on the door. Tom’s eyes lit up and he picked up the baby. He wrapped him up in his arms safely and growled at the door. Thinking of the possibility of whoever was at the door could want to hurt Baby-Marco. Tom hissed at the door and the baby began to cry. Tom’s eyes went back to normal and he looked at the baby with a guilty look.

“No! Don’t cry, baby! I didn’t mean to scare you! I mean to scare whoever was outside!” Tom assured. Baby-Marco cried some more and Tom brought him over to the couch and placed him down. Tom curled in around him like protective shield. “It’s okay little baby Marco.” Tom assured. The baby stopped crying a little, but was still whining. Tom hushed him and just held onto him like a bug. Finally Baby-Marco fell asleep and Tom smiled in victory. He positioned him nicely on the couch and then sat on the floor in front of him, looking out for any sign of danger that wanted to hurt the baby.

A portal opened and Star dashed through. “Hey, I got the potion from- You got him to sleep?” Star cut herself off. Tom nodded.

“Yeah. He cried for a while though.” Tom admitted. Star laughed and took out the potion, she gave it to Baby-Marco like a bottle.

“This should fix him right up.” She assured. She looked over at Tom. Thanks for babysitting.” She thanked.

“No problem.” Tom assured. “It was a lot different than watching over baby demons.”

“How so?” Star asked.

“Well baby demons bite a lot.” Tom admitted. “And if they have the chance they will try to kill you.” He answered. “At that point in their life the only thing they have a grip on is their survival instincts. So they just burn, bite and fight. All the time.” Tom explained. Star cracked up.

“That’s crazy. That can’t be true.” She laughed.

“Do you wanna babysit?” Tom offered. Star stopped laughing.

“I take your word for it.”

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Can I request some headcanons (nsfw or sfw) about Kakashi and Genma being in love with the same girl?

OHHH THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR, THANK YOU FAMMMM. I did it more on them having a crush on the same girl, I hope that’s okay? But thank you for the perfect ask!!! ~Admin Shadow

Kakashi and Genma Loving the Same Girl

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• Genma is the type that when he sees a person he likes, he falls pretty hard and is infatuated with them – he can’t her out of his head and it will drive him silently insane until he does something about it.  He’s right away going to use his composed charm and find a way to approach her, mostly to see how much information he can get out of this women that has turned his gaze. Of course, he’s going to try and smooth talk his way into a private outing, he won’t flat out ask for a date because he doesn’t want to look desperate.

• Kakashi on the other hand, isn’t the type to make a move unless there is something specifically gravitating and appealing about her that just makes it unbearable for him to stand not being involved. He’s more likely to play it cool and gauge how interested she is in him first. Even if Kakashi is aware of Genma’s feelings for this girl, he’s going to still stick with the ideology of ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Kakashi’s going to keep things natural between them, rushing it would just ruin any relationship depth they were building. He also uses his own type of mysterious charm on her to try and draw her in

• I feel like Genma would be the first to pick up on hints that Kakashi is interested in the same girl, he’s just a little more astute at detecting romantic feeling. Genma wouldn’t hesitate to right away make a move to try and block Kakashi. Like, he will press to be alone with his crush and won’t deviate from that.

• Kakashi wouldn’t make a move to stop Genma, he would rather play it out and see which is the better man. Kakashi will just be kind and sweet at every opportunity he gets when he’s around his crush, and he won’t push for alone time unless it’s her idea.

• Once he’s aware of Genma’s feelings, it won’t stop Kakashi from making some cheeky remarks to Genma about how she will want to know what’s under his mask, and that mystery will always draw women in. He just will say stuff like that to get in Gemma’s head and try and break his cool facade.

• Eventually things would get so tenacious, and Kakashi would be the first one to call a cease fire. He would then proceed to tell Genma, ‘yeah, you won, you should take her on a date,’ in which Kakashi would spend the whole time covertly trying to sabotage this date he allowed Genma to have with their crush, in hopes she would reconsider her decision. Those two would probably keep fighting until she either picked one of them or she gave up.

me: *casually scrolling through pictures of newt scamander saved to camera roll while at a family christmas party*

older relative: ooh, who’s that? is he a special someone?

me: …yes

older relative: he’s so handsome! where/when did you two meet?

me: november 18th, at the movies

older relative: what’s he like?

me: he’s…fantastic

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Two things: I ADORE your Animorphs Hogwarts AU ideas so much, omg, and I really love what you said way earlier about the massive framing device/symbolism/character commentary with the different morphs the Animorphs use. So might I ask, aside from Jake's tiger, what's your favorite of those?

Thank you so much!

In addition to loving their battle morphs, I really love what K.A. Applegate does with each of the kids’ first morphs. As with the tiger and the gorilla and the wolf, what’s important is not the generally agreed-upon symbolism of the animals themselves, it’s the details she chooses to convey or focus upon.

Tobias becomes the first one to morph, and he does it alone.  Because that’s who Tobias is, at that point in the series: eager for adventure almost to the point of recklessness, hungry to prove himself without fully grasping what an adventure will entail.  He’s a house cat bouncing from bed to dresser to windowsill, not exactly looking where he leaps.  Rachel morphs a house cat one book later, and the description of that house cat is all about Rachel’s character.  Fluffer McKitty is a gorgeous fluffy murder machine who can fight a human five times his size to a standstill, with enough reckless courage to impress Visser Three, all in a package that is deceptively pretty-looking.  By contrast, Tobias in cat morph is cheerfully impulsive, eager to impress Jake and not particularly grounded—Tobias hasn’t yet learned the hard way to embrace his inner hunter.

It’s not totally clear whether Cassie beats Jake to the punch, but Jake is the next person we actually see morph.  Again, it’s all about the way that Applegate chooses to describe the golden retriever.  Marco in dog morph delights in being an agent of chaos (#10, #35), but Jake in dog morph is bouncy, cheerful, over-eager, and quick to defend his own—even though he is of course defending Homer’s house from Homer himself (#1).  At the Sharing meeting he takes advantage of the fact that everyone overlooks a dog on the beach because even dogs without humans are so very ordinary.  And that’s Jake himself in the first book: quick to respond to unexpected events, fiercely protective of his family and friends… and also a thoroughly mediocre person.  He’s a dumb jock who can’t make his school’s basketball team, a gamer geek who routinely loses to Marco at the arcade, an average kid trying to escape the long shadow cast by his more-competent older brother.  The empire-toppling siberian tiger is yet to come.  

Whether Cassie is the second person or the third one to morph, my headcanon will forever be that she chose the horse morph because of the whole “I hadn’t played that game where I pretended I was a horse since I was about five.  Okay maybe six” bit, where we know that was definitely a childhood dream (#29).  Anyway, that aside, the horse morph has the same implication the wolf morph does: it’s all about endurance.  It’s about Cassie being able to go and keep going toward her ideals, her goals, and who she wants to be.  Cassie has the horselike ability to run through any amount of fatigue for days on end until her body won’t carry her anymore.  She’s also in many ways the one most concerned with protecting this planet and living up to Elfangor’s legacy, which is why she controls the morph to be andalite-like just for a second on her way out.  

Then Rachel becomes an elephant, a freaking juggernaut of destruction who can nevertheless display a surprising amount of delicacy and finesse with that long, clever trunk.  Marco gets the only battle morph who can unlock doors and also pull iron bars apart with brute strength, the most human-like battle morph when he is the most reluctant and least skilled morpher.  Neither one of those needs any additional commentary.

Ax’s first morph is the tiger shark, the “blue blade”—note the name—who is not only an ancient killing machine, but also definitely not a dolphin (MM4).  Ax, quite accidentally, starts out with a morph that is the “natural enemy” of the dolphin that the four humans have morphed (#4).  He’s an outsider, an alien, a “living weapon” who has been trained into the idea of being a warrior since early childhood (MM4).  He’s also mysterious, inscrutable, someone the Animorphs aren’t sure they can trust until four books later, and with good reason.  He himself withdraws from them, makes pains to separate himself from humanity, and doesn’t share important information with them for fear of compounding Elfangor’s violation of Seerow’s Kindness (#8).  Although Ax eventually gets a dolphin morph, and by the end of the war he’s more Animorph than aristh, as of his first appearance he’s a weaponized, somewhat fear-inducing outsider (#46).  


hey, I’m Gabriel (or Gabe) and I’m a young trans boy. I’m pre T and still trying to get a binder. I love these two pictures of me because I look relatively masculine. I still have a long way to go in my transition but I have a good support group and I’m happy with where I’m at. :) (he/him/they/them)
I’m also an aspiring artist and it would mean a lot if you checked out my instagram: Itssimplygabe.

thanks so much 💚

Hey beautiful people! Since I’ve been receiving some cute messages asking me if I’m ever going to draw scenes from other fics, I’ve decided to finally answer your request because a) i posted the 10th (10th!!!) throamic, so two digits, so time to celebrate, b) i wanted to thank you all for being almost 1k, and c) it’s almost Christmas, time to give back some love I’ve been getting lately!

So here’s the deal: since I’ve read these other fics only one time and I don’t know them by heart like throam, I’ll definitely need some help, that’s why I thought that you could send me a message telling me which scene* from which fic you’d like me to draw.
*(no smut scenes ‘cause I don’t know how to draw them lol!)

Here are the fics I’ve read so far (and also shoutout to these pieces of literature, I loved them all!):

In Case The Scene Gets Nasty by zarah5 and softlyforgotten;
Posing In A Ballroom by Anna Green;
The Black Rose Season by Anna Green;
Iron, Neon Lights And Weed / Kites, Bass Lines And Heat by Anna Green;
How A Resurrection Really Feels by Anna Green;

(Please note that I’m not ending the throamics here, I’m just trying something else, but I’ll most likely keep working on new throamics to post as I do this other thing, too. I’m multitasking, yup! and I already know which other scenes from throam I want to draw and they’re A LOT.)

I’ll begin with picking my favorite ones or the ones that look most doable. I don’t know if I’ll manage to do them all, and I’ll most definitely take some time to do them, but I can promise you I’ll do my best!

a bitter analysis of all the steroline “i love you”s

1. (on the phone) [7x08]

stefan: because i love you

caroline: …and i love you too

2. (in the dorm) [7x12]

caroline: i love you too!


3. (on the phone) [7x13]

stefan: i love you

caroline: i love you too

4. (on the phone) [7x15]

caroline: i love you

stefan: i love you too

5. (outside the motel) [7x21]

stefan: i love you…

caroline: i loved you and you left me

6. (on the phone) [8x04]

stefan: i think its i love you

caroline: i love you too

7. (face to face) [8x06]

caroline: i love you stefan, so much




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It's been pouring here where I live and can you imagine walking with Bucky in the rain? That's gotta be fun!

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“Y/N, get back in here. You’re going to catch a cold,” Bucky scolded as he watched you jump into another puddle. 

You two were taking a stroll through the park when it suddenly started pouring. Luckily, you had checked the weather before you left, so you knew it would rain, hence the raincoat and rainboots, but you didn’t expect it to rain so soon. You didn’t mind though. You loved the rain. Bucky, on the other hand, not so much.

“Y/N,” he groaned, shifting the red umbrella to his left hand before closing in on your hopping figure. You ignored him and continued your rainy day fun, jumping from puddle to puddle with glee. 

Bucky chased after you and after finally catching up, he held the umbrella over your head to shield you from the large raindrops. You stopped to look up when the plops of water suddenly disappeared and found Bucky staring at you, unamused. You narrowed your eyes at him and made another attempt to escape his umbrella cover when he grabbed your hands and held it tightly. 

“You’re staying here with me,” he grinned smugly. 

You merely blinked at him, laughing silently to yourself. Did he really think he could stop you just by holding your hand? A mischievous smile slowly creeped its way onto your face.

“….Y/N,” Bucky started, suspicious of your next actions.

You pulled him forward, his hand still holding yours tightly, and jumped right into a big puddle, splashing everywhere and wetting poor Bucky’s jeans.

“Y/N!” He groaned, throwing his head back.