Uh, Surprise? - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Warnings: None except the feeling of being extremely nervous 

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“Oh no,” You mumbled to yourself. “This cannot be happening!” You dropped the plastic stick on the ground, your eyes shutting tightly as you began to run your fingers through your hair nervously. You glanced back down at it, noticing the clear and evident positive sign. The two lines read it all. It declared your future. A future that included either you and Finn together, or him getting his things and leaving you to be by yourself with this issue.

Biting down on your bottom lip, you knew you had to tell him. He would catch onto your sudden change in emotion so it obviously wouldn’t be a secret for long. Your heart was pounding, your breath becoming hitched in your throat. You finally managed to get to your feet after what felt like twenty minutes of sitting with your back against the wall, the test on the tiled floor in front of you.

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Tbh like short of bringing Lexa back, a much better end for the finale would have been if Lexa was in the room when Clarke pulled the lever and instead of the bizarre arguing about dictionary definitions Clarke and Lexa had a few minutes to say goodbye. They'd both say I love you, and Probably both cry, and then Lexa would hug Clarke while Clarke pulled the lever. Clarke would bury her face in Lexa's shoulder and Lexa would just hold on as tight as she could.

it would’ve been,,, so much better al;jdfajsdf like if lexa was there and alie was like ‘u two could be together forever’ and then they had to struggle through that and clarke still pulled the lever, it just. the emotional pull. i’m tired now but they could have srsly improved that awful finale just by letting clexa carry the emotional weight a;ljdfjasdf

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The more I see all the cricky, the more I think it's actually true. I mean, it HAS to be. Cris is never really happy with women around - but with Ricky he's a completely different man. I'm so glad he found a partner like Ricky in his life.

I think what stood out to me to begin with is how supportive they are of each other. They have become such an important part of each other’s lives and they have known each other for years and rarely seem to be far apart..

(did you see Cris’ eyebrow raise btw..?)

They have created a life together, taking care of not only each other but a child as well

But what really made me fall in love with their love is the way they always seem to have so much fun together. They are constantly laughing and they are being super silly around each other which is so important in a relationship, I mean look at the two of them:

And I mean, this is on another level of support and love isn’t it..?

So yeah, I think you are probably not wrong… ;) 

Number Three - Dad!Ashton

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“I’m sorry, Dakota, but do you see how much sugar there is in this?” Ashton asked his ten year old daughter as they stood in the supermarket food shopping while his wife started dinner with their seven year old son.

“Dad, do I look like I care about how much sugar there is in it?” She questioned dropping the box of Lucky Charms in the cart.

“I’m just saying that it’s not healthy for you. Your body can only absorb so much an-.”

“Dad. Shut up,” she rolled her eyes trying to hide her smile. As much as she hated to admit it, she loved her annoying dad. It was all out of love and making sure she was okay. Ashton huffed out a sigh just wondering how he got to this point in his life. He never thought at thirty-two, he’d be settled down with two kids. Married, that was another story, something he had always wanted early on.

When the two arrived home, dinner was set on the table, Blake in the kitchen grabbing the glasses for each place setting as Dakota started to put the groceries away. “Hey, handsome,” y/n whispered kissing her grinning dimpled husband as he hummed in content.

“Hey,” he muttered back before moving to help Dakota. “How was your day?”

“Fine. I helped Michael by watching Ana for him for a bit. Nothing too exciting.” Once the food was all put away, they made their way to the dining table to dig into their meal. It was a bit too quiet, y/n usually picking up the conversation for the family, only to have her playing with her food as if she was nervous.

“You alright, baby?” he questioned looking at her strange as she shook her head sighing heavily. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah…I just…how do you all feel about having a brother or sister?” she questioned, the focus more towards Dakota and Blake while Ashton sat there with a shocked expression as he tried to hold in his excitement.

“A sibling…wait, are you pregnant?” Dakota asked, her mother nodding her head as she looked next towards her father who couldn’t conceal his grin. “Oh, ew.”

“Ew?” Ashton questioned looking confused now as Dakota stood from the table.

“You two had sex recently,” she whined excusing herself upstairs while her words registered in Ashton’s head, a frown forming on his face.

“What do you know about sex?” he called after her.

“What’s sex?” Blake questioned as y/n sighed shaking her head as the boy pouted muttering something about it not being fair. “Can I be excused too?”

“Yea, go ahead,” y/n said, Blake getting up from the table leaving her there with her husband. “You know it’s something they learn in health science, right?”

“Why so early? That’s my baby girl,” Ashton whined standing getting ready to clear, only to have y/n stand and stop him, pulling him closer to her by the waistband of his jeans.

“Well, in a few months you get another child to terrorize,” she said pressing a kiss to his cheek only to have him press his lips to hers roughly, a giggle escaping her lips as she let him slip his tongue in her mouth. “You know I love you, right?”

“I mean, you can always show me upstairs,” he whispered holding her tightly, burying his face in her neck as she smacked his arm.

“Still horny as ever, Irwin…good to know that hasn’t changed.”

“Hey, if I wasn’t horny, we wouldn’t be on baby number three.”

I never thought I’d be in a long distance relationship, but it’s crazy how FATE can bring two people  together. It’s hard, one of the hardest things ever but the 158 miles of distance is so little compared to how much you mean to me. The nights in bed alone when all I want to do is look into your eyes and tell you I love you but instead I’m looking at you over skype on a computer screen, the times when I’m having a bad day when all I need is a cuddle but a phone call is all we can do, the times when I go out with my friends when I just wish you were here with me making memories. But all these things are what make them so much more special when they happen. Being able to cherish every single second I get with you and never take, even the simplest of things for granted. You don’t only bring out the best in me but also the worst, the worst being that I can be angry, sad and stubborn when times get hard but I mean it all with love, care and support for you and I will fight for you forever.

You are my everything and I promise to be yours, I promise to give you everything you deserve. I can’t wait to spend my life with you, I love you X  @fvvck–it

I Do Still Love You

AN- For Noobwing and Anon…I hope you enjoy it:)

(If you don’t like it, or it’s not what you wanted, just let me know and I will gladly rewrite it)

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“Listen to this, listen.” You giggled as you held up a wobbly finger and drank another shot of the strong, bittersweet beverage. “Im walking the ducks, right, and outta nowhere this…guy comes up to me and says, “if you like ducks so much, come with me and I’ll show you my bill” and I told him I was already baking someone,“ you burst out laughing, the cup in your hand slipping.

"Whoa, careful Y/N,” Jason said as he caught your small cup.

“Jason! How’d you do that? Are you a wizard?” you exclaimed in awe as you held up his hand which held your tiny cup. He smiled and pulled his hand away, setting the glass on the counter. “Y/N, we really should-”

“Im in love with a wizard,” you sighed as you dropped into his lap, front to front. You wrapped your arms around his neck and rested your head on his chest. You listened to his breathing for a few seconds before tilting your head up and kissing his jaw. “Jay, I really like your jaw, its so strong and…straight. I think I should be careful.”

“Why?” he asked, looking down at you as you inspected his jaw line.

“Cause I like it.”

He let out a chuckle at your confusing words before lifting your head up with both of his hands, “Y/N, we should get going.”

You stared at him, eyes wide with amazement, “Jason, you have stars in your eyes!” He smiled and you gave him a lovestruck grin, kissing the tip of his nose to make him scrunch it the way you liked. He looked like a bunny when he did.

“Jay…you’re so pretty.”

“Babe, you’re being unusually affectionate,” he said as he felt your fingers playing with the hair at the back of his neck, “Its different.”

Your actions stopped and you pulled away from him, your smile gone replaced by a small frown. “Different,” you repeated. When the words sunk into your fuzzy mind, your eyes began to water.

“Jay, you don’t love me anymore?”

“What? Y/N o-”

“You said its different. You don’t love me anymore! I knew it!” You climbed off his lap, putting your hands on his shoulders as you stood up.


“Jay, I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay and be with me so we can get married and have kids! I want you to stay because I love you!” Your teary eyes widened slightly as you realized what your words meant, “You don’t love me anymore.”

Jason grabbed your hands and stood up, “Y/N, I do still love you. I will always love you.”

“You’re not going to leave me?”

“Im not going to leave. I pro-” his words were cut off as you kissed him deeply. You wrapped your arms around his middle and rested your head on his chest once more.

“You love me,” you said into his chest.

“I love you,” he said, tucking his face into the crook of you neck and began swaying softly with you.

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First off, something that can't be said enough: I love your work. Your art style is magnificent and your coloring is always dead on, be it bright or black and white. So three thumbs up! But I didn't come here to gush, I actually had two questions. One, do you have any more art with Xena and Gabrielle, beyond that Gabby pic in your art tag? Two, ever though about drawing Lexa and Clarke in Xena and Gabrielle outfits?

Thank you! I’ve not drawn Xena or Gabby much more, I think just this other picture from (I think) 2011.  I have it printed and signed by both Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Conner :)

Hah drawing Lexa and Clarke in their costumes is tempting! Maybe some day :3

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ok but drunk erin telling everyone how great her gf is. like "did you know that she has a phd?? a phd!!! in science!!! she's so smart!!" or like "have you seen my girlfriend?? she is so pretty and she has great boobs. i love her so much!! we're in love!!" holtz is simultaneously smug and flattered. everyone else is like "yeah erin, we know. you always tell us."


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Hi! I love your stuff. (You probably hear that a lot.) Can I request a sequel to a ficlet I saw here a while back; After Optimus rejects the reader's love confession they are kidnapped by Megatron and the TFP team has to save them before Megatron offlines them.

Thank you very much! <3 Sorry this is so late!

It had been almost two weeks since you’d last been to the Autobot base. You didn’t want to go back, to be honest, the humiliation of being rejected still burning in the pit of your stomach. Not that you held it against Optimus, oh no, but you didn’t really feel like seeing him at the moment. The sting was still too fresh for that.That didn’t stop you from talking to Jack, Raf, and Miko though; you’ve lost count of the amount of times the latter has apologised, and the amount of times you’ve told her it’s okay.

But right now, you were most certainly /not/ okay. You were, in fact, in quite a lot of shit right now. Somehow, the decepticons had found you; at this current moment, you were trapped between the sharp talons of one Commander Starscream, who was quite busy patting himself on the back for managing to capture you. Not that it was difficult, to be honest, but you weren’t really concerned about that right now. What did worry you - more than you already were - was the glass container you were placed in; and the identical trio that held your friends.

You offered them a grim smile, trying to put on a strong face, but when you were literally taken to space, to Cybertron, you found it difficult to keep up the facade.

It was worse when you saw the Autobots - Optimus hurt the most to see again, because the look on his faceplate was so stony and cold.

When you were exchanged for an ‘omega key’ and taken back to them by Smokescreen, the leader didn’t even spare you a glance. 

It wasn’t long after the return to the base that Optimus finally approached you. He looked a little nervous now, as if he wasn’t sure what to say to you - it was quiet between you for a moment.

“I am.. truly sorry, for everything, [Name].” He spoke at last, voice rumbling quietly. The mech offered you a servo, and you only hesitated for a moment before climbing onto it. 

“It’s okay, it happens, right?” You tried to smile, to lighten the mood between you, but it hardly worked. Optimus shook his helm, bringing you closer to his face plate. The worry, the anguish, in his optics had your chest aching and palms shaking. 

“I would also like to apologise.. for our last encounter.” Oh. Your chest tightened further, “It was not my intention to endanger you further; I though that.. keeping my feelings from you would keep you safe. I hope you can forgive me.”

Was he saying that…? Your eyes stung with tears, and a sob escaped from your throat.

“My spark is yours, [Name].”

Imagine going back to Bremerton with Nathan to visit his family and ending up babysitting his nieces and nephews with him. He’d be so happy about it because he got to see you play with them and he’d love it so much. And secretly you would both kinda use it as a like test run to really see how the other is with kids. So at the end of the day when you two finally left and went back to his childhood house he’d say to you “I really can’t wait to have our own kids, you’re gonna make such a great mom” and you’d smile back at him and kiss him and say “yeah well let’s try for kids!” and his eyes would light up and he’d get so happy and thats how you ended up pregnant with you and Nathan’s first child!

Theo Raeken Preference- He stands up for you

I walked past the boys football team, frankly they’ve always annoyed me, they’re always so mad that football isn’t the talk of Beacon Hills High school and decide to take it out on me because the captain of the lacrosse team, Scott, loves me so much, in a friend way though. “Look who it is, Y/L/N.” Ignoring Landon I try to make my way past them, but then two of his football friends jump in front of me, I internally groan
“What do you want?”
“What I would like to know is why you’re such a freak.” I don’t answer him as he continues to rant on “I mean seriously, you must be the ugliest girl in this school, you look like a fucking rat.” I bite my lip to suppress the tears.

He was about to say another thing but he was cut off by a voice asking “Who the fuck are you?” Landon turns around to see none other than Theo, he looks surprised, hell even I’m surprised. Landon shoves Theo and says “Mind your own business.” Theo lightly laughs and asks “Want to try that again?” Theo gave Landon the look, not a look but THE look which says ‘I’m going to beat your ass’ Landon then backed away and left with the rest of the team following him. I said “Thanks Theo.”
“Who are they?” I shrugged and said “The football team.”
“And why exactly are they bothering you?”
“I guess I’m an easy target.” He laughed and said “You’re anything but an easy target Y/N, I’ve been trying to get you alone for weeks now but someone in the pack is always with you or watching over you.” I adjusted my backpack and asked “Wait, why did you wanna get me alone?” He smirked and said “So I can do this.” Then his lips landed on mine, I reacted in an instant and moved my lips against his then he pulled back and said “See you around.” What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?

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Hi hello, what if Akashi and his so were the final two in the hunger games?

Please don’t read this if you can’t handle angst, I am serious, you will regret it I don’t want to hurt you lovely people T^T that being said, if you like signing yourself up for mental pain, then please, go ahead and read this…

also… i realize that akashi is extremely smart and in actuality would probably know how to avoid this but… [just wanted angst]

Thank you so much for requesting!

Akashi runs through the woods at top speed, knuckles white as he clenches his fingers around his bow. He is uncharacteristically agitated, and the harsh conditions of the arena has induced an immense decrease in his stamina – thus is why he is panting heavily. The audience and the Gamemakers must be confused as to why he, a favorite from the start due to his good looks and terrifying charisma, who had been doing so well in the Games, suddenly pulled a 180 and started running in the direction away from his second-last opponent.

He does it because he knows. He knows, for certain.

Since they haven’t yet pulled any surprises of him, he deduces that the Gamemakers mustn’t have figured out what is causing him – the fearless and dutiful soldier – so much distress. It was just as well, anyway. He had hidden his tracks so well that he doubted that no one but the smartest strategists – not even his own mentor – would have figured out what his main objective had been.

Your skin had been soft under his skin as he caressed your cheek. “I will not let anyone hurt you, Flower.”

Still, he predicts that he has at best five minutes before the audience begins to lose interest in the chase. This is when the Gamemakers will begin to drive him and his pursuer together; this is also when they will most likely unearth his ulterior motive, for Akashi knows that a careful analysis of his kills and who they most benefited would clearly expose his secret. It may have been unlikely for them to spend so much time on a single tribute during the early stages of the game, but at this point he has to assume that they would be willing to venture that far to figure out his next movements.

Five minutes, then.

He has five minutes to decide.

I do not want to die. He thinks immediately as he weaves his way through the foliage. He fears death more than he likes to admit, and the thought of being separated from you so soon is perhaps worse… but the alternative… the alternative is worse. He has already decided that his pursuer has no choice but to meet his doom, for he has no guarantee that you would be able to survive his attack. He is running not from this battle, but from the verdict that awaits him once he disposes of this opponent… the final showdown… between him… and you.

You versus him.

The thought fills him with fear – not for his mortality but for his soul – and he nearly stumbles, but ends up maintaining his composure; he barely dodges a tree.

If you are to survive, he is to die.

The muscles in his arms are taut as he grips his bow. His muscles are beginning to wear out, but he would gladly prolong his run for the rest of his life if it means avoiding what is to come next for him.

If he is to survive, you are to die.

He hears a buzzing sound beneath his feet, and instinctively comes to halt. A millisecond later, the ground explodes a few yards in front of him and he is sent flying backwards into a tree. The wind is knocked out of him and his ears are ringing; before his eyes, the entire terrain cuts off from the point of that explosion and gives way to whatever that lay underneath. Wheezing for air, he stumbles further backward in fear of the ground beneath his feet disappearing as well.

My time is up.

Mercifully, his ears aren’t too damaged and he gets up shakily once the dust clears in order to survey the situation. Ears and heart thudding, he walks unsteadily towards the edge of the land, only to find a hundred feet drop vertically down. Even he has to swallow when he realizes that the glinting his sharp eyes catches from the bottom is the light as it reflects off of a sea of metal spikes.

Just then, he hears footsteps approaching him rapidly from behind. He takes a deep breath and takes an arrow from the quiver on his back, turning around to face his opponent.

This is all for you.

Everything he does from this point on, it is all for you.

He nocks an arrow.

The wind flies through his red hair and roars above the ringing in his ears; there is a steely determination in his heterochromatic eyes. His clothes are tattered, but he looks as regal as he would in the finest of silk robes. He exhales deeply and inhales again, drawing the string back as he lifts his bow to eye level.

Just then, the cold mercilessness in his impassive expression would have shaken even the most experienced, powerful of warriors.

Just then, there is no stopping him.

The poor boy approaching him has no chance.

Anything for you, my flower.



The cannon sounds, and the disquieting noise startles you from your reverie. You can’t help but feel a certain degree of queasiness, for you know that everything will be settled by sunset. It is either life or death for you, but that is not what scares you so.

Your final opponent brings despair; of that you are certain.

You don’t want to come to terms with it.

You don’t want to come to terms with the fact that Akashi, who has always protected you from harm, who has been by your side for longer than you remember, who has loved you more than his own life itself… you don’t want to come to terms with the fact that he might be dead.

Of course, the alternative is worse, far worse, but… but that just can’t be, right? Not even you can be that unlucky.

There is a certain stillness in the atmosphere of the clearing you are currently occupying. If there is a perfect place to meet with your death, you suppose that it would be this place. Thousands and thousands of white chrysanthemums rise from the ground, blanketing the dirty forest floor in a sheet of white. The scent is lovely, if not a tad bit overwhelming, as the rush of the wind blows through their pale petals and wafts their aroma into your nose.

And everything is utterly, absolutely silent, save for the wind and the rise and fall of your breath.

Through the ring made by the canopy of trees above, you can see the sun traveling past the meridian and sink lower toward the west. The wind shifts, and the sense of impending doom in your belly intensifies tenfold. Feeling dizzy and lightheaded (more so than you were before), you grip the hilt of the knife in your hands and unsteadily rise to your feet.

Your opponent approaches you slowly, and as soon as the familiar beat of the footsteps reaches your ears, your heart sinks and you just know. For a second, you consider running away – anything, anything rather than face the truth of the terrible, terrible situation – but an invisible force holds you to the ground, and you feel your entire face tremble like the earth before an earthquake as the dread gripping your consciousness claws its way up your esophagus, threatening to escape as a desperate sob through the flaky mess of your dried and cracked lips.

“No,” you whisper softly, and your fingers shake around your knife as tears fill your eyes. “No, please…”

Akashi steps out onto the field of chrysanthemums, bare-handed and as beautiful as ever despite his ragged appearance. He lifts his eyes to yours, and once you meet them your already heightened sensation of imminent tears threatens to overflow. Weak at the knees, your physicality gives way to the sudden wave of mental despair that overcomes you; you fall to your knees with an anguished sob.

You expect Akashi to be by your side in an instant, comforting you, but his footsteps are still slow and heavy. You cry openly now, voice hoarse and dry as it breaks the hush of the clearing; the chrysanthemums themselves seem to droop upon hearing the desperation in your voice.

A gentle hand rests on your shoulder, as warm and familiar as you remembered it, and your breath catches in your throat. Akashi’s fingers flit up to caress your cheek and you lean into his hand gratefully as he sinks down into the bed of white flowers onto his knees; until he is level with your face.

He brings his other hand up until he is cupping your cheeks. You know you must look like a mess – a nightmare, really – but there is incontrovertible fondness in Akashi’s eyes even behind the layer of brokenness so apparent in his expression. He is so close that you can hear him breathing, and after so long of being away from each other, the familiarity of the sound comforts you even considering the depravity of the situation.

His lip quivers imperceptibly and he bites down on it as he regards you, and you know he is on the cusp of tears as well. Your heart shatters into a million pieces upon seeing this, and the knife in your hands drops onto the earthen ground as you wrap your arms around him and pulls him close, uncaring of the fact that the entire world is watching, uncaring of the fact that death approaches steadily for at least one of you.

He wraps his arms around you shakily and hugs you tighter, burying his face in your hair. You can hear his harsh breathing and light, quiet sobs as his tears fall onto your scalp, and you can just feel whatever miniscule happiness that is left within you drain from your body, because you have honestly never heard him – or anyone – sound so broken in the entirety of your life.

You pull back from him until you can see his face; his lips are slightly apart as he draws in sharp gasps of air and his eyes – oh, his eyes – they are screaming at you for help, because he does not know what to do anymore. Weeks and weeks of holding onto his strength has left him weak and bare before you and the entire world at this final precipice, and he is shaking and quivering because he does not know how to stop it. He is desperate and helpless in this situation, and he does not know what to do.

“I love you, [Name].” He gasps out softly, voice as gentle and silky as ever. Even in his brokenness, he is certain about this, and you know it, because you feel the same way.

“I love you too, Seijuro.” You croak out between your sobs, your entire countenance trembling.

For a second you two remain silent, doing nothing but taking each other in, and appreciating the others’ presence after weeks of hostility and fear. But the battle is not over yet, no; you cling to his body in fear of losing him as the dread replaces your misery once again, because no, you are not ready to lose him, not to anyone.

You shake, because you are afraid – of dying and of losing him, and quite suddenly your hands slip from his shoulders; you bury your face within your palms and appreciate the darkness, because it decreased the ephemerality of the moment.

Within the course of the next hour, one – or both – of you’d be dead.

You hear the flowers rustle as Akashi removes his hands from you.

One of you’d be dead.

If you had been a bit more in control of your mentality, you might have realized what happened next before it happened, and prevented it somehow. However, you aren’t and you didn’t… not until it was too late.

The back of your neck tingles, and perhaps some supernatural sixth sense wills you to look up. You nearly get the wind knocked out of you when you see what Akashi is doing; he is on his feet, a few steps away from you, clutching your knife and pointing it straight at his heart.

His eyes are wide with finality, and his face is impassive; a stark contrast from the desperate state from a minute or so ago, even though you can see that his hands are still shaking.

“I would gladly give up my life for you, flower.”

Your brain doesn’t register, and your response is slow.

“S-Sei…” your voice doesn’t come out, such is the numbness of your fearful state, “Seijuro, don’t…”

You rise to your feet shakily again, and Akashi’s voice rings out through the meadow. “This is the only way you can live, [Name].” Despite the fact that death his hovering literally inches from his body, his voice is still soft and gentle with concern for you, and if you hadn’t been exhausted of your tears, you might have begun crying again.

“Seijuro, no, I don’t”— your voice cuts off with a harsh sob, and you take a step towards him –“I don’t want to live without you.”

“You have to promise me.” His voice cuts in, as clear and smooth as the sky above. His eyes are no longer a hurricane of emotions, but a sea of steely determination. “You have to promise me you will live for the both of us, flower.”

“No, Seijuro, don’t do this,” you beg him, stumbling forward desperately, “please.

In his final moments, his eyes lock with yours.

Thud-thud, goes the beating of his heart.

He cannot help but smile at how beautiful you look even in your state of torment. He wishes that you would smile for him, but that would be impossible for you… of that, he is certain.


You lose your footing, falling towards him. He is smiling at you, looking at you with hooded eyes and making you feel both wonderful and horrible and anguished and despaired at the same time, because god, you love him, you love him so much and you cannot handle it if he dies like this, fingertips away from you.


Akashi’s fingers tighten on the knife.


You scream his name.


You reach him just as the knife pierces his skin definitively. The scream dies in your throat as your hands clasp over his shoulders; nails digging into his body as you cling onto him and try to will him into not leaving you, because you cannot accept this, no, you cannot…


“Seijuro, don’t, please…”

Together, you fall onto the bed of white chrysanthemums, slowly bleeding itself in red as the life seeps out of him. The wretched flowers seem to be drawing the color from his body, and you cry in anguish, howling and shrieking as you watch on helplessly.

Thud… thud…

“Goodbye… [Name]…” he whispers, barely audible, and you choke on your breath, not wanting to hear those forsaken words, not wanting to believe that he is gone.

Boom, of the sound of the cannon.

“Seijuro!” You scream, shaking his lifeless body. He is still wearing the ghost of his last smile on his face.

Akashi Seijuro!”

The hovercraft approaches, but you cannot care less.


“Seijuro, no…”

Silence, of a heart that no longer beats.


Noona, Unnie (3)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 1324

A/N: I was trying to allow time between each posting for people to read but I know some people want the next part now so here it is :)

I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.

                            ~     Meet Unnie   ~   One   ~   Two   ~

“Can you hand me the eggs?” You asked. Gently, she jumped from her spot on the counter to retrieve what you asked for. Handing them to you, she slid back onto the counter next to where you were cooking and puckered her lips.

Smiling, you kissed her sweetly. Silently you relished in her attention as she watched you with admiration.

She couldn’t cook to save her life but she always loved watching when you did. Every time the subject of food would come up, she would mumble about how she should know how to cook because she is the oldest. You would always hush her and promise to help her next time she wanted to try and cook. However, after an incident involving the replacement of your favorite pot, she was taking a break on cooking.

“Done.” a satisfied smile spread across your face as you finished up.

The two of you ate happily, chatting excitedly about a new show the two of you were waiting to premiere. Out of nowhere she grabs your hand to pull you onto her lap. You stare down at her, puzzled by the sudden action. She simply smiles and kisses you, similar to the one from earlier. The longer it lasts the deeper it gets. Her hands run the length of your crossed thighs while yours try to bring her face even closer to yours.

“Wow.” a sleepy voice from the archway startles you making the both of you jump. You look over to Jimin, sleepily scratching his head, clad in only boxers.

Bashfully, you move back to your chair, picking at the cold bite of egg you had left. She stared at you disappointedly before turning her attention to your boyfriend. “How’d you sleep?”

He shrugged, walking towards the fridge. He stopped to peck her lightly but only brushed your shoulder. Your eyes cut to him at the fridge but quickly refocused on your plate. After the other day, you couldn’t look at him straight. “There is food for you on the stove. We weren’t sure how long you would be sleep since we knew how tired you were after practice yesterday.” the words held no tone as you spoke. You couldn’t pin down what you were feeling, especially towards him, so indifference is what you settled on. He smiled as he placed it all on a plate. Before sitting down, he placed a kiss to the top of your head. You tensed up for a moment before looking at your phone. “I am going to take a shower.”

They both looked surprised but seemed to accept it.

You made your way into your room and started the shower. Lingering in front of the sink, you waited for Jimin. After a few minutes you scolded yourself and stepped in despite having showered before anyone else had woken up that morning.

The day was perfection.

The weather was at the temperature you enjoyed and the area seemed more peaceful than it usually did.

The atmosphere made your day more enjoyable than you expected it to be. Your mind barely drifted to your romantic status.

“Y/N!” Someone called to you from across the street. As you look over, you see a very excited Hoseok running on the cross walk to get to you. You barely had time to process what was happening before he had enveloped you in a tight hug. After he let go, you blinked a few times before breaking into an equally wide smile.

“Oppa! Where are you coming from?”

“I wanted to do some shopping.” he happily held up to bags. “What are you up to?”

You thought for a moment, trying to remember where you were headed before the very tight yet much welcome hug. “Oh! The store! Unnie drank all the orange juice and Jimin wanted triangle kimbap for some reason.”

He laughed. “You know the strange cravings we get after our promotion period diets are over.”

Nodding, you laughed. It was true. After every comeback ended, all 7 men would get cravings for either the most specific things or the strangest.

Hoseok followed you into the store and helped you pick out what you needed. You chatted about what he was up to and joked about his latest craving for a five guys hamburger after he remembered the one he had while on tour in the U.S. Though when he shifted the conversation to you, you weren’t quite sure what to say. Nothing interesting was happening with your studies and your job was one he already kept tabs on considering you worked in the same building as him. You have never been comfortable with talking about your unique love life but he sensed something was different this time.

“Y/N, is everything ok?”

You paused, pretending to read the label on a pack of rice. “Uh…yes.”

Taking rice from you he asked you again. This time adding ‘with Jimin’ to the end.

Your eyes searched your cart for nothing in particular before looking back at the rice in his hands. “Same as always.”

As he figured what to say next, your phone buzzed.


Y/N, please pick up some condoms. Also, some triangle kimbap ^_^

You read the message three more times, noting that lately he hadn’t needed condoms for any of the brief moments he acknowledged your existence in the relationship.

Observing your already unhappy expression change to your frustrating apathy, he offered to help you bring everything back to your apartment. You surprisingly accepted his offer.

As the two of you headed for self checkout he asked you if you had gotten everything you needed. With a nod you placed your phone back in your pocket.

You already decided minutes ago to have “forgotten” the condoms.

“Thank you so much, Hoseok oppa.” a genuine smile found its way to your face. The walk back to your apartment in the oh so enjoyable weather helped to once again uncloud your mood. With Hobi’s help of course.

Waiting on you to open the door he simply returned the smile.

Your arms were about to fall off as you opened the door. Hoseok followed you to the kitchen to set your bags down. As you were about to set the last bag down, you froze for a second as your ears picked up something. Realizing what the familiar sound was, you quietly sat down the last bag and began to put up everything. You noticed Hoseok’s tense body and remembered ‘Of course he hears it too. She can be loud when she wants to.’

You were too busy trying not to focus on it that you hadn’t realized Hobi’s face scanning yours. Searching for any kind of reaction. With your facade of unbothered busying, you thought you were doing a pretty good job of hiding the familiar swelling emotions.

But Hoseok saw right through it.

“Do you uh want to go somewhere for a few?”

Without looking at him you shake your head.

“But don’t you think it’s a little…noisy?” Almost as if on cue, a high pitched scream of Jimin’s name rang through the apartment. You flinched a bit but finished putting away the groceries.

“Oppa, it’s fine. This is normal.” This was only half true. If you heard this normally you would make your way back and enjoy the fun but the shifting dynamic in the home was causing a distance you weren’t liking.

He seemed unconvinced but decided to let it go at the look on your face. With worried eyes he pulled you in for another hug. This one wasn’t as tight which disappointed you.

You could have used that right about now.

Sparing one last glance, he left the uncomfortably loud apartment. Leaving you to listen to the rocking bed and pleasured sounds fully.

Dragging your feet down the hall,you gave a glance to the open door before turning into your own.


oh geez, that’s me…

@aprilpoke just finished this beautiful commission for me, based on some scenes from the most recent chapter of Conspicuous Consumption.

There’s so much to love about this illustration! There’s rich details and colors, and of course my two favorite guys are looking adorable and charming as ever. I could stare at this for hours! Thank you for all your hard work!

(If you’re looking to get some top notch artwork done, you should check out her totally reasonable commission rates, dude!)

anonymous asked:


Barry’s response to that not being *his* Iris: 

Those two have never given any fucks about other people being around LOL


Day 30: have you ever been to a Hollywood vampires concert?

Yes. I’ve been to two. The first was on July 1st at the sands Bethlehem event center in Pennsylvania.

The second was on July 10 in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Both concerts were so amazing. The first concert I couldn’t focus on anything but him. The second one, I was more involved and focusing on much of the other band members, especially after I figured out Joe perry was taken away.

I love them. I love their music. Everytime I hear a song that they’ve played at their concert, it brings me right back to that moment and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

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Hey Lynx! I want to start this by saying that I love your work. I want to thank you because your stuff inspired me to get back into writing creatively again! So now that we have that out of the way; what tips do you have for when it comes to writing? Especially in your Undertale work? I suck at digital art, so while I practice the majority of my posts are going to be text with a photo. I'm working on two separate AU's (Noir detective/Fallout) so any advice or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Thank you so very much! Really glad to hear that it’s gotten you to do creative stuff, too! I’m not sure I have any tips on writing that someone who just focuses on writing couldn’t give in a much better way. Main thoughts would just be to read a variety of things, especially in the area you want to focus on, to refresh your memory on canon writing from time to time, and to just keep at it! The more you do it, the easier and quicker it becomes.