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Ok so how about this. Moira x a clone of herself and literally all they do is complement eachother about how great they are #asexualmadscientistsftw

This is hilarious what with the whole “would you fuck your clone” debate (which I’m sure you’re referencing here).  Moira and clone-Moira aren’t so much appalled to hear people discuss this as just… resigned and mildly exasperated.  Here we are, having perfectly created a fully cognizant clone of an adult human and that is what you choose to debate?  Typical.  This is why Moira doesn’t bother with involving other people when she’s working unless it’s for… testing.

As for how well Moira and clone-Moira would coexist… I think it’s up for debate.  This would go one of two ways.  Option one: Moira is absolutely delighted at this scientific success and by the opportunity to have someone who is quite literally her equal in all things around to talk to. Clone-Moira, having the exact same nature of inquiry and thirst for scientific study couldn’t care less that she’s the clone – she is just as thrilled as original-Moira and the two of them immediately work relentlessly to better understand the nature of clone-Moira’s existence.  They complement each other relentlessly while stroking their own egos and are like giddy children over the entire thing.

(Plus, it becomes like… ten times more unnerving for Blackwatch to go visit their medic.  If it was creepy to have one Doctor O'Deorain stare at your like you were a lab rat every time you went in for a physical exam, the experience of having two Doctor O'Deorains stare at you like that – and having no idea which one is actually the real one – is, quite frankly, horrific. On top of which, you are officially outnumbered every time you enter the lab which, as far as Jesse is concerned, is like the least desirable state to be in while around Moira and her medical equipment.)

Option two: Moira’s god-complex is 100% unprepared to be faced with an exact copy of itself and having two egos that big in the same room cause the structure of the world to buckle under the weight and one ends up killing the other before the week’s up.  This part isn’t so much the disturbing part – because let’s face it, no one in Blackwatch is really that surprised that Moira is down to murder someone under the right conditions, least of all herself… because while killing your clone is disconcerting it’s exactly the right flavour of mad scientist bullshit that you’d expect from her – what is disturbing is that to this day no one can figure out if the original Moira or the clone survived.  If the survivor knows, she’s not telling…


one year ago this week, on a whim, for no reason?, i looked at rick and negan on ao3. i remember going to the movies and looking out into the parking lot and thinking about it. how it was weird and how i didnt like the fic i read. but for some reason i went back, thats when i found a few i did like. 

i cant believe a year ago i was standing there, completely unaware that a year later i would have written 300k words of fic for that pairing. most of those words being cathartic, and the response being life saving. unaware of the stories id read that would make me giddy and make me cry.

what happened to it. 


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash


pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love

  • <p> <b>Robert:</b> Nice hands<p/><b>Robert:</b> I bet they would look even better wrapped around my-<p/><b>Joseph:</b> BIBLE!!!! WRAPPED AROUND HIS BIBLE!!!! PRAISE JESUS THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!!<p/></p>

if that’s not a confession of love idk what is

hi i’m 20 years late to the party but I love Magnus Burnsides with my whole heart

The hero and the sharpshooter


                              magnus & alec in the season 2b promos

Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us // My Chemical Romance


Excerpt from tell me that you love me too by @ciuucalata

Keith looked up at him then while drinking the coffee and Lance saw something shift in his eyes but he couldn’t understand what. He smiled once again at Lance as he set the mug aside, head tilted just a little to the side. Enough to make Lance want to scream at how cute he looked.

Keith let out a huff of breath, almost like he was laughing at himself, and without warning he leaned in and kissed Lance on the check.

Now Lance was sure that he wasn’t breathing. He could hear the beating of his heart in his own ears and his vision became a little blurry with all the blood that suddenly went to his face, his knees felt a little weak and his arms were useless at his side. He was gone for sure but he still heard the two words Keith whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

I’d like to thank the author for writing this beautiful fic because it’s freaking perfection this has been a PSA

I wanted to talk to someone but I couldn't think of anyone but you.

How I love this relationship that is purely platonic but still perfectly portrays a friend who understands, a friend who shares your pain, a friend who is always ready to listen, a friend who cheers you upa friend who supportsa friend who gets you without even talking.