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aw thank you so much!!! i’ve been surprised by how many people got excited by me drawing jojo fanart tbh but YEAH i love it!! i powered thru reading and watching part 2 - 8 in under a month (i had read and watched p1 in like 2015 but never continued?? why)….i’ve doodled more fanart of it in the past month or two than any other franchise i’ve ever gotten into (mostly on twitter/insta rather than tumblr), i bought fucking merch. i broke my own rule of only buying nge items in an attempt to save money!!!!! i’m in hell!!!!!!

it’s all i can think about anymore, my family has left me, my home is in shambles, my wallets are empty, araki ruined my life, but jjba is very good and i die willingly.

Dating Chanyeol
  • Okay so he’d be a shy bean at first.
  • He isn’t really a person to go on dates with someone new.
  • He kinda is that person who would want his lover to be someone he already knew for a long time.
  • So you’d be like a friend (or even his best friend)
  • He’d be so shy when confessing to you.
  • Like really shy.
  • He would confess at a really random time as well.
  • Like you two are working on something and he’d just go “(Y/N), I like you”
  • Then he’d turn bright red.
  • You’d smile and tell him that you like him as well.
  • Then he’s all like ???
  • Because why would such a perfect human like you like him???
  • He’s a really fluffy boyfriend.
  • Very touchy too, maybe not too much in public but still very loving.
  • Loves holding you close to him.
  • I don’t think you two ever get in big fights but maybe some small disagreements but that’s it.
  • You two won’t go on frequent dates but if you two went on one it would be small and cute.
  • Loves, loves, loves it when you sit on his lap.
  • Brings you to his studio.
  • It wouldn’t even be to help him, he just wants you there.
  • Makes you playlists, a shit lot.
  • Loves to stay up all night and do random stuff.
  • Watches you cook.
  • Random compliments during the day.
  • Has weird nicknames for you, that he made up because it reminded him of you.
  • Loves to kiss your nose.
  • Linked pinkies.
  • Has an album full of candids of you.
  • He looks at them when he misses you.
  • Loves it when you wear his clothes.
  • Overall, Chanyeol would be a very soft and fluffy boyfriend.
Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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I have to send you guys some major love and props for that magnificent dubbing of Tale of Two Rulers. It was incredible, the artwork, the voice acting, the music, and the editing were all perfectly done. I can't stop re-watching it. Keep up the spectacular work!

ahhhhh thank you so much ;w; yall should send all the love to vade, he worked really hard on this project and it meant a lot to him

APWOA: Chapter Six

This is the sixth chapter of A Penny’s Worth of Affections, my Claire / Jamie AU that takes place during WWI!

Ok so I said last time that I would write this chapter more ahead of time, but I am a total liar. Sorry about your long wait, but I did try to make this a little bit longer to make up for that; I hope it was worth the wait!!  

If you’re interested in listening to the two songs that inspired the last chapter and this one, you can listen to them here and here!

Shoutout to @internallydeceased for dealing with my ramblings (and that one moment where I started freaking out because I couldn’t find a voyager quote that I never ended up using) you’re the bomb.com and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. as well as @bonnie-wee-swordsman who is not only my outer conscience but a great friend; she is just a lovely human being all around and thank you so much for being you! 💛

Seeing as this one is longer than the others, I’m going to cut it a bit early in the chapter, so that it doesn’t get too long on the dashboard. I hope you guys like this chapter, and be sure to let me know what you think. ✨

Previous entries:
Prologue: A Penny ; I. The Red Man ; II. The Blue-Stockings ;
III. Heroic Acts and Twisted Scars ; IV. The Intensity of a Flame ; V. Heartlines


Edinburgh, Scotland

16th June 1914

It was when dawn broke that morning that Claire Beauchamp realized what she had gotten herself into. Traveling with Jamie had not been an unusual juncture—he had taken her many places since their first meeting; these destinations, however, were no more than a few miles from Edinburgh. The where wasn’t what had her sweating profusely as she ran about her room, trying to pack a reasonable amount of items for the venture of the next few weeks. It was the who.

  Jenny Murray, as well as her husband, Ian, were two very prominent figures in Jamie Fraser’s life. He spoke of them daily, telling stories about their relationships with one another. She knew so much about the three of them, in adolescence as well as adulthood, that she felt as if she was an outsider, intruding in on some secretive circle of small-town Scottish folks. Sassenach, indeed.

  Jamie had come to the Inn around noon, taking all of her possessions in his hands and bidding her uncle farewell. Claire also said goodbye to her uncle, kissing his cheek and smiling widely at him. And with that, the pair walked arm-and-arm to the train station. The hustle and bustle around them eased Claire’s nerves a little bit. Jamie noticed her unfocused gaze and smiled slightly, tightening the arm that was looped around her own.

  One of the times he had gone over to the Inn, Uncle Lamb had teased Claire for her unassociated behavior. He had called it then her wandering Wendy gaze, because every time she got this glazed-over look in her eye, Lamb had known she was thinking of the lives of those around her.

  “She likes to insert herself into other situations when she’s under great duress,” Lamb had told Jamie then, leaning forward so as not to catch Claire’s attention. The lady in question was standing by the window, one arm crossed over her torso with the other’s elbow resting on top if it, her fingers pulling at the plumpness of her bottom lip. “When wandering Wendy comes to town, you’ll know it. But I’ve learned, in my experience, that she isn’t aware that she does this. She’s in some kind of dream-like trance, you see.”

  Jamie had nodded, but Lamb wasn’t quite finished. “Have you heard that you’re never supposed to wake a sleepwalker? The same applies in this instance: if you see Claire in this state, you must not try to wake her from her stupor. She usually ends up with more anxiety than she had before Wendy took over. Do you understand?”

  “I do,” Jamie had said solemnly, glancing back over to Claire’s still form by the window.

  Who was she thinking about? He had asked himself presently, watching as she glanced from person to person as if they were apparitions: not truly there, but floating past her on an invisible breeze.

  She followed him into the train willingly, as if she was a dog on a leash, following its owner from one place to the next. Jamie, upon entering their car and making sure their luggage was in the correct overhead compartment, reached for Claire’s cheek. Her eyes were still glazed-over, eyelids fluttering as if she was trying to protect them from something.

  “Who were ye thinking of, Sassenach?” Jamie asked her when she came-to. He didn’t bother sitting beside her on the seat, nor across from her in his own. He was kneeling on the floor, right at her feet, moving his hands to rest just at her knees. “Was it the Lady again?”

  Claire shook her head. “No, I haven’t thought about her for… a long while. I was just thinking about what your sister is like. I’ve heard so much about her.”

  He sensed the underlying fear in her tone, and bid her to continue.

  “It’s nothing, really. Just silly juvenile thoughts,” She dismissed his prodding, meeting his eyes with a smile on her lips that she hoped was reassuring.

  Shaking his head as he took her hands into his own, his eyes softened from steely sapphire to blue silk. “Claire, I must ask something of you.”


  Despite his previous statement, he didn’t start with his request. “I understand that this is strange for ye, coming wi’ me to some place that you’ve never heard of, being ‘round people that are so verra different from you. But remember that I am here with ye; you needn’t be scairt of anyone, so long as I’m with ye.”

  She nodded as she looked down at her lap. Their hands had assumed their usual rhythm as she massaged his weaker hand, loosening the kinks and softly cracking his knuckles.

  “But also,” he added, voice heavy with emotion, “You needn’t be afraid of me, either.”

  Looking up from their woven hands, her expression changed to confusion. Her eyebrows drew closer together, the smooth spot in between them creasing deeply. “Who said I was afraid of you?”

  He shook his head, “I’m no’ saying that ye’re afraid of me, Sassenach. I just want you to know that I’ll no’ judge ye, no matter what you tell me. I respect you enough to not pass any judgements on your thoughts, should ye be brave enough to tell me.”

  Claire suspected something was off. “Jamie, what’s wrong? Is there something on your mind?”

  A brief silence overcame them as he stared at their entwined hands. Claire, still kneading his fingers with her own, followed his gaze to his left middle finger, where the lightning scar ran down the middle of it.

  “Before I tell ye this, Claire,” he said after a moment, “I need you to understand that ye won’t see me in the same light ye always have. And that if you wish to depart after all is revealed, I willna stop ye.”

  She squeezed his hand tight, bringing his scarred finger to her lips and placing a soft kiss in the space between his distal and middle phalanxes, right where the bolt of lightning rested on his opal skin. “I can tell you now, James Fraser, my feelings for you will not change. For as I know you now, I’m sure whatever you had done was within good reason.”

  The corner of his mouth turned upward into a smile. Running his thumb over her knuckles, he took a deep breath and began regaling her in his tale.

  It was near to four years ago now. Jamie, in the prime of his adolescence at age sixteen, was still living at Lallybroch with his family. His mother, Ellen, had been pregnant and was nearing the end of her third trimester, growing weaker and weaker by the day. She needed medicinal aid, and with the family being too poor to afford a physician, Brian sent Jamie to obtain it. (As Jamie told her this, Claire made a mental note to research puerperal fever more in-depth, since the symptoms Jamie had described gave her the idea that this had been Ellen’s ailment.)

  He had travelled on horseback to a town a bit far from where they dwelled, close to Fort William (where, Jamie described, English officers still lingered to this day). Brian had told Jamie to obtain the medicines by whatever means necessary, and to Jamie this meant to steal them. So he waited in the wood until nightfall, snuck into the apothecary’s shop, and grabbed an assortment of different vials, unsure of their contents.

  With a bag full of vials on his back, Jamie wandered back into the wood, before being spotted by an officer of the police force. He tried to run from him then, but instead was captured and taken to Fort William. It was there that Jamie had made the acquaintance of one Jonathan Wolverton Randall (who had also gone by the name Black Jack, as she would find out a while later).

  The way Jamie talked about the officer sent chills up her spine. After the fourth or fifth time Jamie had attempted to escape, Randall had decided that the best thing to do would be to essentially destroy his left hand. Seeing as Jamie was left handed, this gave Randall the mindset that if he didn’t have his dominant hand, he could no longer successfully escape. (What a fool, Claire had thought, but didn’t state this comment aloud.) Randall took a nail and drove it into Jamie’s hand with a mallet, nailing him to the table of which he sat. And for a few days, Jamie just sat at the table, staring at his mangled hand. But instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided he needed to get back to his mother and be with her while he still could.

  One night, while Randall was God knows where, Jamie pulled the nail out of his hand and escaped from the prison, this time being successful. Upon arriving back at Lallybroch a few days later, he was able to see his mother one last time. She, along with the child, had died the night he returned, early in the morning while everyone else was asleep.

  Feeling as if her death was his own fault, Jamie had fled to Edinburgh to stay with his godfather, Murtagh, where he had been ever since.

  “I haven’t seen my family for four years now.” He added, their hands still joined in Claire’s lap. Jamie had moved beside her now, the two of them squished together on the small bench. His closeness left Claire’s heart fluttering in her chest, but she did not act on the multiple impulses that rushed through her body. This was no time for juvenile affections. “My father passed away a year or so ago, from a stroke. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him.”

  “I’m so sorry, Jamie,” She murmured, removing one of her hands from his grasp and resting her palm on his cheek. He leaned into it, like a cat being pet behind the ears. For a moment, she thought she heard a purr forming deep in his throat.

  “There’s nothing to apologize for, Sassenach. I’m no but a fool, and a man escaping his past.” He cleared his throat and pulled his own hands from her own, grasping at her wrist tightly. “Do you still see me the same, Claire? Am I still worthy of your affections?”

  “Jamie,” she said forcefully, putting her other hand on the opposing cheek. “From what you’ve told me, you were doing something you thought was right. Maybe not through the best means, but you were trying to save your mother.”

  A moment of silence passed, the only thing filling the empty void was the sound of their heartbeats, drumming together in unison.

  “If anything,” she finally said, scooting closer towards him. “The light from which you shine is much brighter now than it had been before.”

The train ride from Edinburgh to Broch Mordha came and went quickly, mostly due to the fact that Claire slept through the majority of it. After their heart-to-heart, and a brief kissing of cheeks and the wiping of tears, Claire had nestled her head onto Jamie’s shoulder, where it stayed until they had arrived at their destination. And upon getting everything packed into the buggy that Jenny sent for them, they had resumed that position. Jamie, who hadn’t bothered to sleep (for he wasn’t tired in the slightest), decided instead to talk to Claire in her sleep, telling her stories from his youth in the Scottish Gaelic. But after a short while, when he knew her to be too deep in her own dreams to hear him, he started speaking the language of his heart. No barriers would form between them as she slept in his arms.

  Claire had woken a little while into his fervent speech, but decided not to let it be known that this was so. Instead, she nestled closer into his side, trying to keep her breathing even as she listened to the words she didn’t understand. Despite this, however, she knew that she hadn’t heard anything so beautiful in her entire life.

  They neared their destination some hours later. When Jamie had finished his speech and started gazing out the window, Claire decided to voice an inquiry that had been swirling in her mind since the words left his lips.

  “Jamie?” She asked him groggily, running a hand over one of her eyes, feigning drowsiness. “What does mo sorcha mean?”

  Shocked, Jamie turned to face her. Trying to compose himself, instead of asking how she knew he had said that, he smiled shyly as a crimson blush rose to his cheeks.

  “Well, in Gaelic, sorcha means light. That’s your name, ken; it means light, does it not?”

  “Yes, but what about the first part? The mo.”

  His blush grew ever darker. “Well, that means my.”

  My light, she thought to herself. Her eyes welled with tears. “Your light?”

  He nodded, eyes shining brightly. “You are my light, Claire. A shining beacon in the dark sea of my life.”

  “You should write poetry,” she laughed. “Since you speak of such a metaphor.”

  “I do,” he confided in her. “Sometimes.”

  “Would you ever read one to me?”

  Smiling, he rubbed his thumb over her knuckles again. That was one of his favorite things to do, she noted, rubbing his thumb over the bumps on her hands. “Someday.”

  They finally arrived to Lallybroch some time later. Jamie got out first, helping Claire before grabbing her belongings. They started towards the house before realizing someone was watching them. A woman, standing barely to Jamie’s shoulder, stamped quickly towards them, eyes lit in a dark blue flame. Claire noted how regal she looked, despite her short stature, with dark hair pulled into an elegant updo and an outwardly bulging stomach as she was well within her third trimester. The look in her cat-like eyes could kill anyone who dared cross her, and right now, the look was pointed directly at her brother.

  “Where in God’s name have ye been, ye clotheid?!” Janet Fraser Murray demanded angrily. Claire, from her spot standing behind Jamie’s shoulder, thought that if she had gotten any angrier, she might have her child right then and there.

  Jamie, unsure of how to defend himself, said back to her in a soft voice, “I understand that ye’re mad at me, Jenny—”

  “You bet yer arse I’m mad at ye, James Fraser! I dinna see yer face for four years, heard nothing of you but brief testaments on parchment of yer health and well being, only to see you bring along some woman to our ancestral home! You are bloody damn right I’m angry with ye!”

  Claire, unsure whether her presence here was discussed or not, took a step backward towards the buggy, muttering, “Maybe it’d be best if I left…”

  “No, Claire, stay.” Jamie begged, dropping the luggage in his hands and grabbing her wrist, pulling her to his side. “My sister is upset wi’ only me, and shouldna take her fury out on you.”

  Jenny, nostrils flaring, took a deep breath and turned to Claire, nodding in acknowledgement. “Claire, ye said?”

  “That’s right,” Claire nodded, extending her hand towards the angry woman. “Claire Beauchamp, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you from your brother.”

  She raised an arched eyebrow skyward but nodded once more, taking Claire’s hand in her own and shaking it promptly. “It’s a pleasure to meet ye, Claire.”

  The noise of the door opening and closing pulled everyone’s attention away from the matter at hand. A man came towards them, wiping his hands on his trousers and smiling broadly.

  “Jamie, lad! Welcome home!” The man said, pulling Jamie into an embrace. Claire smiled at the joy on Jamie’s face at seeing his brother-in-law, but promptly dropped it as she looked back to his sister, whose alabaster face was still shrouded in anger.

  Pulling out of the embrace with his brother-in-law, Ian smiled at Claire politely before picking up some of their bags and making his way to the house. “Why don’t we get ye two settled in, aye? Dinner should be set soon enough.”

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Wow now fallenangelshipping!!!…Wait…

The last picture of Arc-V couples with certain eeveelutions, And I saved (the best) this couple for last Fallenagel X3

The story….Their eevee evolved into an Umbreon and now their hugging it.

Ah their so cute I love them!

(*Sniff* i’m going to miss these two the most T^T)

Meet the Ketch’s

Summary: You and your husband Arthur Ketch were sent to America on a mission to watch the Winchesters and eliminate every monster in the country. Now it was time to finally meet the Winchesters.
Requested by Anonymous

Words: 663

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Gif Credit to ma babe @netflixandcastiellll

Warnings: None

A/N: This is basically a lil drabble with an alternated version of the grenade launcher scene.

“Sam Winchester has called. He didn’t respond so I figure he or even both Winchesters are in trouble. Would you two go check on them?” Mick asked as he joined you and Arthur in the conference room. You had just been trying to set up a skype call with your son but of course, something would get in your way.

“I guess we don’t have much of a choice either way,” you sighed, closing the laptop before taking your phone out to tell your maid you couldn’t make it.

“Let’s go, love,” Arthur said and held out his hand to you, helping you up.

While Mick tracked down the Winchesters you and Arthur grabbed a few weapons and loaded them into your car before taking off.

Mick was on the phone, telling you where you had to go while you drove. Eventually, you saw the Impala in the difference as well as a black van. You could make out some people of the government holding guns up at them. So they truly were in trouble. Again.

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Sometimes, it felt as if you were still a part of me.

I could feel you, intertwined with my bones. Draped over the muscles of my heart. Injected into my veins.

Even though you’ve left, physically and whatever emotion we shared is drifting away. Sometimes, the urge to feel you in my arms was so visceral, I swear I could conjure you into existence.

But today, I listened to a song that I normally don’t listen to. It’s about two lovers whose love is just never enough, how their life is a series of almost’s. And it’s made me cry, so much, that I just stopped listening to it. I could hear our fights, our tears, our kisses etched into that story.

I heard it today, and what surprised me was the absence of the tears that I’m used to.

There was a strange sort of resignation that enveloped me, and the urge to be around you wasn’t so visceral.

I think I’ll always love you (our firsts don’t always leave us, do they?), but between all the times I cried over us and grieving over you not being there anymore – I think I learnt to live without you.

ah so

I spend too much time looking at soulmate au prompts and love applying them to malec etc, butt since parabatai are soulmates then you’d have to have romantic and platonic soulmates. so shadowhunters (or future shadowhunters) have TWO names but they don’t know what’s which. so just imagine Simon having “Clary” and “Raphael” on his wrists and being so confused because his mundane friends only have one or no names and what?? is he polyamorous? Anyways, he’s really hoping that Clary is his romantic soulmate - but she has two names as well (”Simon” and “Jace”) so surely it can’t be a poly relationship because they have different names? Anyway, Alec has “Jace” and “Magnus” on his wrists and he always has to hide them because he doesn’t want to - no he can’t - be outed. And then later on in a mission, he realises who Magnus is and he’s just like “fuck.” because by now he’s parabatai with Jace and oh my god a warlock?? And just think of poor Magnus who’s had to wait hundreds of years for “Alec” and knowing that he’s going to be 18 when he’s born and that he’s still going to have to wait so many years. Since downworlders don't have parabatai, and shadowhunters don’t all have parabatai, not everyone has two names. So most people actually only have one name, but if you’re aromantic + asexual you won’t have a name, but if you’re a shadowhunter who’s going to get a parabatai you’ll get one name, so until you realise you’re aro/ace you’ll think the name is your romantic soulmate, until you realise you don’t have/want one and its actually your parabatais name. [the dark artifices talk from here on but you can still read for cool au ideas ;)] Anyway, poor Emma has Julian on both of her wrists and so she covers one of them up every day with makeup, and pretends that she’s asexual and she doesn’t have a romantic soulmate. And then we have Ty who just has Kit on his wrist and he thinks maybe he’s aromantic because the internet is really helpful in that way but he’s actually not its just due to the fact that he never leaves the house and he’s actually demi not ace, and he realises this when he finally ends up dating Kit. And Kit has Ty and Livvy on his wrists (I totally headcanon Kit and Livvy as parabatai ok). So his whole life he’s been confused because all his mundane friends only have one name or no name because mundanes don’t have parabatai. So one of the first things he asks when he comes out of the room is about his two names. So Emma explains to him that two names mean that you’ll have both a parabatai and a romantic soulmate. He asks to see hers and she just sprints out of the room. Anyways, much to Kits horror he realises that the names are twins and oh boy being bisexual has never been harder, because who am I going to end up falling in love with?? He does think Tys really pretty tho so its probabl- shit its totally Ty now that he actually thinks about it. 

I want to write this story but I don’t have the patience but I will try okay

≼ ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ ≽ ⇢ rumorumorumor

« Random twin adoration post because I love this girl oh so much and I’m so happy to have a friend like her with a heart so pure and true. Having a person full of so much wonderfulness and goodness makes me not only grateful as can be, but strive to be the same. @bex_tk you’re a gift! »









Lunch (Father!Jungkook)

Plot: #10: “Eat your lunch and you wouldn’t be hungry.” + #14: “They got you a present. Isn’t that sweet?” with father!Jungkook

Word Count: 612

A/N: so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for your encouraging messages they mean a lot to me !!! I thought today I would just do something that’s fun to write, which is father!BTS I love father!BTS s o fucking much and I especially love writing for the Jeon twins idk why, I just love it I love imagining kook having his own mini mes so the link for this post is father!Jungkook (all of the father related posts are here)

Jungkook was a busy man. He split his time between playing with his two toddlers that were full of energy and his career as an idol. He had taken a bit of a break to be there for you and your twins but now he was back to work and already missing his partners in crime. They missed him just as much, waiting by the door when they heard his car pull up so they could hug him the moment he walked in. To help them adjust to the new schedule that would only last until he had finished his comeback, you had started taking them to the studio during lunch so they could eat with him.

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Magnus: so i kidnapped two guys and later they died purely because i was curious abt something
Fandom: lol love u magnus!!!!!!! it wasnt ur fault they died!!!! u did ur best!!!!!!
Lucretia: i was out voted, and what happened next was a terrible mistake i didnt even want to be a part of, and i did everything i could to make it right again despite that and im so sorry for not being completely honest. i am so sorry. i kust didnt want you to know you were responsible for deaths of thousands and thousands of people and wanted you to feel like heroes instead. im so sorry for my mistakes.
Fandom: hmm….still sounds fishy……….i mean she stole the baby voidfish…………..like…….obviously she cant be ALL GOOD right? like………..shes not the big bad but that doesnt mean i can trust her yet……….
me: yeah okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay

anonymous asked:

request for the angst queen with a prompt where one of the gods take over Noct's s/o's body (like Shiva w Gentiana) and their no longer the person he fell in love with. Also thank you two so much bc you inspired me to start my own side blog (take-pitioss-on-me) and I'd be blessed if y'all would check it out. 💚

Alrighty, while I’d like to point out that Shiva actually is Gentiana, I really really enjoy this concept you’ve suggested. (And I rly rly love Noct ok?) 

This was a difficult one to craft while trying to somewhat stay true to canon— something I always strive to do in some kind of regard. So I had to take some liberties with the (very vague) lore of FFXV. Roll with it my dudes.

SO! With that being said.

On with the pain train!

{1,611 words}

It started after Altissia.

After you finally woke.

The healers said that they were certain you’d never open your eyes again. Noctis never left your side upon waking to find that everything had crumbled around him. He held on to your hand as if it was the only thing keeping him balanced in this wretched world— where heroes die too soon and the innocent far too young.

He had been told by Ignis how it had happened. Who it had been. The same man who stole his eyes and Luna’s life.

The day that you woke, Noctis was resting his forehead in the palm of your limp hand, caressing your wrist when your thumb twitched against his temple. He assumed it to be another one of his fragmented daydreams, the ones where you finally opened your eyes and he took you into his arms.

He realized it to be nothing short of reality when he pulled back, watching your eyes flutter as he gripped your hand. Yes, nothing short of reality because when your clear eyes opened, they were anything but relieved.

You stared at him as if you had lost your mind.

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I’m speechless

Today has confirmed that I have the best boyfriend I could ask for, @playgroundofthegods. I also have the most amazing support from this community. I was blown away by all the kind words, and you guys almost brought me to tears!

So now I thank @geb-of-isolation, @shadowdragonuniverse, @godess-of-the-sun, @satanicfluttershy, @wheel-of-time, @fenrir-son-of-loki, @iaintlionaround, @kuku4you, @the-smite-teacher, @blog-of-tahuti, @skadi-two-hottie, @themadhattersreturn, @talesofsmite, and @heartlesskitty247

You guys made my day so much better and I appreciate it so much. Thank you and I love all of you! <3